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Low Grade, Chronic Acidosis...What in the CELL is going on? (part 2)

When we last left our friend, Nancy, she was living the dream… drinking acidic beverages & eating acidic foods; like they weren’t going to make them again. She’s paying for all of this debauchery, friends; Nancy just had her yearly physical, and the numbers didn’t look promising! Her blood pressure rising… check. High cholesterol… check. Endocrine values askew… check. Nancy talking to her doctor about her low-energy, achy-joint, bad moods, migraine-suffering state of life… check, check,…


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Choosing the right car seat for the right stage

One thing that really confused me was picking the right car seat.  There were so many different types and all the descriptions I read said I really needed "this one" because its so great because blah blah blah.  My eyes glazed over and I moved onto something more fun like baby dresses because I just didn't want to deal with picking a car seat.  Then a friend of mine told me to register for two because blah blah blah... it was already hard picking one now I need two?  So…


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My book

 It has been a while since I wrote, we are having some problem with the publisher of our book I hope to hear smething by the end of the week. Please be patience with me. thanks

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Old Lympic Torch

So we went to see this Old Lympic Torch thing.
Didn't look very old to me - it was all shiny and gold. Like a big posh candle. I don't see what all the fuss was about - loads of people getting the day off work to watch this bit of fire wander round. I'm eight months old - everything is fascinating to me, but even I don't get it. Maybe it's just one for the arsonists. …

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Author Highlight: C. J. Carter

Junior Dragster Dreams: How Sam Found His Own Ride by C. J. Carter focuses on overcoming obstacles, uncovering family secrets and finding out who you really are.


Sam is not the happiest kid…


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Olympic Torch

We turned out to see the Olympic Flame run through St Helens today.

Allowing us near an event of such national importance was a bold move by the government, so you can imagine my surprise at receiving a personal invitation. Understandable though, in light of our new found fame having recently featured in the St Helens Reporter. Between us and John Parrott, we'd definitely raise the profile of proceedings.

This is just the sort of event that should get right on my nerves -…


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Celebrate World Environment Day - Read The Carrot Seed

Today is Perfect Picture Book Friday where I link up with Susannah Leonard Hill’s fantastic group of picture book writers, illustrators, librarians and others who contribute a picture book review and related resources for parents and others who work…


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Chair Makeover Reveal AND Weekend Blog Hop

So, this week I am in the process of re-decorating my living room.  I'm going from green to gold, which is perfect for Wisconsin.  However, I'm not quite ready to do my big reveal.  I do have some Before shots below, as well as some teaser After shots on one of my refinishing projects.  I'd love to have you come back and watch my progress throughout the coming week as I reveal more finishing touches.…


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The Fairest One of All: “Snow White and the Huntsman”

In March when I reviewed this year’s other Snow White film, Mirror Mirror, I mentioned that I completely understand an actress’s…


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I Want to be More of a Cougar

I Want to be More of a Cougar

Wait.. not *that* kind of a cougar!  

My son's school's mascot is a Cougar, and today was Cougar Day, basically a field day for the kids.  Lucas acted up at every opportunity: running onto the field during crab soccer, stealing hula hoops from the girls, throwing tantrums when I picked him…


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Gift Ideas For Teacher, NOT Another Mug

During the course of my career as a teacher and school administrator, I've received my share of memorable gifts from students. And one of the first things I learned as a teacher is to appreciate each gift, regardless of what it is; although honestly, that didn't keep my teacher friends and me from having a little fun with some of the more unusual gifts we received. Since most of the gifts were given to us on the Friday before the winter holiday break, the other grade level teachers and I…


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Things I've Learned This Week

** If I had a dollar for every item on my to-do list, I could pay someone to do all the items on my to-do list.

** I'd like to punch my 40-year-old hormones in the face.

** Bringing a bag of Starburst into this house is like tossing a chicken into a lion's den.

** The penis enlargement emails I keep getting are totally helpful for…


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Is Your Life Unicorns or Dung Beetles?

Sometimes your life is unicorns and rainbows* and sometimes it is dung beetles and mud puddles. It’s all unicorns when everything seems to just fall into place and dung beetles when nothing ever seems to go right. But really, it is always just your life and it is what you are expecting that gets you unicorns or dung beetles.

The last time you got a new car, did you start noticing how many of that make and model were in town? When you got pregnant or had a friend or family member…


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Quick Antioxidant Rich Bell Pepper Dip

The multicolored bell peppers are a rich source of antioxidant,vitamin C and beta carotene.They come in orange,green,yellow and red color.These colorful bell peppers not only provide spice and crunch,they can also be a good source of nutrition for your family's lunch,dinner or breakfast.

Here is an interesting recipe of bell pepper dip.I have used all the four colored bell peppers in the recipe.


Red bell pepper-1

Yellow bell pepper-1

Green bell…


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