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July 2016 Blog Posts (177)

A Conversation with Historical Fiction Author Joan Schweighardt

Joan Schweighardt is the author of several novels. In addition to her own projects, she writes, ghostwrites and edits for private and corporate clients. Her latest novel is …


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Making Painted Jars: From Juno Magazine

I have been feeling very crafty lately, especially as I have been making things in preparation for the Salford Angels WI trade fair in October. So with me getting my crafty self on lately, I wanted to try something different, something I could display in my home and that would give me the chance to use some recycled materials, so I had a go at these recycled painted jars from…

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Chapter reveal: ‘What Might Have Been’ by Lynn Steward (women's fiction)

NameLynn Steward

Book Title:  What Might Have Been

Genre:  Literary…


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A letter to my Son on his 4th Birthday

A Letter to my Son on his 4th birthday

What I love about and hope for my son on his 4th birthday.

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How to Resolve Business Contract Disputes with Ease

There are millions of business contracts put into writing everyday. That being said, there are times where they are unsuccessful due to one party not living up to the agreement, a misunderstanding or circumstances that should arise making the agreement impossible. If you have entered into this contract and need a second opinion on how to get out of the agreement or need to enforce the agreement, it is highly recommended that you reach out to an attorney that…


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Stressing out right after your vacation

I think by now, most Americans realize they don't take enough vacation. There are plenty of stories out there telling us we don't use all our vacation time, and polls measuring how many people are going to take a vacation this year and even reminders that vacations actually boost…


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Paper Bag Puppies!

Paper Puppy…


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Tips For More Energy

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hey everyone, Im new this and i would everyone to follow me (:

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Kids & a little of everything

I have 3 boys that are the ages of 6,6,7 years old, yeah they are close together I got married 2 years ago in August to a wonderful man named Jared, He had 2 boys & I had one! so I became a Outnumbered mom lol, i really dont know what to write on here so im just gonna write whatever is on my mind. My middle son has a very bad temper and i dont know what to do about him he is very mixed emotions, he will be happy,sad,angry and VERY upset. I have tried everything…


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Walking Down Memory Lane: Wishes for Baby

Originally posted on Like us on Facebook at

In honor of my daughter's second birthday this…


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KidloLand App Review & Giveaway

Check out my review of the KidloLand app. It's perfect for kids ages 0-5 and is packed with all sorts of things to keep your child engaged while learning.

Follow the link below to my blog:

And enter my GIVEAWAY!
5 lucky people will win a three month subscription to KidloLand. Good luck!

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Save Money on Event Planning

Whether we like it or not, we will all at one point have to wear the event planning cap. Why is that? Because we are human, and along with our humanity come life celebrations: baby showers, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, funerals, and the list goes on and on. I'm sure that I don't…


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Spa Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind

After a busy week, when you wish to just relax and unwind in a peaceful setting, your best option is a spa treatment. Spas are a common weekend plan and there are an overwhelming number of options you can choose from. There are facilities directed towards providing beauty treatments, those that offer medical…


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How Bloggers Can Master Public Speaking and Presentations

When your blog really takes off in a big way, you are rewarded with an increase in followers, plenty of positive and encouraging comments, and new links to other bloggers in your expanded network. All of these benefits mean you are likely to experience additional commercial interest from advertisers…


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About the TV Aerial and also Satellite installation company in UK

Almost all the house owners are willing to get the high quality TV aerial and satellite installation service from the professional to get the best television and radio point at your living space. In order to get the right type of SAT and aerial installation at your home, the individuals should need to pick a right choice of Service Company with the skilled, trained, and experienced professionals.

Finding a right radio aerial installation service:

There are so many…


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Aerial installation service for your HDTV at home

In these modern days, everyone wants to enjoy high definition picture quality and digital surround sound effect in the television because TV is a widely used entertainment device at all homes. When it comes to the high definition picture quality, most of the home makers are going for the HDTV in the various brands. For this purpose of getting HD quality picture in your television, everyone needs to install the highest quality TV aerial suitable for your HDTV.

Freeview TV…


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Gender Free Pants: Review

Today we have a pants post (in that it is all about pants.) I recently wrote a post about gender stereotyping in children's clothes and toys and was delighted to discover Gender Free World, a company that makes gender-free clothing in a variety of colours and styles. They have recently brought out a children's range…

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So I graduated on Tuesday. This day has been a long day coming - I originally did a HND in Media Production several years ago and started a top-up year to turn it into a degree, but had to come off it due to depression. In September and with a five month old baby in tow, I returned to university to finally complete the top up year and my degree. …

Added by Steph on July 21, 2016 at 4:13am — 2 Comments

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