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Teddy and Baby

Baby and Teddy designs on multiple designs.  All available at

Teddy and Baby

Fleece Blanket…


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Certain Medical and Natural Uses of Hemp and CBD Oil You Should

Hemp Oil has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few years, it is created by pressing hemp seeds. When the seeds are cold pressed the oil that is created can be either a darker color or a almost transparent light green. The oil has a slightly nutty taste to it. CBD oil is the abbreviation for cannabidiol oil and it is made from the leaves, flowers and even stems of the hemp plant, not just the seeds. Because CBD is from other various parts of the…


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Looking for a New Place for Your Voice to Be Heard?

Looking for a new place for your voice to be heard?

I’m always interested in hearing other people’s points of view.  I invite you to guest blog and let the world hear what you have to say.

For a list of topics and writing guidelines visit:…


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Looking out for our Moms

Some days I worry about my Mom. Not for any particular reason - she is in good health, she lives nearby, she is brilliant. But a general worry sometimes enters my active thoughts: I am sitting at my desk at work and start to wonder if my Mom is OK.…


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The Differences Between ADHD and Autism

ADHD and autism are very complex neurodevelopmental conditions. They can look a lot alike on the surface but when looked at a bit deeper, there are differences.

Let's Break This Down a Bit

Some experts say that it is not possible to have both diagnoses. This is impossible for me to believe because, well, these people haven't met Julian or some of the kids I've worked with. Julian's main diagnosis is, of course, ADHD combined, but autism is most definitely there. It may be… Continue

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8 Alternatives to Prescription Opiates for Pain in Pregnant Women

Now that we're aware of the opioid crisis facing our society and the dangers of addiction, more people are looking for alternative methods of pain management. This is especially true of expecting mothers, who don't want to pass on an addiction or birth defects to their unborn…


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Everyone needs to practice math

When I was in fifth grade, I had a math teacher who would drill us on our multiplication skills by giving us a timed quiz with 50 questions once a week. You had to be super fast to complete questions correctly. I hated it. I hated it because I was never fast enough to finish all the questions (very few children did), but I did get better throughout the year.…


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Long Horse Rides – Best ten guidelines to keep in mind

Do you want to learn horseback riding? If yes, then the first few lessons are going to be very critical. Of course, you will be slightly awkward, have confusion as well as questions. There's no way you should feel ashamed of it. Also, if you are planning to take training long route horse rides, you need to get prepared well.

Long horse ride is a pleasant activity. But you need to maintain a few guidelines as well. Discussed below are ten essential directions for long horse…


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Surviving the First Month of Motherhood

Everyone- from my mother, my doctor, to the cashier at Target- gave me advice on life with a new baby. Nothing prepared me for what was actually to come. We welcomed our first born, beautiful baby boy in November 2017. In the dead of winter in Upstate NY. Translation: I didn’t leave my house for the first 3 months. But we survived.

There was no schedule. There was only me wandering about in a sleep-deprived fog, wearing my pajamas at 3 pm, hoping my…


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10 creative gifts to buy your best pregnant friend for a baby shower

A baby shower is a great way of gathering your close friends and family, all of the people who love and support you, and celebrate the arrival of your child. They are there to help you and give honest advice, as well as…


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Alexa, can you understand me?

"Alexa, what's the weather?"

"Alexa, play a song I like."…


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The One Thing You Should Always Do While On a Diet

August is the month where we start losing focus on our weight control plans (possibly more than September). This is all because of two factors - simply gaining summer weight and lack of energy to complete specific daily tasks. That leaves us with the realization that it’s time to start training and dieting again. This is often to get in shape ASAP because the time to wear elegant garment and beautiful dresses - from top fashion houses like Jovani- and go…


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Vitamins to Boost Fertility (Infertility Supplements) May Help Couples Conceive

Remarkably, the most common reason of inability to conceive is 'unexplained', which means that complying with detailed investigations, medical professionals could find no identifiable or certain medical issue at the origin. If a pair fails to end up being expecting, there is certainly something creating the issue. Aside from IVF and other ART, there are several "vitamins…


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Short Story of Electric Car

Toy’s that kids can ride in or on have been famous from the days of wooden rocking horses all the way to present’s more advanced, high-end electric cars for kids. Over past few decades, the market for a powered ride on cars has explored more with new features, styles, technology, and gadget etc. This exposure becomes a great option for kids. You become surprised how they pretend as if they are all mature enough and can manage their own work. You have the capacity to enhance the…


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Five Tips on Saving Money and Time in Driving Test

Lots of drivers are thinking that preparing for the driving test and get the brand new license is time-consuming and cost a hefty amount of money. Yeah, that's a true sometimes. When you choose to take some extra classes instead of taking the course offered during the test. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to save time and money on driving…


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To volunteer or not volunteer

I am fortunate enough to work for a company that gives time off to volunteer, and I am trying to be better about taking advantage of that time for activities that directly affect my son's life. 

When he was very little and still in pre-school, I chaperoned a few field trips and visited the classrooms. It was enough that I knew most of the other children's…


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Must avoid bad parenting habits

Must avoid bad parenting habits

Parenting is a practice which demands a lot of dedication, involvement and sacrifice. Being good parents is not providing kids with what all make them happy, but deciding what they need to grow up maturely and responsibly. Many parents commit lot of parenting mistakes, which if not rectified, may spoil the life of the child.

It is the alarming aspect that many parents do not recognize the…


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The Best Ways to Turn Your TV Time Into Quality Family Time!

Parents often think watching TV is a waste of time which can instead be spent to do something productive which is why they often prohibit their kids from watching it. We agree that wasting too much time watching television does no right. However, that doesn't mean you can't…


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Tips on Planning Your Loved One's Funeral

We never want to lose someone, but eventually, we will and if they did not have a plan for their funeral, you may have to step in, and plan that funeral for them. Some people choose to plan out their funerals before they die. However, in many cases, people do not get around to making their final wishes known, or they simply wanted their loved ones to handle everything. 

Getting Started 

The first thing…


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The Benefits Of Child Care

To working parents, child care services are a godsend because they help solve the problem of finding the right people to mind the little ones while they are away. While having a nanny stay for the day is also an option, it can be quite costly if it has to happen every day.…


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