What To Know About Using A Rideshare Service with Kids

Unless you live in a big city, you might not have a huge amount of experience using rideshare services, and particularly not with your kids.

However, if you have any travel plans coming up, you will more than likely use a…

The 4 Most-Often Overlooked Aspects of Starting a Business from Home

Whether you’re sick of bouncing from job to job or feel like your current gig just isn’t panning…



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Not in the mood to cook

Think about one of those bad days at work. The kind of day in which nothing went right. Let's say you got stuck with some work you didn't want to do, had to smile through some negative comments from customers, figured out a way to stay out of your boss's cross hairs, got some moody text messages from a spouse and a friend, and then you had to fight through traffic the whole way home only to be reminded when you got there that you have to…


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What's the worst gift you've ever received?

I was reading and a woman was asked what’s the worst gift she ever received? Her answer, a rose!

A rose?

She had mentioned to her husband that she didn’t like receiving flowers, because of her love of nature, so in his mind this was something she’d appreciate – a plastic rose. I’m sure she’ll think very carefully before she speaks next time. Is this where we say – it’s the thought that counts!

I have heard that the Zen gurus say, if you see a flower that you…


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5 tips to Maintain a Healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that many people struggle with, and with all of the conflicting information, out there, about what is healthy and what isn't, it's no wonder. Keeping up with your health and well being is actually not as complicated as it may seem, but it can take some discipline…


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There's no magic pill to cure Autism

The main reason we got a diagnosis for T was so she could access programs through school and other organisations to develop and hopefully improve her social skills. However, on a personal level we wanted to find out why she wasn’t like other kids, and to try to understand what we could do to help her.

Once we we got her formal diagnosis, I went off to the library to check out every book I could find on Asperger’s Syndrome to discover exactly what it was, what the prognosis was, and…


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A checklist for the perfect Christmas

Like us, you most probably feel in a difficult position when the Christmas is approaching. You feel like you don’t know exactly where to start your preparations from, and you feel like you most likely make some unforgivable mistakes on the way. But fear not, we are here to guide you through the entire process. From the Christmas dinner, to how to wrap your presents and Christmas décor elements, we have them all.



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Xmas DIYs

Head over to my blog for some inspiration on Christmas decorations DIYs that I used myself. Click on "A Cup of Holiday Budget" 

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Shakespeare's Plays: 6 Ways to Understand the Master

Shakespeare is a name that most people around the world know. He is still, 400 years after his death, considered the greatest writer in the English language.

But his work can be difficult to understand, especially in its original form. Students and even teachers still struggle to wrap their heads around his words. Here are six tips that will make it easier to understand Shakespeare, even if you’ve never…


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Momma on a Mission

Sharing one of my everyday outfits. Head over to my blog for the these deals!

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Parental Tactics for Anxiety Relief in Children

Environmental Factors in Relation to Child Anxiety

Today, being the parent of a child living in a society that not only standardizes social interactivity, but upholds competitive thinking as the key to success correlates to being the parent of a child forced to prematurely adapt to the lifestyle pressures of maintaining daily obligations and youth responsibilities. Unfortunately, as part of the norm, children have just as many liabilities as…


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My son's future self

Like many parents, I am not as kind to my future self as I could be. Often, when I have the choice between doing something that would make my future self happier or anything else, I put my needs on the back burner. Getting out of that habit isn't easy, but I am slowly getting better at asking myself what future Lauren would have wanted me to do.…


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KidGooRoo, A New Resource for Parents, Hosts Holiday Fundraiser Parents Can Raise Funds for their Favorite Charities and Enter to Win a Chromebook

Couldn’t all parents use a little advice?  As moms, you know how overwhelming it can be to balance kids' activities and how challenging it can be to find the best tutor, piano instructor or sports training facility.  KidGooRoo, a new site created by three moms, simplifies that process for parents by listing kids'…


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The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Excellent User Interface on Your Website

Even if you invest a lot of effort and time to come up with good, unique, informative content on your website and also if you get the best SEO done to optimize your site and get high rankings but still you will end up not getting many visitors if you fail to have a beautiful user interface. Visitors are not robots but they are humans, and to allure humans, to visiting your website, again and again, you need to enchant them…


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Long Island Boasts One of the Lowest Divorce Rates in the Nation

Married life in Long Island is good. Or at least it is according to statistics. As of 2005, the number of marriage licenses granted in Nassau and Suffolk counties was more than double the number of divorces. In a national ranking of the top 50 counties with the highest divorce rates in the country, Nassau and Suffolk counties - and every other county in the state of New York for that matter - were noticeably absent from the list. And despite the overall number of both divorces and marriages…


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Fall of Shuruppak: Harappa 2 (Harappa Trilogy) by Shankar Kashyap

A must read for anyone interested in Indian history.


This fascinating journey into Indian history is set in the third millennium BCE. Through the author’s thorough investigation into this era, and extremely descriptive writing, these splendid days of the Mesopotamian and Indus Valley civilisations are brought to life for his readers.

In this the…


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Good days.... and bad days..... with a child with Asperger's Syndrome

Last Thursday was a good day for T. This Monday was not a good day for T.

I know and understand that every parent has good and bad days with their kids, but for parents of NT (Neurotypical, or “normal”) kids, even though a bad day might annoy the heck out of you, at least you probably…


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How to Talk To Your Kids About Divorce

You should communicate to your children when you are having a divorce. Kids understand marriage relationships differently based on their age. As a concerned parent, you should tailor your discussion to suit your kids` age. In most cases, children are unsure of…


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Christmas Made Easy: 6 Tips To Simplify Your Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be a fun and happy time of year, but for many, they're just stressful and even dreaded. Instead of stressing yourself out with things that aren't really important, why not simplify your Christmas? Make things easier on yourself this…


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Philippe The Black Sheep/Philippe Le Mouton Noir by Joan Dupont

Philippe proves that dreams really can come true!

This is an enchanting story about a courageous black lamb called Philippe, he’s not your ordinary lamb, no following the flock for him, he knows what he wants out of life!

You see Philippe wants to…


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Laser skin surfacing treatments offered by Complexity Spa.

With the advance in technology, the laser skin resurfacing has been improved in a way that it would treat different skin conditions while at the same time it stimulates the production of collagen of the skin. Laser treatments target the inner layers of the skin. This is achieved by damaging the outer layer. Laser treatment from allows the patient…


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The December requests have started

I have this thing where I like to celebrate my holidays in order. I am one of those people who roll their eyes when they see holiday decorations making an appearance at Halloween and will not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over.…


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