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Disney Vacation Planning Tips

Our family recently visited Disneyland and California Adventure over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you some of my favorite Disney tips.   I am in no way a Disney expert; it has been a couple of years since our last visit.  I will gladly refer you to my favorite Disney bloggers and Disney Instagramers for all the most up…


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5 Ways to Raise Responsible Children

As parents, you obviously want the best for your child and want to protect them at every stage of their lives. While some approach this by being overly protective and mollycoddling their children, others play bad cop, thinking it will discipline them. Unfortunately, none of…


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What You Need to Know About Teen Dating

Teenage dating.


We have all been there- but these days it’s probably a bit different from when we were teens. There’s cell phones and tricky little things called apps. As of now, my boys still don’t have cell phones. They are bugging me quite a bit, but I still don’t see the point, so they remain phone-less.

I’m 35. Matthew and I started dating 20 years ago. I’m actually writing this post on our 13th wedding anniversary, September 10, 2018. If you do the math, we…


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Find Out the Right TV Provider for Your In-Home Entertainment

At times you can feel confused with which TV provider to choose either because of the lack of choices or because there are too many providers. It is an admitted fact that the TV industry has numerous regional dominations that means that you may experience a limitation in the cable service at your specific address. In this article, we have assessed the top cable TV providers in the USA and evaluated their features so that you select the best TV service according to your desires. Listed below…


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6 Signs Your Parent May Need Assisted Living

It's can be difficult to acknowledge that our bodies become slower and less agile as we age. It can be even more difficult to watch the transformation of aging happen to members of our family. In some cases, aging can lead the affected person to neglect once loved hobbies, interests or activities. For others, it can mean noticeable changes in health and behavior.

Some of these changes may be minor, such as diminished eyesight or hearing, or as major as a…


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Get Your Family Covered with Medicare Advantage Plans 2019

 Nobody wants to get sick.  We are taught to take care of ourselves since we are still children and we tend to give importance on our health.  But most people need medical care just like going to the doctor for monthly or annual check-up, ask for prescription drug, reading laboratory result, physical therapy, or counseling.  And unfortunately, we find these services very expensive especially if we do not have a monthly allocation for these.  …


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An Easy Guide to Filing Your Health Insurance Claims


In order to get reimbursements from the medical services that you get, you need to file a health insurance claim. If you obtained the medical services through a hospital, clinic, or doctor that is in network with your insurance provider, the claim will be submitted directly electronically. This is why going through in-network health providers are more convenient for insurance holders. However, if you get the services outside the network, then you will have to claim your…


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When writing gets a little loopy

When I was in second grade, I distinctly remember the teacher from third grade visiting our class to teach a lesson. As she wrote on the blackboard, a slight gasp arose from the class. She asked us what was wrong, and one of my classmates said she wrote really pretty, but we couldn't read her writing. It was because she wrote in cursive.…


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What is AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F?

More often than not, the Original Medicare plan doesn’t cover the extra medical expenses of its subscribers, particularly those who are elderly or prone to illness. To cover the gap that the Original Medicare plan has, several supplemental health insurance plans exist, such as the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F. …


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If you are taking into the account of purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 for Medicare supplement, it is important to know a few basic things on how it would benefit a person who would to apply for a medical insurance such as Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. It is best to know more details on Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 especially if you are only new to this insurance policy. You can also find people who have expertise on such insurance on the social network to further give…


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Live Better With Best Medicare Supplement Plans When You Retire

Today, retirement is acknowledged as the beginning of a radically new life venture. With the probability that you will resign, you need to set aside somewhat more opportunity to plan your retirement years to ensure you get without a doubt the most out of them and live better. Whatever your retirement dream, from a float on a watercourse, a home in the sun, or savor the nature in your own place, these things are conceivable with…


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Terms that You Should Know before Getting Medical Insurance


One thing that discourages people to take a deeper look into their health insurances is the terminologies. These are terms that you do not hear firsthand in school. In fact, those who are new to health insurance are hearing these terms for the first time when they apply and it can all be confusing and overwhelming. If you are thinking of enrolling yourself for a health insurance or Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, here is a list of terms that will help you understand the process…


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Comparing Your Kids To Others

Every mom does it at times. Some moms do it a lot. You are talking to one of your friends about their kids and you start comparing your kids in your mind. Maybe you do it out loud too. They tell you that their kid is getting certain grades or is starting to show some sort of…


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An Easier Way to Learn Sight Words

My oldest son has ADHD and teaching him to read was a HUGE struggle. One day, I came across the Word Wall and decided to try it out. It was the ONLY way I was able to get my son to try without him throwing a fit first. 

To learn what it is and how to create and use the Word wall, follow this link. An Easy Way to Help Your Child Learn to Read

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How to achieve family and work-life balance

Raising a family is a full-time job, so adding paid employment on top of that seems nearly impossible. However, some women have found the secret to gaining that elusive work-life balance.

When you’re a parent, there doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day and sometimes full-time or even part-time work isn’t really a possibility.

Whatever profession you’re in, media, business or maybe even law, some jobs sometimes don’t match up with your child’s routine, which can…


Added by Julia Gomes on September 14, 2018 at 9:52am — 1 Comment

Talking about differences with your children isn't enough

I did not grow up in a very diverse world. The other children in my elementary school looked a lot like me. It wasn't until we moved several times and I went to high school that I was able to meet and make friends from different racial and economic backgrounds than mine.…


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Top 10 Indian Baby Names in India 2018

Most Popular Indian Baby Boy Names of 2018

Popular Indian baby boy names 2018 are a blend of the trends, modernity and core Indian culture. Modern Indian names are no more…


Added by Sapana Vibhandik on September 14, 2018 at 12:42am — No Comments

Top 5 Sites to Buy Halloween Costumes with Discount Codes

October is fast approaching and we can only think of one thing – Halloween. If you do celebrate Halloween or are planning to join those who do it this year, you should make prior preparations.

Apparently, Halloween cannot be…


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Yes, There Really Was Cocaine in Coca-Cola


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How important are things to your child?

There is an experiment that you can do at home, in which you ask your child to make a collage (or drawing) of all the things that are the most important to them. Even better: You could ask your child to make this collage as they enter each new grade. And that will tell you the point of time at which material goods start to gain importance in your child's life.…


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