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How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

With Spring arriving it is time to start Spring Cleaning your house.…

How Due Date Calculators Can Change Your Pregnancy for the Better

Learning that you are pregnant can be one of the most joyous occasions in a woman’s life. As many of us know pregnancy can happen spontaneously or after much trying.  Regardless of how a woman becomes pregnant, it is vitally important for her to know when she…

December 2011 Blog Posts (580)

Things I wish my cat would forget much fun it is to attack my feet, full claws, under the sheets.  Every morning.  For nine years.  Its the worst alarm clock imaginable.

...that I must be awake at 4:30 am.  Every morning.  See above.

...any water is better than the clean, fresh water in her dish.  Preferably the toilet water.

...all cabinet doors need to be open.  Period.  End of discussion.  Said cabinet doors will be jiggled until the humans open…


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A View into the Minds of New Dads

When we had the Yeti, we agreed that since my Red drives trucks and runs heavy equipment all day and that I stay at home and rarely sleep, that I would take care of all the night time wake ups.  I absolutely had no problem with this and it works very well.  No over tired heavy equipment operators, thank you.

Christmas day, after we finished our family obligations, we decided to just go home, watch a movie, and crash.  Recover from that holiday hangover.  Red fell asleep in the…


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Baby Torture Device, aka the CRIB

Before the Yeti was born, my Red's very generous mom took me to Babies 'R Us to purchase a crib.  We got a beautiful one that was modeled after sleigh style furniture.  At our pig roast/baby shower we got the most adorable bed set with monkeys on it and I couldn't wait to get his nursery all set up and decorated.  I couldn't wait to bring my little man home to sleep in his new cozy quarters.

Ok, so we had the Yeti, blah blah blah, get home, and put him in his…


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Christmas Eve Chaos, Continued

As I was saying, I was having a rough day in the kitchen.  Again, in the spirit of not letting my apples go to waste, I wanted to make apple pie.  But apple pie is a pain to cut and serve so I searched the internet for another idea.  I happened across a recipe at Pillsbury for mini blackberry pies.  Why not make them mini apple pies?  They would be easy finger food for adults and all those little monsters running around opening presents.  Not that any of the kids I know ever eat anything on…


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Christmas Eve Chaos

Ok, every dog has its' day, so the saying goes.  While doing my Christmas Eve baking for my in laws gathering, there were several minor disasters which almost ended in me wearing sweatpants and spending the entire evening on the couch with a teeny tiny glass of red wine.

I based my menu choices on my mother-in-law informing me that for their holiday gathering they would be doing 'pick me up' food.  That way, she said, nobody would have to cook anything.  Hmmm....  So I decided…


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Steak and Cheese Macaroni

I was at a graduation party a few years ago and someone made this dish, but I never got the recipe, so I made my own!  My Red loves macaroni and cheese but thinks its too bland with out something in it.  I use the base recipe and will either add burger, sausage, or Steak-Umm's.  I would add a picture of how mine came out, but honestly, the hyenas attacked it before I could get a good picture.…


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Drowning in Apples, continued...

My dear, sweet Red had a rough day at work yesterday and I thought that I would treat him with an apple pie (in addition to a good hearty dinner).  Also, I’m trying to use up the abundance of apples in the house.  I won’t lie, I purchased Pillsbury pie dough.  First of all, I had a coupon and there was a rock bottom sale on them.  Second of all, as I bow my head in shame, pie crust is a source of anxiety for me.  My grandmother creates a pie…


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Drowning in Apples

Cooking?  Love it.  Baking?  Not my strong point.  While cooking allows a blissful freedom to experiment with ingredients and procedures, baking seems much more confined, too many rules.  Having strayed away from my obedient days, I have wandered away from the past time of concocting confections.  However, due to having a family to spoil and holidays to prepare for, I feel it is my womanly duty to become reacquainted with this alchemistic…


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Red's Red Velvet Cake, Part Two

Ok, I'm finally posting about the red velvet cake. 

Ok, here she is.  In case you haven't read a previous post, I embarked on a journey of which I had never before tread, baking red velvet cake.  I used Paula Deen's recipe from the Food Network website (see below).  For frosting I used a…


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Red's Red Velvet Cake, Part One

My fiancé’s birthday is on December 23.  Inevitably, due to holiday conflicts, his birthday is never celebrated ON his birthday and he always gets his birthday and Christmas presents combined, poor bastard. Unfortunately for him (although much to my chagrin), he is turning 30 this year.  I take delight in the new ammunition.  Doing my wifely duty, I asked what I could contribute to the family birthday party (parents, grandmother,…


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Just a little creative writing

An Ode to the Midnight Change

At the midnight hour,

Your sweet coos begin to sour.

As I lift my heavy…


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Cheesy Corn Chowder

On this damp December day, I thought that I would treat my amazing fiancé to his favorite belly warming soup: corn chowder.  We are talking a steamy bowl of cream, bacon, and corn.  However, feeling compelled to bring something new to the table, I looked online for some inspiration and have decided to add some cheese (who doesn’t love cheese) and a little bit of beer, basically combining a beer-cheddar soup with corn chowder.  It can’t be bad…


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Such A Glamorous Life

As soon as the game that The Boss and I are playing is over, I am going home. I am going to fling wide the doors and windows (because this weekend it is supposed to be in the mid-70's and because the house needs a good airing out).

(Insert random fart jokes that I couldn't keep out of my head - my status as a 35 year old woman is quickly being ruined by a 13 year old boy that apparently lives inside of my brain...airing out...heh...heh...)…


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The sandwiched week

New on Hip to be Mom blog>

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Free Number and Letter Wall Art

Design your own wall art for free with these awesome links!



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