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Give Thanks : Catch the Thankfulitis

How 'bout that snow, eh , guys?!!

It's that time of year again to eat till your pants cause a serious pain in your lower abdomen and when naps are a must. A time where people come together and bring odd dishes like jello molds and cheap wine. Tomorrow, my pals, is Thanksgiving!

I could eat a Thanksgiving meal 365 days a year without question. It's my favorite, especially the way my Mom makes it because no one ever makes it like dear ole' Ma. I just love getting together… Continue

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The Wort advice We've Heard About Women

Women: fickle, emotional, feisty, bitchy, bubbly, pushy, sassy, headstrong, hormonal, high-strung, ditzy, catty. These are just some of the words that are only used to describe women. Good or bad they are out there, and quite honestly if we as women want them gone, we have to work at it, not just complain about it. Most importantly we have to stop using them to describe one another.  I will say that it is unfair and downright rude being described as bitchy, I mean really…

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Snag Younique’s exclusive Black Friday Beauty Bundle for 40% off retail! Play up the beauty of your skin, your eyes, and your lashes this season with this exclusive set!

Offer begins Thursday, November 27, at 1:00am PT and ends Monday, December 1, at 11:59pm PT. Good for USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK customers.

Contact your…


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My Mixed Blessing Pregnancy – a Guest Post by Sarah Novak

I was one of those women who got pregnant on the first try.

I know it was a gift that we had such an easy time conceiving, but in my head I’d envisioned that it would take about 6 months (you know, the average statistic of how long it takes to get pregnant).  So while I was ready to be “trying”, in actuality I wasn’t mentally ready to be pregnant yet.  I was counting on 6 more months at full energy to do all the things I loved and spend some quality time with my husband...Continue…


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Hi! My name is Amina and I sometimes find it hard to believe that I  live in New Orleans, otherwise known as “NOLA”–home to never-ending Mardi Gras parades, extra powdery beignets, Po Boy shrimp sandwiches, and streets so riddled with potholes you would think you were in a third world country.

As a mother of three, I wear many hats: full-time driver, cook,…


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What I Learned While Running Errands with the Kids

What I Learned While Running Errands with the Kids

I had dropped my older daughter for a play date and needed to run some errands.

With my son and toddler in tow, I decided to take on the aisles of SAM’S CLUB.  As I was rummaging through the fruit…


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Cozy Sweatshirt

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Mom Tag YouTube Mommy Tag Video Mom Tag Video MomCave

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To Boost Or Not To Boost

I'm not a Facebook guru, by any stretch.

My fan page confuses the heck out of me, specifically why some posts get minimal reach whereas others get tremendous engagement...we're talking mind-blowing numbers. From little old me. =)

I still have yet to figure out how these posts are evaluated by the elusive Facebook algorithms but here is what I suspect...they pick up on certain words and if there is anything remotely related to a contest or giveaway or solicitation of business,…


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Hey, Dads. Let's talk.

I fondly recall my husband holding our son, smiling at him and saying over and over again: "Da-da. Da-da. Da-da. Da-da." Our son smiled at him and laughed. And then, when he was six months old, our son said his first word: "Mama."…


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Good educational apps for children

Good educational apps for children - Daily Two Cents via @po_st

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Home Remedies to Cure Red Burning Itchy Lips

If you have red burning itchy lips this is an indication that something is irritating your body, and you should take some measures in treating the problem. Itchy lips tend to be dried out lips that have cracked along the lip line, and this may cause pain or discomfort as well as a burning or tingling sensation.

What Causes Red Burning Itchy Lips?

Red burning…


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Pregnancy After Stillbirth: The Nursery is Freaking Me Out

I haven’t written about this pregnancy in a while, it feels like. And I want you guys to know…it’s not intentional.

Things got really real with this pregnancy a few weeks ago when we changed out Ricky’s room from the nursery furniture to his big boy bed. Putting that big bed in his room has been awesome for him. But seeing all of the nursery furniture in what used to be our guest bedroom is really shocking, I guess, for lack of a better way to put it.

When we first decided to…


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How to help our hedgehogs

How to help our hedgehogs - Daily Two Cents via @po_st

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Victorian Vinegar Cookies

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Thoughts on Ferguson

I am trying to process my thoughts and feelings about what happened in Ferguson last night. I do not usually watch the news and try to steer clear of negativity. But I watched the footage and all I felt was sadness. These events in Ferguson have been so polarizing. There is so much anger, hate, rage and hostility being expressed from all “sides” of this story. I do not choose to take a side in this situation; rather, I am trying to see all sides and to see the larger picture. Here are a few…


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Top 5 Reasons to Be Part of Younique..

Top 5 reasons to be apart of Younique

The reasons are:

#1: Mission

#2: Products

#3: Instant Royalties

#4: Social Media

#5: Global

From the day 1 ,the love for the products is what captured my attention. But then when I heard YOUNIQUES MISSION STATEMENT, I was besides myself . The fact that the Younique's ceo wants to see women reach there goals and strive in there own business speaks volumes.


Contact me if you have any…


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Maintaining your skin care routine even in winter

As winter is approaching, I have noticed a change with my skin. Every year around this time,our skins seems to be tighter, rougher, and alot less radiant.

Even though it seems that we should change our routine from summer to winter, I tend to keep four basic tips that I need to follow all year round .


  • STAY HYDRATED ...Drinking your 8 cups of water is still important in the winter . As the cold air draws out the moisture from our skin , it is very important to…

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