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"What is affiliate marketing?"

Let's start from the basics.

Example of a simple Website 'A' needs to advertise his/her products, so he convinces website 'B' who knows a lot of people, to promote his/her business. In return, Website 'A' will pay him/her commission according to a bond they sign. The commisions can either be paid through Pay-per-Click (for each visitor), or Pay-per-Lead (for each registration), or Pay-per-Sale (commission for each sale).

So, how do you go about implementing your new… Continue

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Letting Go

I've a lot to learn from JM, my 5-yr old daughter.

We both ice-skated for the first time and yet she now skates like a pro, while I ... well ... I look like a combination of a 1-yr old baby walking for the first…

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Upside of Getting Busted

Ok. Since it's out anyway, might as well let everybody in on the Secret.

I told you my Dad-in-Law learned our 'secret wedding' plan, right? We were just planning to go to City hall by ourselves and get married without anybody knowing. It was kinda exciting for us to do that then.…

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My Secret

I got married in 1998. Except for my Mom and a cousin, nobody in my family knew. I'm exposing this secret as we celebrate 11 years of our blissful marriage.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time for reminiscing the past wonderful years we had as husband and wife.
We actually celebrate our anniversaries every 8th, 9th and 10th of each month. Yup, 3 days. We're just…

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WIN Tickets to Sesame Street Live

Win FREE tickets to Sesame Street Live, brought to you by one of my favorite sites here in NY -- Mommy Poppins!

They're also giving out a promo code for those who don't wanna take their chances. You get 1 free adult ticket for every child ticket purchased.

Go ahead and click on the photo for more details.…


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Recupefashion Affiliate Program

Hi guys,

Looking for a way to make extra money?

Well I've got the answer for you,

Look no further

You all know about my Recupefashion shop on the web?

Well I've just started an affiliate program.

But since my Recupefashion shop is on a blog I cannot install an Affiliate… Continue

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Christmas brings back dear memories of Momma

memory of Momma

I've erected a Christmas tree, added some lights, and even some colorful ornaments, but I cannot seem to get it like Momma's tree use to be.

Find out why I cannot get my expensive Christmas tree to stack up to Momm'a Goodwill version by reading the "Christmas brings back dear memories of Momma" full blog… Continue

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Zhu Zhu Pets Holiday Giveaway

Are you one of the many frenzied parents trying to track down the popular “Zhu Zhu Pets” for your kids this holiday season? Well, no need to pay over inflated prices on Ebay, I’ve got a Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Friends Collector 3-Pack.

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Paper,Bills,Clutter Oh My!!

You’rwoman-billse a busy mom; you have to shuffle school work, doctor notes, work papers, bills, etc… Papers, papers, papers!!! I want to focus on one section of your many papers… “your bills”. When you get your bills what do you do with them? Do you put them in a box, bin, desk or the nearest open space? Pick your poison, and I did them all, then would sort them, mark due dates on calendars, and then file them in designated files. Ideally this would look nice and neat, but did I forget to… Continue

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Your gonna shoot your eye out ya cotton headed ninny muggins! Or ~ my therapy for a typical day in December…

So as you “regular readers” know, I have decided to become a physically better person. I am following a program that will supposedly take me from a couch potato to an athlete running a 5k in 9 weeks! Yesterday I “ran” my first day. I felt good about myself, though admittedly I hated every second of it. My theory is if I don’t forget how horrible it felt I will never let myself get in that shape again.… Continue

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Happy Green Bee Giveaway

Happy Green Bee organic children's clothing GIVEAWAY. Enter HERE!

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The "Baby Planners" Interview Part-2

There was just way too much to talk about with both Ellie & Melissa of "The Baby Planners." Here's Part-2 of our interview. (MORE HERE)

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Meet the Gals behind "The Baby Planners"

If you're about to be a first time mom and don't have a clue what to do or what you'll need - you've got to check out The Baby Planners! Ellie and Melissa are the gals known for "taking the labor out of delivery." (READ MORE)

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# Shop4Anissa!!!

Today is shop for Anissa day! Over 70 shops have agreed to donate a portion of today's sales proceeds to the family of Anissa Mayhew. Anissa is a wonderful blogger who recently suffered a major stroke.

My shop, Spunk Spice & a Little Bit of Glam, which sells handmade scarves, hats, blankets and photography props is donating 20% of the list price of anything purchased today and 10% of the list price of anything… Continue

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Join My Parenting Group on the new My Savvy Source!

Savvy Source has created a brand spankin' new social media area for parents, where you can connect with other parents like yourself, link your Twitter, Facebook and photos with your profile, create wishlists, recommend favorite books AND connect with some of your favorite bloggers (*cough*me*cough*). Why not come by and join?

I hope… Continue

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You're Invited To A Virtual Cookie Exchange

I'm participating in Hillbilly Housewife's Virtual Cookie Exchange. Won't you join me?

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Please help raise money to send kids to college - no donation required!

How is everyone doing? Are you done Christmas shopping? Me either!

I am posting today to ask for some help to raise money for charity. Don't worry, I am not asking for a direct donation from you (unless you want to.)

There is a wonderful Internet Marketer and accomplished author named Scott Fox who is having a 12 Days of Christmas Tweetathon every week day @ 3 p.m. EST. He streams live via his Ustream channel and you can view the show on… Continue

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Get Paid For Something You Already Do!

Can you Imagine - getting paid for things you ALREADY Do on the internet?

Do you use a blog?

Do you do social networking?

Have a limited cash flow for advertising?

What I'm about to share with you is my NEW #1 secret weapon to getting top Google rankings faster than nearly anyone else, so pay very close attention.

The best part ~ This is not hard to do and if you already know how to do a blog your troubles are over.

Why Is… Continue

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Saving Money Using the Internet

ShopAtHome Banner
Hi gang!

I wanted to share a few tips and tricks for online shopping and coupon hunting that may help you during this Christmas season. Times are tight. We need to do what we can to save a buck! You can read the original post over on my Penny Pinching Penguin… Continue

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