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Promise I'll Be Good

Dad was seldom a happy man. It didn't matter Friday brought with it the end of a hard work week or, holidays were a time of joy and birthdays were suppose to be a really special day. His handsome features were rarely softened by the simple act of a smile.

When the pain inside his head was so explosive or, his nightmares scared him to the brink of terror, he would strike out not because he wanted to but, because he was fighting an enemy none of us could see ... only… Continue

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Lean On Me

Last night I spent some time in the company of some amazing women. All mothers, all with school age kids under the age of 10, all of whom “get it”.

About a month ago, a friend and I had the idea to start a small support group. The original idea was for mothers or fathers of kids who are on the spectrum, and with the help of the school district, we

reached out to parents to see if anyone wanted to meet, just to talk.

Our first meeting last month was so nice that…


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Rest In Peace

The best sleep I’ve ever experienced has happened at church. It was delicious. All warm and cozy. I was out as soon as my head hit the mini-van headrest. No, I wasn’t at a drive-in church. Do they have those? If not, I’m telling you that is a good idea. I was in the church parking lot which I have found makes an optimum place to nap.…


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Dairy – Does It Really Do a Body Good?

Calcium, calcium, calcium. The push for increasing calcium in your diet has been on the forefront of dairy producers for the last ten years. All we have been hearing about is drinking more milk and eating more dairy to get the calcium levels up. While calcium is good for you, the process in which we put it into our bodies is rather terrible. Dairy today is much different than it was 20…


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Anger Is An Energy


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Food with wheels?

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More Great Reviews Pouring In For Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano iPhone App

More Great Reviews Pouring In For Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano...

More great reviews keep pouring in for our Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… Continue

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29 Gifts Book Give Away!

I recently started and finished a book!

Yes, I just used an exclamation mark. And yes, I was an English major, by golly.

But, this is reason to celebrate. You see, I usually have one or two books about the house that I’m very s-l-o-w-l-y reading. (I do have a baby, 2 year old and 4 year old, folks.) But I haven’t actually picked up and devoured a book in quite a few months. And, as I’m kind of a professional development fiend…most of my…


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Donna Karan Loves Young Living Essential Oils!

Hello Dr. Moms! I am Jennifer Nordin, Executive Young Living Essential Oils Consultant. I have over 10 years experience and training in clinical aromatherapy and love to share everyday aromatherapy tips through my Oils For Wellness blog. Have a question about how therapeutic essential oils can benefit your home, office, church, school, or clinic? Private consultation is available through my blog.…


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I Was A Cougar (for 5 hours)


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Time To Add Your Blog Link To The Friday Night Blog-Hopping Party!

If it's Friday it's time for the Virtual Girls Night Out. (This blog-hopping party can last all weekend!) Come add your blog link to the VGNO, grab a cocktail and visit those that have left their blog link. Invite your blog visitors! The more the merrier.



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Anyone interested in joining a free product relay?

I am a part of the Heard it From a Mom Product Relay. I have one free copy of "Way to Go, Juno," a children's developmental DVD, available to the first commenter on my post with your name and email address. You have to be willing to join the Heard it From a Mom Product Relay to participate. Get all of the details in my product review. Good Luck!…


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Link Love and Five Question Friday

First of all, I want to thank all of the ladies who replied to my last
blog! It was hard to even begin to know how to respond to the comments
individually simply because I feel like the responses only enhanced my
post and really have become almost an extension to the entry. I read
each one, nodding my head, and thinking to myself, "Oh ABSOLUTELY!"... Click here to read more...

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Blackhawks Win!

Lord Stanley’s Cup is not where it belongs…in Chicago! Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup…


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The dentist freaks me out. So I haven't gone. In 6 years. I sometimes wonder if the whole dentist movement isn't a scam. I mean, who am I to argue back & say, "No, that's not a cavity," or "You misread the xray, that's not a wisdom tooth." I'm sure my dentist's office has my pic plastered in breakrooms &… Continue

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I Am Not A Crack Whore

Play dates, as we all know, are a way of life. The lucky mom is the one with their kid at someone else’s house. Ah - it’s a few more hours of precious freedom and you don’t have to play after school snack bingo.

Mother: “What do you want for a snack?”…


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Toy Story 3 Free Giveaway

Just in time for the Toy Story 3 Movie. We…


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How to Get Free Traffic to your Website or Blog

How to Get Free Traffic to your Website or Blog

One of the most important aspects of owning a website or blog is getting people to come visit your site. This is because more traffic equals more sales. However, the kind of traffic you get is also very important. You don’t want traffic just for the sake of traffic; you want traffic that will result in more sales, right? Below are lots of great tools and recommendations you can, and should use to get the kind of traffic you…


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