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Gloria Allred, Nick Lachey and Butterfly, Oh My!

We are on a high and it's not the kind of high we fear for our children. Terry and I have just wrapped up our trip to Los Angeles where we continued our commitment to delivering inspiring and empowering mom mentor videos. Our interviews took us to Gloria Allred's office where she revealed that she felt as if she were in the midst of a Tsunami as the Tiger Woods case reached its climax (no pun intended). We witnessed the softer side of Gloria that day, a woman who was overcome with feelings of… Continue

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Tips to Relieve Holiday Stress for Work-At-Home Moms

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Giving gifts to our family and friends is the core of the holiday season but is one of the biggest stressors for work at home moms. We are already stretched for precious time and we know the difficulty of balancing clients with family. It’s a constant juggling game between the two and when we add all the holiday preparations to our overflowing lists,… Continue

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8 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

1. Do decorate your home for the holidays. But do it tastefully--nothing over the top. Nix the elves peeking out of every corner or the tendency to over-tinsel. You want to be certain a prospective buyer can see your home and not be distracted by the decorations.

2. Keep a heavy duty welcome mat just inside the front door. When inclement weather strikes, make it easy for guests and buyers to remove their shoes at the door. Avoid extra… Continue

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Banana Nut Bread In A Jar!

This is a great inexpensive gift for the holiday's. You can give this to teachers, daycare providers, neighbors, or at get togethers. It is a delicious gift that everyone will like but it isn't going to break the bank for you!

Thanks to where I found this… Continue

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Xocai Healthy Chocolate Free Samples

Hey Ladies,

My husband and I are distributors for Xocai Healthy Chocolate. We stand behind our love for chocolate and are relieved it is now healthier than spinach and blueberries. We don't discourage people to stop eating their healthy fruits and veggies but adding this chocolate offers more antioxidants. Go to my blog, The Fabulous Won, to enter to receive free samples. 10 people… Continue

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11 Years

11 years ago today was one of my happiest moments.

I wish it's already our 25th anniversary so we could get married again. I mean, we could do it any year, right? Yeah, we should probably. Maybe in Vegas? Hmmmm.

With my hubby's permission,… Continue

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24/7moms LIVE webcast Tuesdays 7/9pmPST

24/7 MOMS Live webcast continues to Simplify your Holidays with

Make Ahead Christmas Brunch Ideas
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Giving and getting something "different" this Christmas

Christmas use to be the bomb! Spending money. Getting all the crap I just window shopped for throughout the year. Every year, I pretty much hit the mother load. It was awesome.

I collected a bunch of loot and tried to figure out how I could prolong the new feeling of each and every present by pulling off some sort of mix and match when I wore or displayed them.

It was bananas the number of compliments I got on a pair of diamond earrings, a dazzling diamond ring, a tennis… Continue

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Celery stuffed with cream cheese and green olives


1 celery stalk / bunch

1 8oz. soften cream cheese

1 cup of green olives stuffed with red pimentos

a dash of paprika

salt / pepper to taste


1. In a bowl mix the cream cheese with paprika, salt and pepper

2. Chop the olives real small then add to the cream cheese

3. Use a potato peeler to softly peel the outsides of the celery sticks (this way you will not feel… Continue

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Pretty, Please? I Need Your VOTES

Hello fellow Mommy Bloggers,

I need a HUGE favor from you all. I hope you all will help me out. :)

First off, I'm happy to announce that Corner Bakery Cafe has chosen Hip Mama's Place as one of 12 mom bloggers nationwide to host the "12 Days of Christmas" CBC Holiday Catering Challenge. I am trying to win $150 worth of Corner Bakery Cafe food to give away to one of you, lucky readers of Hip Mama's… Continue

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A week ago Tuesday Faith was supposed to go somewhere with her mom. Needless to say she was very excited, and then came home at the usual time because at the last minute they didn't go. Well, when I talked to Sean before I got home from work he said she was fine, but I didn't believe it. Soon enough I walked in the door and she ran to me hugged me and tears came streaming down her face.

We talked and in the end I feel as though I consoled her as much as I could. She turned to me… Continue

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Giveaway from a friend

It ends today so hurry and enter while you can.

About three years ago i was blessed with getting to know Janet. In the past three years she has been busy raising her two beautiful children with her wonderful husband. In that time she started a business for her self. I can not even describe how wonderful everything she makes is. To be honest she amazes me, she makes so many things Hair bows, baby legs, wall hangings, winter hats, tutus, and more importantly she loves what she does and… Continue

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is it ok

A friend of mine is having a giveaway is it ok that i post the link to it? please let me know.

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Help Thy Neighbor

Occasionally, there is such a thing as being too helpful.

A while back, I had a wonderful friend and neighbor. Mrs. Neighbor lived with Mr. Husband in a house that was always full of teenagers (some of them were even hers). Well, one weekend, Mr. Husband took the teenagers on a camping trip and left Mrs. Neighbor with the house completely to herself. This had never happened before. There was much rejoicing on the part of Mrs. Neighbor, but secretly I was was worried about her… Continue

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Vegetable pasta.

A quick and easy Italian vegetarian pasta dish,healthy and delicious.Easy to make.Serve with a side salad and garlic bread.

Click here for the recipe.

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Carrot Cake

A simple and easy cake made from carrots.Quick, simple and delicious with a cup of tea.

Click here for the recipe.

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Chocolate cake

A scrumptious chocolate cake,moist, velvety,simple chocolicious and melts in the mouth.

Click here for the recipe.

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WHY Does He Love YOU? 3 Counseling Sessions Down, 24 To Go...

Ask your partner why they love you. See what happens. I did, and then I tried not to panic when my husband paused and told me the question made his brain hurt.

Well actually, that requires the presence of a brain, and since he still hadn’t answered yet, I seriously doubt his is in working order. Men can be so DENSE.

Oh, by the way, our rubberbands from last week’s session, lasted approximately 20 hours. Not even a full day. They were, quite possibly, the worst idea I’ve… Continue

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Is Your Child Sneaking Food?

At times the desire to eat certain foods becomes overpowering and in an attempt to avoid disappointing Mom and Dad, kids start to sneak food. Often, parents do not see the amount of unhealthy foods their children are consuming. Have you noticed any erratic eating patterns, hidden candy wrappers, disappearing foods, or consistent weight gain? If so, your child may be sneaking food. Over time, children who sneak unhealthy foods can become overweight or obese.

What can you do as a… Continue

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