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Hidden Germs - Do You Have Them?

Germs are everywhere. Unless you’re living in a Level-4 biocontainment facility, there are germs on the surfaces of everything in your house. Bacteria, viruses and molds are crafty at finding hospitable environments to hang out. They like it moist and dark and can hide in plain sight, sometimes in the most unlikely of places.

Here's where you can catch hidden germs red-handed:

On the bottom… Continue

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Deal Of The Day - Dora The Explorer Go Diego Go Flash Cards Workbook 150 - $6.95 - Free Shipping

Deal Of The Day - Dora The Explorer Go Diego Go Flash Cards Workbook 150 - $6.95 - Free Shipping

Dora The Explorer and Go Diego Go Play & Practice Pack Flash Card Set. Play and practice letter recognition, letter sounds, writing letters, counting and recognizing numbers, addition and more.This set includes: 50 Flap Cards100 Flash Cards2 Take-Along Wipe-Off WorkbooksMarker With Eraser

Shipped Within 24 Hours Of Receiving Payment By… Continue

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Dooce Inspired: The Case of Our Deranged Bed

I am reading Heather Armstrong’s (better known as to millions who read her personal blog) book It Sucked and Then I Cried. It’s insightful, self-deprecating and hilarious, as I expected — I love her blog. So I thought I’ll post a dooce-ish entry inspired by Heather’s writing:

So we finally set up our bed tonight. We moved into this house about a month ago, and we still were sleeping on just the box spring and mattress. (Well, mostly Don sleeps in the bed and I… Continue

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Gap, Cute Baby Alert!

Dear Ethan, (cont.)

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Marble Cake

Yesterday I went for a haircut. I chatted with Jessie, the lovely lady who blow-dried my hair, about how painful it was to have tattoo around the waist area (cont.)

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Big Lots has assorted fleece sweat tops and bottoms for boys and girls for only $1.00 each. This is in-store only

Big Lots has assorted fleece sweat tops and bottoms for boys and girls for only $1.00 each. This is in-store only

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I heart the 80's

I'm not embarrassed to say it, "I love the 80's!" I'm sure I have a diary entry somewhere that reads "...when I grow up I want to be just like Coco (ya know, Irene Cara's character from the film, Fame)." I think it was a combo of my young age, the music and the fashion. Truth be known, I listen to 80's music all the time. In fact, my I-pod is loaded with tunes from Culture Club, Madonna, Donna Summer and The Go-Go's. And as much as I love me some 80's fashion I did make a promise to my husband… Continue

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Holiday Entertaining And Gift Giving Help

Watkins Gifts Before we know it the holidays will be upon us! Planning ahead can make the world of difference and ensure you have a stress free holiday season.

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Warm soft blankets and me in a mound

My dreams are shaken up

As sleep heeds a sound

Shrill music blaring, I wanted to shout

My arm auto lifts to slam the noise out

The button of snooze is one I adore

It battles the time so I can snore more

Three maybe four, I push time to the limit

My body rises slowly forcing my head slowly in it

The hardest of chores is almost behind me

As getting me up is truly the key

To getting him dressed…

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Attention New Bloggers!

For those that are just getting into the swing of things with their blog I have a fun way to share your blog with others and receive more Followers. Come join, what I call, the Virtual Girls Night Out.

The VGNO is a blog-hopping party. It's a really fun way to meet other bloggers and have your blog viewed. Come join and see what it's all about. There's a… Continue

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Child Psychology Classics: The Mirror Test

At some point or another many parents have placed their infant in front of a mirror and wondered if their child could understand that it was their own reflection they were seeing. Based on the infant's reaction, most parents realize pretty quickly that their baby doesn't really understand that it is themselves in the mirror. This raises the question of when do babies and young children begin to develop a sense of self? Child psychologists have used this mirror test in a creative way to help… Continue

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Mom Banned From School for Breastfeeding

One of the posts today on the babywearer forum really upset me, and I wanted to share it with you as an example of why we need further education about breastfeeding (and also to make sure that word gets around about this principal’s actions). This was posted by one of the babywearer members in response to what happened to a local mom:
Read the post

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I love you because...

you make me laugh - often and loud!

you are patient and slow to anger.

you are selfless and always thinking about what is best for your family.

you make a great tacosalad (and so many other meals too).

you love me for who I am and have never tried to change me.

you are calm and levelheaded.

you are wise and kindhearted.

you get up with the kids most mornings and never complain about it.

you are loyal and… Continue

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Blogging Simplified

Taking action to reduce the unnecessary in my life has been my goal this week. I've written down a list of all the things I think I have to do, I think I want to do and what I think I should be doing, and methodically reviewed each one to make sure it's something I'm not wasting energy and valuable time on. Particularly the latter, because I'm time rich right now. Read more...

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Safe Plastics for Your Child

Safe and unsafe plastics are a hot topic currently. Certain plastics can release chemicals that young children who are still developing can absorb. These chemicals can do harm in the long term. Look at the recycling number on the bottom of the bottle.

Plastics to Avoid:




These plastics contain some chemicals that can disrupt hormone levels or may be carcinogenic. Unfortunantly #7 is used in many baby bottles, five-gallon water jugs and many reusbale sports… Continue

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help, help, help!!!!

Good evening, or early morning everyone! When you get a chance, will you please stop by my blog and let me know your opinion on my items? Especially my memory boards. My husband and I are working on pricing lists for the boards and I wanted to know if anyone makes these or buys them, what do you think a fair price would be? I have an idea in mind, just need some feedback.

Also, does anyone have web-hosting for their blog or just use free sites like Blogger? I am going to register my… Continue

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Letting the Chips Fall Just Might Surprise You!

iStock_000004077514XSmall I have a story to share with you from a mom who I coached nearly 9 months ago. She sent me a message on Facebook the other day and told me her dilemma..... her son left that morning for school and ended up forgetting his soccer cleats for the big game after school. Now for some moms, this means dropping whatever you have going and running to bring your child the forgotten item in… Continue

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3 c. vanilla or chocolate ice cream

2 beaten eggs

1/2 tsp. vanilla

4 1/2 c. sweetened corn flakes or (rice crisp cereal, crushed)

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

Cooking oil for deep fat frying

Ice cream topping

Place six scoops about 1/2 cup each of ice cream in a small pan (freeze for 1 hour). Combine eggs, vanilla in a small mixing bowl. In pie plate combine cereal and… Continue

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Mummy Ivory Soap Kid Craft

Mummy Ivory Soap Kid Craft

Your children might even get clean by making this project!


5 and up

This project is rated Easy to do.

What you need

Ivory Soap

Craft Stick

Black Felt


Low temp Glue Gun

What you do

Start to shape the soap into a head and shoulders.

Cut out a small back section of craft… Continue

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