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Veteran's Day and Thoughts on the Nobel Peace Prize:Think Outside the Box

It is Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day in Canada) today and I think about my nephew fighting in Afghanistan for the British Army (Canadians can do that) and pray for his safe return. I also think about what we all are fighting…


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Becoming a stay at home mom part two...

To read part one click HERE


After being out of work, and living on one income plus a small amount of unemployment, we decided that I needed to go back to work. Violet was older, she was more adjusted and a little less clingy. We decided to

give it a try - again.



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Pro Tips for Perfect Christmas Card Photos

As part of my series called Lessons from a Super Mom, I am thrilled to be able to bring you a guest post from a really outstanding mom, Mary Phillips. She has a new website called which she designed specifically to help moms take better photos, no matter what type of camera or equipment they have. Mary is a busy Texas mom and professional photographer who just wanted to… Continue

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This Mom's Secret to Marital Bliss

If you ask your spouse to do something and it's not done yet, do it yourself. It's not worth the time and energy complaining or nagging to get the job done. Not doing the job because of the "principle of the thing" is a great way to put a crack in the bedrock of your marriage. This doesn't mean you have to be a doormat - just don't spend your time and energy on negative feelings, like stress or frustration that something isn't done. If you can't do it yourself without whining and…


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In a Frog's Eye!

I have the desire to clean up my life.

My house. My car. My bills. My self.

I want to finish the laundry and get it all put away. Lysol every toy and surface in this house. Open the windows and let mother nature show Febreze how it is done. I want to mop the floors, clean the toilets, scrub the showers and tubs, and wash the windows.

I want to steam clean the carpets, reorganize the cabinets, dust the cobwebs out of the corners. I want to wash the area rugs and… Continue

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Tears of Joy: Teen with Down Syndrome Crowned Homecoming Queen

As the mother of a child with Down Syndrome (see Molly's story here), I cried happy tears yesterday for a child I've never even met.

It was homecoming last night for Fletcher High School, here in Jacksonville. Every girl dreams of… Continue

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Christmas decorating work out!

My post:

Follow me if you are so inclined!

I love the tree, lights and decorations and every year, on the day after thanksgiving, my tree goes up, no excuses. would so happen that I have raised a 4 year old daughter who loves all those things too and she has been begging since Halloween… Continue

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A Year Ago Today (Blog Hop)


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I was out the day they taught ORGANIZATION at school!

My kid asked me the other day “Mom, Sara’s mom says that being organized

is a trait that passes through generations genetically. Are you

organized?” Fortunately, I didn’t have to think long on that question.

Quoting Grandma and myself as exemplary examples, I assured her that

these things are known to miss a couple of generations.

If you are one of those people that get their jollies by making lists and

checking them off going through life packing for a trip… Continue

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Am I smarter than my 4th grader??!!!!!

I have no proof but my gut feeling says that my parents coughed up big

money all those years ago to pay off the Education board to let

me graduate from College.

Why do I suspect foul-play in my education? Many reasons really but when the first time I held my

daughter's homework folder and my stomach involuntarily heaved in

protest, I knew something was fishy. Forgive me for asking, but

shouldn’t I be able to do a fourth grader’s homework with… Continue

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The Best of The Breast

It's breast cancer awareness month. A good timing for me to start the first entry of the series The Best of the Breast. …


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Thankful Thursdays 11-11-2010- Veteran's Day

This Thursday- Veteran's Day, I feel so very thankful for so many great things. Because of the sacrifices of so many I am able to live the life I do. We talk about it quite a bit with the kids & they feel so moved by what our brave men & women do for the rest of us that they will run up to any & all soldiers…


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Baby's safety


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Making babies happy

Interesting article - taken from ehow on making babies happy. When the baby's happy, so will the parents be!


1*SMILE & LAUGH* Smile and laugh often! (even fake… Continue

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Bottle it right baby

I rememeber the experience I had with my little Daniyal : I breastfed him and he's pretty contented when he gets the breast milk but trouble starts when I have to get back to work and my mom and helper has to bottle feed him. He simply refused the bottle! It seems that parent of breastfed babies re often faced with this problem. So, the probable solution would be to purchase wide-base nipples that more closely resemble a mother's breast. This would ease the switch or the babies. For newborns to… Continue

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It's Almost Friday Blog Hop!

Be sure to stop by the It's Almost Friday Blog Hop! Link up your blog, your facebook, your twitter, your networked blogs and come say hi.
Hope to see you there!

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Giveaway Linky Thursday Tell All Come Post

Stop by and link up your giveaways now at Thursday Tell All Also find a list of additional giveaways by day to link up as well.

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Holy hell, it’s dark o’clock. Do you know where your day went?

I don’t. Today was all about phone calls to insurance companies and doctors’ offices, and now I can safely say I know the direct extension for the 10th ring of hell. ...MORE… Continue

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Guarding Our Home and Keeping it Holy

Recently, I heard a speaker say that, “the home is the domestic church.” Home is where the family flourishes, traditions are created, memories are cherished, where morals are instilled, and most importantly where our children learn their values. The church is place of worship that provides Christians with fellowship, instruction, and comfort.

Bringing our children to church is an integral part of their Christian education. The church is a wonderful place for families to gather and… Continue

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