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Homemade beauty treatment-peppermint foot soak

(Part of 15 homemade beauty treatments in 15 days)

What I did

I purchased some cheap peppermint tea(clearance bin @ grocery store for $1). I brewed a really strong tea using about 4 cups of hot water and 6 tea bags.

I then soaked my feet for 10 minutes in the tea (make sure it's not too hot). Since I have dry skin I added a few drops of baby oil to the peppermint bath.

When my 10 minutes was up I dried off and took the foot… Continue

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New Year's Intentions

Wow, a New Year and a New Decade!!! What an exciting time. It's hard to believe that I am near the end of the first work week of the new year. This week I spent time going back through my calendar. I used this time to help me reflect and think about 2009. There were aspects of 2009 that brought joy, sorrow, frustration, happiness, etc.

After reflecting on the past year I became excited with the possibilities of 2010. I am ready to let go of 2009… Continue

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Every Wave Always Comes to Shore

My body is angry. It is resisting, pushing, shrinking back, lashing out. Angry. I guess I am too. At my body.

I know, I need to be gentle with myself. I need to accept, like my word of the year. It is hard to accept a body that fights you even when you sleep.

I am 38 weeks pregnant. My body is completely hijacked right now nurturing, growing, developing a human that needs everything I have to give to it. And so I do. I give my body everything it needs. I can't wait to see the… Continue

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What Does It Mean When Your Wife Wields a Chainsaw?

TaskAtHand Ever notice how the end of the holiday season brings out the contrariness in some of us?

Bah humbug, and all that jazz.

Oh, not me. I'm still on a holiday high. In fact, I wish it would never end...

But that's just because I've been procrastinating with a new book proposal.

But enough about me. I about laffed myself silly at…


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2010:The Year of the Awakened Parent

If asked if you are you an “awakened” parent you would probably pause to consider what that actually means. What constitutes being an awakened parent? Many equate the term “awakened” with “eyes wide-opened” or being “aware”. In terms of parenting, to be awakened means to be conscious of what your role as a parent consists of…examining your role, determining if it is working to produce the results you intend, and finally, making necessary changes to achieve those goals.

Parenting is… Continue

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Big Savings! - Online Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/7/10

Here are some of the deals I found today plus more can be found:

Skinny Bitch-Bootcamp

Talbots The red hanger sale + Extra 40% off

Lands' End Clearance Sale + Free Shipping

Free Origins skincare sample set & Free shipping!


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Day #4 Bath Cupcakes-(15 days of Homemade Beauty Treatments)

Hi Everyone. I am doing 15 homemade beauty treatments in 15 days. Today is day #4- bath cupcakes…


Added by DeannaM on January 7, 2010 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Due Date Tomorrow but No News Yet....

I just finished my second cup of raspberry leaf tea for the day. I read about its uterine stimulating qualities in one of my pregnancy updates and kept meaning to buy some. I didn’t get around to it until earlier this week, so hopefully I’m not too late to reap its supposed rewards!

I know that less than 4% or so of babies are born on their due date. Still, I can’t help the emotional and mental attachment I’ve developed about has been my lighthouse on the horizon, the… Continue

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Yet Another Reason Not to Fight in Front of the Kids

We all know that parents arguing is not a great thing, especially if it happens in front of their children. New research from the University of Rochester, Syracuse University and University of Notre Dame, however, is showing that parental conflict may also affect how children perform in school. One recent study followed 216 6-year-olds over a period of three years. The children's teachers were asked about the kids' behavior at school such as interaction with peers, participation in classroom… Continue

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Healthy Weight Loss Sexy Weight Loss

Weight loss, fitness, health, and eating right is on everyone's to do list for the new year. An activity exciting for both men and women - consider regular sex as an effective approach to weight loss and fitness, as well as a couple of extra perks toward healthy skin, hair and immune system.

The Perks

1. Recent research shows that exercise in short bursts over the course of the day can be as effective as a continuous 30 to 40 minutes. This means that a person could… Continue

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Diet and Weight Loss: Are You Gaining From Sleep Loss?

Weight loss and sleep have a relation to one another and believe it or not the impact sleep loss has on your weight loss success is massive.

Within a weeks time many people will be, if they aren't already, trying to get rid of the extra pounds they put on over the holidays. They may also find themselves desperate to catch up on sleep due to the demanding parties, gatherings, social events, and fundraisers we find ourselves involved in over the holiday season.

It is… Continue

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Check Your Online Bargains and Discounts For 1/6/10 Before There Gone

Find daily online deals and more here:

Some of today's deals are:

Here we go again- New BABY zhu zhu pets!

Farberware Affiniti Porcelain 3-quart Covered Saucepot $16.00

Square Sail Sun Shade Was $268.00 Now $74.99 - $3 Shipping

Build A Bear Coupon:…

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Blue Cupcakes and Collard Greens

...After we stopped in town to get the mail, my sister-in-law and three of her kids came over for the afternoon. Don and Maria wanted to watch the movie “Food Inc." I decided to entertain the kids with making cupcakes.

I had just bought this muffin-making kit for a dollar on sale yesterday, thinking it would come in handy one day. Reading the ingredients made me shudder . . . Let’s just say making these was more fun than eating them — not even the kids ate much of… Continue

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Trying to keep up!

Sitting at work thinking of all of the things I could be doing at home instead! Laundry, NAPPING, mopping floors, NAPPING, vacuuming (I can never spell that word right) and did I mention I need a NAP! Anyways, I'm reading the bible in 90 days using the book The Bible in 90 Days - Cover to Cover in 12 pages a day. I'm only like 40 pages behind and I started January 1st. But I am not going to get discouraged - I read during my lunch hour and I'll read a read some extra pages over the weekend if I… Continue

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Special January Discount

InstantAmber is a web-based child safety service that securely stores photos and video and enables law enforcement to retrieve critical information instantly in a missing child emergency.

Nearly 1,000,000 children are reported missing every year. Children go missing for a variety of reasons: they get lost, get separated from their parents, run away and, unfortunately, are abducted. InstantAmber prepares you and your family for the unthinkable with its secure online data vault… Continue

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New News and business!

Happy 2010 everyone!!! Boy did 2009 pass quickly??? It sure did. I miss blogging on all my ning networks. It sure is a great way to network. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. We sure did. Most of my immediate family was sick, but that didn't stop us from celebrating.

I'm also investing time with my new business barefoot books. I have 2 girls in elementary school, and they love to read. They also love to be read to. So I bought these beautiful books. They are simple… Continue

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Here's Your Daily Online Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/5/10

Visit and sign up to have daily deals delivered right to your email so you don't "miss the good one" sale.

Here are just a few of what I found today. Find more here:

10 Free Items + SH @

NOW Save 75% on Any Order w/Coupon Code (Gift ideas too!) @… Continue

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New Year 2010 Goal

It is hard to believe it is 2010 already! I always want to have goal but I haven't reach my goal yet knowing what I would like to have a goal, I guess I am afraid if I have made goal that I wouldn't succesed or fail. I would have say my first goal is to do blog or journal for myself being mother that is something I want to share with you how I am feeling every day, sometimes it wasn't easy being wife and mother knowing it is can be very challenge for me. My 2 goal is to schedule my plans for… Continue

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Anne Hathaway's eco-dress, Julia Stiles' eco-sin + $549 in eco-swag: ESNL 1.5.10

Happy New Year! The bad news: Our 2009 Sustainable Shoe Giveaway is over. (Stay tuned for two lucky winners.) The good news: This year we're giving away more eco-swag than ever before, including more eco-friendly shoes!…

Added by Briana Ford on January 5, 2010 at 1:57pm — No Comments

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