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Oscar Mario: An Update

Two years ago, our family sponsored a child in Costa Rica named Oscar Mario. He was the chosen one for very specific reasons – at the time, our family was a bit light in the boy department so we thought a male would even things out nicely. My eldest son was obsessed with Super Mario, so when we saw a child who had the name Mario, it was clearly a good fit.

The kiddos feel very connected with Oscar Mario – they send him letters and art work,…


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Bottles and Caps


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(EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques


My first experience of EFT was with a practitioner and I was very sceptical. It was only six months into my illness and although sceptical I was open to anything. I was convinced straight away that this was going to be a helpful tool to guide me through this illness. Firstly I followed what was asked of me, tapping on the points I was supposed to whilst focussing on a physical symptom (headache). I had to grade the headache from 0 to 10 at… Continue

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You've Got A Friend

When I became a parent for the first time, I sought out many different mothers who had been there before, learning all I could from them in an attempt to become a better mother myself.

When I became a parent of a special needs child, I only sought out one.

Let me tell you about this friend of mine.

And even though I have chosen to share our story publicly, she has not. So for the purposes of this post, I will call her “Hope”.

I met Hope on the first day of…


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Fat Jeans...We All Have Them

s I write this, I am jetting through the friendly skies having spent a fabulous weekend with my husband in New Orleans. As predicted inLaissez Le Bon Temps Rouler, there was an abundance of phenomenal food, no lack of cocktails, sweat soaked clothes because of the hot and sultry weather, and of… Continue

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A new revised Healthy Living & A Balanced You....... check us out

First and foremost i

don't think I've had quite as many exciting things going on at one

time. Here are a just a few of some events i'm involved in...



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Get more than just a Blow-Dry.....

Mr Woog sometimes reads WoogsWorld. He has 2 reactions. He either gives a small snort at the end of the post or he says "Seriously, you cannot write that. You are going to get into trouble. Take it down. What if the bikies/nutters/my mum/my clients/the neighbours/Tony Abbott/The Principal of the kids school read it?"

He quite often advises me not to air my views on religion or politics as it causes issues. I smile and nod, take a sip of my wine and dream about nipping off…

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Summer Peach and Tomato Salad - Delicious!

This is a wonderful summer salad that my friend Melissa first made for me at a birthday party. Then when my family went to the beach last week, I knew I wanted to make this salad. Everyone loved it, although some said they might prefer it with feta cheese instead of the goat. I…

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Pocket Week Preview II - Jeans Pocket Pillows

Pocket Week is coming! Here is another "teaser project" to wet your

appetite for all things pocket related coming August 1-7th. As the date

draws near, I'm getting more and more excited! I've been working on

tutorials, and chatting with all of our great sponsors and awesome

guest bloggers... this event is not to be missed!…


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i feel weird

So...I feel weird. Not bad and not sick but just weird. I've been taking my T4 (genric Synthroid) since Wednesday, I believe. I hadn't really noticed any symptoms. Or rather, I noticed symptoms but I didnt want to verbalize anything. yet. Even at my age, I have a fast metabolism and I figured I would start seeing signs of a difference this weekend. And I did. I think. Of course, they…


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What to do on a rainy day?

The weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Where has the summer gone? Are we really only going to get 2 weeks of sunshine in the whole summer season? The rain is making it quite hard to keep my kids entertained. I'm not a crafty mummy so there is only so much painting I can handle. I love baking but it won't do mine or my neighbours' waist lines any good if I do it every day. And hyper kids + rain = crazier mummy!…


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A poem from my son

A Poem from my Son

These inspirational words came at a very difficult time for me. It was about eight months after becoming ill with ME/CFS and I was beginning to realise there is no quick fix. I had got to look deep into why I had this silent but debilitating illnes and what ME/CFS had come to teach me.

The words of this poem inspired me to stop pushing, to stop fighting and to try to accept 'what is' after all this IS the way it is for… Continue

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M.E and me

Hi, my name is Julie and I have m.e./cfs. Sharing my experiences with you whilst on my path to recovery will certainly help me and I hope that my thoughts will help you also as we travel this healing journey together.

I am 53 years of age and prior to becoming ill I had a very busy life! I am married with two sons and EIGHT grandchildren. Until September 2008 I worked as a Primary School Teacher, went to the gym twice a week, often walked up mountains at the weekend and… Continue

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Free Blog Design Giveaway!

Are you a new blogger and wish you had a blog that stands out? Or maybe you are bored with what you have. Visit my blog and entry my Free Blog Design Giveaway. I am giving away a Free Blog Design to one lucky reader.

Stop by today!

Shibley Smiles Free Blog Design Giveaway

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Great Giveaways for Mom and Baby...

Creative Baby Inc - 1 Winner will receive a Sound Beginnings Band. - 1 Lucky reader with get a Breastfeeding Hat.

More to come...…


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Free Preview of the Memoir "The Day My Soul Cried"

Read the first chapter of The Day My Soul Cried for free!


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What do you mean its invisible? How does one vanish?

Today I went to my first in a long series of OB appts. Since the last time I visited my OB they have built a new hospital & women's center. This means new offices in a new location. Visiting anywhere the first time can be a scary experience especially when it's mixed with another ........
Finally my…

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Summer Love

Moms, we simply cannot get enough love, especially summer love. Maybe it's because summer love feels friendlier when we are walking to the beach carrying a chair, a favorite book and an iPod to keep our own delicious thoughts company. Seriously, don't your olfactory sensibilities become completely engaged with fresh suntan lotion? The smell of Coppertone and I'm 13 all over again.

Summer sea breezes make most of us swoon. Shakespeare's famous, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?… Continue

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