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Please Vote For a Worthy Children's Charity To Win $1 Million

Please Vote For a Worthy Children's Charity To Win $1 Million

I get very emotional when I see, read about, or watch on TV a child in pain. A family struggling to accept the reality of an impaired or afflicted child in their lives. An empty crib, clothes that are never worn, a mother who has lost the light of her life.

Ah, there is so much misery in the world. Every time there is a natural disaster I have the urge to adopt an orphaned child whose parents were taken in the… Continue

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Turning into a chef!

These past few days I've been coming up with some pretty inventive meals that are just too good for my own palate! My husband must be greatful that now I can finally cook up some home-made goodness and, better yet, that I'm in the mood much to surprisement. I'll just brag a little about the scrumptious meal from today. I don't think I mentioned before that I am of hispanic origin. My mother is from Nicaragua and my father is Puerto Rican. I've learned to cook under both influences so theres' a… Continue

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Gucci, Ed Hardy Abercrombie And More Online Shopping Deals For 1/19/10

You can find these and more at:

Ed Hardy 5" Infrared Remote Control Intelli UFO by Christian Audigier - $12.99 - Free Shipping

Gucci Handbags on sale from $99 - $399

Lace Thong 63 cents! shipped for kohl's cardholders

Abercrombie & Fitch > Women >… Continue

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Some of my dumb Mistakes: Getting My Child to Act Smart

I've gotten more feedback on the post "Getting

My Child to Act as Smart as She Is
" than I've ever gotten on a blog post.

I was a little relieved because I was grappling with a topic I felt was unique to my situation without a lot of support from others, and it was a little

frustrating. . I'm feeling better about the situation - which, of course,

continues - but wanted to build on my… Continue

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Help Haiti, Help You

The very second the newspaper hit my kitchen table my children caught a glimpse of the horrifying cover photo of a man's outstretched arm from underneath a pile of rubble, their day and the lives of millions, would be changed forever. Like a punch to the gut, we noticed the victims ring finger was adored with a gold band eluding to the fact that he had a wife and family. My nine-year old stood speechless for a moment and than finally uttered, "Will an earthquake like that happen where we live?"… Continue

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Prosperity and what it really means

This time of year we hear wishes " for a prosper New Year". What does this mean to you? Prosperity to many simply means money, yet prosperity means so much more. It is God's wishes to see everyone of us prosper in all avenues of our life. To be a rich woman you would have divine health, joy, happiness, peace, love, protection. How are these things obtained? So many of us just accept living without out or settling on what we have because we have accepted the world's way of being. In fact if you… Continue

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My hostess needs help!

Whether you were able to come or not, this is just a reminder to let you know her party is still open. If you can help out in any way by placing an order it would be great! Let's not stop the momentum, and help her earn and make this a great party! Glenda Cates will be hostesing a letters by design party for me this Saturday at 4 cst. Please do come as we have alot on sale, and these items will make great gifts for any occasion! Great for a valentine gift as well. We have a kids section, so… Continue

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Is 2010 a good year to take a mom vacation?

As we all feel the weight of the recession upon us, we may wonder if we should be planning a mom vacation with our mom friends this year. Some of us may not have the discretionary income to take a vacation. Others will certainly choose to take a vacation with their family over their girlfriends, if limited to one vacation. The economy is affecting everyone, even the Housewives of Orange County! Although they still seem to go on vacation, perhaps they are not staying at the Ritz. Or maybe… Continue

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Keep Out Butter from Your Breakfast

Many people are very friendly with butter. Almost every day they consume it in their breakfast such as with a slice of bread or in sausage cooked with butter. Butter also used in cake and snacks. Recently, doctors in England suggest that butter was banned. Based products were accused of fat as fuel accumulated bad fats in the body.

Based on the National Diet Survey, 9 out of 10 children or 88 percent of men and 88 percent of women in the UK known to consume excessive saturated fat.… Continue

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I can clearly remember watching a Ballerina dance on TV, when I was a child, and saying: "I want to do that Mammy". I was 3 years old.

We lived in Drimnagh (south Dublin) at the time and as there were no local Ballet classes I was brought to Irish dancing classes instead, which did not impress me at all! It was not until we moved to Coolock on the Northside of Dublin and we found a Ballet class in nearby Whitehall, that my dream was finally realised. I was 8 or 9 years… Continue

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Role of Parents

Parents are not only there to pay for the school fee's. More importantly, they should supervise the growth and development can do this. Be in an environment that is cognitively stimulating to the child, and will appeal to his curious nature. Provide interesting materials help children enhance their imagination by giving them fascinating books, art materials (paper, crayon etc) blocks and old clothes for costume to encourage role-playing and story telling activities. Let the children play we… Continue

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"I've decided to have an affair"...

This was my opening statement to my husband the other day ...

Or at least I am thinking about it ...(this comment gets a slight eyebrow rise from my husband)

Are you already having one?

No – but I really think I am going to. Are you okay with that?

Sure – hand me that diaper please...... Male or female
( his interest is peaked)

Definitely – male (and just like that the interest is gone )

In that case it… Continue

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Has History taught us nothing?

My mind is racing today as I have come from a very long meeting involving one Principal and two teachers in my daughters school. My head is pounding and my heart is racing from all that both they and I had to take in this morning. You see today I went to the school to go about getting my daughter the intervention and resource hours she needs to help her achieve her full potential in a mainstream setting, this is no mean feat as the Principal and I are not on the same wavelength, the resource… Continue

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Your Personal Assistant - January

Once again, Tip Junkie is here as Your Personal Assistant. Consider taking a day to really plan and organize your schedule to stay ahead of the game. Here are some things to do:

1. It's January and a new year! If you're wanting to be more organized then print off the… Continue

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Some Really Good Online Shopping Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/18/10

Check these deals out and more here:

Bullhead Hermosa Super Skinny Vaporized Jeans - Buy One Get One Free - $24.99

They also have other jeans with the same deal along with a 50% sale on other items.

Shopecko - 30% off hoodies & denim plus 75% off on some clearance…

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Marriage Mondays

I would love to invite you to join me for Marriage Mondays! Stop by to get fresh inspiration for enjoying a faith filled marriage. You can click the MckLinky to add your own marriage encouragement post to the list, leave a comment from your marriage journey, and find other great ideas about wedded bliss from wives who know the ropes. …


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Need your help.....

Need every single one of you to help me out! I need your votes to win this photo contest. I was in first place last night but woke up to being back in second place. It's just one vote per person but not per comptuer. If you have access to more than one computer please go ahead and vote! I could really use the $25 prize! I know that it may not sound like much but I could really use it. Head on over to: The Misplaced… Continue

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Haiti – What is Your Family Plan?

Cub Scouts now, Rescue Worker later

This week I was feeling a little glum. I had a few close calls with the kiddos that really threw me off my game.

One kid didn’t hold the bus buddy’s hand on the way to the bus stop the other day. She stepped onto the road but jumped back quickly when a driver honked. I spent the rest of the day feeling like I was going to puke.

The very next day, I left baby alone rolling… Continue

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FYI, 4's the new 16!

Have you heard that new saying that 40's the new 20? Well, I don't know who's believing that load of crap but I'm pretty sure its not the 20 year olds and I'm fast approaching the 40 year end of the spectrum and I'm not believing it for a second. So, Oprah..please stop perpetuating this myth. First, there was the Million little Pieces guy and now this. Come on Oprah, just because you are spoon feeding it to us...some things I just refuse to believe. So, to be straight 40 is not the new 20, no… Continue

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Decorating a Girls' Room

A friend from work popped into my classroom the other day bearing a humongous tissue paper pompom. "Could you use this?" she asked. She also had a large garbage bag filled with more where this first pompom came from. My initial thought was no way do I want more STUFF in my classroom, until she suggested that Munch might like them. Well, then there was no hesitation-"I'll take them!"

Up they went in Munch's room in shades of light pink, magenta, and coral. I figured they'd go well with the… Continue

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