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Heaven on Earth

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” ~ Henry D. Thoreau

Although I’ve heard the expression ‘Heaven on earth’ many times, it was only yesterday that I realized how easily we misinterpret its meaning.

While I buy into the concept that to get to the light at the end of the tunnel one must first go through the tunnel, I also feel that the road has been particularly long and rough this year – with sub-freezing temperatures almost everyday, and a pale sun… Continue

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Guidance vs.Control

“Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make. Don’t tell them what to do, but encourage them to do what is best.” ~ Jimmy Johnson

A few days ago, I had a conversation with my daughter’s preschool teacher. Her concern was that even if Morgan scores exceptionally well on tests, she rarely follows directions, and prefers instead to follow her own mental map.

After hearing the same things over the years about my boys, her observations didn’t… Continue

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Lessons from a Daffodil

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” ~ Voltaire

Yesterday was a dreary day. With temperatures in the forties and a steady, icy drizzle, one felt more motivated to buy warm chestnuts and candy canes that the Easter eggs and colorful bunnies displayed on the shelves of a nearby drugstore. A month away from Easter, winter is still ruling the land.

Yesterday morning, one of the posters on my blog mentioned seeing her daffodils… Continue

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When the Wind Blows

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.” ~ Robert Frost

When I was a young girl, I found it mind-boggling how older people never seemed to really worry about anything. As for any teenager worth her salt, a small stumble was enough to devastate my world.

One day, one of my mother’s friends came over to see us. She looked terrible – her face was etched with deep lines of worry, and her eyes lacked the spark I was accustomed to see… Continue

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Parental Book Reviews

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Open your windows everyone!

Spring is coming, and it's time for cleaner air in your home.
Take a look at my post for some easy changes to make to improve your air quality.

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Ode to Sandra Bullock


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Attn: Candle Makers and Lovers....

Stop on over to my Online Yards Sale Booth and take advantage of some great goodies at even better prices. Clearing out some candle supplies, tarts, and other craft supplies.

From now till the end of the sale take 15% off remaining items in my booth. Must mention the blog post to get the 15% off.

1871 Candle Co Yard Sale

Pass the word along. Everything must go :)


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Ask The Mamas: Does Your Child Do This Too?

Ok, this is slightly embarrassing, but this is the reality of parenthood, right?

At 19 months, my sweet little baby turned toddler has just recently discovered his down south region.

A few days ago, I walked into the living room to find him sitting on

and grinding his sit 'n spin. Then yesterday when grandma and grandpa

were visiting, he grabbed his blankly, sat down on…

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Free Splenda sample-March 9th

FREE sample of Splenda sometime

tomorrow. I received mine last week and it included 2 each of Vanilla

and Hazelnut flavors and a coupon. It was a great addition to my

morning latte!…


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It's all about the ending

After over a decade of having my poetry and short stories published I have decided to actually sit down, write my book and send it out for possible publication. After continuous nudges… Continue

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Menu Plan Mondays Keep Me Honest -- You?

I just started participating in Menu Plan Mondays. Join in the fun, read my menu at Hot Cookin' and let me know what you've got planned!

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Free Pampers Diaper

Click For your free Pampers diaper!



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Discussion Post-"Your Baby Doesn't Look're the Mother?!"

Okay moms, how many of you have had family and strangers comment on how much your child doesn't look like you? Raise your hands.

Have you gotten the "He/she looks just like your husband", or "baby looks like your husbands sister", or even "Baby looks just like Great Grandma Ethel" of course it's the in-laws making that comment because your parents wouldn't say such a thing. Or…

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There's No Place Like Home

We're packing up and heading back to Maine from Florida. It has been a long cold winter. Once again, we'll be arriving in Maine like the "Clampett" family, in Paul's truck loaded up with animals and 'stuff' we can't live without. For Paul that's a gym bag, for me it's a truckload!

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Recycle your old jeans...head to the Gap!

check out my post with more details about Gap's great promotion to recycle your old jeans and give you a discount on a new pair of Gap denim. They have partnered with Cotton From Blue to Green, an amazing organization.

Added by Emily Roach on March 7, 2010 at 9:05pm — 1 Comment

When Did I Turn into THIS!??

You know how on Oprah when she’s interviewing someone who just dropped 150 pounds, she’ll ask, “What was your ah-hah moment, the moment you decided to take action?” Like Jeopardy, I shout out the answer before the contestant: “What is a photograph!”

Sure enough, The Photograph taken of her at a party, wearing stripes that go the wrong way, and spandex stretch pants that accentuate the plate of food on her lap, is plastered on a giant screen and the audience gasps and then applauds.… Continue

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Join Me @ My New Group ~ Mommies Faves!

Hi ladies! I would like to invite you to join my new group here called Mommies Faves. This is an extension of my Mommies Faves Top Sites and Blogs where we showcase the "Best of the Best on the Web" for Moms!!

We will be sharing links to all of our sites and blogs, discussing ways to make our sites the BEST, design questions and issues,…


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Get Featured on my blog as the "Diamond of the Day"

To be featured as Diamond of the Day please submit questions and a recent photo to


We will review all entries and select a featured "Diamond of the Day"

Good Luck!




Years in Business:



What is your…


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Lots of Facebook Deals

This has been the week of Facebook Deals! Who knew you could coupons or items for free just by being a Facebook Fan?

Here are some of the most…

Added by Kristi West on March 7, 2010 at 4:28pm — 1 Comment

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