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Our First Cold

:( Our First Cold…


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The Cross in Our Bodies

The Cross in our…


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I blame the carrots

FACT: Tapioca is delicious.

FACT: You are what you eat.

AND THEREFORE: I have figured out why my bum looks like tapioca.

I often wonder why I’m not as healthy as I’d like to be; and after some reflection, what I really end up wanting to know is: Why is pizza so demanding? Why does it have to be the center of attention ALL THE TIME?

Read the rest of this… Continue

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crisis management

I’ve done fairly well this week with my vegetarian step down diet. Giving up meat really wasn’t that hard. at. All. Seriously. And I loves me some bacon. But I’ve done it (ok I had a teensy taste of almond crusted tilapia today made by the chef at the grocery store, but that shouldn’t count). I tried to carry healthy snacks when I could. When I couldn’t carry any around, I either didn’t eat anything at all (I’m totally used to being hungry) or I picked up something semi healthy while I was…


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The Beauty of Bulk Buying

Do you buy in bulk and have some ideas to share?
Stop by and share on my post

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2010 Social Media Conferences for Women Bloggers (Includes Twitter Links & Event Hashtags!)

I just posted this to my blog for Society of Socialpreneurs ~ Where Socializing is Our Business and I thought I would share with all of you!

Thank you to The Mommy Insider, She Posts, and… Continue

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Lewis and Clark Webquests

Lewis, Clark and the Corps of Discovery began their westward expedition on May 14, 1804. The main objective of the expedition was to find an easy water route across the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. A study of Lewis and Clark's travels will reveal that, even though the main objective was not accomplished, many valuable contributions were made along the way.

There are many 'ready-made' webquests that homeschoolers can…

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Split Personality

I am convinced my son Jake has a split personality disorder. At school or anywhere else but home he is a perfect angel of a child, everyone loves him, thinks he is so sweet and could do no wrong....and, they would be wrong :)

I volunteered to help out at Jake's preschool this morning for an hour while his got to enjoy a nice catered in honor of appreciation day (and boy do they deserve it, I don't know how on earth they deal with those wild kids…

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Preggie Pops & Drops review and giveaway! (3 winners)

This pregnancy makes me nervous. I kind of knew something was up before I even took a test because I felt nauseous a couple days…


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Friday Fashion Haul, Mom Style!

Still trying to figure out how this Mom Bloggers Club works exactly, so forgive me if I haven't responded to your comments. I noticed a few people simply repost things from their own blogs a lot of people do that? Wouldn't that dilute the traffic on your blog? Not sure. Well, I've been getting into making Fashion Haul videos for You Tube, a trend that is popular among teens and young women, but Audrey McClellan has inspired me to help make it a Mom-blogger trend. If you want to hop…


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Budget Friendly Summer Fun!

by: Kristl - The Budget Diet

Be prepared for the “I’m bored” syndrome this summer with a few budget friendly summer fun ideas!

Field Trips: Plan a field trip every week this summer! Here’s how…

#1. Start by taking your kids to the local library to find some books on your area.

#2. Do a…


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Cottage Cheese Pancake Recipe

Cottage cheese pancakes are one of our family’s favorite breakfasts. (My husband’s an official breakfast-cooking-aficionado, so we have quite a few favorites.) But these pancakes are not only delicious, moist, silky, and smooth…they’re packed full of protein, while being low on saturated fat.

What could make this recipe any better than being nutritious and delicious? It’s super easy to make! As in, five minutes prep time.…


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Friday Funny Blog Hop, Twitter #FF, & Mr. Linky All-In-One!

Hi, my name is Tracy & I’m a Crackbook addict….& apparently I have also become a frikkin’ Twit….go figure! Oddly, I’ve come to prefer Twitter at times…quick, to the point tweets, back & forth for a few minutes, walk away. Facebook is far more time consuming & personal, neither of which I’m very inclined towards! I just don’t have the attention sp….Oh look, a Blue Birdie…look to the right, look back at me…that I followed to Twitter, which, compared to Facebook, moves as…


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Holding On....

Tomorrow I am scheduled to have a garage sale. I opened my big mouth and set the date....and invited friends to join me so now I HAVE to do it. Funny thing is that I could really care less about selling anything...I really just enjoy hanging out with my friends. But as I was scanning the closets for things outgrown, worn out or rarely used I came across a few things that I thought twice about giving up. The sweet dress, the old toy, the unread book, the old purse....sometimes you just want to… Continue

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Is it really that uncommon to want to have sex when your pregnant? I am like a little nympo nowadays and I am really emberassed about it. I mean to tell my doctors and everything. I mean I am 29 weeks prego, and this is a time where most women have a lack of sex drive, but mine is extremely high. Not to mention that I have a hubby that loves my body being prego!! But I am having symptoms that I think are fueled my the sex. I have contractions soon after or even sometimes during, and I have… Continue

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My Gentle Birthing's Response to Mamapedia Readers.

I worked hard on an article that was published on Mamapedia, which received mixed reviews, as I much expected. The article: New Surge in Birthing: HypnoBirthing and response: My Gentle Birthing's Response are both… Continue

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Fruit Looped

In old age they still produce fruit, they are always green and full of sap, Psalms 92:16...Moms

and Pops got it going on like that...when are the young folks gonna

recognize that fact! If you know what's good for you, you'll except

their help...learn from the life experiences they have under their


Take the wisdom and the long run it will preserve or can

literally save your… Continue

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Studying "Lewis & Clark"

The study of U.S. History would not be complete without covering the expedition of

Lewis and Clark. The expedition which began on May 14, 1804 was to

ascertain the resources available within the newly acquired Louisiana

Purchase. The expedition also laid much of the groundwork for westward


Looking for Resources? …


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