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Hello to a new day...

Well we say "Hello to a new day and a new challenge" as we (or at least

I) have decided to go cold turkey on the whole breast feeding matter,

mind you, it wasn't even for the nutritional purposes anymore but more

for the comfort Aidan got of knowing mom was there...

However as it may have been comforting Aidan I can say without a shadow of doubt

that it was NOT comforting to me! OK OK it was up until a little while

ago but now that Aidan has managed to grind… Continue

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For You I Will

When you feel your world just ain't right

Call on me, I will be waiting

Count on me, I will be there

Anytime the times get too tough,

Anytime your best ain't enough

I'll be the one to make it better,

I'll be there to protect you,

See you through,

I'll be there and there is nothing

I won't do.

I will cross the ocean for you

I will go and bring you the moon

I will be your hero your strength

Anything you need

I will be the… Continue

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Oh Boy!!

Barney came to play yesterday....

and turned my house a bright shade of purple!!

no actually Aidan managed to reach the gentian violet and proceeded to empty the whole lot all over the house, all this

happened while silly mom thought she could find some peace while she

goes to the loo and closed the door behind her! (for those of you who

don't have kids that would be a normal thing to do however once you have

a child there is absolutely no way in hell that any… Continue

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Excitement at the Bevan's

Howdy Doo all,

As of late there has been much excitement in the Bevan household, as most of you have already gathered Aidan can now officially be classified as a toddler as he started

walking not so long ago! I'm pleased and slightly nervous to announce

that he has mastered that in virtually no time at all, well that and

walking BACKWARDS??

How is it that you have only been walking a month(walking properly for approx. 2 weeks) and you can walk BACKWARDS with…


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Peace Porridge Hot


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I had searched for some dining chairs and a table for what seemed to be FOREVER...until I saw some vintage chrome chairs on ebay! The only problem was, they were being sold by someone in New York and the auction was for pick up only. Determined to have them, I emailed the seller and begged her to ship them to me. She finally said…


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Teens Want A Change! Surf-and-Skate Fashions Are Declining

There has been a clear move away from Americana and surf-and-skate fashion trends to fast-fashion shopping, made accessible by H&M, Forever21 and Zara. The problem is specialty chain

retailers have yet to adapt to the idea that teens today aren’t simply wearing

the usual style. Continue Reading...…


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Teach Your Child Jungle Animal Words! FREE Printable Activities And Worksheets!

I want to teach…

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KISS Club ~ Where Everybody Knows Your Name

When I first started blogging, and delving into the world of internet marketing I hung out in forums trying to learn what I needed to know.

They were big forums (ning wasn't even invented then lol), with a lot of people, a lot of people who thought they knew everything and were quick to jump on new people who asked the "wrong" questions.

It was a scary time, trying to learn, and trying not to feel like an idiot.

Though those times are in my past, I realize they… Continue

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Do You Like Free eBooks?

If you guys are like me, you love books. Free books are even better. But how about 3.5 million? The World eBook Fair is going on right now, but only for a few more weeks. Grab them while you can.

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One side only

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My Doctor Lied to Me!

**Warning – this post refers to contraception and such, so please skip it if you’d rather not read about that sort of subject matter, mmk?**…


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On a search for the perfect sunscreen

So this week a friend of mine sent me this website

Its a website that rates sunscreens and tells you how healthy/harmful they are for you and your little ones. When searching for the sunscreens that I use on my little ones I found out that…

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In my "humble" opinion

I have a habit of making quick judgments about people. I put too much

stock in first impressions. I tend to make assumptions based on what

might be insignificant snapshots of a person's life from brief

encounters with them. These are flaws and I'm working on them.

Admitting it is the first step.

Because these faults are part of who I am, I assume that everyone else

suffers from the same afflictions and, consequently, spend too much time

wondering what… Continue

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A Walk In My Grandmother's Shoes

I am a child of the ‘60’s. I was born three weeks after President Kennedy was assassinated. I grew up during the Johnson administration, the Vietnam War, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and the Brady Bunch. But I have found myself lately wondering what life was like before all that…before television and electrical appliances and… Continue

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When I Grow Up ...

My four year old asked me one day, “What are you going to be when you grow up, Mommy?”…


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A neat thought about play

Our church held an outdoor concert tonight. When pastor was starting the concert, he sort of acknowledged us on the playground with our kids while everyone else was sitting nicely for the concert. He said something that made me stop and think for a moment and I just thought I'd share it with you. He said something…


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Loving the Questions

Can you believe we are just almost half way through 2010??? Time has flown by in a blur of ups, downs, happies and sads. Such is life! It's senseless to fight time or the balance of things. And with that, I am peacefully content with where I am in life. I still have so many questions, but I love the questions. I still have so many contradictions, but I love them too. If the true value of the journey is in the ride, then I'm going to enjoy the ride for all of the traffic jams and breakdowns that… Continue

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Beautiful Shadow

Let me start by saying... it's not easy to pick yourself apart and take responsibility for your own peace of mind. There are so many easier things to blame. Frequently in my life, I've allowed jealousy to distract me from what's really missing within myself. I can't tell you how difficult and liberating it is for me to admit this. This is part of my shadow, and as I explore it, it becomes less scary and more beautiful to me.

Jealousy has manifested itself… Continue

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Consignment Shops: The New Black for Back-to-School Shopping

Have you shopped for “Back to School” yet? My spending frenzy began last Friday, during freshman orientation. My son is a college student this year, and between tuition, books, room and board, parking fees, non-essentials, essentials, and miscellaneous fees, my budget is on life support! A $32,000.00 gorilla is on my back and come August 18Th, the ape better be fed.

Last August, my quest to earn a few extra college bucks…


Added by Nikola Hartmann on July 14, 2010 at 7:45pm — 2 Comments

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