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my fairy garden

Vignette 01.04.19

I've been working on re-decorating my Screened Porch and recently added this lovely Fairy Garden you see on the top shelf of my etigere. I stepped back after placing the tiny garden on the shelf and noticed something lurking nearby.…


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A gift that lasts a lifetime

What games did you enjoy playing as a child? Jump rope, checkers, basketball, hopscotch? The answer may be revealing to how you're wired.

Were you reserved as a child and would prefer games that you played alone and you were competing against yourself or not competing at all?

Or where you more outgoing in…


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Delicious nutty desserts your family will love

I must share… Continue

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Super Mario Bros.…


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The Dot to Dots

The Dot to Dots......…


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Penis Head Junior!

My oldest child, & only son, is about to turn twelve. That “lazy”, apathetic thing is starting to set in, particularly around the house. As the hormone levels rise, so too, does my annoyance, & I find myself feeling rather pissy about the situation. Now, I’m an intelligent woman, & I’m well aware that tweens & teens are a whole new breed of jackass….just ask my…


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Book Review: Once Upon a Time

Book Review: Once Upon a…


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great now it looks like I get beat!

my kid just hit me playfully with my cell phone. caused some damage - black mark under my eye. time to dig out the heavy duty make up! everyone at work already hates my husband, wonderful.

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Making Friends



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Moms Boycott Nike

How have I spent my free time recently? Mulling over a Nike boycott. It

all started with Nike's weird from-the-grave Master's ad for Tiger.

Then I read about Ben Roethlisberger--another Nike guy. …


Added by Momtrends on April 29, 2010 at 9:56am — 2 Comments

Outnumbered...and Loving It

This week I’m thankful for rhythm, patience (well, most of the time), and my three children.

Yes, we’re officially outnumbered. And yes, we’re loving it…most of the time.

I’m also thankful for my warm baby, snuggled up in bed with me. He’s found his smile now…though I’ve yet to capture it on film!…


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Boats in the Storm

“Calmness is the cradle of power.” ~ Josiah Gilbert Holland

Since I was very young, my mother taught me to associate different mental states with visual symbols to understand their essence more closely.

Water, for one, is connected to emotions simply because of its fluidity and duality – a little gentle water is nurturing, empowering and cooling toward other overwhelming states such as anger and jealousy, which are hot and unsettling in nature; too much water,… Continue

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The Bibopsy

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek wedding? There is a part when her
Aunt Tula meets Ian at a family get together and tells him about the
“bi-bopsy” she had where they found a set of teeth.....

Click here
to read the full post.

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weird wicked wednesday

dude, so once't agin it's wednesday. and because i gets bored easily and mostly cuz i'm weird like that, i decided to change up my blodge post a bit. today i'm gonna be brief and ask for help. is there any time in your life that you acted weird and wanna show it off? acted a fool? embarrassed your kids?…


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hey astrazeneca where's my check?

So. I heard today that the drug company AstraZeneca, the makers of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel has settled some kind of multi million dollar claim with the government. According to the Wall Street Journal (…


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how did i end up in the suburbs?

Ive been kicking this idea around in my head for a couple weeks now, but of course, when I finally sit down at my computer, I forget that I wanted to blog about this topic. While blog surfing, I came across a website called productive flourishing by some guy named Charlie. One of his blog posts was called: do you have the weirdo syndrome? Which can be found here:…


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Hello everyone :-) I am an executive consultant for Rodan + Fields, the newest skincare line from the Dr.'s that created Proactiv Solution.

The line was recently featured on Oprah's famous "Favorite Things" Show!

Please visit to see the FIVE Star product…


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The Death of the Product Review

The Federal Trade Commission is considering new regulations that will hold companies responsible for the actions of bloggers who make false statements about their products, when the blogger has been

compensated by the company. So if a company gives a blogger a tube…


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Amendment Reaches 135 Co-Sponsors for Parents' Rights just announced that a constitutional amendment introduced by U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) to protect the parent-child relationship has reached 135 co-sponsors in the House.

“The number of members of Congress continues to grow because of the growing understanding of the threats to the parent-child relationship by government and foreign organizations,” Hoekstra said. “Protecting the ability of parents to…


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