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Stossel in The Classroom Free DVD for Teachers (homeschoolers?) ~ choose from 4 different DVDs ~ different topics

They currently have four free DVDs for educators/homeschoolers.

Please select the DVD you wish to order:

Under the freebie section at the bottom of my blog:…


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They don't tell you this when you are expecting...

Or is it just me they didn't tell?

Having kids physically hurt! I hear you laughing. I am not talking about the burning stinging pain of giving birth, I am talking about what follows after the birth.

Jeez, since having 2 children I haven't had a pain free day:

- My feet request that I wear shoes or slippers (with hard soles) at all times when walking around the house. They are fed up of the excruciating pain caused by all these tiny toys parts scattered around… Continue

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Win over $100 worth of Davines hair care at Bionic Beauty

Davine's hair care giveaway from the Bionic Beauty blog

A bit ago, I interviewed Leonardo Manetti of ION Studio. He shared some wonderful hair tips for all the Bionic Beauties out there. Since Leonardo and I are both Davines hair care fans- they are sponsoring a giveaway of… Continue

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Need Advice - Content Balance on Your Site - Your life vs Product Reviews/Giveaways

Recently, I posted a product review and received several posts from my readers that they were either leaving or not happy that I was posting so many product reviews versus posts about my life. Thats why they were there to read about my life.

I admit that I did not start my site to get free products or get invited to events, it just evolved organically that I began getting invited to do these things.I admit that the events/products review did seem to be taking up more of my posts… Continue

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Do You Feel Comfortable Letting Your Kids Publish Their Pix Online?!?!?

Call me paranoid, but I am still a little wary of letting my kids post videos or any pic of themselves online. How about you? I started a forum on this topic at the Family Connections Group at Blogher, click HERE and leave your comment. Would love to get your opinion and how you handle this issue at… Continue

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The Love of a Grandparent

The joy of a Grandfather and his grandson, my Dad and baby. So happy to have a Dad still here with his grandson and laughing together. The baby will not remember this moment, but a photo will help him to know, it did happen.

This moment does happen in most of our lives, we just do not remember it, now there is ease of photography, to help.

In most cases, be grateful for your Grandparents, this moment is probably in your past also.

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A New Pink Chair

This is a wonderful day for me, I got a new power chair. I find it more exciting than a new car, since I use it more. The neatest thing is I got it in pink, which is a favorite color for me. The picture does not show the color well.

I am thankful for a power chair and feel for those who cannot get one. They do cost, so everyone cannot afford them around the world. Some do not have a manual wheelchair, which I would love to help them someday.

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To Ethan (12 Months)

Dear Ethan,

Happy Birthday, my handsome boy! In 2 days, you will be officially ONE YEAR OLD! Just another 18 years to go, you can buy vodka all by yourself!

I've been thinking what to tell you (cont.)…


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Birthday Monkey Cake

So, it was is the day yesterday! The day I had an once-in-a-life-time celebration cake to make that I even rehearsed a month ago - my boy's very first birthday party! (cont.)

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"Psycho Killer"

Check out my blog for my top ten scariest movies ever, just in time to honor Halloween!

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Don't Dance in Front of Your Kid!

I've been asked to re-post this; while it's true that it's easy to scroll down and find it, my friend pointed out that new visitors to the blog might not do so, and another friend said they hadn't seen this one at all. So, since it's a favorite I'm going to repost it.

I also want to add one thought about why kids don't like their parents to dance in front of them. I touched on this in the comments section, but I want to elaborate. Dancing sexualizes a person (I mean, unless you're… Continue

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Do What You Have to Do to Hold it Together For the Kid

Remember the days when crazy was interesting? There was a time I did my best to embellish my childhood, making it seem as nuts and dysfunctional as possible. Here's a recurring question in this blog: What was I thinking? And it's accompanying answer: Clearly I wasn't.

I rushed off to therapy when I was 20-years-old. Not that I didn't need it, but to be honest, I think my main motivation was because I thought it was "cool". It was cool to be traumatized, and if there was a label, I… Continue

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Healthy Halloween Treats

Kids on candy overload? Here are six fun – yet healthy – recipes for parties or after-school snacks from Disney FamilyFun magazine.

Black Bean Cat Crudite´s

No bones about it, this kitty skeleton makes a healthy centerpiece for Halloween parties or school gatherings. Just arrange assorted fresh vegetables and a bowl of your favorite black bean dip in the shape of a spooky cat.

Edible Eyeballs…


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Family Update

I wanted to do a blog post today about the family. I haven't done one since, well, I can't even remember the last time I really updated everyone on the family.

I will start with Liliann, as she is the youngest. She started preschool this year in Mrs. Harriman's class. Mrs. Harriman is our angel teacher. Damon had her and now Lili does. She is THE best. The kids thrive when they are in her class and she always goes above and beyond. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. Lili has been… Continue

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A Challenge to you Bloggers!

This is a challenge to all you bloggers out there. I want to see your list! WHAT DO YOU WANT????



I want every single person in the entire world to feel like they are part of something amazing. Life. I want them to have the chance to succeed just like the next person. I want them to know they can fall in love with any one they choose. I want every child to have the same chance as the next. I want every single person to be just that, HUMAN. Not… Continue

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I know this is a corny post.....but I had to do it.

GARTH BROOKS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert me, jumping up and down, screaming my lungs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




He is going to be doing some shows in Vegas coming up soon… Continue

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Part two of my heart hurts............

I had to finish this tonight because well, at 230 in the morning, I more ramble than anything. So I wanted to make sure I got the information out here that I started out typing last night, but finishing tonight.

I talked a lot last blog post regarding Intended Parents not being their for their surrogate or the exact opposite, how the IP's are more into the journey than the surrogate.

What I did not get to was how it can be the same way on the other side of the… Continue

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My heart hurts...............................

For most of my life, parts that I can actually remember, I have always put on an outer shell that has made me appear to be tough, and not caring. Showing those that I can handle anything and everything. There are things that bring me down, but I always bounce back quicklky, never spending the time to care or let others into that part of me.

I don't honestly know how to continue it, or if I even can for much longer. I have always been told that to be emotional shows weakness. That is… Continue

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The first six years.....

When Ryan and I first announced we were getting married, we had mixed emotions coming at us from all sides. Some thought we were much too young, others thought we were only doing it because we were pregnant. We had one person tell us that the first five years are the most difficult of your marriage because during those five years, you start really getting to know how a person is. And throwing kids in there really shakes that up even more. So when he… Continue

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Who knew life could change so much?

Two years ago if you would have asked me how life was, I would have probably said, its fine. And it was. I was happy with my job, the kids were both young and we were a pretty normal, happy family. I was pregnant two years ago. Not carrying my third child. But carrying the life for someone who physically was unable. The journey was going smoothly. There were times I was sad that they were unable, due to distance and time, to come to any dr appts. I had not grown close to the pregnancy like so… Continue

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