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spin (for) the bottle

Husband and I have a pretty good system going in terms of who does what with Baby S. For middle of the night feedings, we switch off. If one of us is particularly tired or working late, the other picks up the slack. Daytime feedings are a breeze. It's a fair and balanced agreement so successful I think we could teach a seminar.

This is going to shock all of no one, but yes, changing poopie diapers are another story. I know, you're…

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love, grace and understanding

“...I just want to be myself and go to the prom that I was supposed to have since I've known what prom was.” Constance McMillen

I have wanted to write about Constance McMillen, since her story began to

filter into mainstream media. If you aren’t familiar with her story,

click here

to read about how her school canceled prom instead of allowing her to

attend with her…


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Bread Crumbs are how much??

Lean ground beef is on sale @ Metro for $1.99/lb. So away I went and purchased a couple of the large family sized packs of meat totaling about 10lbs. On the menu-

2 meatloaves (3lb). My kids and DH love meatloaf! We will get 2 dinners and 2 days worth of lunches for 4 people (meatloaf sandwiches) from this.

4lb of meatballs. A kid fave around here! I will make 2 lbs of Italian style meatballs… Continue

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The Cock I Got in Jamaica

I collect roosters, a lot of them. At last count there were over 90 roosters/chickens in my kitchen. All reside in the kitchen because my husband won’t grant them visas to migrate past the boundaries of the kitchen. Some are old, some new, some art deco, some classic and some from around the world.… Continue

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“In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most intriguing things about listening to people describe news events is their tendency to remember – and their preference to discuss – the most gruesome segments. I once heard someone say that the newscast he had just watched was not very interesting because nothing really… Continue

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Are You A Hero?

Some say we don't have anymore heroes but I say we do. Let's take a look at what a hero is and decide if you are one.

A hero travels the hero's journey. That's when regular people such as you or me are asked to leave our routine life because something serious has occurred and we are asked to do something about it. We are "called to help." We are called to save our king, our country, our friend, or ourself. And because the task is arduous, we really don't want to accept it.… Continue

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The House of Polar Opposites

I have two daughters and they are both adopted. Elle is 11 and she was adopted from Kursk, Russia when she was nine months old. Bunny is five and she was adopted from Guatemala.…


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Only 2 days left for the Heart 4 Him and MFeather 1 Giveaway

Please go to my blog and enter to win some wonderful giveaways from 2 great etsy shops...

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My Lil Man's Baptism

Today, DJ got baptized. I was surprised by my emotion & elation as I

watched. It was awesome! To be candid, sometimes as a… Continue

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A Dragon is a Child's Best Friend

The highly anticipated movie How to Train Your Dragon… Continue

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Good To Know

Plug your zip code or address into Sit or Squat at to locate a public restroom anywhere in the world! Go mobile with your IPhone, ITouch, BlackBerry and SMS text.

Red is the New Black…


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Another Free Tutorial

In opening my new store on Etsy (MooseandWormy), I decided that I would give away all my designs for free on my blog. I am a firm believer in free crafting. Most of us have more skills than cash, and it seems dumb that we all have to reinvent the wheel every time we try to make something new. Silly. So, I give away all my designs for free.… Continue

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Ingrid Michaelson and Mat Kearney Rock the Electric Factory

Ingrid and Mat

First of all, I’m not much of a music blogger, but since I love Ingrid Michaelson so much I figured I’d agree to blog about the amazing concert I went to see her perform on Friday March 19th at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

I first heard both Mat Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, and were both on one of the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack CDs (I…


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Autism Speaks

Next month (April) is Autism Awarenss month. I have a 10 year old son with Autism and I'm working with Autism Speaks to help them spread the word of their Light it Up Blue Campaign. On April 1 a lot of national buildings will be lighting shining blue lights on their building. I am working with our town to get our local Town Common Gazebo to shine a Blue Light on the Gazebo in awareness of Autism.

Will you show your support by Lighting It Up Blue. We are asking you to wear…

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Munchkins Rule My World

Munchkins Rule My World

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The Choking Game

This is a game played by teenagers and it's a game that does exactly

what it says on the tin. The game involves teenagers choking each other

to the point of collapse, to get high. It's also called The Good Kid's High as it's perceived as the good kid's

alternative to doing drugs.

Now this is not a new game, it is a game that has been with us for

generations, I'm told. I was… Continue

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Blocks of Bologna

And the word of the One shall go forth, cast up. cast up. prepare

the way. Take up the stumbling block out of the way (of the Spiritual

return) of my people.,
Isaiah 57:14
...remember, "here is the

church and here is steeple, open the door and see all the people".

Sitting in the pews...often still just as when they got

there. Impressed by the robes that the Priest wears...the… Continue

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The Vacuum in the Fish Tank

At any given moment one doesn’t know if something will happen – often a seemingly meaningless event – that will spark thoughts worth pondering over. One of those moments for me was two nights ago, when I cleaned out my fish tank.

I pumped out half of the water and used a vacuum to suck up debris from the bottom of the tank, while the tiny goldfish continued to swim in the little water that was left in there.

Right then, a thought crossed my mind – what could the fish be thinking… Continue

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