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"Simplify My Life"

When I see the title "Simplify My Life", I was thinking it is challenge how you think of your life what it is like being Simplify, I would think of being deaf a wife and mother as Simplify which is part of life knowing how God's plan is for me and life wasn't always easy. I went though hard times, but I do have good and bad times from what my experiences are with learning lessons along the way. I believe God have a lot of reasons what I went though pains because he do understand my situation… Continue

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WordPress Plugin to create your own tiny urls

a href="">

I advocate WORDPRESS for all of your affiliate and small business websites. As a content manager, wordpress is user friendly, on the cutting edge with constant updates, and plugins for any development idea you may have.

As a blogger, I suggest taking a look at the Pretty Link Wordpress plugin. It is a must have plugin for every affiliate using wordpress. They offer a free and premium… Continue

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The ultimate commercial message ~ “This Can’t all have been for nothing!”

Happy Twenty Ten to all of you! I am posting here, and everywhere else I can think of, to ask for help. No worries …. Julia is fine. As a matter of fact tomorrow is a monthly clinic appointment and we are optimistic that everything shall continue to progress normally. “No more Cancer in 2010″ is our mantra!

What I am looking for is a business minded person who can help us get Julia’s Rainbow up and running. I have come to the realization that though I have the enthusiasm and drive, I do… Continue

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Handpainted WineGlass GiveAway

It's my 1st giveaway! Everyone from MBC has been so supportive - I hope you take the time to enter.

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How cluttered is your computer?

How cluttered is your computer? Sure you've got computer files saved on your desktop and you know its a mess but do you truly know how big of a mess it is? Well, let me tell you girls ...

I got the brite idea to clean out my computer files off of my computer, my desktop was a mess and my computer just kept running slower and slower. So I sat down on a mission last night and began deleting and re-organizing files! By the end of the night I had over 80,000 items in my virtual trash… Continue

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Your Online Shopping Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/10/10

You can find these and more here:

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Maternity tops as low as $3.49 at

Steve Madden - Pyramid Medium-Size Digital Camera Case - Black/White

Microsoft® LifeCam VX-2000 Webcam…

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Moisturizing hand treatment #6/15

This is a treatment I had heard of a long time ago and am just trying it out.

What I did

Slather Cream on your hands and cover with cotton gloves then rubber gloves and begin washing dishes/cleaning. Easy enough right?

The Verdict

This was O.K. I really should, but don't ever wear rubber gloves to clean or to do dishes so this just felt strange to me!

Anyone else try this???

Up next is a brown sugar body scrub that… Continue

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BlogHer's Gina Garrubbo: Video Interview

As some of you may know, my business partner and I conducted a video interview with BlogHer's very own Gina Garrubbo not too long ago in her Manhattan office. Gina is's featured Mom Mentor this month (along with Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of NJ). is made up of a community of return to work and working moms who gain inspiration and a sense of empowerment from women like Gina.

Truth be told, Gina and I have a mutual friend in common but,… Continue

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The 8 Month Wedgie: How Pregnancy Ate My Underwear

Original Posting at here

grannypanties It doesn't matter how cute of a pregnant person your friends and family (or the occasional random stranger) say you are, at some point there will be no words that can change the fact that you feel like a giant blob. (Insert Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory scene where Violet eats the 3 course meal gum. "You're turning violet,… Continue

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Lose 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks ~ Naturally ~ AND Make Money From Home While You Do It!

Mandura-Trim will be available online in January 2010. Mandura Trim is the only highly effective and safe weight loss product supported by scientific clinical trials. Added bonus - it is all-natural!

University of Connecticut scientists tested the all- natural ingredients found in Mandura Trim during an eight-week, double blind, placebo-controlled study. Two groups, both consisting of women of similar weights and demographics and placed on identical diet and exercise plans, were… Continue

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"Last 4 days I have learned"

Last 4 days I have learned that I have been stand up, be strong being wife and mother what I believe in. I have been reading Bible which God helped me though what my weakness is and knowing what I need to improve on my weakness. I don't allow anyone stop me what I believe in, have been praying knowing what God wants me to be and do for God's desire from me. I have been struggling with my depression which wasn't easy part and realized that I need is "time to heal" from my past from what has… Continue

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New Year's Day at the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

That's Munch standing in front of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Containing the Steinhart Aquarium, the Morrison Planetarium, and the Kimball Natural History Museum, the Academy of Sciences reopened almost a year ago after a… Continue

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How Can I Be the Parent of a Legal Adult?

Well, it's January 7th and as those who celebrated Epiphany yesterday can attest, the Christmas season is officially over. Sigh.

I cannot believe our baby girl turned 18 years old over the Christmas holiday. Actually on Christmas. If you haven't heard me mention this before, yes, our oldest daughter was born on Christmas Day.

Of course, she was born nine, long days past her due date. And I kept hoping and praying she would arrive… Continue

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Love Letters

Now that Munch is reading and writing, I come across notes like this around the house more and more often. They are so sweet and she is so proud!

(Vivian loves Dad)

See more at Can I Taste It… Continue

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Your Online Shopping Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/9/10

You can find these and more here:

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Deal Of The Day - LIFE IS GOOD Long Sleeve Daisy Shirt Girls Size 2-4 - $12 - Free… Continue

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$35 Expressiva Gift Certificate Giveaway - Hurry it ends Jan. 10, 2010!!!

We recently reviewed an Expressiva nursing/breastfeeding top. LOVE it and one lucky reader will win a prize!!!

$35 Expressiva Gift Certificate Giveaway - Hurry it ends Jan. 10, 2010!!!

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Check your old DIY books for a return and refund! Sold at Lowes going back 35 years!

Check your old DIY books for a return and refund! Sold at Lowes going back 35 years!


Nine titles published from 1975 to 2009 are affected by the recall.

Here are the publication dates.

They were sold for prices ranging from $13 to $35.

To obtain a prepaid mailing sticker and a refund, call Oxmoor House publishing at 866-696-7602.

"Sunset Basic Home Repairs" (1995, 1975)

"Sunset Complete Home Wiring" (1999)

"Sunset Complete… Continue

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Homemade Facial-Banana Oatmeal

Here's what I did-

First I took some oatmeal and ground it up until it was very fine in my food processor.

(Here is a comparison of the oats before and after grinding)

Then I mashed with a fork, 1 very ripe banana.

TIP When you have very ripe bananas at home that you won't be eating throw them in the freezer (do not peel). To make banana bread thaw them out on a plate then squeeze out of the peel!

Now… Continue

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Are You Ready

Nothing is more frustrating than to see the perfect opportunity come along and not be able to seize it. That opportunity will surely come, so get ready and be ready.

Instead of looking for opportunity, work for it. Make the effort to be the person who has what it takes to make the most of the opportunity you seek.

Don't merely wish for opportunity. For if that's all you do, you won't even recognize opportunity when it is right in front of you.

Consider what… Continue

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Why do we make resolutions any way?

Oh my word, its 2010! Where did the time go? Weren’t we worrying about Y2K and all that crap like 2 years ago? Is it really a new decade? Did I really lose the last eight years? I am so blaming the kids – every since I had these little guys, I can’t remember shit, but losing eight years? That’s bad very bad.

Continuing reading at:

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