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Zhu Zhu Pets Review & Giveaway!

I love working with MomSelect because they give me the opportunity to review and giveaway some pretty cool products!!! This time I had the option to review the entire Zhu Zhu Pets Playset! What a neat concept!

Zhu Zhu Pets are the next best thing (if not the best) to giving your child a cuddly hamster to play with. All the fun without the mess!

The best way to explain Zhu Zhu Pets is that its a fun, interactive hamsters that talk, move and even navigate their way around… Continue

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My Baby Started Preschool Today...

I know the time flies by, but the milestones still catch me off guard. How is it that Munch is now off to preschool on her own? It was difficult for me just because I felt torn between being there to drop her off and leaving my kindergartners with a substitute for the second time this week. In the end, I knew she'd be fine with AudioDad, so long as he took lots of pictures! I… Continue

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We are past the halfway point of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

To all of you out there wearing your gold ribbons and spreading the word of how desperately we are in need of research and funding and research and more funding so children don’t have to fight and suffer and die from a disease that every adult is afraid of … thank you! I sincerely appreciate it and am touched by your caring.

Now I hate to say it, but I am so tired. I am so tired of thinking about it, reading about it, screaming about it, crying about it and not getting anyone outside… Continue

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Decluttering is the most liberating feeling one can have. Yesterday I decided to tukle my daughter's room. She had so many toys that she didn,t even have a chance to see them because there were too many things. Every time I went into her room, I came across the same mountain of toys. So yesterday, I told myself, no matter what else I have to do, I am putting order in this room and I did. Before starting, I planned to do only a small part, but after seeing that it goes faster than I expected, I… Continue

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Before The Baby Wakes

Head on over to my blog on blogger! Leave me a comment and say hi!

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Do I pray much?

This is my first blog here in mombloggersclub. And I'm not really sure what to share with you guys. I am happy that even though I have my own family with, the bond with my parents and siblings didn't end. Last week my father had a accident and we get him to the hospital, he had a hemorage in this brain, and we have to get him under operation. I was so worried and I am the one who watch on him every night, I am a Dad's girl, when we talked about daddys I always remember how he is so strong and… Continue

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4 Things Your Child Needs to Know When Calling 911

From Adventures in Diapering

1) Their Name

The 911 dispatcher will want to know who they're talking to, and he/she will want to use the child's name to help calm the child.

2) Their Address

The dispatcher needs to know where to send the emergency vehicles to.

3) Their Phone… Continue

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This really doesn't have to be long. Normally I leave my thoughts on subjects like this to the office water cooler. That's my time to talk about the antics of celebrities and politicians. But in this case I just wanted to say something brief about Kanye West.

No excuses what he did was stupid and if it were me after I got over the shock,I probably would of (in my earthly moment) cursed him up one side and down the other. Definitely not what Jesus would do. But that just shows that we… Continue

Added by Katrina on September 16, 2009 at 2:57pm — 1 Comment

Did that letter intended for drafts accidently get sent? You're not alone. Laugh it off here:

Scenario 1: You know when you’re writing one of those put-that-insulting-woman-in-her-place letters that you only intend for the recipient to be your drafts folder? You’re writing it for therapeutic reasons, really, as you know you would never have the nerve to actually stand up for yourself and hit “send”. Certainly, if you did, you would do it with dignity, not sprinkle it with the F word as liberally as movie theatres salt their popcorn to bring you to near death by dehydration so you have… Continue

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I have a doctor's note

Dear Internet,

Please excuse Deb's less-than-prolific (and kind of sucky) posting as of late.

As this writer's physician, I also pronounce that this letter does not violate blogging commandment number 3, as there is a legitimate medical reason behind her lack of inspiring prose (and ability to wash the kitchen floor). In particular, Ms. NoReturnMom's iron level is staggeringly low. How low? Well, an adult female should expect to see an iron count around 100, in order for… Continue

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The boy's first Angels Game! W/W

A couple of weeks ago we took Easy to his first Angels game. I was anticipating either chasing him around or leaving early. Neither happened. He did absolutely amazing! He sat in his seat or stood in front of it the whole time! He was so into the game. Excited. Yelling. Clapping. Explaining the game to us. Baseball IS Easy's sport of choice so far. He already loves to play it and watch it. I'm sure it helps having a family of baseball players and avid fans. So another success... we plan to take… Continue

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Affordable Health Benefits

#1 Leading Health Care Provider Company in the United States is seeking Health Representatives that want to work from home. Our company has been in business for 15 Great Years with well over 1.7 million satisfied members and still growing. No obligation!

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Allowing Your Kids to Shine

It amazes me how as parents we often hold our children back. Don't worry, I am including myself on this. Sometimes we feel they can not do somwthing the way we would or they don't understand how to do something or that we just want to hurry and get it done. In our fast paced hurry up and get it done lives that we live today I think we are holding our kids back. We actually inhibit some major developmental steps that children need to go through to continue their nuerological dvelopment. We… Continue

Added by Dr Lisa Ramey on September 16, 2009 at 5:49am — 1 Comment

Cheesecake with Blueberry Topping

click here for recipe.

Added by Fanny on September 15, 2009 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Don't know what to do "/

So im a 24 yr old SAHM with a beautiful 2 month and a half old boy Jayden. My fiancee is the one who brings home the bacon. But for some reason im just not that happy and i feel so guilty to say it. Since i was little girl i always said " Im' going to have a family young" and i did, but im just short of going insane. Im home all day because my fiancee uses my car to go to work and his car has no A/C and i won't dare put Jayden inside that car with this Miami heat. They days my fiancee is off he… Continue

Added by Jacqueline Williams on September 15, 2009 at 2:19pm — 7 Comments

Okay, is it 3 times a charm, or 3 the magic number?

I LOVE my boys but I do not get it. I can say something to my oldest one and he will not do it until the third time...most of the time, sometimes we get to the 5th time. I find myself saying...Did you hear what I said? Did you hear me? until finally I hear, ritualistically, "Huh, I did not hear you" or "Oh, you meant now?", and my two favorites..."Oh, Me, mom?" and "Oh, I forgot" . First what is "HUH?" Is there an unspoken rule among the males or among children in general? I was taught that… Continue

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The Picky Follower

I've been blogging for almost a month, and during that time I have done quite a bit of research on the components of a successful blog. Along the way I stubled across a new trend that's swept the blogosphere - "Follow me and I'll follow you."

Now in the interest of building a successful blog I'ms ure it would be much easier to just jump on the bandwagon and follow a million other bloggers and their less than average quality blogs, but that doens't sit well with me. If soemone does follow… Continue

Added by Dominique on September 14, 2009 at 10:07pm — 3 Comments

1st timer

This is my 1st time to blog on the MBC. I am excited to hear what other moms have to say and to share about my family.

My family consists of me, my hubby, Shannon, my daughter, Kylee, and my chi, Lexi (aka LuLu). I have only been a mommy for almost a year now. It is the best thing ever! She is the most awesome thing that has happened to me.

I am a kindergarten teacher and LOVE it! This is my 5th year and I don't think I could teach anything else. Although, if I ever win… Continue

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New member, but long-time blogger.

I came across this site today and signed up right away. I am excited about networking with other mom bloggers.

I am a SAHM mom to six lovely, crazy, creative, drive-me-up-the-wall, kids. They range in age from 10 down to four months old. I love blogging and writing!

I can't wait to get to know more of you!

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Want your kids to be healthy? Of course you do. One easy way to do this is to start reading labels at the grocery store and avoid any product with high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list. If you don't believe me then read this.

The American Academy of Pediatrics will be discussing this issue at their National Conference in October 2009. High fructose corn syrup leads to the build up of fat in the liver and causes insulin resistance. These then set your child up for health… Continue

Added by Dr Lisa Ramey on September 14, 2009 at 4:37pm — No Comments

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