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friend friday and Barb

So…what do Norah Jones, Cirque du Soleil, and Thelonius Monk have in common? My friend barb and me. What, you were expecting something more profound? Not here, pal. Anyway. Cuz today, I am highlighting my friend Barb. barb and I met…


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hey guys...I have a new blog that I finally got going.... ; Check it out - I'm new to this and would love feedback and comments. Thanks so much!!! =)

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Mom's Tele-Summit! FREE Event

I have a Mother’s Day Gift especially for you!

Experts share valuable information & solutions to the 5 areas that challenge Mother's the most...

Marriage, Parenting, Household Organization, Work & Family Balance, and…


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One Love

The entire law is summed up in a single(1) command: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself.", Galatians 5:14...memorizing

the whole Bible, I'm sorry to say just won't help. You might as well

have left it, on that dusty shelf. Along with your CD collection, you

bought to improve your spiritual health. Cause after zillions of

sermons, under your still only apply what you've those who… Continue

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I almost got all of the ironing done. I almost ironed well-enough to tell it is ironed.

My coffee almost got finished while hot.

The microwave almost blew up...and I am pretty sure my neighbors almost called the cops from my screams.

The pacifiers almost got cleaned.


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Gladiator High Heels

I need help, does anyone have photos ideas of how to wear these gorgeous shoes without looking very, very short?

I got a pair of tan gladiator platform heels from Bakers Now what do I wear with them? They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on and the…


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An Unfortunate Tradition

(You can find this and other stories at The Life of a Firefighter's Wife.)

I'm all for tradition. I work hard on the holidays, to give the children something fun and memorable to look forward to each year. I think they like knowing what's going to happen on special days — I do, too. It's nice to have some regularity to those days since they don't always get celebrated on the correct calendar date due to my firefighter's schedule. I… Continue

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Invitation for a Birthday Party

My baby attended her first invitation in a birthday party! Read full blog at

The birthday girl, Alyssa, and my baby Rian

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A Tall Drink of ... Basil!

One of my most favorite scents in the world is fresh basil. It’s so clean and crisp and natural … sort of like fresh cut grass, but better … because you can eat it. I have never been a big water drinker – I need some flavor in my beverage – so lately I’ve started flavoring my water with basil.…

IMG_9578 IMG_9591


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Parental Stress - 15 Smart Ways To Stress Less

Parenting help for today revolves around parental stress, and ways to stress less while traveling the parenting road, so you can be at your best as a parent.

Being a good parent is not an easy road and wreaks havoc on… Continue

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32 Refections From The Potty

Just so we're straight- I'm not the one on the potty.

Baby Lug is.

As I type this I’m potty training Baby Lug, whose just turned 3.

Thank goodness I have a ton of Easter Candy to dole out for each time he uses the toilet. Otherwise I'd be in big… Continue

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The Ultimate Mom to Be Sweepstakes

The Ultimate Mom to Be Sweepstakes Honoring Moms to Be and New Moms Has…


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Should Playgroups be Structured?

Some playgroups like to structure their time. Some moms enjoy planning activities and learning opportunities while others appreciate the time to chill, watch the kids play, but otherwise stay out of their way and have some “mom time.” Which is better? It’s not really a matter of better, but there is something to be said for unstructured play. recently featured an article based on a study published Development Psychology. The study found that unstructured playgroups found a… Continue

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Vacation Redux

We were supposed to be in London this week. Actually, our vacation was to end tomorrow with a flight home, an eight-day vacation, without children, spending time with Colby exploring London, Edinburgh and the countryside of England. But you all see the news, read the

papers and have all seen the pictures of a pesky little volcano in Iceland that

continues to spew ash and lava into the air.yes""> Yep, that pesky little volcano ruined my blissful…


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A Little Girl, a Homeless Man, and a Slice of Cheese Pizza

It was just a few years ago that I finally realized my children were going to be my greatest teachers in this life. Though I’ve had many other unexpected teachers, nobody has taught me the same lessons my pint-sized guides have.

Some of the lessons have been direct, while others have been subtle; they have made me roll down the road of pure anger at times, only to lift me off the path with a candid smile or a flower picked at just the right time. They have taught me patience,… Continue

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Parenting Help: 9 Slip Ups to Avoid in Toddlerhood

The best parenting help in the world would be if each toddler came with an individual owner's manual to assist parents in the trying times of toddlerhood. Sure there is plenty of helpful advice out there from other moms and dads and professionals, but every child is different, with a different temperament so usually parents end up on a trial and error basis when using parenting help to assist in raising their toddler. Much of parenting is trial and error and not giving up until you find the… Continue

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Gearing Down for Earth Day

A gear blog with eco-sensibilities is something of a paradox.

After all, in the (few remaining) greenest parts of our Earth, the only baby gear you'll see is a simple piece of cloth tied into a sling. And this to raise children with legitimate life skills like hunting and building and cooking from scratch. If the point is to raise a family who stands a chance post-Armageddon, perhaps the rest of us are barking up the wrong tree (before cutting it…


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Weekend Cool

YAY! It has been a doozy (I know I use that stupid word way to often) of a week. Got a better one that doesn't involve cussing?? Sick babes, busy work week meeting parents and new girls to work with, book club with not enough time to read and too many details that keep slipping though the cracks. It is weird how little I can get done when I am stuck home with a sick kiddie. Why is that? I played a bit- I did some picture taking:)

Still loving the… Continue

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A Parent To Parent Chat On ADHD....

There’s nothing better than first hand experience especially from a friend.

While I’ve been an admirer of Theresa Lode’s work for some time, I recently had an opportunity to get to know her more and frankly I found a new friend and I think you will too!

If you have a child who is has the high energy and you’ve been told they have ADD or ADHD then I would like to personally share my friend Theresa with you.

Theresa Lode… Continue

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Friday Funny Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the first ever edition of Friday Funny, The Crazy Town Mayor’s own version of “FF”, a phenomenon found in both the Twitter & blogging world…’cause you know how much I love to buck the system & forge my own path!! For my inaugural post, I’ve chosen an e-mail…


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