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The movie Baby Mama

I have to write this post today to say something that is on my mind.

When you go to the movies, watch them at home or even online, please remember that things you see in movies most of the time—IS FAKE. Meaning, unless the words DOCUMENTARY or based on a true story——the rest is make believe, fiction, fake, just something to watch.

I rented Baby Mama. And let me point out somethings to all of you who think that the events that happened in that movie is what actually happens… Continue

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Winds of Change, posted originally back in July

he winds have changed. I can feel it, smell it. Summer is in full swing and yet things don't really feel like summer. The air hasn't been as humid as years past. And when it does get humid, it never seems to last. Temps haven't really been above the high 90's which to me, seems different. Last year we spent every waking minute we could at the pool. This year, not so much. We struggle to get there when it is warm enough only due to financial reasons or due to my work schedule. The kids love the… Continue

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Sometimes life passes us so quickly that we don't have time to stop and realize that the choices that we make really do affect who we are as a person. We rush to work, school, parties and family events. We rush to pay bills, buy fun toys and raise our children. We are constantly pushing ourselves to the next level. When our kids are babies we say I can't wait for them to walk and talk. When they are toddlers we say how we can't wait for them to be preschoolers so they can do certain things.… Continue

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The Children, posted back in May from my first blog

This past week a man raped and killed a three year old girl about 60 miles from our home. When I first heard about it I about threw up. The more I read about it, the more angry I get. This family took in a man, illegal from Mexico and because he had no home, they opened it up to him. They said they felt it was the Christian thing to do. The way the media tells it, he left the home after a couple of weeks. But just a few days ago, he slipped into her bedroom window and in front of her five year… Continue

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The Past

In the world today, people look around them and constantly find something that either upsets them, makes them nervous or even terrifies them. We as a race are constantly always looking over our shoulders, looking out for the next bad thing to happen to us. We rarely stop to just live our lives. We are so busy living that we forget to LIVE. I have even begun to realize that myself tends to do the very same thing. I get so caught up in the mess of life, bills to pay, the next event coming up,… Continue

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Codependent No MORE

Codependency is something that I recently learned about this year. Up until this January, I had absolutely no idea what codependent meant, let alone that it would probably change the rest of my life as I had known it. My entire life has been somewhat of a drama pot. Everything was always happening, people always fighting, most of the time they were petty little things that I couldn't understand why people got so worked up about, but growing up you don't question what adults do. I watched slowly… Continue

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Drama and the problems it creates

So i haven't posted on here in a while. First and foremost I am happy to say that Iowa finally grew a pair and decided to allow gay marriage. I am SO PROUD to be an Iowan. We kicked California's ass and beat them too it. I am happy to say that today in Iowa you can legally love whomever you choose and that is a HUGE step in the advancement of the gay movement. I just hope that stupid people don't crash the occasion by bringing their bible thumping jesus freak crap. And then now Vermont has done… Continue

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Drinking Socially accepted?

Why do people think that it is socially acceptable to sit around at a bar and drink till they are stupid, but that when someone chooses not to partake and induldge in alcoholic beverages, they seem to think that they are the crazy ones?

Since 2001, I have lost count of the people that I have known that have lost their lives due to alcohol. Between suicide and car accidents, these young people lost their lives because they chose to drink and make choices while they were impaired. And not… Continue

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Why is it?

Why is it so difficult?

This post is going to be dedicated to a question that has many sides of it. Why is it so difficult...? You can finish the sentence in SOOO many different ways. I am going to go through a few of the ones that I have...then you can comment and add any that you have to make this a little fun post.

Why is it so difficult for people to use their blinker? SERIOUSLY! It drives me crazy. Maybe the auto makers should just stop making that on the cars and save all that… Continue

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Everyone in the world has one goal. To find that special someone to love and spend the rest of your life with. But do you really think that there is one person especially sent to be with you? I always thought that marriage was sacred. That once two people took the vows that was it. End of story. But now I wonder.....what if the person you chose isn't the one for you? What do you do? Do you stick it out for family reasons? Do you stay because you think you have to? Do you admit when you are… Continue

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Rant abou t Religion

The year is 2009. One hundred years ago people believed that by now there would be flying cars, robots running around doing all of our work and much more. But you look around today and you see no flying vehicles. If you look closely, you see that things haven't really changed that much since 1909. Sure we have the internet and cell phones and instead of making thousands of dollars a year, rich people now make millions. You aren't cool unless you wear 100 dollar jeans or drive a 40,000 dollar… Continue

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I never realized....

how hard being a parent really is. When you are growing up and you tell your parents, I will never do that to my kid...almost 99% of the are lying to yourself. You find yourself doing the same things to your kids as your parents did to you. It sucks...cause it isn't fun. But now I have that much more respect for my parents. It takes alot to raise children these days. Protecting them from all the evil in the world. Trying to show them right from wrong. Teach them about life and death,… Continue

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Mel Group

that would be fun - will have to search it out, see if it's been done!

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When is Too Soon to Stop Breastfeeding??

It's important to let go but when's too soon and too long?This link provides an excellent standard for when it is time to let go.’s-terribly-important-to-let-go/

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Free advertisment

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Peanut Butter Banana Muffins Recipe. YUM!

I got this muffin recipe from my friend Erin, who got it from a friend, who got it from the book Deceptively Delicious! I just had to share. Its a HUGE hit in our house and totally toddler friendly! The lil guy loves them. I have this book and love it! She has a few other muffin recipes I can't wait to try!

For the recipe click here!

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I go to the Mabel’s Labels HQ about two and half days a week and work from home the rest of the time. I like going to the office for the obvious reasons – it’s quiet, no one interrupts me to say they want a snack, and I get to dress up a bit (OK, admittedly “dressing up” is only about a half step up from my mama uniform).

There’s something else about the office that I like that’s tricky to describe – a certain dynamic that makes ours not your average office.

One thing is… Continue

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Have a giveaway? List it here!

Link up your giveaway for free at The Suburban Jungle

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Insecticide Info.

Just a note, we now offer insecticide for all kinds of pests! We are not just adding insecticide, we are adding more and more information to help folks the right product for their pest control problem. Remember, don't forget to check out my hubby on Dominators.TV!…


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Come By and Share Your LEAST Fave School Fundraiser!

Who's with me in loathing the wrapping paper, pizza kits and candle school fundraisers?! Come on over to Pajamas and Coffee and let me know your thoughts!

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