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We Are Mothers Before Workers

I do hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day, a holiday that originated in Canada out of labor disputes in the 1870's... who knew? Funny how these disputes press on some 200 years later as I remind you of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act recently passed by Obama.

Although, I can't say I was in much of a celebratory mood this Labor Day as I absorbed the news of the recent death of Ted Kennedy and a lesser known, DJ AM. Loved him or hated him as a politician, Ted Kennedy leaves behind five… Continue

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How do I handle my 13 yr old?

My daughter can be a really good kid. She'll give a person the shirt off her back, But there are times when I don't know what goes on in her brain. Lately we've been going through a conflict about boys. She's extremely boy crazy. That scares me alittle b/c boys and girls too are more advanced than in my day and I'm so worried that she's going to meet the guy that she thinks is the one and something happens. We live in a small town and nice boys are rare here to be honest. She likes to go to… Continue

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Seven Ways to Get your Kids to Talk to you – For the Fun of it!

Another quick post compliments of Jen Singer, “14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime” author. This one gave me another good laugh, so wanted to pass it along to you. She says:

Recently I read a pamphlet entitled, “How to Get Your Teenager to Talk to You.” I don’t know how to get teenagers to talk to you, but I certainly know how to get kids between ages two and six to talk to you:

1) Make a phone call, preferably long distance.

2) Step into… Continue

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Is Your PTA Eco-Friendly?

It is that time of year again... Which school fundraisers to choose from to raise the money to fill the gaps. Are you able to "green" your PTA? Or are they signing up for the same bag of fundraisers?

Make a Difference Day!

How to Prevent 67 Pounds of Lunchtime Trash


The average school-age child using a disposable lunch generates 67 pounds of waste per school year.

The average sized elementary school generates 18,760 pounds of… Continue

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He naps or not to nap that is the ?

So its almost midnight here at home and my 4 year old is still awake. If he doesn't nap he has such meltdowns and then if he does we stay up late! I'm listening to his child stories of frogs, then he talks about playhouse disney, he just switched to another chair, its like he has ants in his pants.

What should I do about the naps?

Then to top it off he is the early riser in the family. Regardless of the time he falls asleep he is the one to wake everyone else up. Man this… Continue

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Milestones again ....

My daughter’s life, as those of all of our children, is made up of milestones. To be perfectly honest, until recently, most of them were pretty crappy. Date of diagnosis, date of relapse, first time hair fell out, first time hair grew in, first friend lost to cancer (that continues to be the most heartbreaking), first time she understood she had cancer, first … well you get the idea. Recently we have been celebrating happier and more hopeful milestones. First “first day of school” without… Continue

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coming to my blog soon ... preview

As I celebrate two glorious years of the joy and pain of being the Mom in the Know, I want to add a bit more depth to this venture I like to call a website. I like to think of this experience as more than a blog. We cover a number of interests and facets of life. We are not limited to the narrow views of the traditional homemaker. Can it be two or three blogs within one blog? Oh the semantics… let’s not delve into that today.… Continue

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Healthy Birthday Treats for School

I took cupcakes to school yesterday for my son's birthday celebration. I had ordered them from Publix because I knew that the school does not allow most homemade products due to food allergies. Publix has really stepped up to the plate in regards to having more healthly items and organic. I then received a call from the school nurse 3 hours before the party letting me know that the cupcakes had to be store bought. I was safe but what if I did not know that.

It is a sad day when you have to… Continue

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Birthday Weekend & Chocolate Cake recipe

It was AudioDad's birthday, so Munch & I stayed pretty busy. We took advantage of the time he spent with his sister to catch up with my family and do a little covert birthday present shopping. Although she's better than the days when she used to just tell him what we bought as soon as she saw him, Munch still couldn't help but tell her Daddy we went shopping for him (thank goodness she's easily distracted!) She's such a funny kid- she loves to share and get things for people, but HER idea… Continue

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im so upset!

Sooo upset! unfortunately had a glitch in the system and all votes have been wiped out!! we are in the running for the perfect wedding giveaway and have worked so hard to get friends, family, and anyone who thinks we are deserving to vote. I've started to lose hope but please help us... Polls are re-opened tomorrow september 9th at 10am :( please vote everyday to help us make up for all the lost votes. Voting is now Extended to the 18th

our… Continue

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Blogging is Hard

I started blogging some time in July of this year. At first my curiosity for blogging was piqued by this rumor going around that there is money to be made blogging. Then as I began pursuing my writing career it also ocurred to me that blogging might be a good way for me to practice, as well as market myself and build a following. That might come in handy soem day when I finally publish my book right?

But the problem is this - blogging is hard. I had done my fair share of research, so… Continue

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Just Received My Order For 6 Zhu Zhu Pets - Boy, Its Like Pulling Teeth To Get These Little Guys!

Just Received My Order For 6 Zhu Zhu Pets - Boy, Its Like Pulling Teeth To Get These Little Guys!

They say they are going to be the hot toy this Christmas, who would of known such a little thing would be this much in demand.

I ordered a dozen more but not sure if they'll be able to fill it since demand is so high. (at least that is what they are telling me)

Do you guys really think this toy is that much in demand… Continue

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My first giveaway

he nice people Erin, Jim and Lauren at Rubbermaid blog Adventures in Organization are giving me a chance to host a giveaway!

When the package arrived we opened right away

I received a package of 4 TakeAlong squares. The new quick Clik seal makes sure the lids snaps into place. We sealed by pushing in the middle of the lid. They are dishwasher and freezer safe. I tried the freezer. Nice it didn't crack after I took it out and tried to get the food out of it like some… Continue

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New Demo

Another birthday is headed my way. On September 8th I will turn 46. No condolences are needed. Really.

Yes, there are things I don't like about it......

~ When I am filling out something online, I am now in the 46-54 demo.

~ Still getting my period. What's the point?

~ I feel like the wrinkle cream commercials are directed at me now.

The 50's are glaring at me. At 50 I can live with my parents in their "Over 50 Adult Community". Ugh. Shoot… Continue

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Summer in the Suburbs

Several years ago, I reluctantly moved to the suburbs. I missed my life as an urban mama cruising all the mama haunts with my three babes loaded up in a triple stroller. Suddenly every outing involved a mini-van. Since the move, my kid crew has doubled in size and like it or not, suburbia is the very best place for us.

This was reinforced last week when we held the Mabel’s Labels Staff and Family Summer Sizzler in my backyard. I gotta say, life is pretty good if you are a kid hanging… Continue

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One Show + Two Times = Mom Fun

24/7 MOMS goes LIVE -TWO times each Tuesday night

7pm PST/ 10pm EST AND 9pm PST/ 12pm EST

Put your kids to bed - Put on your P.J.'s - Surf over to and join us.

It's where REAL MOMS are chatting it up every Tuesday night.

This weeks MOMversation:

- Home....The Greatest Place on Earth

- Family Fall Fun TIPS

- FUN giveaways

- 24 minutes AFTER the show chat-tin… Continue

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Childhood cancer awareness, signs and symptoms

So we all know by now that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, right? Many of us are hoping for a cure for our children, but many are asking how they can know if their child may be ill. Here is a short list of things to look for… and I have added some to the bottom.

Continued, unexplained weight loss

Headaches, often with early morning vomiting

Increased swelling or persistent pain in bones, joints, back, or legs

Lump or mass, especially in the abdomen,… Continue

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The Dark Side

My 9 year old daughter informed our dinner companions last night that I have a "dark side."

Despite the fact that it's true, I was alarmed that my daughter picked up on it. Of course, my sister and cousin were hysterical laughing and pointing fingers at me. I told them to "shut-up."

Does a 9 year old even know what a dark side is? And if so, when did she see it? Did she see me scratch my nose with my middle finger at some old lady who cut us off the other day? Did she… Continue

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A pet to improve kids health?

We added a new member to our family yesterday, a German Shepard puppy. My husband and I are very partial to the shepards. Our last one we lost to a tumor about a year and a half ago. Our kids have been begging for another dog. We are so busy I do not know how we can add another item on our plate. But we will do it for our kids.

Studies have shown that children who grow up on a farm or with animals actually have less allergies. I think there is also something to be said about the… Continue

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