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Do you need a romantic weekend away? THEN DON'T...

We’re back...less a couple layers of skin off our butts, but we're back! We spent a little time in the Wisconsin Dells this last weekend sloshing and screaming our way down miles of over-sized plumbing. But seriously, I enjoy a good water slide. Also, people watching half-naked-dimple-thighed-dolphin-tattooed-folks is worth a day spent tucking errant hairs back into my bikini bottoms.…


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It is true for everybody that there comes a point in life when their parents say to them, "You did not come with instructions!" When this was said to us, our expectations were that our parents knew what they have to do.

We felt this way as we didn't know better. But, when the tables are turned and you are the parent, you totally…

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Add a Quick Pocket

We're celebrating Pocket Week over at Expect Moore, with posts every 6 hours through August 7th, and Daily giveaways for followers!

We've also got a great linky party for you to upload your pocket-related projects, and we'll be picking winners on August 8th from the projects linked up!

Today's post is… Continue

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New Blog Hop Starting Next Monday!

Hi everybody! I wanted to give you a heads up, I'm starting a blog hop

next Monday the 9th called "Make Someones Day Monday" and the theme is

kindness. My family is trying to do 35 Random Acts of Kindness in 3.5

months and it's the best feeling. I'd like to share it with the world.

So, whether you decide to do something nice this week, or you just find a

story in the news about kindness to blog about, get it ready to come

link up! Promote your blog by being good to… Continue

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Time to Recheck Your New Year's Goals

With school starting again, can you even remember the resolutions you made back in January? There are 5 months left in the year--it's time to revisit those goals or make new ones for the school year.

I found a great printable goal sheet that will fit in your wallet, to keep those goals in sight. http://bit.ly/aygqPi

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Post Partum Depression: The Confessions Are Here

It's not your fault, it's nothing you did (or didn't do), you're not crazy, and no, you are not alone. It's here, girls, the Post Partum Depression Confessions week at We Aren't Perfect. PPD is an issue very close to my heart, and I want to use my virtual voice and reach out to as many women as I can. PPD is often misunderstood: Some may picture a mother who feeds her children cat food and hasn't showered in three months. Others think of Andrea Yates drowning her five children. (Yates had Post… Continue

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Eco-friendly Back to School Deals & Giveaways

I have dedicated a whole series to sending our kids back to school the eco-friendly way! I will be sharing all sorts of fabulous tips to help you make greener choices while school supply shopping this year.

Here are links to all of the… Continue

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Printed candy


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Books Galore!

My books for this semester have arrived and I have to say, I am slightly overwhelmed. I am taking 5 classes this semester and these books cover 3 of them! My other 2 classes are art classes and I don't believe they have books (thank God for small favors) but I do know that they will require a LOT of time and effort on my part. Luckily, I love art and those classes, although time consuming and sometimes stressful, are really…


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Step Aside Roaming Gnome

I love the Travelocity Roaming Gnome commercials. I think it was pure advertising… Continue

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All Boy or Out of Control???

My son has been deemed, “all boy” by numerous good-natured Southern women here in Nashville. I’m not naive; I realize this is a nice way to say, “Your two-year old son is borderline out of control. Have you considered Adderall?”. Despite my hesitation to accept his “all boy” title, I am slowly coming to grips with my lot in motherhood. It’s true, I did not win the “good baby” or “sweet toddler” lottery, in fact, I didn’t even have one matching number.

This past weekend he…


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Bloggers On Bourbon

Bloggers On Bourbon put on by Trisha Haas (MomDot) and Leah Segedie (Momavation) had 30 bloggers meet up on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. To groove the night

away several of them partied at The Cat’s Meow. I was able to get this

video of them shaking their Groove Thang.

Come check it out. ---->>> … Continue

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Andy & DJ crack me up when it's Discovery's Shark Week. They sit, frozen to the chair, as if the sharks, themselves, will jump off the TV… Continue

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Don't Forget to Enter!

I still have TWO contests going on right now!!

ENTER the one to win a bag of Scwibble! Rocks (2 winners)--ends August 8th…

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Stress Relief Products to Help You Unwind

No matter what your lifestyle entails, there will be times when you just can’t avoid stress. Being a caregiver of someone else makes it virtually impossible.

That’s normal. It’s those times that are out of your control that you need a little help unwinding. Stress relief products can help.…


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HELP! I am a Girly-Girl Trapped in a Frumpy Mom’s Body!

I am in a funk. I am in a desperate need of some girlfriends to scoop me up and take me out shopping! Oh wait…I don’t have any girlfriends! Instead I have a career, 5 kids, a husband, dog and a cat that is nearing the end.

I need a wardrobe do-over,…


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Ooh, This Water is Good Yall!

Today marks day two of my Alkaline water experience.

This water tastes phenominal. I am so excited about it. And just think its only water, right? Wrong. It is so refreshing. I am looking forward to seeing the changes it will make in my health in the long hall. So many people are having some great responses in their bodies.

One of my goals is to shed some unwanted body fat. I will keep you all updated.

About a year ago, I met a young lady from…


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Did you know that God is ambidextrous

Working in and through us

With an Even-Handedness

Depending upon what, He is trying to accomplish, in us

There are times, He will move on the left

In complete and utter silence

An invisible but ever-present presence

In our vulnerability and weakness

Then in an instant

With Power and Authority

He switches to His Right, with equal sonority

Proving His… Continue

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12 Simple Separates: Your Guide to Lookin’ Good and Feeling Great!

It’s a tough economy and times are tight. Everyone wants to cut expenses without giving up quality of life.

I do, too.

In fact, I’ve been learning to “tightwad” for over a decade. Sadly, I’ve not mastered it, but I have found a balance in my life. I prefer to spend money on priorities, rather than having it just dribble away with each purchase.

Thing is, I love…


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