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Who Has Time For Cleanliness?

So as I am sitting here checking my email I started thinking "I feel like I forgot to do something today?" Baby boy fed, bathed and asleep...check. Laundry started...check. Dishes done...check. Dog walked...check. Alright, then what is the problem? As I sat trying to figure out why I feel that I should do something, I notice my shirt. It's a tank top actually, blue in color and I think "I don't remember putting this shirt on today?"...

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i'm a sugar whore

Yep. I love sugar. I’ve tried exercising and eating healthily before but I always had a tough time giving up sugar. To be sure, I switched to low sugar jelly, which I still eat and sugar substitute (I know there is research against it) but I STILL need something sweet. Fruit satisfies my need for sweet. Although I have not previously been a big fruit eater, I am not averse to it. I just hadn’t made myself do…


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Giving Is A Beautiful Thing

When it comes right down to it, beauty is not about the way we look on the outside, the clothes we wear, the size we are or how long or short our hair is. So often, beauty is associated with appearance and superficial things and not often enough,… Continue

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Free Brainteasers for May (5th - 9th grades)

Is this download for you?

  • Do you have a child that loves brainteasers?

  • As a homeschooling parent, do you look for ways to

    stimulate your child's thinking?…

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What's that Smell?

In an attempt to welcome Spring, I thought I would do some spring cleaning. I headed to my daughter's room to sort and clean it, and donate toys she no longer played with. This was a task I chose to do while she was at school, because when I have attempted to do this in the past, there was a lot of crying and claims of "That's my favorite toy!"

Things were moving on pretty well. I had filled two extra large storage bag full of toys, so now all I needed to do was…

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Christian Music News: Mercy Me, Petra, Desparation and Kari Jobe

What's New in Christian Music?

Released today!

The Generous Mr. Lovewell by Mercy Me!…


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Do You Console Your Baby or Let Them "Cry It Out"?

That's one of today's topics on Six Weeks With Daddy at…


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A Believable Performance

Blessed is she that believe: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord, Luke 1:45...long

before...the manifestation of the deal and the tour. Way back

when...she started singing and dancing. A gift only she and her Momma

believed in. A God given talent, He placed deep within...the life long

desires of women and men. Diamonds in the rough...those who never give

up. Choose… Continue

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Mummy. of. Leisure. That was me last Wednesday. Nanny A had a couple appointments scheduled, so I stayed home with Baby S. Unsurprisingly, no arms were twisted in the decision-making process, especially since I was still pretty tired from the previous week's… Continue

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Please Don't Pee on Me

I was sitting on my beach chair relaxing/recharging when I saw a crab poke his head out of his hidey-hole.yes""> As I watched, he snuck out of his hole, scurried down the beach, then changed direction and scurried back down his hole. He did this a couple of times and I was

intrigued. At this point, I wanted

to take a close up photo of him, so I grabbed my camera and belly crawled

towards his hole in order to get a close up picture of “Clevis”…


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Start Your Own Mineral Make up Business for $20.00

May Sign Up Special- Sign up as a consultant by purchasing the Business Builder Kit and receive a FREE Makeup Bag PLUS the opportunity to add on an Eyeliner for just $1!

If you are the first one to sign up as a consultant in your state, you will also qualify for our Founding State Consultant Program!

Plus, you are eligible to earn back your kit with our Fast Start Program, along with other great prizes &…


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How to Write an Effective Birth Plan

2010-05-04 - Tuesday Thoughts - How to Write an Effective Birth Plan Birth Plan" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-2699" height="399" width="600"">

Whether you’re planning a medicated or a ‘natural’ birth, birth plans are important for a few reasons:

1) Birth is a big deal physically–for mother and baby. Birth plans allow you to take charge of your health.

2) Writing a birth plan forces you (and if you’re…


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Plan The Perfect Mother's Day For Your Mom: Free Mother's Day Song, Song Lyrics, Arts + Crafts Activity, And Mad Lib For Kids

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we put together a couple of great Mother's Day printables for kids.

Head on over to our blog, learn at kiboomu daily, and check out our song for Mother's Day, song lyrics, mad lib worksheet and arts & crafts activity!

It's Time To Learn, Laugh, Sing & Grow!…


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Weathering The Storm....

First off, I’d like to thank the fabulous Pamela from My Life As A Libra for hangin’ out in Crazy Town yesterday! I hope she managed to escape with her sanity intact. I also hope you all pay her a visit….I’d hate to hav’ta hunt you down with that trusty shotgun of mine! And with our very first guest post being such a big hit, I’m looking forward to having some more…


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Huge Special earn money!

Friday is the last day to sign up with with the $29.95 option! Friday we are rolling out the new sign up options so save $69 today! PLUS you get the option to only pay
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A Married Mom's Dating Life


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Our First Night Away.....

Our First Night Away

Well, Jonathan and I had our first night away from Noah over the weekend - Grandma babysat.…

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Mother's Day Gifts You Deserve


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Looking at Motherhood Together

Hi Ladies,

In honor of Mother's Day Sunday I've decided to post a little fun Q & A.

Stop by my blog by clicking HERE

You have until the end of the week to link up! I'm keeping this post on my blog all week long.

Hope to learn more about you :-)

Happy Mother's… Continue

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Make or Buy: Sandwich Bread

Every other Monday (or so) I'll be posting my evaluation of whether you should make or buy something. They'll be Make or Buy Mondays! Enjoy this little teaser about Sandwich Bread. Next week...professional photography.


I don't think I've ever met a bread I didn't just love. Italian, rye, wheat, multigrain, pumpernickel, focaccia, olive oil, sweet breads, quick breads, you name it, I love it. In our area, there are a number of super… Continue

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