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Aim for Emotional as well as Physical Fitness

Debblie Siebers is one of my favorite trainers when it comes to fitness advice. She is probably most famous for her Slim-in-6 program, but her sensible advice is something that I often come back to time and time again. Recently, Debbie wrote a great tip about the importance of emotional well being in addition to physical fitness. Here is what she had to say:…


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Aromatherapy doesn't have to be complicated

I like to make my own products at home so I can avoid harmful chemicals. As long as you have a few basic things at home you can make a lot of things. I try to always have some massage oil at home, and I prefer to use almond oil but there are other oils you can use. You want to keep in mind not to use oils that are too thick since they slow down the absorption. Always use cold pressed oils. Massage oils, Epsom or Sea bath salt, unscented liquid castile soap, like Dr.Bronners, small spritzer… Continue

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Sometimes Kids Say Things We Would Never Think Of...

The other day, as we were driving home, my lil mans noticed a sunbeam breaking through a thick mass of clouds. It created such a cool contrast, especially as the beam seemed to dart all the way down to Earth. DJ, my 7 yr old, had a thought on this. Without adding to his words, here's how he explained it:… Continue

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La Leche League Baby Fair and Kaya Birthing Stool!

Exciting times here in Fayetteville, NC. The La Leche League Baby Fair is fast approaching on May 1. I will be a vendor there, and I am scrambling to get my stuff together!

Also, the Kaya Birthing Stool came in yesterday, and my family was so nice to test it out for me, complete with Sydney telling her daddy that it was only for babies. :)

Check out both posts on:

Have a… Continue

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Bulls Eye

Know assuredly that the Lord your God will not continue to drive

out these nations before you: but they shall be a SNARE and a TRAP for

you, a scourge on your sides, and THORNS in your eyes, until you perish

from the good land that the Lord your God has given,
Joshua 23:15

you abandon the bad influences...that have driven you, away from God.

They all look good but trust Him, it's all a… Continue

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There Goes Dorothy...and Toto

I live in Kansas. It is tornado season. This combination can be very dangerous…potentially deadly.yes"">


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Dog Wellness: Dog Dental Care

Periodontal disease doesn't just mean your dog has bad teeth and gums it also means your dog could end up with a more serious health problem such as an infection in… Continue

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Pet Wellness: Help with Cat Diarrhea

Just as you can treat diarrhea at home for yourself or your kids, you can do the same for your dog or cat. As a conscientious pet owner are you aware of how to treat cat diarrhea at home?… Continue

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Dog Wellness - Secrets to an Obedient Dog

There are many areas pertinent to dog wellness but the one that is beneficial to having an obedient dog is obedience training. Obedience training is an essential ingredient to a good dog-human relationship, and creates a happy, healthy relationship between… Continue

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A Mummy's Confession!

As we get up it's dry, as we leave our home it's drizzling, by the time we get to day-care it's pouring.

I have left the rain jacket at home. Sigh!

I still drop her off, saying to the teacher "I'm sorry, I thought her rain jacket was here" even though I know it's at home.

It's alright, they have spares at dagis. (I'm saved, I don't have to feel completely neglecting).…


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Molten Chocolate Cake (Comfort Food)

Oh my this is sooo good you must give it a try!


4 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
1 cup powdered…

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Mother's Day Deals!

Here's a list of great deals that even the tightest of budgets should be able to take advantage of. Included are deals for photo greeting cards, photo books, jewelry and home furnishing items.

  • 3 Free Cards from Shutterfly - Just pay S&H ($.99) and tax using code…

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Shaman Organic Chocolate Giveaway!

Hi all! I am holding a giveaway of chocolate, but this is different chocolate, its chocolate for a cause! stop on by the blog for details:

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NO BAKE chocolate coconut cookies


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A Loving Set of Grandparents

Last night while browsing Craigslist, Zach read an ad he found in the items wanted section.

I am looking for a loving set of grandparents for my two sweet children, the ones we have couldn’t care less. Some aunts and uncles would be nice as well; If you know someone that would like a

seven-year-old grandson, and a ten-year-old granddaughter, please

contact me, serious inquires only…


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Couture Maternity Clothes

Are you currently pregnant or trying to get rid of old maternity clothes?? Vogue Mama is an online consignment store dedicated to the fashion consicious pregnant woman. Vogue Mama specifically focuses on designer items, allowing women everywhere to be able to purchase high-end pieces at an affordable price. You can also get rid of unused materntiy clothing and make a little bit of cash off of it instead of just throwing or giving those pieces of clothing away! Visit today… Continue

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I wanna be Stephenie Meyer

I want to wake up from a dream so great, so real, so captivating, that

I drop everything (except for the kids breakfast) and write it down. I

want to be so consumed with it that I continue writing just so I can

know what happens to the people in the story. I want to get to know

them, picture what they look like, and immerse myself in their world.

Then I want to publish that story and become a bu-zillionaire. Right.

Like that's ever gonna happen.

Instead, what I… Continue

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Decorating Your Home Office On A Dime!

By: Jennifer Brown Banks

In today’s economy, an increasing number of Americans are working from home. This change in venue may be the result of losing a 9 to 5 gig, or the desire to test entrepreneurial waters as “job security” becomes a thing of the past.

Whether this space at your place will be used to consult with clients, or merely serve as a haven…


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