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Children are our mirrors.

Did you know that your children are sometimes your mirrors? They come into this world to teach us something about ourselves? What does your child teach you about yourself?

My daughter taught me determination, persistance and perseverence. My 4 year old daughter is a very independant child. She wants to do everything by herself and she will try and try and try until she will succeed. Sometimes she will get frustrated when she tries to button a shirt or some pants, but she will persist until… Continue

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Incredible Buttermilk Biscuits

I had a big carton of buttermilk left over in my refrigerator from a recipe I tried recently- what it was, I don't even remember now... but with the little chill in the air, thought I'd whip up a hot batch of biscuits. My go-to recipe has always been Fannie Farmer's baking soda biscuits- sometimes with… Continue

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Wouldn't you love to be part of kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass?! I know I can't wait!!!!

So here we are at another October page on the calender. As most of you know this is the month that changed my family’s life for the better and the worse. Julia was diagnosed 5 years ago this month and we are looking back from this place where we are now, in awe. Julia is still doing well and is almost 7 months out of treatment this time. We are beyond happy but never relieved. This past few weeks has brought many declarations of bad news in our little… Continue

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Ten skills every new parent should acquire

1. One-armed dish washing, vacuuming and cleaning in general. Bid farewell to your other arm as it will soon be permanently attached to a child. Read more

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Free Ebook on Social Networking and Leveraging Social Media

I ran across this free ebook yesterday on social networking and was very impressed by what I learned. The sections on Facebook and Twitter were by far the best.

Here is the location where you can download it from:

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VISIT HERE to enter
I have had many responses lately from readers and friends wanting to know some more safe and great products for babies. It's good news that the amount of healthy, safe, and organic products out there is increasing. New mommies don't have the energy and time to search for the best baby food, colic remedies, safe… Continue

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Stop by and chat about how SPAM is taking over our lives!

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Enter to win a halloween book flip book

One of my goals this year has been to spend more quality time with the kids and reading is one of the things Abbie and I both love!

This week we have read a few great books, one of which is written and illustrated by Melanie Walsh. Trick Or Treat is a fun BOARD Book with flaps to peek under.

Simple fun sentences make this a great book for your new reader to read to you for bedtime !

So here's your chance to WIN a copy. Sent to… Continue

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What do you look for in a Preschool?

Your son just turned 2 and you feel it's time to enroll him in a daycare setting where he can socialize with other children. You decided to look at the 5 closest schools to your home. What exactly are you looking for? What catches your eyes and thoughts right away? What makes you decide not to enroll in a school?

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Sales Guy Survives Run In With Mom

I have wrapped up my maternity leave and am now enjoying my official Mabel duties. One of these duties includes overseeing the Sales Department, which is kind of funny since I almost killed a sales guy this week.

The other evening I was nagged by the sound of a faint knock at our door. I was just starting all the bedtime routines and it was a particularly challenging evening since daddy-o was out of town.

I ignored the nagging knocking as long as possible then finally… Continue

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The hinge

It's 2 am and I'm soaked.

Is this a lively, lurid missive promoting great sex in the middle of the night? NOPE

Is this a discussion of an unfortunate side effects of seratonin uptake medications used for deep and profound depression? NOPE

Is this the launch of a tirade over the indignity of perimenopausal nightsweats? NOPE

It's about a little known feature of toilet design--the hinge. Yes, there is a hinge that works in two directions, one to lift the… Continue

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Walking the Talk...The Best You Can

Benjamin Franklin is remembered for a plethora of great things, ranging from his ability to rise in the world as a printer to his inventions to his role in the formation of our country. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin writes of how he came to create his Thirteen Values in order to live a virtuous and productive life. His eleventh value, "chastity," carried the notation, "Rarely use venery but for health or offspring; Never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or… Continue

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Soldier Trades M16 for Peace

At 15, most of Jason’s friends had dropped out of school. At 17, Jason was thinking about dropping out, too. He found himself sitting in school suspension in October of his senior year of high school for skipping too many days of school. He plotted his escape by telling the teacher he wanted to check out the colleges who were recruiting students in the gymnasium that day. Jason wasn’t interested in college. This was just a way to get out of suspension. The first booth he came to was a Marine… Continue

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Moms, I've let myself go! What about you?

Let's face it, being "Momalicious" isn't easy. Some days I look in the mirror and say "how the heck did I get here!?" Some might think "what's the big deal?" But if you see what I see looking back at me in the mirror you'd understand. I'm not proud of it but I can go weeks without tweezing my brows or waxing my hair lip.
(Keep Reading)

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Slow Start

After I pulled myself away from watching The Game on YouTube, I made my way downstairs to my sewing room/studio/workshop whatever you want to call it to get some work down. Slow start today. Once I finally got behind the sewing machine again things went smoothly but I quickly remembered that I HATE all the prep work. The cutting and such that goes before you can sew a product together. I'm thinking that I have more on my plate than I can handle but I don't know. Maybe I just didn't hit my… Continue

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Rough Riding

I went riding through the woods, hills and valleys on a utility vehicle, sort of like a two seated four wheeler, to rescue my son. He got stuck far off the road on some rough terrain, so I went along for the ride, bouncing along dirt roads, dodging briar's, just hanging on for the ride. It was fun but a bit scary at times, when I was saying, that hill is too steep to climb. We made it fine and got my son home safely, what will we do for our children?

I thought, life is that way, we… Continue

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Fun and Yucky Recipes For Slime Flubber Gunk Goop Fruity Putty

Fun and Yucky Recipes



1 box Ivory Soapflakes

Gallon Water

Food Coloring


Beat together all of the ingredients with a mixer.

Makes about 5 gallons



2 c. Elmers Glue

Food Coloring

4 tsp. Borax

Warm water


In one bowl mix in 1 1/2 cups of warm water, 2 cups of Elmers Glue, and food colouring. In another bowl… Continue

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Celebrating National DS Awareness: 31 Things I Love About Zyon

In honor of National Down syndrome Awareness month, I created one statement for each day of October. Here are thirty-one (31) things that I love and celebrate about Zyon, my seven-year-old son with Down syndrome.

I love and celebrate Zyon’s:

1- willingness to learn new things

2- great sense of humor

3- ability to quickly pick up melodies in song after hearing it couple of times

4-… Continue

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What are you doing to generate revenue?

Please tell me, I want to know!

Here's is my latest "thing." I'm calling it Tammy's Online Christmas Shopping Party, because I have so many direct selling members. I'm advertising "the party" in both my hard copy publications, most of my websites, through twitter and other social networks.

Here's the copy and paste my blog: TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING

Today, I put up the Online Christmas Shopping Party, and it is advertised in the Kennedale News…


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