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WOW Havent been here forever

SO Summer was boring, then comes My favorite time of the year fall and winter. Fall I basically slept through it seems. Back to back sinus, colds, mental head issues, then MAJOR side effect with a clorestrol meds...that last over amonth. Severe pain no movement, back musscles impaired. Finally got through that and wow time to have Thanskgiving and time to decorate for Christmas. So now I am a mom of a 16yr old daughter, and my soon to be 10yr daughter wanted to get her ears pierce for her… Continue

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I Have A Challenge For You

I recently read on another forum where someone just got up one day and decided to help someone by paying for whatever it is they bought behind them in a dept store. In her case, it ended up being a $100 pair of work boots. That's alittle steep for me but I get the idea. What she started was great - a chain reaction of many going out and doing something for someone else.

One guy was at the gas station and when he went in he paid $10 on… Continue

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Mandura-Mandura MLM Business-Mandura Home Based Business-Mandura IBO

MLM is an acronym for “multilevel marketing,” and is also known as network marketing. MLM is not a business type it is a way to conduct your business.

MLM companies are not from other companies that manufacture or distribute products. The key difference is in the way MLM companies advertise and distribute their products or services.

Instead of doing their own advertising and having their own sales staff, MLM companies pay independent distributors to sell product. Sales are… Continue

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First Snow and the Perfect Gift

A few days ago we woke up to a few inches of snow! I got some nice pictures of Landon enjoying it. Now that he is three he seemed to be even more exited about the first snow of the season...

Need the perfect holiday gift for a small business owner, entrepreneur, artist, writer, musician, film maker, or environmental and social activist who wants to get more customers, generate more revenues, and build a following? Then consider getting David Mathison’s Be The Media! He now travels… Continue

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Get a chance to win one of three Giveaways worth $640 by clicking on's link and signing up for an account (if you don't already have one)!

This will give you access to's exciting LOOKBOOK. Make sure to fill page 29 to enter the Giveaway!


To register for an… Continue

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Are you in Direct Sales?

Are you in Direct Sales? Do you have your own items you sell? Do you need, or want extra sales per month? Do you like to network and make new friends? Do you like to support other WAHM's in what they do? Well then you will love it here!!

At MM Shop & Swap you'll grab a fellow member to shop with each month, and in return someone will grab you, everyone wins here. You can also swap business… Continue

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Another Small Triumph

I love my Mind Movie kit. But it only works on photos, and I really wanna try incorporating videos when I make my personal movies.

So, last week, I had my first shot at Windows Movie Maker (WMM). Took at least 3 days for me to finish my masterpiece, but I did it! It wasn't so bad…

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Mandura Trim- Mandura Trim a natural Way to reduce pounds and inches. CEO Casey Yarbrough to Release Product Soon.

Mandura CEO Casey Yarbrough is coming out with a new product called Mandura Trim. I am interested in good health and wellness for my family. That is why I use the Mandura Fit juice dietary supplement daily for my family. Mandura Juice has Acai Berry, Mangosteen, Durian, Blueberry and Grape. All of the fruits in Mandura have amazing benefits for our bodies. Mandura has no processed sugars or preservatives.

I love Mandura Juice so much I was excited to hear about the new release of… Continue

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A Vegas Mom Vacation at Mandalay Bay

I landed in Las Vegas after catching the red-eye flight for a long weekend with some of my friends. I left home in the middle of the night, already feeling tired from being up with my three year old daughter for the past three nights due to a fever. I felt some remorse about leaving her with her dad to go to Sin City, but I knew she was in good hands. I arrived in Vegas feeling pretty tired and didn’t know how I was going to survive in the city that never sleeps.

The last time I had… Continue

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Enter to win a custom handstamped necklace from Charitable Creations Jewelry!

Enter to win a custom handstamped necklace from Charitable Creations Jewelry!

Ends December 15!!!!

Charitable Creations Custom Jewelry Review and Giveaway…


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The Ultimate Suburban Mom Uniform?

I have caved. I purchased the ultimate in the essential suburban mom uniform.

A pair of Lululemon pants and of course a little hoodie to go with them.

The process to get these little babies was a unique shopping experience that will not soon be forgotten! As I wandered about this somewhat spandex laden store I realized I was surrounded by an alarming number of uber fit women. I ignored them… Continue

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O Christmas Tree?

I have a mild case of OCD which doesn't bother me too much, but in the case of things like decorating the Christmas tree, can be a little annoying. Decorating the tree for me it isn't just about placing items where they look the best, it is also about having them feel right. I know, it sounds crazy, but there is an actual physical discomfort when things aren't 'just so'.

This year I decided to just enjoy decorating the tree with my girls and to just let go of my need to decorate to… Continue

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Adoption Financial Assistance

I am beginning a series about Adoption Financial Assistance Opportunities. This week is part 1 featuring Lifesong for Orphans and Both Hands Foundation. Check it out at
Cherri W.

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"What is affiliate marketing?"

Let's start from the basics.

Example of a simple Website 'A' needs to advertise his/her products, so he convinces website 'B' who knows a lot of people, to promote his/her business. In return, Website 'A' will pay him/her commission according to a bond they sign. The commisions can either be paid through Pay-per-Click (for each visitor), or Pay-per-Lead (for each registration), or Pay-per-Sale (commission for each sale).

So, how do you go about implementing your new… Continue

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Letting Go

I've a lot to learn from JM, my 5-yr old daughter.

We both ice-skated for the first time and yet she now skates like a pro, while I ... well ... I look like a combination of a 1-yr old baby walking for the first…

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Upside of Getting Busted

Ok. Since it's out anyway, might as well let everybody in on the Secret.

I told you my Dad-in-Law learned our 'secret wedding' plan, right? We were just planning to go to City hall by ourselves and get married without anybody knowing. It was kinda exciting for us to do that then.…

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My Secret

I got married in 1998. Except for my Mom and a cousin, nobody in my family knew. I'm exposing this secret as we celebrate 11 years of our blissful marriage.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Time for reminiscing the past wonderful years we had as husband and wife.
We actually celebrate our anniversaries every 8th, 9th and 10th of each month. Yup, 3 days. We're just…

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WIN Tickets to Sesame Street Live

Win FREE tickets to Sesame Street Live, brought to you by one of my favorite sites here in NY -- Mommy Poppins!

They're also giving out a promo code for those who don't wanna take their chances. You get 1 free adult ticket for every child ticket purchased.

Go ahead and click on the photo for more details.…


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Recupefashion Affiliate Program

Hi guys,

Looking for a way to make extra money?

Well I've got the answer for you,

Look no further

You all know about my Recupefashion shop on the web?

Well I've just started an affiliate program.

But since my Recupefashion shop is on a blog I cannot install an Affiliate… Continue

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Christmas brings back dear memories of Momma

memory of Momma

I've erected a Christmas tree, added some lights, and even some colorful ornaments, but I cannot seem to get it like Momma's tree use to be.

Find out why I cannot get my expensive Christmas tree to stack up to Momm'a Goodwill version by reading the "Christmas brings back dear memories of Momma" full blog… Continue

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