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Who Can Donate Their Eggs? Egg Donation and You

Who can donate their eggs? Are there risks or side effects? Does it hurt? Who is going to use my eggs? These are some examples of valid questions a young woman asks herself when deciding to become an egg donor.…

How to Save Money on Family Debt

One of the biggest challenges that modern families face, is figuring out how to spend less money,…

What Thermostat Temperature Setting Should I Use in the Summer?

In this day and age, every little bit you do to help the environment helps. Conserving energy is one of the major global concerns, and those efforts start right there in your home. But when the summer comes, many homeowners don’t give a…

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Read About My Nutella MommyParty!

When I was offered the opportunity to host a Nutella MommyParty, I jumped at it! I ♥LOVE♥ Nutella! And what party is more fun than one where you…

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What's Up Doc?



Ok, as I am over that 35 years range, I am entitled to the free thorough check up that includes urine test, blood test (five tubes and 2 smaller tubes of blood were "sucked" out from my arm!) ECG and a free BMI that includes bone density test too.

One night before, I fasted and that morning I was all ready to have myself checked up from head to…


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Decorating Challenge - Covering Glass Blocks


My husband and I were not a couple when he bought our condo. Why he bought it, I don't know. The people who lived here before us had no concept of interior design. Now I admit I've watched endless amounts of home decorating shows and I've consistently said that everyone has their own tastes in decor. However, I think most people would agree that decorating a kitchen with mauve coloured cabinets, yellow back splash tiles and completing the look with white and green laminate flooring…


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Check out the bunnies I made on my blog...easy, cheap, and super cute:)

I just added a  new post to my blog, of some super cute bunnies I made. I would like for you check them out, they were made from styrofoam. I hope you like. :)  Visit http://athomewithmichelle.blogspot.com/ As always thanks for stopping by. I really need some followers, and really am trying to share new ideas, and meet moms in the blogging world....

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That kind of mom....


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Cottage Cheese and Rolling Pins

I am all about the cellulite.  Not getting it, although I have become a bit obsessed about having it.  As I mentioned in Homeotherapy, I have a Home Spa Kit that I picked up in a bargain bin at Borders, complete with rollers, files, mitts and a recipe book.  In the recipe book was a nifty recipe for ridding oneself of cellulite.  It required essential oils of grapefruit, thyme, fennel, lavender, geranium and juniper berries mixed with two cups of…


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Kids of the Worrying Variety

They really don't understand do they? They have no idea that when parents say, "don't go past the drive gate," what they actually mean is, "don't go past the drive gate." I make allowances for Amy because of her autism, but she's old enough now to realise that my pleas of keeping to boundaries are made for a reason.



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Expat Blogger Carnival

When I first started blogging one of the first people to befriend me was Very Bored in Catalunya who writes a fantastic blog (and a brutally honest and sometimes hysterically funny one at that!)  about her life in Catalonia. I loved reading her posts on life…


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Keng Kee Signature Dishes

Keng Kee And Their Signature Dishes

Here I go again... the same old shop that I used to visit each time I drive down to Kuala Lumpur with my kids. I will order the same old dishes and will enjoy the savoury taste of their infamous tai lok mee cooked with yam! (fat noodles with taro) and of course, not leaving out their signature dish, that is the Saito Fish pancake!

food pictures here in… Continue

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Virtual Book Tour for "Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble"

All this week,

the National Writers for Children Center

is hosting a Virtual Book Tour for my mid-grade adventure,

Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble.



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We're in a funky stage right now, by which I mean "a stage which puts me in a funk."  The kids are oblivious and happy, but I am less than enamored with their current conditions.  Jax has decided that the art of listening is not high on his priority list and has deemed myself, his gymnastics instructor, his music teacher, and any other adult who tries to corral him into a polite or sedentary state as irrelevant.  No need to listen to them; they're irrelevant. …


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This weekend I was initiated into Vermonterhood.  I did something that every true blue Vermonter considers just another day, yet I had never done it before.  Our family, plus Nana and Papa and some friends of theirs, went to a sugar house and tried some fresh maple syrup, literally fresh out of the tap.



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A Simple Spring Celebration

Yesterday was the first day of spring!  Hooray!  Are you ready to celebrate spring with your children?  I know I am, even though it is snowing as we speak (another 4" or so...oh, bother).  But snowstorm or no, it is officially spring and that deserves a celebration!  And what better why to celebrate than with a craft?  Well, a party would be fun, too, but we're fresh out of cupcakes.  This craft took about 15 minutes and it only required materials I'm sure you…


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Today I was on the hunt for a blue onsie to fill an embroidery order.  I took my two year old with me on this adventure.  He was very well behaved for most of it.  I went to 4 stores before deciding to check Toys R Us.  I know...I'm crazy to take a child in a toy store without the intension of buying him anything.  So, as I am becoming aware that I was not going to find the sought-after onsie, I decided to leave.  That is when he decided it was time to place his toy order.  He looked down…


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I love learning as much as I can about the publishing world. After perusing Guardian Angel’s website I knew right away I wanted to submit my manuscript for consideration. What caught my attention was the company’s mission statement:


“Welcome to Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. - where our publishing goals are to lovingly create…


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The air that we breathe

New on Hip to be Mom blog, please drop by and comment

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Tonight on 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast

Tonight on 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast ( TV on your computer)

It's Fun,…

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