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Month of Book Giveaway


My very first big event is right around the corner. If you aren't a reader this may bore you. But oh if you are!!! The entire month of July will be dedicated to encouraging people to read. I will have books for kids, adults, and on every topic just about it. There is sure to be at least one book in this series that you will enjoy reading. There will be a total of 16 giveaways…


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Real Party: Flamenco Bridal Shower

This week's Real Party is a Flamenco Bridal Shower hosted by mom and daughter Marisela San-Per. This party was held in celebration of the wedding of Pamela, but it also serves as great inspiration for all sorts of special occasions that you would like to host someday.


The guest were welcomed with two perfectly decorated mannequins as flamenco dancers. One personalized…


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The 12-Week Wait

There are so many waiting periods when you are pregnant, but once you have had a miscarriage and have started to chart to become pregnant and become crazy with all things fertility and the first trimester, in particular, is a waiting game like no other. You see, according to the baby doctors, the chance of miscarriage after the first trimester, or 12 weeks, is less than 1%. Those are pretty good odds in pregoland. The first 12 weeks are like a crap shoot in my opinion. Not… Continue

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Facebook Rehab is now on video!

The "Facebook Rehab" series is coming to video! Episode #1, "Goodbye My 'Friend'" has just been released: Facebook Rehab #1.

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Switched Blog to Domain Name That Makes More Sense

While it seems to have worked and the old blog is still there, followers don't show up on the old. And I cannot get google stats to work so far. I think it's still recoding traffic to old name, and not sure how to switch analytics to new domain. Guess I will figure it out. Latest post all about what aperture/F-stops are and the effect it has on your photos.…


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The Best Laid Plans

When you have kids, making plans is hard work. Even if you only have two kids, it seems that as soon as you are walking out the door, someone comes down with fever. Plans are never made with complete confidence.

When you have a bunch of kids, there are way too many variables involved. At any given time someone either has a cold, pink eye, fever, rash, the vomits, head lice, a broken leg, or all of the above. On the rare occasion that every single child is in perfect health, plans are… Continue

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My two cents on unsolicited advice

An old friend's Facebook status states--with a period, not a question mark--that his baby is suffering from her first cold. How do you respond?

Although I usually use punctuation as my guide, sometimes I can't resist trying so save a fellow parent some of the trial and error I've already exhausted. So, picturing the week ahead for my friend with the sick four-month-old, I had to recommend Little Noses saline drops before… Continue

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Apple Cherry Amaranth Muffins

Another healthy muffin recipe! Check it out at:

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The Terrible 2's - AGAIN!!

So I feel like we just escaped the "terrible 2's" with my 3 year old son, only to be invaded again with them from my 21 month old daughter!

Here is a recap of just one of her many tantrums this weekend...

Yesterday we were all at home and my 3 year old son and 21 month old daughter were playing together. When my son wouldn't give my daughter a toy she wanted, she decided to hit him on the arm. My husband squatted down and explained to her that we don't hit and that she… Continue

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Tome of the Mommy: Romance (writing) in the Bedroom

Writing is in the blood, as well as the heart and the mind. J.K. Rowling may be the most famous (and most successful of us, but many of the writers I know are are women who, like me, have families and all the complexities that implies, but still find the time to slip out a book or two (or more!) of erotic romance a year. This… Continue

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Hello Everyone!

I'm new to the mom blogging world and thought I would join some like minded individuals that like to blog as well. I've already seen some of the most creative blogs and read some really interesting articles. I can't wait to get to know more people on here.

I definitely need some tips on writing more captivating blogs! I like reading about ways that mom's can work from home. I've been trying since 2007 to create a website for moms. It was an idea I had after my daughter was born. It… Continue

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Mental Defective Monday ~ What's on Your Mind Monkey Butt?

Hey, it's Monday again, and you know what that means. Time for more crazy, weird, strange, sometimes gross, but almost always funny searches that bring people to our little blog.

1. my husband is a dumbass: Really? That's too bad. What does it say about you since you married him!?

2. swingers at Disneyworld: Ewwwww! This isn't the first time this search has come up. It's just gross, okay, no swingers at Disney World. Besides, aren't you all too busy "swinging" to go to the… Continue

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enV by Vanessa Coppes: New Mom Owned Business Launched

enV by Vanessa Coppes has just launched it's website.

Vanessa Coppes is the designer and stay at home mom behind this new business. To keep her sanity after having her baby, Vanessa set out to design jewelry. After a small jewelry party to introduce her products to friends and family, business quickly picked up and she recently launched her… Continue

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Baby Shower

My friend Mavi is having a girl and I could be more excited for her. Here is a sneek peek of Sofia Isabel's new stationery.

Flat Notes, perfect to thank you for that special gift or to send a note to the grandparents.…


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Work at Home and More

Here on my Blog you will find Work at Home Opportunitys.
Free Business printables,and more.

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Here's my story!

Hey y'all!

So I'm a single momma..I got a four year old little boy..he's my world my pride and joy! I got pregnant at 19 after being with a guy for only three months. He was arrested shortly before I found out I was pregnant. Many of the things he was doing I didn't know about until after he was arrested. He was sent away for about a year. At first we stayed together through letters and the occasional phone call. Then I realized if I was going to keep this baby and give him the life he… Continue

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Making Work at Home Work: Unsolicited Review

As Wannabe WAHM, I have been doing a lot of reading and research.

I just finished reading "Making Work at Home Work" by Mary M. Byers. Although the book is really meant for moms that have already established an at home business I found it to be extremely helpful as I prepare to launch my own.

A quick read, I finished this book in about 1 week, the book is divided into 2 sections: saving your sanity and making a profit. Feel free… Continue

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Single Mom Bloggers?

I am a Single Mom Blogger ( and I think it would be great if there were other Single Mom Bloggers who wanted to get together to create our own little support group. We could all follow each other to build our Following, offer support to each other in ways only single moms might be able to offer, and just have a place that we could call home here at Mom Bloggers Club.

So, if you're interested,… Continue

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Talkin' Sex

There's a line at the end of the latest Chris Rock HBO Special, Kill the Messenger. He says something about fellatio that would make Dr. Ruth blush and then says "Half the women in this audience think that's disgusting. The other half are in loving relationships."

I laughed so hard I peed a little! It's so true!

I have a friend who recently got engaged and she was talking about the love making being very loving. But she prefers something a little rougher. And was worried… Continue

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(Not) Doing It All

I have discovered that being the type of woman who can Do It All leads to Not Doing It At All. At least for me.

I'm a stay-at-home-mom of many small children who has done smidges of freelance work in the past. But I recently took on a large freelance project that has pretty much taken over all my spare time, and then some. Now, I'm squeezing in work all day long in between the home and childcare duties.

My husband hasn't changed his schedule. So when he gets home… Continue

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