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I’m giving you the gift of 5 minutes in the bathroom. Merry Christmas.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve watched this video, although it’s probably somewhere between twenty and I’m-too-embarrassed-to-tell-you times. It’s just one of those things that’s made me go WOW...why would I ever buy a movie ticket again when I can watch this caliber of entertainment in the comfort… Continue

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Buying kids clothes can really suck!

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So I was trying desperately today to put some jeans on my son who is fitting nicely into 18 month clothes for Pj's and shirts and any other pant but jeans.  Here are two pairs of his jeans that are BOTH 18 months…


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Free Personal Video from Santa in Minutes

There is a great website where you just follow a few simple steps and your FREE personalized video message from Santa is created in minutes.  It feels like Santa is really talking to your child one-on-one and knows all about their life.  This is our second year making these messages from Santa for our kids, and every time I see one, I can't help but smile.…


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When Did We Start Allowing...


Let me start this post with declaring I AM A DOG LOVER. Truly, I am. Until last April when I had to put down my beloved Ivan, I had three dogs. Two of them rescues, one purebred (my husband's hunting hopes gone wrong). If I was independently wealthy and had acres of land, I would have my own canine rescue. So, no comments on how I must not be an animal lover.

Today at the post…


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My little girl LOVES guacamole. So we headed to the kitchen and whipped up our own batch. It was so delicious, I thought I would share the recipe with you....

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Monetizing Your Blog

I thought a lot about writing this post because I didn't want to sound like an expert blogger, because I'm not, but I definitely want to share the information that I know with those who might be interested but not know where to start. 

I've had this blog since my son was born, but only since August have I decided to try and monetize it a little bit. It was hard to get going and actually I had no idea what direction to even head in, or how to get to where I am now without the help of…


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Using old Christmas Cards for Gift Tags

Each Christmas I collect all my old cards and put them away for the next year. Not because I am sentimental, but because I know they can be re-purposed for the next year’s gift tags! It’s really easy to do. Read more about creating gift tags from Christmas cards.

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Frump Mama Vs Glam

"Kailie, stay with me."

"Cole, don't touch that, we keep our hands to ourselves."

"Victoria Grace! You must hold Mommy's hand," I say in a matter of 5 seconds flat as I attempt to navigate the department store in the mall with my daycare kids and my daughter while… Continue

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Crafts to do with kids!

Hello! I just started my crafty blog. It is all about craft that can be done with kids, or crafts to create for kids! If you are looking for some ideas on what to do with your kids, come take a look :)

Here is my first blog post.…


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Who is your guardian angel?  Share with Angels of Inspiration who your guardian angel is and why?   You can find this question on our blog Angels of Inspiration. Join our blog and share your guardian…

Who is your guardian angel?  Share with An gels of Inspiration who your guardian angel is and why?


You can find this question on our blog Angels of Inspiration. Join our blog and share your guardian angel story with us.…


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The Fake Career Woman

A beautiful blogger and great friend of mine wrote a post today about being a fake stay at home mom (during break as a teacher.)  She got a lot of well-deserved hits, and I laughed at myself, saying, "I'm going to post where you post, claiming that SAHM is a career."

But, then, I thought, what the heck, self?  SAHM is a career.

She writes: As a teacher "for several weeks out of the…


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It's Up Time

The three most dreaded words my children say to me after a night with little shut eye.


Sarah went to bed at 6 pm last night.  She was tired and cranky and hard to be around.  So I wrapped her up and put her to bed.  As a result of her early bedtime, she was up at 6 am.  I think my husband dealt with her early, but at about 6:45 am, after her show was finished, she came to me.  Poking me in my face and saying, "It's Up Time."


Katie, true to form, was up way…


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Welcome to MBC

Hope you're having a great week. I just wanted to tell you about a new E-Zine that is dedicated to helping readers find good blogs. We have a whole page dedicated to Mommy Blogs. We're giving away a FREE Issue, so drop by and sign up for yours. You'll find us atBOLD


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Taconi and…


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Do you over stress aobut Christmas shopping?

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 am no expert but my opinion is that Christmas chopping does NOT have to be so difficult.  I have a novel idea and a very easy formula to make Christmas shopping easier and help you spend a lot less time in the hustle and bustle of hoards of people.  Get a pen and paper and get ready to take…


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Stuck on step 3 and I NEED to move past it!

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Joe Vitale, as you know if you have been reading my posts, has been a HUGE inspiration for me through my positive thinking journey.  Again, I will plug for him, and no I don't get paid to do this I truly believe in what he has to say, you really need to listen to his…


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Goodbye sanity, I'll miss you . . .

The children have been out of school one day - yes, one day - and I can already feel my sanity slipping away. I'll miss it.

My daughter is already using the time off to ask a few questions, like: When can she get her own computer? Why is her brother being so annoying? Why can't she have a kitten? Or a puppy? And what does Santa have to do with Jesus, and what is the significance of a Christmas tree?

My son doesn't have any questions. He's an entertainer! Ta da!!! So…


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Breast Obsession and Our Kids

Forgive me if this post violates the family-friendly atmosphere I try to maintain here at Momniscient, but I just had to make some comments about boobs. The issue of big breasts hit me (almost literally) the other day…


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An Educational Opportunity

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures


Today's post talk about what I do over holiday breaks like these with my oldest kid. (He's the primary focus of today's post)  Cameron is an outstanding student but there is a method to my madness.  As a former teacher, I know what it takes to develop a quality student.  I hope this blog helps moms who are looking to improve their children's education.  Feel…


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