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My Thirty-Six List

Today's my birthday... and I'm thirty-six. Leading up to today I was thinking about what I should blog about. Thirty-six wishes for the coming year? Thirty-six things I would like to do this year? I debated. I procrastinated. Then it happened... my dear husband made a card for me which listed 36 Thing About Jennifer. I thought I would share his insights with you (even though some are embarrassingly true). So sit back, relax and enjoy some odd tidbits about me....…


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Day 3 after stage 2 InsterStim surgery

My post:

I slept 8 straight hours without getting up to pee last night! This is the most exciting thing as I used to have to get up every 2-3 hours to pee at night and more in the winter time because when me feet get cold it makes me have to pee. It is freezing cold now and I slept all night long and did not…


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P90X - The Challenge is ON!

It has been nearly two years since I've done a complete round of P90X so it's time once again to take on the challenge. In the…


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12 Pearls of Christmas

I'm now hosting a very uplifiting and inspiratinionl series on my blog entitles, The 12 Pearls of Christmas. This also included a Giveaway of a Pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Please stop by...

Lilliput Cottage



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The Best of the 2010 Holiday Gift Guides & BBC Exclusive Deals

The most awesome Holiday Gift Guides of All address all your shopping needs in style. No more boring gifts! The Gift Guides from Cool Mom Picks, Babble, Child Mode and Uncommon Goods came up with the most creative and fresh solutions for every gift recipient on your list. Enjoy Boys Be Cool exclusive deals and discounts, courtesy of the European chic…


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The Coolest Men's Style Resources and Street Fashion Blogs

Great men’s style resources and street fashion blogs. From Street Etiquette, Backyard Bill and“How to Bring Black into your Wardrobe” to Art of Manliness, Fashion Dad and “Man’s Guide to Style Transition”, these blogs have the answers to the most burning style questions. Let’s explore the dapperest of the bunch to get an inspiration, ideas and help in…


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Boys’ Runway Fashion Looks for Less

Embrace boys’ fashion key trends demonstrated on runways of the influential Pitti Bimbo, Italy with these budget-friendly looks for less. The majority of key pieces, such as glammed-up sweatpants and hip accessories, used in these Looks for Less, came from Zara Kids. GAP, HTG81, Akademiks, crewcuts, Janie & Jack, Amazon, Asos, Next, Children’s…


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Nadine Johnson - Author Highlight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:, Monday, December 13, 2010

Author Highlight

Featured “Author Of The Week” is…


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Introducing "Get Crafty" on SoCalledMom.Com

Craft Challenge

Need a new hobby? Then look no further! I have always wanted to make my own stuff. Weather it be reconstructed, up-cycled, or handmade. I would look at projects and tutorials for hours on youtube, I would draw pieces of clothing I wanted to design, look at esty for inspiration, Yet I never really attempted to do much. I used to say "I can't do that, it looks complicated" and if you do too, know that you CAN! All it takes is some time, practice, and dedication. I will be…


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I have a couple of things to report. First things first, I finally got a date for the first part of my surgery. I go in for pre-op on jan the 6th and the surgery it's self is on jan 6th. I am so glad this is all about to be over. Hysterectomy here i come. I do hope to be in surgery for that about two weeks after they do this one. Thank you to all of you for your kind words i appreciate it more than you know.

The next exciting thing taking place in my life is i am now the author of a…


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Thanks to GOD and Toyota Our Son is Alive!

I am back! A bit tired from all the craziness, but things are slowly returning back to normal.

This may be the hardest post I have ever written. I still cry when I think of the what could have happened, but I am so very grateful for the outcome, I can hardly contain myself. Pictures of how this week started have been included at the bottom of this post.

We started off last weekend with a ton of things to accomplish and with little time to do it in (or so that…


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A Winter Myth Moms Perpetrate... Are You Guilty?

I'll bet you fell for this one.

Did you know you cannot catch a cold by going outside with wet hair?

Colds are the result of germs. So build your immunity by taking a good multi-vitamin and a little D to stay healthy.…


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going back in the malls are crazy....maybe headback to

going back in the malls are crazy....maybe headback to


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Hopefully arm weights will be enough!

My post:

Well since I have been sore and not working much in the cardio area of my life I have decided to pick up the 3 and 5 pound dumbbells today and do some upper body. Since it still hurts to sit some and it really hurts to do cardio I figured "why not burn some calories and buff up my upper body?" So now that I am…


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New Giveaway Linky!

I have a new page set up specifically for you all to link up your giveaways for me or others to check out.

Come link up, grab the button and enter a giveaway!…

Mommy Only Has Two Hands


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Bold Supports Mommy Blogs

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List your giveaways on our Giveaway Page, and check out our

Mommy Blogs - Who Knew page.


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Should toddlers be on leashes?

Should toddlers be on leashes? (The type of leash that parents use so toddlers can't get away from them in a crowd)

Link your opinion on BOLD - EXPAND YOUR BLOGS READING AUDIENCE on Bold's

Mommy Blogs - Who Knew?

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Cooking With Children

Cooking with young children can be intimidating... maybe even a little frightening. However, this is a wonderful learning experience that has many varied benefits. This article provides tips and suggestions on how to provide this great learning opportunity in the comfort of your own home.…


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Books as Stocking Stuffers:

Hi everyone -

I've been thinking Stocking Stuffers. I love to be creative and find unique fun ideas to fill those stockings - very little on candy and HIGH on FUN! I went and looked for a few of my favorite book reviews and thought I'd share them with you. There are links (click on the title) so you can order them too - just be sure to get your orders in before their out of stock!

I've put together some book ideas, brain teasers, fun art/drawing ideas and then added some…


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Boots Off!!

Sometimes in the middle of our deployments, we are allowed a few days off. It helps troops refresh themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. It's an essential priviledge that is intended to help our people maintain their sanity so that they can maintain focus on the mission. It is an awesome treat!

So I…

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