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Giveaway Linky & A Fun Playdate!

Got giveaways? Come link them up at my Weekend Win It giveaway linky. There are some great ones already linked up that you may want to enter, too.

And when you're done linking up, check out my fun Saturday Playdate with Thanks, Mail Carrier. She has a great post about "Second Child…


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With the aging of our population, most of us can expect to be grandparents and even great-grand parents. Our health may be better than our own grandparents, and we will have the opportunity to play a significant and influential role in the lives of our grandchildren. There are books on how to be a grandparent, but little material on how to prepare for this role. In the previous… Continue

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The Rattles review and GIVEAWAY!

...When I got the CD in the mail I was super excited (I love kids music, don't judge lol)! I immediately put it in and loved it. Jaliyah loves listening to music and The Rattles definitely caught her attention; we danced together and now we have "music time" every day after her afternoon nap! I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as well, it's hard to find music that's equally enjoyable for adults and children.

The website is fun too! I checked it out and not only can you purchase… Continue

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Get your blog featured

I'm running a special this weekend on - Anyone who joins and become a member today through Sunday will have their blog featured and added to the calendar. Check out the two… Continue

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What motherhood has taught me

One can never be ready to be a mother. You can never imagine what is is going to be like. Your world changes around you. You see things different. These are a few lessons motherhood has taught me:

  • Your baby's laugh will brighten your day no matter how down you may…

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Don't say my name, don't say my name... (what Beyonce would say to THIS guy)

Are the curly fries REALLY that good? Does my husband REALLY want a roast beef sandwich THAT bad? Because I want to protect the innocent, I will stop describing this fast food chain right there, but, trust me, it ain't Chick-Fil-A. It seems that the last few times I have frequented this little fast food dining establishment, I always get the same guy at the check-out window. This needs to stop niz-ow. He is freaking me out. Here is a sample of our conversation the last time I was…


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Back To School

Where does one begin with so many choices but unsure of the best choice for you and your kid(s)? First, we didn't decide on where Benjamin is going to school until the last week of August. When we finally decided where he was going, for many reasons we knew that was the perfect choice.

Meanwhile, there is another issue concerning prioritizing school with family vactions. We wanted to plan on going up north while the weather was still nice because my fiancee who owns 12 achres of land…


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Mommy Ranting Fall Festival

Come to Mommy Rantings for the Fall Festival of Fun...starting the season off by pointing you in the direction of some cost effective costumes for your kids. And, if anyone knows anything about big families like mine, it's that we love money saving ideas!… Continue

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Getting to Know You

In July of 2009, I had my third daughter, Megan. She blended into the family without much ado. A sweet, tiny, soft baby we nicknamed Squishy. Though adding nursing, how to handle three young girls and adjusting to even less sleep, was tough, it seemed as if she belonged here, knew she was third and knew that her time with Mommy was on a limited basis.

She never complained. She was my best eater, my best sleeper and my most laid back child.

But as the year has progressed… Continue

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Freebie Friday and Follow

(originally published on my blog at

Freebie Friday and Follow

Welcome everyone to another…

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Made homemade sushi yesterday, yum!

It is a long post with lots of picutres. I hope you enjoy it if you try it! Here it is!

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Feature Friday!

Wednesday I did a "Caption This" contest on my blog for this photo, and Amber LoRe was my winner. So today she will be featured on my blog. I always like to do fun caption this contests and let me tell you my little boy can make the… Continue

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Meditate don't Medicate

Messy Moms...your test results have come back clean!

God can take the messes of our lives and turn them into our greatest miracles.

He can take what was meant for evil or your harm and turn it into good:

a blessing, a healing, a ministry, a career or profession. If we keep BELIEVING God can keep working on our behalf, but if we give up, we close the door on the miracle, God is planning to… Continue

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Back To School Drama???

Some tips for the back to school drama that occurs...are more! Come visit me at Follow me and I'll follow back!

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What not to do in the delivery room!

My latest blog post. Read it here!

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The Whisperer

We have many whisperers in our house. Elliott is fondly known as the horse whisperer, the dog whisperer, and the fish whisperer. She has an affinity for animals that I have really never seen before. Animals just seem to calm down when she is around, and they trust her. Our dog, Huey, malnourished, skeletal, open sores and abused, blindly… Continue

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So far this season has bit the big one. Day 3 of Spring is here and already it blows. But I am determined to turn my frown upside down today and be the cool, upbeat, spring in my step type of puffa-vest wearing Volvo 4WD cranking mum that walk the streets where I live.

But it is just not me.

I got a few emails from a nasty troll, who dared to question me and my views. But after threatening to publish his email address, I have not heard…


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