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Come And Enter My First Giveaway Contest!!

I am super excited to offer my readers a giveaway with CSN. CSN is a network of over 200 online stores, selling everything from designer shoes to dining room chairs. CSN is offering one of my lovely readers a $35.00 gift certificate to use on any of their shopping sites.

Stop by and…

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Successful Halloween for My Garden Gnome...So Far

What a busy two days for my little garden gnome and it's not even officially Halloween yet! A few weeks ago, I wrote about whether we would even participate in Halloween since Maggie was still young.. but wow I am so glad we did. She's had a such a fun time so far...and she LOVES wearing the garden gnome costume. Actually, she loves it a little too much. Molly was a cute baby for Halloween this year. (aka She didn't dress… Continue

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Get some Cell Phone Etiquette, Please! ~ Mom Blog ~

Recently, I was shopping at the grocery store, making my rounds up and down the isles when I couldn't help but overhear this lady talking on her cell phone. I say 'overhear', but honestly, you couldn't be near her and not hear. No eavesdropping involved on my part. Even when I got one isle ahead of her I still heard her over the top of the bread loaves. I decided to put some pep in my step and moved ahead of her quickly.

Then, there… Continue

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Special Halloween Hop Come Link Up Oct 29 - Oct 31st

Join us for a


Halloween Blog Hop Shibley Smiles


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My invisible secret...

I have been pregnant since Mid May 2010.. Since this magical miracle of science occurred I have had ppl ask if we were planing to have anymore kids ( both them & myself ) not knowing the answer to that question was already in motion. I have suffered through horrible migraines, large amounts of…

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Ghosts of Halloween Past

Many (many!) years ago I took this picture of a friend of mine. It was at a Halloween party at a fraternity at my university. An alum came down and donned the lamest Halloween costume ever, what he called a "Charlie Brown ghost". At some point in the evening, we decided it would be funny to write on him. By the end of the evening, he was deemed "Beta Bridge", a local bridge…


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We've come a long way!

The Monday after my first birthday party, mami and I got up very early that dark winter morning. I noticed she was dressed which was unusual because she was usually in her PJs well into lunchtime.

Something about that morning was different, mami kept hugging and kissing me and daddy was also up and ready for work. On other days, we would wave to daddy from the window.…


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Uh oh! Here come the girls

Uh oh is right.

I admit. Not my finest moment.

Being drenched in kisses, wrapped in hugs and picked up by mami AND abuelita (grandma) everyday, all day for three weeks this past summer when she came to visit was not my idea of fun.

Although I love them both very much, I couldn't take much more all the lovey dovey girly stuff. …


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Give me my dummy!

Something is definitely going on. I have a sneaky suspicion that mami and papi are trying to get rid of my tetes or dummy's.

When I cry out for my tete, mami will look at papi and say "we can't let him have it during the day" Papi will look at me with sad eyes and say "you can't have it right now"

But I just demand my tete...wahhhhhhhh!…


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Dark figures on the sidewalk

I learn something new everyday.

Really! It just never ends.

Mami and were walking back from the park on a sunny Sunday morning when I noticed there were two dark figures on the sidewalk and they did exactly what we did.…


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A visit to the tooth doctor

I've been to the tooth doctor, or the dentist as he is called many times with mami. She puts on a pair of big green glasses and sits back on a chair and the doctor shines a light on her face and then picks at her teeth. It really scares me and I cry every time they try to touch her teeth.

I never like watching, but I have no choice but to go with…


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I builded a bear!

Yes, that's right. I builded my own bear.

On Friday, the day mami is home with me, we went to Covent Garden in Central London to a place called Build-A-Bear. How we never knew about this place before is beyond me! …


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GoodReads: Have You Been There?

Who likes to read? I do! I do! Have you been to GoodReads? It's a website where you can keep track of what you've read, what you are currently reading and what you'd like to read. You can rate and review the books you've read, too. I especially love being able to keep…


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Activities for babies


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TREAT! Blake's Costume Party

orgive the lag in posts this past week. Blake, Bobby, and I have been busy prepping for Blake's Halloween Costume Party. Seriously, I get goosebumps when I start to plan a party. As I've written before, my sister and I have been planning elaborate theme parties with poster board and construction paper ever since we could use markers. In a sense, having parties… Continue

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Giveaway - Last Chance for a Year's Free Laundry Detergent!

How would you like a years worth of free laundry detergent?

How much do you spend each year on laundry detergent? $100.? $200?

Are you Living Green?

I know you have heard about Dryer Balls, but how about Washer Balls?

One of you will win a Robby Wash Ball that will replace your regular laundry

detergent for… Continue

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I want to live on a Farm! ~ Mom Blog ~

.... and no, it is not ME that wants to live on a farm! …


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My Blog Is Carbon Neutral

The environment and the state of our beautiful planet is something that I have been passionate about for a long time. However, once I gave birth to my little girl caring for the environment became an unhealthy obsession....

Added by Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom on October 30, 2010 at 10:00am — No Comments

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