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hello and welcome

In the next couple of weeks i will be posting freebies and product reviews. If you have a product that you would like for me to review please email and i will get back with you asap. thank you.

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Some of you may find this technique someones are dead to me.

Last month, the school sent home notes announcing the first quarter parent/teacher conferences were to be held the second week of November. Conference sign-up sheets were at school and we should stop in ASAP and schedule a meeting before all the slots filled up. Since my memory is about as reliable as the pull-out method, I wrote myself a reminder note. … Continue

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Isabella Water Giveaway - Plus the CEO is totally a hottie!

I'm so excited to be giving away an Isabella Water bottle on my blog - this socially conscious company is awesome because the proceeds from the sales of the water bottles go to help fund well building projects in Asia and Africa. But beyond that, the water bottle is awesome. I'm totally in love with it. It's stainless steel, BPA free, toxin free, and hey - it's not plastic, so it's not going to make the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean any bigger! Want to know another perk? The CEO…


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The Perfect Purse - Miche Bags

Wow, I was doing this review for my holiday gift guide and I am hooked. I am in LOVE! This purse is seriously perfect. If you spill anything on it, you just change shell - easy peasy. Wearing black instead of brown? Dont' worry about switching all your stuff to a new purse, just switch the shell and voila - instantly the right style! Want to see it in action and see what all the fuss is about? Check here:…


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HAPPY Thanksgiving!!!

It was English custom to celebrate their successful harvest. So in 1621 53 surviving pilgrims did so together with many Indians. The first recorded religious thanksgiving was in 1623 in response to a providential rainfall. Thanksgiving used to be celebrated the last Thursday of November but in order to leave more space between Thanksgiving & Christmas the holyday was moved to…


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Two Boys - Two Boxes - Two Gifts - Trip of a Lifetime

Got Kids - Get shoe boxes - Start filming - that is all you have to do to Create your own Shoe Tube movie and be entered to WIN a vacation of a lifetime delivering Shoe boxes to Children with Operation Christmas Child.

Click here for full details and how to enter your Shoe Box experience Today.…


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New Wimpy Kid Book. The Ugly Truth

New Wimpy Kid Book now $5.99 save $7.96. Order now from Mymcbooks Bookstore…


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Six down, three to go!

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Tempting Tuesday - Glazed Sugar Cookies

Treat your family to a bit of deliciousness this holiday season and add
this sugar cookie recipe to your Thanksgiving or Christmas cookie list.

Glazed Sugar Cookies

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National Prematurity Awareness Day Inspires "That's My Boy" Giveaway!

I've been pregnant three times, I've been in labor twice, I have one living child, for whom I am most grateful. Though not with me physically, my twins, two teeny girls nicknamed Maddie and Charlie, are always close to my heart. I honor them by wearing their names around my neck, along with that of their little brother, the ever-crazy Matthew. The idea came to me when I first laid eyes on a beautiful necklace in a magazine, which had been created by the…

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"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

This just frustrates me.

Mostly because I know its true, because I know that it doesn't matter

what we have planned, we are not ultimately the ones in charge and

sometimes life takes some very unexpected turns. The only thing you can

do sometimes is hold on tight and ride it through and trust that God

has a bigger plan than anything we can see right now.

When I get tired of this optimism, I try to remind myself of a… Continue

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...a Child's Manual

I was driving to the store to get a paper yesterday and I passed a sign at the church up the road. It said, A Parent's Life is a Child's Manual.

I thought it profound but I had three kids in the car, screaming at each other for some reason or another and forgot about it. I managed them in the store, I am getting pretty good at it, and on the way home passed the sign again.

"A Parent's Life is a Child's Manual

It hit me with a kind of jolt that this is a… Continue

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Glaring Through Pea-Green Colored Glasses

My six-year-old daughter came home from school, threw her backpack on the couch and blurted out, “We talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up.”

“Oh, yeah? What did you decide?” I asked going through a mental list of all the possible choices that would eventually lead to her unprecedented success.

“I want to be a mom like you.” My heart sank into my stomach. At a moment…


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The Law of Auto-Suggestion

"Like the wind which carries one ship East and another West, the law of auto-suggestion will lift you up or pull you down, according to the way you set your sails of THOUGHT." ~Napoleon… Continue

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Your support is needed!!!!

Hi everyone.

Quick email because I really REALLY need your support!

Please vote for my blog, Chic & Cheap Nursery!

VOTING ENDS TONIGHT and I would really appreciate your support!

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A Years Supply of Cheer Laundry Detergent Giveaway!

Shibley Smiles Holiday Event. Come check out today's giveaway!…


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Do you Realize Your Blessings Blog Hop

Are you a blogger, if so join us this coming weekend for the "Do you Realize Your Blessings" blog hop. I am co-hosting the blog along with GoAskKatie and MusingMom6. Links to come soon. The link will be open Thursday evening @ 9:01 PM eastern standard time, for those of you who like to post early. It will close at midnight Sunday night November 18-21. We hope you will come share your blessings with us, and meet some great new blogging friends. The following are the…


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My Personal Goal for Monday

Growing up, my dad didn't like for us to use the word "hate" he said it was too strong of a word. Now, that I'm an "adult" - I understand and agree with him. However.... there is one thing I hate... and that's doing the laundry. I hate every part of the process, especially putting the clean clothes away. I'd rather just let them sit on the dresser and take them as needed.… Continue

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This Much is True

Sometimes I don't want to admit it...sometimes, it just doesn't feel like it could be true...but, when I really look around me at all that I have...when I take a good look at myself and see all that I am, I can truly say the following words say it all. I truly hope they ring true for you,…


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