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Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts - Humorous Pregnancy Tips

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pregnancy tips

With all of the excitement and anticipation of the baby coming, it can really start to be stressful. I think we have everything ready for his arrival. Our hospital bags are packed, the car seats are installed in both cars, the nursery is done, the baby monitor is running and all the toys are put…

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Our New Vegetarian, Kinder Diet -- Week 1

It’s been about a week that we dramatically changed things here in the Bleasdale kitchen. After reading Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet and watching the movie Food Inc., my husband decided that he wants to radically change his eating habits to hopefully get rid of the pain he has been in for months.

Eliminated meat:

I went to the grocery…


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Easylunchbox: Making your lunchtime routine easy

In today's difficult economic times, saving money has become a necessary way of life. Parents (and adults) are packing their lunch everyday to help reduce extra food expenses. For parents of multiples, packing lunches means also having to buy more supplies, which is costly. A creative and efficient way to transport lunches is using the Easylunchbox system.

The Easylunchbox system has been created by mother of three and actress Kelly Lester.…


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I have a new health and fitness blog!

Hi all,

I just started up a new health and fitness blog after revamping my website. It's packed with articles and soon videos, all on health, nutrition, beauty and positive self-image.

Let me know what you think! I also am in the process of moving all of my…

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The Black Dog of Depression

Winston Churchill used to call it his Black Dog.
When I was a child, people used to refer to it as "nerves".

These days we call it depression and, lords and ladies, I got…

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V-11: Give the Gift of Health (World Cancer Day)

Today is World Cancer Day. This is a topic near to my heart. A year ago, my mother checked in to the hospital due to difficulty breathing, which she had been living with for weeks thinking it was some kind of a cold. After draining 2.5 liters of fluid from in and around her lungs, doctors reported that she’d almost died of a pulmonary embolism, caused by something yet more sinister – late-stage ovarian cancer.…


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National Wear Red is 2/5/10 tomorrow!

Remember to wear RED & show your support!

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Is everyone ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

What team are you going for?

My team isn't in the Super Bowl this year so I'll be going for the Colts...I like Peyton Manning.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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Your Child is Gold Mine (or so said the thief)

My blogging partner, Yin Mama, has some valid concerns about social security numbers and our little ones. Here's a brief snippet from our latest blog. For more on her situation,or to add your own thoughts, visit us at

Every year as a habit, sometime between January and March, I get my free yearly credit report. Everyone gets one free credit report a year and if you’re really lucky you live in… Continue

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Newly Parents #10 - Gettin' Gas

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Ah, the conversations that happen in our house. When the baby is born I'm afraid I'm going to have two childish boys and nothing but fart jokes.


Wifey: Honey, will you go put gas in my car?

Husband: I bet you could fill it up with all the gas pregnancy… Continue

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My First Post

Well, hello everyone, it's so nice to be here... I'd like to invite everyone to the new website I made about the Davinci Kalani Crib mostly because I love mine so much. So please check it out if you are in the market for a new crib.

Anyway, I sorta stumbled on this place from another site and I am very thrilled to see that everyone here is so active! I'm on a couple of other similar sites that are like… Continue

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The following is an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s video: How To Be A No-Limit Person

“When you squeeze an orange, nothing will ever come out of it except orange juice. It doesn’t matter who squeezes it – a child, an adult, a professional, a blind person – it likewise doesn’t matter what time you squeeze…

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Confessions of an 8-yr old

I was presented with the update of JJ’s hospital billing a few minutes ago and it almost gave me a heart attack. The nurse said it was just an update for yesterday’s confinement and did not include doctor’s fees yet and the additional fees for the day. I secretly hoped that JJ would be discharged today so no more fees will accumulate, but unfortunately, the doctor didn’t give the go signal because JJ still had low oxygen count…

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Started a Fundraising program Does anyone want to blog about our cause

My Children's Closet has partnered with schools and Make A Wish Foundation to sell greatly reduced prices of First Holy Communion Apparel and Accessories. We aim to assist families to provide affordable Holy Communion outfits for their children to embark on their special occasion with proceeds to be donated to Make A Wish to help grant wishes for children living with life threatening illnesses. We need your help to promote the event our goal is to raise $5000 for the charity.

If… Continue

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Our Vice Makes Us Sick

Read Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and you will better understand why.

We all know that fastfood and restaurant food are unhealthy, but Kevin will tell you so much more about the hows and the whys.

Our family’s only vice is eating out. We love to eat out every chance we get. We…

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Enter Giveaways

Bummas Giveaway and Uprinting 500 Business Card Giveaway

Follow me in my site at:

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Perfect Date

For my first exclusive date with our kids, I chose our 3rd child, Jaq.

Jaq was…

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Together Again

After months of being away from our boys, we needed to bring back the bond. We could tell they have missed us so, as much as we’ve missed them. After all, there was really never a time that we…

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How do I know when I am "stuck" in my parenting?

Remember the old saying, "Insanity is repeating the same action over and over again and expecting different results?"

If your actions are beginning to feel like reruns from a bad sitcom and you are not getting the results you want, you may very well be stuck in a spin cycle and it is time to try something new.

If your stomach is tied in knots and you are going around and around to no avail, you've realized that you are… Continue

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I'm A G-mommy with a bad habit.....

Yes, I do drop f-bombs, s-bombs, all kinds of bombs when I write. Depends on my mood as to what comes out of my mind and through my fingers.

Fair offense meant and none will be taken.

Binge Thinker

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