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Bionic Giveaway - Win a Lexli Skincare Starter Kit

Hi Ladies, I'm hosting a new giveaway over at Bionic Beauty! You can win a Lexli Skincare Starter Kit. This is definitely one of my favorite brands. The cleanser is amazing, and the AloeGlyC exfoliant is like getting an at-home chemical peel!

Anyhow, I'd love if everyone from Mom Bloggers' Club would enter! The giveaway is open to USA & Canada residents.

Win a Lexli skin care starter kit from the Bionic Beauty blog!

Enter here:… Continue

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Holy Embryos Batman!

A bit of history: About a month ago, a friend of mine decided that she was going to have her IUD un-installed. She thought she was "ready to start thinking about trying to come to a decision about" getting pregnant. She knew the consequences. We both knew the consequences dammit but that didn't stop us from throwing caution to the wind and then watching it fly right back and smack us in the faces with the sound that I imagine liver makes when dropped from a great height and lands on the… Continue

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27 Handy Kitchen Gadget Tips You Didn't Think Of Use an egg slicer to make uniform slices of more than just hard boiled eggs: You can slice fresh mushrooms, soft fruits (such as strawberries, kiwis,…

27 Handy Kitchen Gadget Tips You Didn't Think Of

Use an egg slicer to make uniform slices of more than just hard boiled eggs: You can slice fresh mushrooms, soft fruits (such as strawberries, kiwis, bananas), olives, soft deli cheeses and more. Very handy tool for garnishes!

Use a pizza cutter to quickly slice everything from pizzas, fudge, pancakes, french toast, chicken strips and more. If you have small kids, this is a great time saver when cutting up… Continue

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Simple Life Saving Health Tips and Secrets You Can Do Everyday

Life Saving Health Tips and Secrets

Ways to eat and drink healthy. The most essential rule about food, however, has nothing to do with quality, quantity or preparation, but with your mental attitude at the time you are eating it.

Healthy Living is the number one goal among North Americans. However, 80% of the population do not know that cooking healthy, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and making healthy choices can mean the difference between life and… Continue

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SEO Tips

I found this wonderful site, GNC Web Creations, that has helped me so much with my website.

You see, I was one of those that thought, If I make it they will come. I was sorely mistaken.

I didn't have a clue what I was doing, nor did I have any money for specialized training. Just as I was becoming desperate, I ran across… Continue

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Simple Roast Chicken

Just wanted to share the recipe here.

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How-To Display HTML Code in a Scrollable Box on Your Blog

I've been trying for a few days to get one of those little scroll boxes with the HTML code for my button up on the site. I know that I am not the first one to have a hard time figuring this out because I found a lot of different sites that claimed to explain it. I've been trying for three days to do this so obviously all of these sites do not make it clear. I decided that I would do a quick write up of exactly what I did to get the little scrollable box to finally appear on my site. First of… Continue

Added by amanada peel on September 30, 2009 at 12:28am — 1 Comment

How to Add a Favicon to Your Blog

I decided to add a cute little favicon to my web page. As with the other HTML aspects I have added to my page it took more than a few tries to get it right. I decided it was time to write another HTML lesson to help you guys out if you've been wanting to add a favicon but didn't know how to. Having a favicon for your blog isn't just cute. It will definetly make your blog stand out among others. A lot of people don't have them and don't know how to put one on their page. This is good for us… Continue

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How to Add Your Signature to Your Post on Blogger

I almost always forget to add my signature to the ends of my post. I have a signature and I think it is a very nice signature but it always slips my mind when I finish writing a post. I knew that there was a way to have your signature automatically load after each post but I just kept forgetting. So, anyway, here's a little guide on making a signature for your blog and where to put it so that it always shows up on each of your post.

First of all, you need a signature. The easiest… Continue

Added by amanada peel on September 30, 2009 at 12:25am — 2 Comments

How to look for a reliable or trusty babysitter

I was having a hard time concentrating on my work because my son has become extremely active and only sleeps 1 hour during naptime. I was thinking of getting a babysitter and my friend suggested that I should try Sitter City because that's where she found her son's babysitter and she's been raving about her. So I signed-up and found someone based on her ratings and I've been using her since. My son totally loves her.… Continue

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Little Green Friend

I was startled to find a big, green praying mantis hanging out on our garage door as Munch and I returned home today. I love these little bugs- they are really cute and intelligent-looking- and I hear they make good pets. But we certainly don't need another creature to raise right now (I'm still nursing Sari back to health) and didn't have a place for it (other than a plastic jelly jar...)… Continue

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Enter Your Link In This Blog Hop

Well, I'm trying something different. This is my first blog hop and I hope you will participate.

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Creative Soul Stuck in Cubicle Land

This morning, I was walking in to work and there were several people walking in front of me. We all had our bags and our lunches and we marched slowly into the building. Kinda depressed me but as I reflected on it, it started to motivate me. It's a cold gray metal and glass building. We all work in cubicles, some offices, some labs. We sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day so we can have every other Friday off. At the end of the day we grab our bags and we all march out only to do it all… Continue

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What do you do when the mommy urge comes back?

So... My first husband and I actually went to the same high school together. We started dating when I was 17. We got married when I was 19. I'm 32 now. Our oldest daughter is soon to be 12. Our younger daughter is 9.

I simply am not the girl I was when I was a teenager. I've changed, a lot. I've learned a lot as well. My husband and I grew apart. We get along very amicably and have a working arrangement for our girls.

Lately, I've been feeling the missing part of being a… Continue

Added by Erica on September 29, 2009 at 3:31pm — 1 Comment

How to Get Work Done with Kids in Tow!

As a small business owner I greatly appreciate the flexibility that I have to spend more time with my kids but some days it is a challenge to get work in-between play time. Make it easy and fun with these simple tips!

Leave the house prepared

On days that you might have your kids in tow, pack the car with coloring books, snacks and activities. A day in the car can be like a day long road trip for the kids so make it fun and exciting. Pack a “fun-pack” for the day with an… Continue

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Have Breasts, Will Travel

I have this friend Steve who was recently on a flight. Across the aisle was a new mama with her babe and a very elderly man, who from here on in shall be called ‘old dude’.

As the airplane was taking off, mama started breastfeeding babe. As any travelling mama knows, it’s good if you can get babe to feed on the way up and the way down to relieve any ear pain due to changing air pressure.

As she is feeding, old dude is shuffling around, mumbling under his breath, clearing… Continue

Added by Julie Cole on September 29, 2009 at 2:49pm — 1 Comment

9 In 10 High Schoolers Lack Fruits, Veggies

This is a title of an article in the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper today. These statistics come from a study done in Atlanta, but have no fear, these statistics are more common across the country than not. A report done in 2007 and 2005 found that only 13% of U.S. high school students get a minimum of 3 servings of vegetables per day and only 32% get 2 servings of fruit. The sad thing is that the numbers did not increase from 2005 to 2007.

The Federal nutrition goals for 2010 call for at… Continue

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Let me feature YOU!!

Be Featured HERE on aMomEntrepreneur

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I Can Quit at Any Time

I joined the writers fan page The Nervous Breakdown a few months back because some of my Myspace friends who, like me, are whoring around Facebook now, and joined the group. If you can’t find me, I go where the traffic goes. Lemming is my maiden name. But I changed it to Kehoe just before puberty because what anxious Catholic girl doesn’t want to go through adolescence being called Keyhole???… Continue

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"I'm not dead" (There it is -- another song by P!nk! Do you believe me now?)

I think my dad might be speaking to me from the grave. Except he doesn't really have a grave. His ashes are at my sister Taresa's house in a comfortable place on her bookshelf, waiting for his eight daughters to come to a consensus on just what to do with him -- imagine that process for a second. But a few times I have been certain that I have received messages from him. Okay, so there's no obvious poltergeist activity -- no spooky moving objects or footsteps or even doors closing (and… Continue

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