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Wow what a friendly place!

I just joined MBC yesterday, and WOW you ladies are friendly!! The welcome's that have come pouring in are wonderful and have definitely made me feel welcome. And all the tools available here are great! I love that there is so much help out there for a brand new blogger, like myself.

I have a long way to go to get my blog to where I'd like it to be. With 7 young children it's difficult to write everyday, and even though with this busy life I have a ton to write about - most nights by… Continue

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I know how to fake it too!

A lazy Tuesday afternoon found me napping on the sofa, my husband playing the stupid xbox and my brother in law cleaning the house.

I know, what is wrong with this picture right?

Anyhow,it was one of those naps where I was in and out of sleep dreaming about Edward Cullen and chocolate. Can it get any better than this?

No, no it can't.

The 9yr old came home from school, I was still half asleep, but probably could have gotten up if I really wanted… Continue

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wow Finally...

I laugh at myself....this is the first blog i am posting because i could never figure out how to post a blog., i feel kinda stupid oh well thats what happens to mommy brains huh!? Karter is almost 10 months old and he is right up my butt all day! I love 8pm...bed time...time of quiet where i can type or talk on the phone without a kid screaming in my ear. lol Hayven has yet to even attempt potty training...she will go if she is with someone else at the store or at their house, but once she… Continue

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Need some Mother's day ideas?

I have two posts this week about Mother's Day!
Maybe a gift isn't what moms want, maybe they want help with their to-do list, a family activity, or just some quiet time.
Are you looking for ideas to tell your family?
Read more here.

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hot baby names

I think I’ve mentioned before that I work with babies. Its not a high paying job but its emotionally satisfying. Hopefully soon I’ll find work in my field, but in the meantime I enjoy nurturing the littlest of little ones. One thing I find really interesting about the babies is their names. Names have changed over…


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Good bye, Schmorl's Node

This week, I’m thankful I can now say, “Good bye, Schmorl’s Node!” Although I know that each node is still actually there in my back, at least they’re no longer inflamed and making life uncomfortable. Who would’ve thought that adjusting from cup size C to cup size H when Glenn arrived could cause back pain?!

Thankful for my…


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Thank you Thursdays

So, I decided that Thursdays are "Thank you Thursdays" And today I want to say thank you to Canon for making my camera. It might not be the best most expensive camera in the world but it makes me happy and keeps me sane. Without it, I cant document things like this:

read the rest of the post here......…


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How to Raise a Happy Teen

Possible? Plausible? Urban legend?

Actually no. Listen all you parents of young girls, you don’t have to stress. I have the secret to success and since I have been asked, many times to share it, I thought, what better way than my daughter’s sixteenth birthday week.

First off, throw out the schedules, unless you want your child a stressed out ball of anxiety, screeching monkey, and peeling the wall paper. Micro-managing is not the answer. Forget it. I think the most routine we…


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Your Personal Assistant for April

Once again, Tip Junkie is here as Your Personal Assistant. Consider taking a day to really plan and organize your schedule to stay ahead of the game. Here are some things to do:

1. Mother's Day is Sunday May 9th. If you’re making gifts this… Continue

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Breastfeeding Help

Here's an article I recently posted for those new to breastfeeding:

Help With Breastfeeding

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Some Tips On Getting Started With Product Reviews

I have had a lot of emails recently asking how to start doing product reviews, which surprised me because I am no expert. There are many many bloggers out there who have been doing this longer and have a much bigger following than I do. I have only been doing this since the end of last year, but I’m having a blast! I thought I’d share a few of the groups/websites that I have joined that help you learn how to do product reviews plus a few tips that I’ve picked up along the way. (… Continue

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What's On The Menu?

There is a road that seems right, that leads to death, Proverbs 16:29....leave

a passerby, with regrets...because they failed to ask the Lord which

direction would be blessed. We're often more concerned about what looks

best. Who won't choose a well lit and smooth surface...over standing at

the foot of the mountain feeling hopeless? Thou, the road less traveled

by...may be the one, we must go… Continue

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Me and my guys.........minus the big one

Took this picture last night.
And it's kind of funny to me.
This picture certainly doesn't capture the chaos that went on in my house last night. How David was over tired. How Thomas threw a fit over everything I said. Screaming fits.
Nope, you can't tell from this picture.
This is us though, right now. Our silhouettes. Their…

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Here's A Great Way To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Is waking up every few hours to soothe your baby tiring you out?

We have a sure-fire way to put an end to that!

Did you know that soothing music and sounds are a great (and peaceful) way to send your baby off to dreamland and help them sleep through the night?

It's true.

Want to try?

Head on over to learn at kiboomu daily, and check out our free song… Continue

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Can Facebook Work For Specialized Businesses?

Recently I was asked if Facebook could be a good business tool for specialized businesses. My answer "ABSOLUTELY"!

We all know what a powerful tool Facebook and other Social Media sites are for those who are selling business coaching…


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Worshiping the Sunless God

I have been vacationing in Latin America and the Caribbean for 15 years. I’ve been in Mexico for New Year’s, spent Easter in Barbados and have dodged hurricanes in Tobago in October and the Caymans in August.… Continue

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Springtime Fun Time

Just added a post to my blog. C'mon over & check it out!

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Benefits of Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Join Affiliate Programs that Complement Your Business & Help You Grow

Sometimes it seems that an online business can be overwhelming. One way to expand your knowledge base and your business is through affiliate marketing programs.

What are Affiliate…


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Why We Chose: A Dog

Every Wednesday, my posts will be focused on why we chose the things we do, have or believe. We'll call them "Why We Chose" Wednesdays. Hope you enjoy this little teaser...why we chose a dog.

These won't be the most popular words I ever write, but I have never in my life wanted a dog. I always found them to be gross, clumsy, not very cuddly, loud, messy and smelly. Now cats, on the other hand, I love. And until very recently, there was never a point in my life… Continue

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Will Work For.....Peanuts? My Sanity?

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately and it's my own doing. I have become one of those over-scheduled moms who tries to do it all plus some...we have an activity for almost every day of the week, belong to a local mom's social group, play groups, I do laundry twice a week, keep a fairly clean house, and have this blog.

Now I have a job interview tomorrow. Yes a job interview. I have been considering going back to work for some time now and sending resumes but with this… Continue

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