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I don't know about you, but I can use all the help I can get when it comes to party planning. The wonderful people at have taken a lot of the stress out of party planning. Whether it's a children's birthday party, a Girl's Night Out or a baby shower, they've got you covered. They even have a feature called a Date Decider to help you and your guests figure out the best date for your event. They offer eCards, Save the Date Cards and… Continue

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Red Eyes

WOW! Had a great weekend. Took our kids to Blizzard Beach, however, the chlorine bothered my sons eyes so this morning he had red eyes as he went out the door for his third day of the new school year. I emailed his teacher to let her know, hopefully I won't get a call to come get him. It is not infectious but we will see what the school thinks. Take home note, always stay in contact with your child's teacher to keep open lines of communication.

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Recipe Sharing - Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

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Hidden Blessings in Hard Times

Lately it seems we all have had some times where things were feeling tough. I’ve felt painfully stuck in…


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Alphabet Activities: Letter B

Munch has been wanting to do the letter B for a while now- it's her Uncle Brian's letter, she keeps informing me. So we got started with wood pieces and our letter collage decorated with stick-on buttons (no messy gluing!)

Munch has definitely just taken… Continue

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Happy Relaxation Day Giveaway

Win a bottle of Young Living Relaxation Massage Oil at Oils For Wellness before August 31st!

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Just Mad

Why do family members try to take advantage of you? Well in my case because I feel sorry for everyone and want to help. I'm so upset with a few of them that think that they are the only ones and that no one else matters. You know what I feel like saying to you all go to ----- ! These two women are driving me crazy. Life comes with challenges and we have to figure solutions for them on our own at times. I can't agree with the decisions they have made so voicing my opinion just makes things more… Continue

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New Bionic Giveaway: Win a Bath & Body Works perfume!

Bath & Body Works just launched a new "widget" to help you find your perfect fragrance- tailored to your mood, personality and occasion! Check it out at my blog, Bionic Beauty, and while you're there leave a comment with the results... and you're entered to win a full size bottle of your fragrance!!

Here's the entry link & article:… Continue

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What's your excuse?

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been sent emails, instant messages and had conversations with folks who are tired of making excuses for why they have lived a less than healthy lifestyle. As someone who has had a similar problem in the past, I can honestly tell you that you have to look at why you are making excuses. If you constantly eat unhealthy, do you consume it because it's easy, inexpensive or you don't know how to plan or cook? If you chose not to exercise, is it because… Continue

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Did I Do the Right Thing?

So, I’m throwing this out there to you, because I’m not quite sure I did the right thing.

A little background:

My family is very close with another family. They are wonderful people and include us in so many of their celebrations. This weekend was no different. They have a lovely backyard with a pool, a dining area, a fireplace and an outdoor theater. It’s always just a FUN food fest there!

They were hosting a High School graduation party for their niece. Their… Continue

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Mom's Homeroom | Children and Socialization

Mom's Homeroom Logo

As you know, I am working with The Motherhood as a correspondent for Kellogg's and Mom's Homeroom to bring you an exciting new website made for you, mom's, for advice on a wide array of topics. I wanted to bring this news to my readers because the… Continue

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To Ethan (Suck it, Babies "R" Us babies)

To Ethan (Suck it, Babies "R" Us babies)

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What the heck am I doing in the blogosphere?

I entered the momblogosphere at an inopportune time: way past the dawn when mom blogging was considered a radical act and in the midst of potential FTC scrutiny and a… Continue

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What it's all about

It's been a rough few days with seeming more lows than highs in the mix. But as usual I made it through, with some laughs and love from my babies. I thought I'd share some of the photo memories that helped soothe my frazzled nerves. This is from a family vacation in 2006 when we took a drive to the North coast with our neighbours.



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I'll Do it Tomorrow

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week ~ Spanish Proverb

As I young child I had the Sweet Pickles books series by Jacqueline Reinach. My favorite book in this series was Goose Goofs Off. This was a delightful tale of a Goose and how she was determined to take a day off. Throughout the book, Goose was confronted with different things that required her attention. However, her motto was I'll do it tomorrow.… Continue

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the sun has gone down

I had an unexpected shock this morning when I rolled up the kitchen blind, mine and 4year old's beloved sunflower was lying on its side sprawled all over the decking. The blooming wind had blown him over overnight so I ran outside picked him up and carried on with my chores.

A few hours later after coming back from food shopping with all 4children I walked into the kitchen with… Continue

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My head is spinning!

Having the kids around and trying to read blogs, fix my own page, not to mention that I'm new to this, is making my head hurt. Mommy this, mommy that, the game is not working, he is not sharing, it never ends. I wanted this to be my own little oasis to get away for a while, but they have followed me! Mommy time is nonexistant for me and it is driving me nuts.

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Mom’s Homeroom Interview With Jillian

Mom's Homeroom Logo

Today, I will be bringing you our interview with Jillian from Mom's Homeroom. We asked her a few questions that we felt our readers would like to hear about.


Jillian, a mother of two, is board-certified… Continue

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AUGUST 13, 2009 Scentsy Convention Announcement! SCENTSY IN CANADA! As of September 1, 2009 Scentsy will be available to buy, host and join in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta! If you live in Canada, or if you have friends or family that live in Canada, this is EXCITING news because NOW it's YOUR TURN to get in on this wonderful GROUND FLOOR Scentsy OPPORTUNITY. Contact me today for your own copy of the new FALL/WINTER Scentsy Canada… Continue

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Scentsy Opening in Canada


As of September 1, Scentsy will be available to buy, host and join in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta!

If you live in Canada, or if you have friends or family that live in Canada, this is EXCITING news because now it's your turn to get in on this wonderful GROUND FLOOR Scentsy opportunity, as well as have your home filled with one or more of the wonderful Scentsy smells that are offered.

Come visit my… Continue

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