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Questions for the Ages

To say that Mr. 5-year old is curious would be an understatement. He asks questions about everything, and if he happens to hear you mention something in passing he will open a line of questioning that would put the Spanish Inquisition to shame. I used to look a lot of things up because I felt like it was important to give him accurate information, that and I was tired of feeling like I was not smarter than a preschooler. All the research became exhausting. I still try to answer his questions,… Continue

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Honda, my window

well I don't know what, if anything, my public rant had to do with it... but Honda has decided to replace the window. Which is nice, since last time it took them 2 or 3 weeks to come to that conclusion.

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the Love of Motherhood

Like all mothers out there, I love all my children the same, but differently. The amount of love I have for each of them is immeasurable, but the things I love about them and the experiences I have with each of them are quite different.

I love my first born in a special way, because he is just that … my first born. Together we have experienced so many firsts that have been indelibley etched in my brain and on my heart. God willing, we will have many more before my journey is through.… Continue

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Tomorrow Never Comes

In the past, whenever I was faced with making a change I would often say, "I'll start tomorrow." My other favorite saying was,"I'll start on Monday." But whenever tomorrow and Monday rolled around I never started the change I was planning.

I had to decide that life my life begins today! I was tired of just existing. I wanted to start living!!!! I was tired of being a paggenger in my life. I had to take control and get back in the drivers seat. I… Continue

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Kids Are Using More Technology Every Day

Join the discussion... Are you experiencing a lack of verbal communication with your kids? Ever wonder what kind of communicators our kids will turn out to be when they are adults. The NPD Group recently reported that kids' use of technology and consumer electronics devices are growing rapidly. Moms like us know that our kids are exposed to… Continue

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here at Demystifying Digital we have put together some great ideas for fabulous Father's Day gifts. We have ideas with some of the coolest new technology that any dad would love. Gifts from free on… Continue

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Act One - Catching the Holy Ghost

Some of you know my daughter so this blog will not come as a surprise at all.

To give you a little background – my child is a drama queen, with a very low tolerance for pain. She inherited both of these traits honestly - the drama through her mama and the low pain threshold through her daddy.

I can still cry at the drop of a dime just for the hell of it and my husband still has not finished all his dental work because he does not like (i.e. scared of)… Continue

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A little frustrated

I have been working really hard to get followers to my blog. I have just 35 right now. I really want to hit 100 this week. Can you help me?
Huge thanks to the wonderful women who are following me already.

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British mummy bloggers meet up part 1

I went to London town yesterday for the BMB bloggers meet up. It was so nice to meet all the bloggers that came and to put faces to blog names, i felt like i was meeting a load of celebrities!

Because I spent about 5hours of the day on a train, i took my notebook with me and wrote about the day so he is extract 1.....enjoy!

click here to read on

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Looking for a coach gift (or Dad's day gift)?

Totally make this photo collage poster at Costco in 5 minutes on the kiosk, paid under $10 for it then picked it up finished an hour later...LOVE IT! Now for the trinkets for the kiddos on the team. Check this out!

[caption id="attachment_36" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Glory Girls 2009"]…Glory Girls 2009 Continue

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Why Adult Diets Are Not Appropriate For Children

Why should a child’s diet be different from an adult’s diet?

A child’s diet can not be the same as an adult’s diet for many reasons. A child’s body goes through many stages of development and his nutritional needs vary depending on which stage he is in. For example, a child in puberty requires more calories than a school-age child. Therefore, providing the correct nutritional plan at all stages of growth is crucial to ensure proper development. Let’s review several diets and why they… Continue

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Family Pets

The picture you see is of my beautiful nephew Emmett with his dog, Magnum. A picture of our family pet does not exist because we do not have, nor will we ever get a furry friend. My kiddos often complain about how difficult it is having a mean mama. I like to remind them that they may luck out in their next lives, but for now they are stuck with me.

Nagging for a pet is a hobby for my kids. Last summer I compromised and told them they… Continue

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Photo Chaos?

Hmmmm...I think I feel a giveaway coming on this week from this...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE comment and/or send me pics of YOUR photo chaos and I'll post them here… Continue

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Last Day To Enter! Win 7 Anti-aging Products!

Today is the last day to enter my Meaningful Beauty giveaway featuring a 7-step anti-aging skin care system endorsed by Cindy Crawford! Enter at icefairy's Treasure Chest.

Don't forget to enter all my current giveaways listed on the right sidebar! Thanks!

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Sharing is Hard to Do!

Has anyone found it hard to start sharing everyday events, problems etc., on your blog? What about when you first started blogging? My latest post on my newest blog deals with just that. Check it out here

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Help Me Save My Son

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love The Lost Foundation...

Helping to save lost souls one heart at a time.

"Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest. Matt 11:28

I have decided after years of frustration and having my son fall through the cracks with county programs that I am going to go down fighting for my son's… Continue

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See the full post on my blog here.

I've been talking with a lot of people about strollers lately. It seems like we're always trying to figure out what the best stroller is. And really, I think it depends a lot on what your needs are. Do you wear your baby most of the time and you just need a small stroller for rare occasions? Do you go on long walks every day with a stroller? Do you run with a stroller? Do you have more… Continue

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"Rape is an act of violence using sex as a weapon. It is an act used to control and dominate." But the rapist is not always a masked stranger.

Date rape is the most common form of rape and the least reported. Date rape is also a real danger for teenagers and young adults.


*In 2004, there were approximately 210,000 rapes, attempted rapes, and sexual assaults.

44% were under the age of… Continue

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All about Annie

I've gotten a lot of comments on my Facebook page lately to the effect of, "Keep those hilarious updates about your son coming!" I wonder if my old high school classmates realize I have a daughter, too. It's true, I don't report as much about her, with her big brother providing so much easy fodder.

But even though my little girl isn't policing other kids' dirty diapers just yet, that doesn't mean that… Continue

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Top Baby Blog

Kenziepoo( blog is all about baby from clothes to Nursery ideas, decor to baby gear. In the last couple of months Kenziepoo blog has been #1 on topbabyblogs, and has been featured in these lovely blogs and sites: Ohdeedoh, Project Nursery, Made by Girl, Simplygrove, Ish & Chi, Style Carrot, Purl Mama & Baby, Little Pinwheel, Retro Rooms Austrailia… Continue

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