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Juvenile diabetes JDRF My little five year old grandson has it Type one.Please have your babies and Children checked at the doctors office its a simple finger prick.

JDRF is having a walkathon very soon educate yourself about diabetes
It may save yours or someone elses life.Have your children checked at the doctors office its asimple finger prick.Thats how we found out my little grandson Tommy has juvenile diabetes the finger prick test saved his life.

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The broken, battered, very brusied ego........

She is probably so sick of hearing “if it is meant for you, it will not go by you” and “maybe next time” and “please don’t give up”.

In my desperate attempt to bolster her broken heart…I try to think up all sorts of “you can get through this” and “things will start looking up” and “it will soon be your time” words and phrases.

I don’t think she believes me anymore.

And, honestly, I am starting to not believe me either.

My darling daughter, the blue… Continue

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"We Will Miss You Juan" - How Do You Talk To A Child About Death?

by: EcoMeg

Yesterday, as I drove to pick up my five-year-old from school, I saw a large electronic sign that had been parked by the side of the road to his school - the kind of sign the city uses to announce road work. It read, "WE WILL MISS YOU JUAN." I wondered who Juan might be and why the city was using its resources to post a message like that. Maybe someone special in the public works department?

On the return trip… Continue

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Conversations With God

God and I had a little discussion recently... it went something like this...

Me: ARGHHH these kids are driving me NUTS!@#^@%$*#&@%$&#

they are beautiful wonderful gifts from me. be thankful. stop your whining.


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Which Monte Chair Are You?


Canadian based Monte Design started a few years back with one chair and the influence of design greats such as William Morris, Charles and Ray Eames, Antonio Citterio and Marcel Wanders. Since that time the company started by Ralph and Michelle Montemurro has grown to offer not only chairs, but cribs,… Continue

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tease tease

I just found out that I am going to host a Giveaway

So keep looking...........

You may get something nice!!

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Come on over! I love to have company. Leave me a comment, follow me and I'll do my best to do the same!

The Misplaced Midwesterner

Looking forward to meeting more of you on my blog!

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Don't ask, don't tell ... the 7 year old's version

My sweet little girl isn’t as “sweet” as she was yesterday. I should have known when she got in the backseat at the car rider lane that something was up, but I was too distracted with some antics of her brother. Normally the routine conversation goes something like this, “So guys, how was your day?” Julia will always speak up first, “Well, Johnny had to pull a strip and Susie just can’t seem to be quiet and Mary had to change seats because she wouldn’t stop talking to Bobby. It was a good day… Continue

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Blogging traffic

I started my blog in July. I seemed to get a lot of followers at once then it seemed to just stop. I even started doing giveaways and posting more but I seemed to have slowed down the amount of people following. Sometime I don't even get a comment left on posts I write. Am I doing something wrong or is my blog just not interesting? :-(

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How a Woman with NO Business Experience Makes $400,000+ per year!

SuperAffiliateHandbook Read the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous

business experience
, earns $435,000+ per year … selling other people’s stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process…


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Baby Jack's 8 month photography

Hey ladies! Will post adorable pictures for comments on my bloggity blog!!

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Left, Center & Right-Of-Passage (T.M.I. Alert! If offended easily, turn back!)

Here is the latest post from my blog "Mommy Lite." If you like it and want more tales from the mayhem that is my life, I hope you'll check out

WARNING: This entry is a little graphic, if you're easily offended, don't read on. However, if you lack all sense of decorum (which apparently I do), read on and laugh at my expense. :)

* * *


Today I brought my daughters with me to get a Bikini… Continue

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Looking for Followers

I'm new to the world of giveaways and the majority of sponsors are saying no because of low traffic. I would agree. So if you can help me out by following that would be great. I am currently reviewing products used in my home and posting of other giveaway blogs (for my own chance to win ;) ) BUT am also trying to spread the world on cool gifts and gadgets. I'll follow back, it's what I do. Thanks!


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Alphabet Activities: Letter C

No more "Summer School"- REAL school is keeping me pretty busy right now. It's always like that at the beginning. Fortunately, we had a quiet weekend at home last week, so Munch and I had another alphabet day. We glued cottonballs to her C letter collage-

painted an egg carton caterpillar-… Continue

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Probiotics: Are They Good For Our Kids?

Did you know your digestive tract is teeming with bacteria? Good bacteria, that is.

Probiotic is the term used to describe the billions of “friendly” live bacteria located in the intestinal tract. We are first exposed to bacteria when we are born and during infancy. The birth canal is full of bacteria that the infant swallows while moving through the birth canal. Then, the bacteria colonize the infants gastrointestinal tract and set the stage for a healthy immune… Continue

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Check Out New Fashionable Necklaces For Teething Kids!

When I first saw these necklaces, I was a little skeptical…

Breastfeeding Magazine has found mom-run businesses with high quality and fashionable necklaces and jewelry that not only engage distracted children, but also get lots of compliments for mom!

Any mom knows that kids love to pull on necklaces, pull earrings, and basically pull on anything shiny. My son goes for anything he can pull on, even my hair!

But fortunately we have “Teething Bling.” The jewelry… Continue

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Childbirth Drugs Can Affect Breastfeeding Success

Do you know many women who have breastfed their babies from birth?

A British study researched the link between medication given to women to prevent hemorrhaging after childbirth and breastfeeding rates for those women.

The drug oxytocin is commonly given to women after childbirth to prevent severe blood loss (>500 mL in 24 hrs.) known as postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). This can lead to fainting or severe anemia.

After a vaginal birth, the mother’s body must… Continue

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Do You Love Basketball? Want to Spend the Day WIth Your Daughter?

Love Basketball? Wanna Take Center Stage in MSG at Half-Time?

When I was growing up in Westchester, NY in the 60's, my brother was regularly asked by my dad to go see the all-star, championship NBA team, the "New York Knickerbockers" (aka Knicks) play. Yes, those were the days of Walt Frazier, Dave DeBusschere, Earl the Pearl, Willis Reed, Senator Bill Bradley and other "dream-team" players of all time. When my dad would ask my brother, never considering that I would find basketball… Continue

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Letting Go, an inspired blog

As I see my children so young, so small, I never really think about the fact that they will grow up one day and leave me…Perhaps I choose not to think about it unconsciously.


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What you May Never Hear but Need to Know!

How many times as a mother do you not feel like doing something that your kids would like you to do? There have been times that my kids will ask me to play a game, go swimming or hang and watch TV with them but I say “no” either because I’m too tired, too busy or too selfish with my time.

More and more I’m being internally prompted to stop, listen to what my kids are asking me to do with them and just act in a way that is opposite of how I feel. As I take that step forward and begin… Continue

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