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December 29, 2009

Well 2009 is about over and I cant wait to start a brand new year with my girls. We didnt do much today. No work or school for me and no school for Maci which is always fun. She had her cousin spend the night last nite and tonite so shes pretty excited. Maci and Jaylin played outside in the snow a lot today, I had to tell them to come in when it started to get dark. Maci said she would do one chore for me today and it was sweeping the snow off of the front porch for five dollars. lol. I said… Continue

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Looking For Grocery Deals?

I post weekly grocery deals for Food Lion and Harris Teeter as well as printable coupons, freebies, hot deals and more!
So come on over for a visit and tell your friends!

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come check it out!

Just a quick note! If you add my event button you get entered to win a "secret" prize. It's a good one! Click HERE to check it out!

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Another Day, Another Workout

So as my challenge progresses I realize how lazy I actually have been! I just finished my second “workout” with the Your Shape and I am feeling it. (Not that that is a bad thing.):) My back is killing me and so are my abs, butt and legs. I know this is a good thing right now, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!...

Check out my blog The Elect Lady for the rest of the…

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Online Dating Turns into a Leap of Faith Called a One-Way Ticket

My friend Dan’s nervous ex-wife, Helen Who Hates Me, asked me for a ride to the airport. If you look up desperate in the dictionary, you will see this example of the proper use of the word: Helen was so desperate for a ride to the airport, she called a friend of her ex-husband whom she hates. It depends on the dictionary. I bet Helen has that very edition and needed to look up the spelling of desperate for an article she was writing, and like a horoscope, or a quote on the tag of a tea bag,… Continue

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Take A Look At The Latest Online Bargains, Deals and Clearance For 12/29/09 - Some Pretty Good Ones

Find these and more here:

Sam's Club One Day Pass Printable expires 12/31/09

Pizza Hut: ANY size Pizza, ANY way you want it for $10

Kohls Major Clearance event- many things 60-70% off! Plus 20% extra off/ Free ship or .99

James Bond 10-Pack [Blu-ray] $76.49… Continue

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Spring Forecast Finds the Ultimate EcoStiletto + $500 in EcoSwag

This is the LAST WEEK to get your orders in for our limited-edition, soft-as-silk, organic cotton EcoStiletto t-shirts, AND…

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A Dog and a Baby

One of the most phenomenal stories regarding babies that I ever heard was reported on CNN in May 2005 and in the May 30, 2005 edition of Jet Magazine.

“A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who apparently carried her across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies.” CBS News covered this story as well.

This baby girl was dressed… Continue

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What Every Woman Ought to Know About Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests!!!

I love my local dollar stores. It’s one of my favorite places to shop when I want to reward my sons inexpensively and have fun in the process. My husband often calls me the “queen of the deals” because saving money always gives me an adrenaline rush. So imagine the rush I felt when I discovered that dollar stores now sell pregnancy tests and are giving name-brand competitors a run for their money.

According to the August issue of Ob.Gyn. News… Continue

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HP Mini 110 Sweepstakes

I would love to win an HP Mini 110. This computer would simplify the busy life I lead with 3 kids in tow and a super busy husband. I could sit in the comfort of my bed after the children are fast asleep blogging, paying bills, twittering, facebooking, working (unfortunately I do that at home sometimes :0 ) or just playing mindless games like crossword puzzles or word games with my husband. It would also help… Continue

Added by Kristi Skeen on December 29, 2009 at 10:30am — 20 Comments

I'm A Polar Bear Cub!

Yesterday was one of my greatest adventures in life: I joined the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, USA, Inc. during their weekly frolick in the freezing ocean!…


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Kindergarten (or Pre-Kindergarten) Worksheets - Perfect for the School Break!

Last summer I made some worksheets to keep AJ fresh by practicing his ABC's, numbers, and writing at my "Mommy School". Christmas break is the perfect time to whip them out!

Winter Break Plan:… Continue

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Your Deals For 12/28/09

Costco Coupons for January 7, 2010 to January 24, 2010

100 Pack CD/DVD Sleeves White Paper Sleeves with Clear Window $2, Neoprene Laptop Sleeve for 8.9"-10" Netbooks $3

Barnes & Noble: 50% to 91% off select books and calendars… Continue

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Blogging on a Social Network

Blogging on a Social Network

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular and social networks are also becoming more and more popular as well. Social networks include popular websites such as where users can create personal websites and interact with other users. These websites may include a wide range of components including text, images, audio, video and blogs. Here system users can voice their opinions, provided updates on their life, offer insight into current events or… Continue

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How my three year old brought me to tears in Hobby Lobby...

It's amazing how a three year old can bring you to tears. Since post holiday cleanup is done I decided to take Ryan out of the house because we both needed it. It's too cold to go play outside so I was going to take him to the library (they have an awesome kids library where I live), go get breakfast, and then go to one of the indoor play areas.

We get to the library and great. It's closed due to maintenance. Ryan is in the back seat crying and throwing a fit because I tell him that… Continue

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Things Are Not So Bad

Around our house, we have great fun celebrating Christmas. This year was also fantastic, with one exception. Nagging at me all day was how baby boy was breathing. Not good.

At 7:30pm I couldn’t take it anymore and made the trip down to the hospital. Before getting admitted, they put us in the trauma room to get him on some oxygen and begin other treatments.

I was sitting there holding a ventolin mask over his screaming face, telling myself that the situation sucked. I was… Continue

Added by Julie Cole on December 28, 2009 at 11:14am — 1 Comment

Alphabet Activities- Letter R Rainbow Cookies

Munch and I had "R Day" a couple of weeks back...or is it a couple of MONTHS now? We did the usual routine of making the letter with wood pieces and practicing writing it, but the fun part was making the rainbow cookies. The cookies themselves tasted just okay and I might tweak the dough in the future, but the best part was how sturdy it was and its texture lent itself… Continue

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The Curious Case of Munch's Hair

After over 3 years of managing Munch's hair perfectly well (it was so easy for me to cut and style it), I'm having to learn all over again. Her hair texture has totally changed since the beginning of summer. I actually find looking back at her photos quite interesting. Her looks change drastically enough from year to year to wonder if it's the same kid, or possibly a sibling. Munch was born with a fairly full head of hair, but it took a while for it to do anything, especially grow. As a result,… Continue

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Birthday Party Round-up

As I've mentioned before, our introduction to the preschool birthday party scene has been quite interesting. AudioDad and I had discussions about accepting all the invitations that came in- especially when Munch claimed to not know the celebrant, parent etiquette- would we be perceived as "hovering" parents if we both accompanied Munch? (With the 45 min. drive each way, he didn't want to lose family time.) I'm making weekly trips to the local toy store. We've seen a wide range of parties, from… Continue

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I Haven't Forgotten You!

Hello everyone! I cannot believe it's been over a month and a half since I've posted last. We've been on the move most weekends with Munch's busy birthday party schedule and although I've taken plenty of pictures, I've had a dilemma about posting pics of her pals on the blog. As a result, I got out of the habit of frequently posting while I tried to figure out what to do (and ended up with a backlog of post topics!) So, look for more posting this week while I try to catch up! And please forgive… Continue

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