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Wanted: Professional Help

I need Professional help. Many of you already know this, but yesterday, in the parking lot of Acme (my local grocery store), it became painfully obvious to me as well.

Yesterday morning started like most others, too early and with a million things to do leaving me little to no time to ready myself for the day. I managed to wake up early enough to shower though, since I

was making an extra effort to appear normal for Jake’s preschool

orientation. I dressed up a…


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Responding to Single Dad Laughing

There is a blog on the web that I enjoy reading called "Single Dad Laughing". It offers a humorous, yet often times serious point of view on certain topics. While becoming a frequent reader of this blog, I was finding myself wanting to comment on the various topics. Sometimes I agree with the perspective reflected, but often times, I disagree, which in turn makes me want to offer my own point of view. The problem with simply…

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Followingmy morals will only help me!

My post:

I was battling between a right and wrong choice last night and today and decided that there is not need to battle because the answer is to always stay within my morals. I truly believe that if you have a choice to make, the only choice, is the honest choice. I had to do this even though the not so… Continue

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Hello all,
I just got notification from Rosemary Laryea of ColorfulRadio in London England, that she will interview me next Wednesday at 12:30PM which is 5:30 AM Colorado time. The interview will be live. We will be talking about my tri-lingual book "Marie and Her Frtiend the Sea Turtle." I am really looking forward to this. Wish me luck everyone! Thanks.
Rosemary Laryea

Producer and…

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In Response to "Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them" by Single Dad Laughing ~ Mom Blog ~

Click here to read Single Dad Laughing's blog posting: Worthless Women and the Men Who Make Them

My Response:

I am sorry for the world depicted in the blog... one where women are not appreciated and honored. A world where women are not seen as equal and women feel it necessary to have self hatred as a direct result of the men in their lives.

Fortunately, that… Continue

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After the Turkey, Pie, Candy and Sweets How are YOU Going to Feel?

The holidays are fast approaching and along with holidays comes fattening

high calorie foods. Go ahead and indulge! Thanksgiving and Christmas

only happen once a year.

How does eating all of that delicious food make you feel afterward? After the holidays you may feel bloated,

tired and notice that you…

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Supplements, do you believe in them?

I have a lot of passion for these questions. I would love to know y our input.

My post:

Do you believe that taking non FDA supplements over a short period of time or a long period of time for weight loss is good?

What are the pros and cons for non FDA approved… Continue

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Magnificent View

Nothing is worse than the isolation we experience from the lack of

confession. We self impose this...afraid to expose it. For we know the

ugly secret...and we choose to keep it. That's exactly what the devil to put up a front. Don't you understand? The sin puts a gulf

between God and man...wider than the Grand...Canyon.

Try and get this! Your prayers won't go the distance...without

assistance and… Continue

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Hot dog boy

Have you ever wondered what would have happened had you married someone else - maybe an ex-boyfriend or an old crush? I’ll admit it. I have.…

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Travel Tuesday - Be Flexible

This past weekend, we packed up the girls and headed out to the weekly Riverside Arts Market. We try and get to the market at least twice a month. We enjoy checking out the local art, the featured music performers...and of course the food! We love supporting local farms and buying fresh fruits and veggies for the week. However, this week we missed out on the produce - thanks to a certain two… Continue

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My PERSONAL GIVEAWAY!! One Step Entry! Closes Friday Oct 29th!

I am giving away a Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress - Up Doll by Melissa and Doug!

Just in time for the Holidays!

All you have to do is follow my blog on GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT!

If you already follow me, simply reply to this post that you do!

I will give extra entry points to those… Continue

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Free Blog Design Makeover Giveaway!

For those that visit Shibley Smiles, you know I LOVE re-designing my blog, especially for the holidays. If you have been thinking of making over your own blog, for good, or even if you just want a fun holiday design. Now is your chance to WIN a Blogger Blog Design.

I was asked to sponsor an event at Lucas' Journey with Sensory Processing… Continue

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My Best Friends

It is no secret that my husband works an insane amount of hours. And that on the weekends he is so busy around here that we don't end up with much "couple" time from week to week. We talk on the phone all day, manage a few minutes at night, but in reality, I don't see him enough to be able to share all that I want to, or should do, with a best friend.

It has also been well documented that I have fantastic friends! But they are busy with their own children and husbands and it is hard… Continue

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All Bloggers Unite For Autism

Have you heard about the Communication Shutdown for Autism? It will be held on November 1, 2010, and it means no Twitter or Facebook for that day. In order to participate, you need to make a small donation to benefit autism. You can find the full details on the Website.

After reading about the Communication Shutdown for Autism, I started thinking. How about uniting all bloggers for the… Continue

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Appreciate the Little Things

Sunday my oldest daughter (middle child) was outside walking the dog. Now she weighs approximately 60 pounds and he weighs 90. If he wants to go somewhere- he goes. My husband (being 6'6" & 280 lbs) is the only one that can really stop him. The dog is strong and could use some training as he only behaves for my husband. So anyhow....... she was walking the dog and the neighbors had… Continue

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Etsy Shop Hop!!

Do you Etsy? Do you have a shop you'd like others to know about? Lets

hop!! The rules are simple but its important that you follow the rules

so that hopping is successful!



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coolest halloween costume ever -

follow my findings at

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The visitor


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Pre-wrap for your hair! ~ Mom Blog ~


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