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The Not So Friendly Skies

Once upon a time I was a working girl ... I know given my current lack of brain cells it is hard to believe. However, I assure you it was true! My status as a working girl required me to travel A LOT, and I am painfully familiar with the trials and tribulations of navigating airline travel. Over the course of my traveling career, I have been bumped, canceled, weather delayed, rerouted, diverted, stranded without luggage, forced to spend the night at the airport, and inconvenienced in every… Continue

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Headed to Malta and Great Picture-taking

I'm feeling so guilty about leaving my daughter for 7 days while I head off to a vacation destination with 100 business associates. But, sometimes we can all use a break too, even if it is work. And it's Malta. I'll have some down time which I hope to to use to take lots of vacation-style photos to use for upcoming blog posts. Thank goodness for email, text and cell phones, though. I'll be able to keep in close touch with her all week.

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Want to Win a Copy of Joe Lamp'ls Green Gardener's Guide?

I am teaming up with for a cool contest...This time, we are giving away 250 copies of Joe Lamp'l's Green Gardener's Guide...that's right, 250 copies! Here's how it works...head over to our website and spend 5 minutes taking our survey. This one is about a book called "Small Space Gardening". At the end, you will be directed to a page that will let you know if you have won a copy of the book or not. If you aren't one of the 250 that wins a… Continue

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Hello World!

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Kids Off The Couch - Summer Reading List: Had Me a Blast!

Summer is an ideal time for kids to catch up on leisurely reading. Whether delving into beautifully illustrated picture books with the youngsters, or turning pages pool-side with the big kids, you'll find lots to love on our Summer Reading List.

Our faves? Rose Blue's Ron's Big Mission uses colorful images to teach little readers about segregation, and older ones will love laughing at Harper's clumsy protagonist in Uh-Oh Cleo. My One… Continue

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Baby Life on a Budget

One of the first things my husband and I always thought of when we had the "baby talk" was how expensive babies are. How many things they need, how much it all cost, and how little money we have to buy all these things. We thought we couldn't "afford" a baby.

Wrong. Besides the basic necessities - clothes, food, car seat, diapers- babies really don't need a whole lot. The baby industry is huge, and many things are completely unnecessary. Having a baby certainly doesn't have the bank,… Continue

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In these hard economic times, do you have a Plan B?

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Ten Things I'm thankful for right now.

1. God loving my family enough to wake us up this morning with all 5 senses and limbs working properly

2. My son's smile

3. Pennsylvania's Promise for Children for trying to keep a promise to our children to keep early childhood education programs running. To help, please visit

4. Love

5. My… Continue

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You put your right arm in.....

Those who follow me on twitter may know that I've had a bumpy week this week, hubby has ruptured a joint in his shoulder. Not nice i can tell you, it ended up in a trip to A&E, an x ray and now an appointment to see a surgeon next Tuesday....hmmmmm.

Definitely not the best news I could've done with, I've had to cancel my volunteer course which was due to start on Tuesday because he can only use one arm and one arm against 4kids is not a happy ratio! We were putting the house on… Continue

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The Not So Lonely Firefly

A book that we enjoy over and over again with my boys is Eric Carle's, The Very Lonely Firefly. The Very Lonely Firefly. The book is about a little firefly that could not find other fireflies. It went around looking for lights, but all it could find was flashlights, cars, and even an owl. Until the end when it finally finds another firefly. In the last page of the book the fireflies light up. It is such an enjoyable book and I always love watching my…


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Moms' Expectations About Infant Sleep: Is There a Connection to Actual Sleep Patterns?

A new study just released in the journal Child Development addresses an interesting issue--do moms' thoughts and expectations (i.e., cognitions) about infant sleep actually influence how well (or not so well) their babies sleep? It's an interesting idea when you think about it. The concept is that parents have certain expectations or preconceived ideas of how their child will behave, whether it be in regards to sleeping or eating, playing, etc. These expectations may actually influence how… Continue

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You Can’t Judge A Food By Its Package Cover! Sunmaid Yogurt Raisins vs. Raisinets

Advertisers work hard to earn their money. They can take any food and make it sound nutritious. Very few laws protect the consumer from advertisers’ half-truths. It is up to us to learn how to tell what it a valid claim and what is just hype. How can you wade through the misleading information to find the truth? Easy… just look at the nutrition label and the ingredient list! The nutrition label and the ingredient list have all the information that you need to determine whether a food is… Continue

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The Write Stuff: My Brilliant Career + Writing Class with 826LA = Kids Off The Couch

If your child dreams of being a successful author, or if they simply love to dabble in their journal, they'll appreciate My Brilliant Career, a film that had an impact on us when we were young women. Judy Davis makes her debut as Sybylla Melvyn, an impoverished Australian farm girl determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a great writer, even though it means rejecting a man she loves. Although the film's ending surprised the kids -- our modern… Continue

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Brighter Planet

The 350 Challenge has given you Planet Shares from Brighter Planet.

350 pounds carbon offsets will be retired on your behalf.

WOW! I feel like superhero today!…

Brighter Planet


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How To Get Free Publicity Teleseminar today @ 1pm Eastern

Shannon Cherry from and

is hosting a free teleseminar on her Endless Publicity Formula: Getting Free Publicity

today at 1pm Eastern

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In this exclusive call, you’ll leave:

* Thinking like a reporter to create newsworthy stories – even if don’t think you have anything to say

* Understanding the tricks to getting the media’s attention –… Continue

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Working towards my goal....

I have 8 weeks to go before I hit the beach and I must admit that even thought I haven't entirely reached my goal, I am still very pleased with my progress. I am eating better and working out harder than I ever have. I know that with this combination that by the time I turn 35, just 9 weeks away, that I will have reached my be in the best shape of my adult life. I will always have room for improvement though because I don't want my journey to end with a trip or when I have a birthday… Continue

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Parenting And Music: When To Turn It Off

I listen to a lot of pop and have noticed the increasing topic of sex and partying (in explicit terms) have been coming up. I wrote a post also entitled the same as this and would love to hear your comments as mothers on what you do. (btw, I do return comments)

More at:

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What Product Inspired Dr. Dolgoff’s First Giveaway?

This blog post contains my first giveaway. Read on to learn what product made me excited enough to want to share it with my readers. THREE readers will win this mystery product.

I woke up this morning, itching to move. I’ve been working so hard this week and didn’t work out. I started to write that I didn’t have time to work out but that’s not really true. Anybody can squeeze in a quick workout if she really wants to. It’s just a lame excuse. Even with everything I have going on, I… Continue

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Oh sure, so NOW I get it!

I had one of those revelations the other day that really should have come at a much earlier point in my development. I can’t even remember what spurred it on, but I finally figured out that if I tell people what I am thinking, rather than have them figure it out on their own, things tend to go much smoother. It is so easy to misinterpret words, expressions and phrases that are bandied about without thought. I find that people either (a) give me too much credit and read way too much into what I… Continue

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Do you, should you, fight in front of your kids?

An interesting conversation took place between my son and I last night. He was visibly shaken from the news that friends of ours are in the midst of a divorce. They have young children and, from his point of view, an ideal life. He could not grasp that they could really be separating. They always seemed to be so happy and he said to me, with his eyes looking up while his head bent down, "Mom, don't take this the wrong way, but if I had to pick between you and Dad or Mr. and Mrs. X. getting… Continue

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