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The Write Stuff: My Brilliant Career + Writing Class with 826LA = Kids Off The Couch

If your child dreams of being a successful author, or if they simply love to dabble in their journal, they'll appreciate My Brilliant Career, a film that had an impact on us when we were young women. Judy Davis makes her debut as Sybylla Melvyn, an impoverished Australian farm girl determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a great writer, even though it means rejecting a man she loves. Although the film's ending surprised the kids -- our modern… Continue

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Brighter Planet

The 350 Challenge has given you Planet Shares from Brighter Planet.

350 pounds carbon offsets will be retired on your behalf.

WOW! I feel like superhero today!…

Brighter Planet


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How To Get Free Publicity Teleseminar today @ 1pm Eastern

Shannon Cherry from and

is hosting a free teleseminar on her Endless Publicity Formula: Getting Free Publicity

today at 1pm Eastern

Register Here

In this exclusive call, you’ll leave:

* Thinking like a reporter to create newsworthy stories – even if don’t think you have anything to say

* Understanding the tricks to getting the media’s attention –… Continue

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Working towards my goal....

I have 8 weeks to go before I hit the beach and I must admit that even thought I haven't entirely reached my goal, I am still very pleased with my progress. I am eating better and working out harder than I ever have. I know that with this combination that by the time I turn 35, just 9 weeks away, that I will have reached my be in the best shape of my adult life. I will always have room for improvement though because I don't want my journey to end with a trip or when I have a birthday… Continue

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Parenting And Music: When To Turn It Off

I listen to a lot of pop and have noticed the increasing topic of sex and partying (in explicit terms) have been coming up. I wrote a post also entitled the same as this and would love to hear your comments as mothers on what you do. (btw, I do return comments)

More at:

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What Product Inspired Dr. Dolgoff’s First Giveaway?

This blog post contains my first giveaway. Read on to learn what product made me excited enough to want to share it with my readers. THREE readers will win this mystery product.

I woke up this morning, itching to move. I’ve been working so hard this week and didn’t work out. I started to write that I didn’t have time to work out but that’s not really true. Anybody can squeeze in a quick workout if she really wants to. It’s just a lame excuse. Even with everything I have going on, I… Continue

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Oh sure, so NOW I get it!

I had one of those revelations the other day that really should have come at a much earlier point in my development. I can’t even remember what spurred it on, but I finally figured out that if I tell people what I am thinking, rather than have them figure it out on their own, things tend to go much smoother. It is so easy to misinterpret words, expressions and phrases that are bandied about without thought. I find that people either (a) give me too much credit and read way too much into what I… Continue

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Do you, should you, fight in front of your kids?

An interesting conversation took place between my son and I last night. He was visibly shaken from the news that friends of ours are in the midst of a divorce. They have young children and, from his point of view, an ideal life. He could not grasp that they could really be separating. They always seemed to be so happy and he said to me, with his eyes looking up while his head bent down, "Mom, don't take this the wrong way, but if I had to pick between you and Dad or Mr. and Mrs. X. getting… Continue

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Want A New Blog Template/Layout For $3?

In an effort to rejuvenate interest in the fundraiser for my Big Bro, {Who is about to lose his apartment due to the… Continue

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Lucky June; become a lucky mom!!

Hi moms,

I just created a new blog called Lucky June and could use some followers. Stop by and become a fan. Make sure you commet that you found me thru MBC and I will follow you back!


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The Mabel Lifestyle

I was recently sitting around with my business partners chatting about our Mabel journey. We realized that over the last few years, the Mabel lifestyle has at times been a bit crazy. We have certainly found ourselves in some pretty wacky situations. So entertaining was the discussion, it’s worth sharing a few moments.

The Early Days:

- We were working out of a tiny basement making labels until 3:00am then going home to start the day with our kiddos at 6:00am. Oh, and three… Continue

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I am one with my nerd self.

I used to be cool. People used to look up to me for "coolness" and I would supply the cool to those thirsty for the cool that they were searching for. I used to be a skinny beautiful young girl who would carry a bat, beating off all the stupid boys who were vying for my attention.

I wasn't suffering from lack of dates. I used to carry a date planner and it was packed full of whats his faces numbers. Then, it all ended. I met my Captain… Continue

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Summer is Here! Think Water Safety

It's summer and at least in Houston, one of the greatest risks of the season has already reared it's ugly head. A four year old drowned here over the weekend while attending a birthday pool party. She is one of 14 Houstonians who have lost their lives to drowning in Houston already this year! The threat s everywhere folks flock to the water for a fum way to cool off.

We just need to remind ourselves to take ALL of the precautions available to keep our children safe in the water.… Continue

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How Much Do I Eat to Lose Weight?

This is probably one of the top questions for anyone embarking on a new diet and fitness plan. Follow these simple instructions to determine the approximate number of calories you should be eating to lose weight. To lose a pound a week, you must create a 3,500-calorie deficit, or burn 500 calories per day more than you eat. Here is an example of how a 150-pound personal would achieve that:

Add a zero to your body weight (150 + 0) =… Continue

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Body After Baby Challenge

Every Monday on Mama Notes, we come together to talk honestly about are bodies after having babies. It sure does change things doesn't it? Unless you're one of those gals born with perfect body and have stayed the same size since high school. Your body is different now that it's carried a child. Maybe your hips are wider, your skin is looser, or your muscles are weak. You're carrying an extra 5 pounds, an extra 30 pounds. You might have red stretch marks that make you feel self conscious. A… Continue

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The Waddle

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm now waddling. (In case you're wondering, I also joined the pregnant bloggers club, but no one seems to read it). Anyway, if you didn't guess, yes, I'm expecting. I'm now six and a half months along, having a boy. We all know it's going to happen, there's no avoiding it. I've been trying to get some exercise for the health of the baby, as well as for "an easier delivery". Uh huh. So, on days when I don't feel like absolute crap and the weather is nice,… Continue

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Daycare Week 1- Hand Foot Mouth

ET loves his daycare. We love his daycare. What we don't love? Hand Foot Mouth Disease, which we aren't sure if he has or not. Regardless, he has something that is viral.

He is good. We are good. Life is good.

I laugh in the face of illness.

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Celebrating 37

Dillon International is celebrating its 37th birthday this July! As part of the event we are holding local events and raising money for the children in South Korea, China, Ghana, Russia, Ethiopia, Haiti and other areas. Contact me at to find out about birthday events in your area!

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I knew this day would come

My son was so bad yesterday! He was defiant, mouthy, kept hitting, kicking and throwing things...and I don't even want to talk about once we left church! I said to myself..." I knew this day would come....the day when I could use a Mom-Free day." He was on my crap list. I actually had to put him punishment for half a day! To be honest, I didn't feel that bad either. Got mom woo's, share them in a comment! I'm sure a lot of us can relate!

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Entertaining for my daughter's 3rd birthday party was so exhausting! My back hurts.

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