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Switch It Up: Baby Jogger City Select Single/Double Stroller

Around this time last year, I was entering my third trimester with our second child. Anticipating the logistical juggling act of 2 under 2 with great trepidation, I was in the market for a double stroller roomy enough to accommodate our tall toddler and the new babe, but small and flexible enough to service our highly mobile urban lifestyle.

After much research, I narrowed the field down to a BOB Revolution Duallie, the Bumbleride Indie Twin, and the Maclaren Twin Techno. I had… Continue

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The Flirty Lasso Giveaways


I will be sponsoring five giveaways over the next few weeks. Listed below are the blogs who will be reviewing my lasso necklaces and will be offering giveaways on their blog sites. Please make sure to go by and register so that you can enter the Flirty Lasso Necklace giveaways.


*… Continue

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All In A Day's Work

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
All In A Day's Work

My theme for tonight's blog serves two is to help me and (hopefully) you get a feel for how different the world must look from an autie perspective...
...that, and to shamelessly indulge my love of Monty Python.

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Some Really Good Online Shopping Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/28/10

You can find these and the complete list here:

UGG Australia "Classic Argyle" Boot $69.99

Ed Hardy Women's Lowrise Stencil $29.98 (Was $72.99) free ship no limit or 15% off 70% off Everything Thru 2/4

Gap Gold stitched…

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Mommy Bashing

I found this quote on an article from FAMEBaby (Baby Center's Celebrity blog) today:

“I will tell you what I can’t abide - and I think the Internet has really created a space for it - women criticizing other women and mothers criticizing other mothers. It just makes me crazy, whether it’s between staying at home, going to work, how long you breast-feed, if you use formula. I feel like we should just assume everyone is doing the best they can. Women should take care of each other,… Continue

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Sometimes C Work is Good Enough

My boss said that to me once. And it really stayed with me. We are all raised being told that you have to do your best and excel and be an A student. Nothing I disagree with. But then you get into the real world and realize that just isn't real life. Sometimes, C work is good enough. And sometimes, C work is actually really, really good.

I was invited to participate in a research study on working moms and balance (ha!). I probably can't say too much about it as I have a feeling I… Continue

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Get Back to Basics to Teach Basic Skills

To teach or reinforce basics, get back to basics! In this day of ever increasing technology, it is still beneficial to give it all up for at least a few minutes and get back to basics.

I'm sure you have observed that in schools these days, as in other parts of the world, technology is king. Our kids are constantly bombarded with ever more technology to complete simple tasks that we somehow accomplished without technology. There are computer and hand held video games and systems and… Continue

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Mineral Wear Cosmetics

So many kinds - how to decide and know which brand(s) are safe and work?

See this article: for info and other resources. Share your experiences with us!

View cosmetics… Continue

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It Runs in the Family and There is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

I should have known my life would resemble tectonic plates not meant to hold still when my first sentence at the age of nine months was “eff routine”. I didn’t say it out loud, of course, or even know the words. But inside I felt their meaning. I couldn’t walk or talk yet, but I threw myself into the part. A restless method actor.

I knew, when at a year and a half, I reached over the top of my net playpen for the scissors my sister left too close to the edge of the dining room table,… Continue

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Get your Freelance Services/Business listed in our Directory today!

One of the biggest struggles of Work at Home Women today is lack of time in the day to complete all that they are expected to. Between being a homemaker, mother & wife in most cases, this in itself is a job. Then when you throw in the tons of duties that you have each day to make sure that your business gets the attention that it needs there is very little time left for you and/or your family.

We want to help you change this! That’s why we created a place where you can truly… Continue

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The easiest way to get monthly recurring income!!

The easiest way to get monthly recurring income without a lot of work struggling to come up with original content, without buying high-priced scripts and without waiting around for results. In fact...

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Starting your own membership site is perhaps THE best business model ever. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit… Continue

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Diary of moving day

(Didn't have internet yesterday to plug in this post. So here it is today.)


Having movers pack your stuff is a strange experience. Right now Queenie and I have been pushed to a corner in my bedroom, made to get out of the way. Every time we dare to leave we bump into someone, making us feel in the way and outsiders in our own home. For awhile we were huddled in the kitchen having breakfast on the floor while playing with her choo-choo. it was fine until she saw a… Continue

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Valentines day specials

20% off any order - code 20Valentines

Expires Feb 16th - starts now

check out our new items in the what's new section. Option 4 is free is your looking for a new biz! Buy or join I'd love to have you!


Win a romantic dinner or great date night out with just a purchase! go to…


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Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Happy 4th birthday to my little peanut- I love you Munchkin!

a few days old- she was just swallowed up by those preemie diapers!

on Munch's first birthday

2 years old!… Continue

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TAP All Your Problems Away

I'm so excited to learn there's gonna be a Online Audio Event on EFT Tapping in February (Registration starts on Feb. 1). And it's FREE! (Oh, how I love freebies!). Actually, this is something that most Americans take for granted -- they have a…

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Tag, you're it! A great game that keeps your kids safe at the pool.

Mary Ann Downing of Pool Safety Solutions posted a great technique for keeping kids safe at backyard pools. Check out Basically, each responsible adult takes the ‘tag’ and spends 10 minutes watching all the kids near and in the pool. When the 10 minutes is up they ‘tag’ another adult who then spends 10 minutes. What I love… Continue

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Do You Home School or know Someone that Does? Visit the Home School Teacher's Lounge

I am very excited about this topic. I'm a home school mom myself and I want to learn more about this topic while connecting and learning from others along the way.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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Oprah and Celeb Moms Give Us Hope

"Oprah isn't 'like' many of her viewers in terms of income, but she connects to them on a personal level," said Lou Manza, a psychology professor at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania. "She has chronicled her own struggles in a very public manner, and this lets people see that while she is wealthy, she also has 'regular' problems and has managed to work through them. This gives people hope - 'If Oprah did it, so can I.'" This quote came from the… Continue

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The 5 Minute Face - Compare and Decide

One thing busy chicks don't have a lot of is time. Check out these videos and glean a little beauty wisdom from the pros on a quick makeup routine.

Tyra Banks gives a 5-minute face tutorial on her show. She is a little manic, but some good tips here.

Now, one of the Busy Chick favs -… Continue

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