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Thank you, Thanksgiving.


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Help This Momma!

New To This Whole Thing.... Really Could Use Help With Setting Up My Page.... Really Interested In Reviewing Products....Help Help HELP :-)

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Fun Outdoor Street Games for Kids



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Mommy Blogs - Who Knew? - What's Your Opinion?

We need your opinion on one or more of our three questions for December. Shout it out HERE.


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Give up coffee or not give up coffee, hmmm?

My post:

I am having to take a break in my exercise for the next few weeks due to surgeries. My surgery is being blogged about on my other blog… Continue

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Day 1 after surgery!

My post:

PICS on my blog!

I am rather sore today and it feels really weird to have this tube hanging on the outside of my body and the battery pack is rather large and heavy and falls off my pants all the time. I think that companies forget that women to don't wear the same type of pants as men and the… Continue

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Sample Sizes

Ah, 'tis the season! Treats abound everywhere. Food is the hallmark of celebrating the holidays, and it seems to be everywhere! Even this supermom has to stop and admire fancy Christmas cookies, ponder a cup of peppermint hot chocolate, and seriously consider my own Cinnabon cinnamon roll with an extra side of dipping sauce! What makes these…


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Women's Talk Wednesday

I was sitting around thinking about future blog posts last night, and realized that yes, I'm a Mommy blog, yes, I'm a family blog, yes, I'm a tips on home/parenting/cooking/life blog, but, I'm also a Women's blog. When do I get to talk about the *fun* stuff? Just throw it in between posts about amazing pot roast and the hilarious… Continue

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The Calendar Doesn't Lie

December 1st marks the beginning of a very busy month between Christmas parties and traveling I am going to need to up my caffeine intake. My 6 weeks post op appointment is the 15th, thank goodness, and Dr. H didn't want me traveling around until after that appointment, well, too late I already did when we went to Orlando;-) I needed to get out of town even if it was for a day. I am so used to being able to just hop in the car and go and this whole surgery thing has put a…

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Blogmania - Open to YOU!

Blogmania has proven to be a lot of fun. Not only do you get to see a lot of amazing blogs that may have…

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A life-list of stuff I hope NEVER happens to me before I die

On my mental to-do list is, ‘Write a Life-List.’ Lots of you may already have one, and for your sakes, I hope you’ve been regularly crossing off accomplishments and adding new items, because Oprah knows when you’ve been naughty or living YOUR. BEST. LIFE!

Oh wait, she already did her Christmas giveaway show so who gives a shit. Mediocrity, you may carry on! …


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Its Hump Day (Whatever Hop)


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Are you linked up for December's MOMMY BLOGS - WHO KNEW?

BOLD is promoting Mommy Blogs. Increase your readers by joining our Link-up. It's a fun way to attract new readers to your blogs.


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Christmas Gift Ideas: Review & special offer of Kodak Photo Books


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The Pink Cattle Company

I know some of my faithful and loyal readers may have already read this particular post. Probably because I posted it a few months ago. However, rather than writing a new blog post, I am on a plane to Texas where I get to visit my "Pink Cattle Company." I assure all of you that I…


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Creating the Sparkle: Passion - What's Yours?

Sparkle, that word gives an instant mental picture. Something that is

beautiful, something that brightens its surroundings, that makes a

change to its world.

Something that is out of the ordinary, that brings happiness..

This goes hand in hand with passion. And no I'm not talking passion like

in the adult movies, but true deep passion for something that wells out

of your deepest inner parts.

Passion is what creates your sparkle, what makes… Continue

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Free Christmas Giveaway 2010


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I Wanna Quit the Blog!

I am a huge fan of the sitcom Friends. I've seen every episode at least five times. Maybe more. That's not an exaggeration. Just ask my husband. I was one of those people who threw a big Friends Finale party and bawled my eyes out when Rachel and Ross finally ended up together. As if there were any other option? Fans would have lit NBC Studios on fire if they hadn't. Okay, maybe that was just me.

A lot of the time I will sum up how I'm feeling through specific Friends episodes. It…


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Travel Tuesday - My Favorite Vacation Spots

Why do I always find myself dreaming about taking a vacation? Oh yeah...maybe it's because I haven't been on one in forever! In no particular order, here are my favorite vacation spots! Where are your favorite places to go on vacations?


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Teen Gift Guide

We like to think…


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