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Boba Carrier Has a Leg Up On Ergo

I’m a big fan of my Organic Ergo Baby Carrier. With a back prone to going out and two active babies, it’s always at hand – both as go-to gear and safety net. Don’t leave home without it.

I’ve worn Ergo on my front, worn it on my hip, and most recently became adept at the tricky slide-baby-onto-your-back maneuver, freeing up my arms and shoulders for an increasingly…


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Easy entertainment!

Just let your kiddos have a box of diapers....

Be sure to turn up the volume for lots of giggles.

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Gossip Girl

For they pursue and persecute him whom You have smitten, and they

gossip about those whom You have wounded, to their grief and pain.,
Psalm 69:26

like the tabloid game...those who broadcast someone's walk of shame.

Live to sully a child of God's good name...all in an effort to publicly

defame. Whether motivated by vengeance or gain...not the victim but the

perpetrators should be… Continue

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Should a shower without a drain have another name?

:) Just couldn't help myself on the rhyme, but seriously, can you really call it a shower? I have to admit, no one called it a shower except the midwife who told me to use it to wash myself every time I

went to the bathroom for the first two days after delivery. Then she

called it a shower. And it looked like a shower. But I just couldn't

figure it out.

I'm just going to have to say it, and no offense whatsoever to…


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Making It Look Easy


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Mommy Guilt

Today a fellow mom made me feel like crap because I stopped breastfeeding. Check out the full story on

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Gracious Giveaway...

Gracious Giveaway...

Since our eyes are constantly peeled for fun wall art, we’re so excited to bring you this week’s giveaway from E.A.D Designs. If you are you looking to personalize your space with a fabulous vinyl wall quote, than…


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Are you a judgmental mom snob?

Check out my blog post this morning on


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Failure of the System

I am sitting at my desk absolutely so angry that I could spit nails. I just read a series of articles

that reported the return of a 7 year-old Russian boy back to Russia. The adoptive mother, from Tennessee,

put him on an airplane bound for Moscow, alone, with a note saying she was

returning him. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?yes""> And…


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Salt On An Open Wound

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” ~ Carl Jung

Very few things are simultaneously as loving and painful as a kneading cat. Believe me, I would know; my cat, Wizard, is a twenty-pound bag of melted sugar and he regularly dispenses his love through the rhythmic action of his lion-sized paws.

Yesterday morning I was in for another dose of loving – Wizard jumped up on my chest while I was laying down on the couch still wearing pajamas and began walking over me… Continue

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monday monday

Hello treasured Peeps. Hope you all had a splendid weekend. It is pure spring here and I can really finally breathe. I have mentioned before that my house is tiny (something I love most days) but come mid -march the walls and children are closing in on me . Do they really need friends over:)? Finally we have the deck furniture out of shed and it is a little slice of peace for me. This is the view out my bedroom door.…


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Pee on a stick again? Sure!

Journals are my crack. They get me excited, tingly, and itching with a feeling of exhilaration each time I break a new one open. I love writing the date on the top line, followed by a verbal onslaught ranging from daily reflections,… Continue

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God keeps me in awe & wonder every time I look at His Earth & the things on it. This hibiscus that bloomed in our front yard made me stop in my tracks & stare. It was so sharp in color. So upright--as if to say, "I'm confident today!" If you aren't feeling God today or you're struggling to… Continue

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Empowering Your Child...A Crossroad for Parents

The word "empowering" is floating around the parenting community quite a lot these days. When asked, most parents are in favor of it.

When you speak to parents about educating their children about the principles of the law of attraction, most are in favor of it.

Parents love the part about their children thinking positive thoughts, choosing positive actions, and being grateful for what they have in their life. However, as you go further into the meaning and purpose of… Continue

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How To Life Coach Yourself: Ask "Why" Like Your Kids Do!

Martha Beck got one of her favorite coaching tools from the Japanese manufacturing process. In the 70s, car manufacturing changed completely when the Japanese managed to create cars that just didn’t break down. It changed the entire economy, because folks hardly had to bring their cars into the shop anymore. The cars were so well-made.

To make a long story short, the Japanese automobiles were so well-crafted because the workers were charged with asking “why”…

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Fayetteville's HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator offering something NEW!

I am so extremely happy to announce that My Gentle Birthing, Fayetteville's HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (HBCE) has ordered the Kaya Birthing Stool! I am so thrilled an excited to bring such a progressive birthing stool to Fayetteville!

Please read about this on my blog: My Gentle Birthing Blog

Have a beautiful day!

Teva Dellabalma, HBCE…


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This Free Software Will Really Help Your HomeParty Business


I have an exciting gift for you that will have a

big impact on your Home Party Business.

It helps you keep track of all your parties, your

contacts, expenses and income (in a secure site), plus

a whole lot more.

And the best part is it's Free!

After signing up you will also discover how you can

earn commissions by giving out this program to your

friends… Continue

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Unique Hand painted glassware…


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Miss Snarky

Since I’ve been on the receiving end of a snarky comment today – I thought I would contribute a blog post to “Miss Snarky”.

Read full post here:

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