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I have a contest/drawing running on my Mommys reviews You can Use blog at Go to the blog and enter today! Here is the a run down of the entry process....


So far, I have had some great responses... but, the contest is open until 10/10! So, keep tweeting, commenting, andmore! The more you hsare and comment, the more… Continue

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I Should Totally Be Writing Pornomedy

(Disclaimer: Adult Content or something....I couldn't make this shit up)

There was this guy. His name was Wayne but he looked so much like Kevin Costner that me and my best friend called him Kevin. Not to be confused with the real Kevin I was also seeing who owned a restaurant and did things that I'd tell him to do that I'm sure he'd never want anyone to even speculate about, let alone write about on their blog. But that's a whole 'nother post.

So I went out with Kevin… Continue

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Feel-Good Foods: 10 Stress-Soothers


Our minds and bodies cope better when we’re getting the right foods, filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Eat your way out of stress (literally) with these ten power foods that will not only boost your overall energy and keep you mellow, but counteract the damaging effects of anger on your body. Your diet can be the key to managing stress in your life and these easy-to-find foods may be right in your kitchen’s…

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Toddler Transitions Oh My!

There's no doubt about it: when you're young you have to be flexible, willing to adapt in this constantly changing world. Doing things the same old way each day is for old folks . . . you know, like four-year-olds. That's right. By the time a child is turns four, he'll have most likely experienced such monumental lifestyle changes as giving up his beloved pacifier and moving from the cozy comfort of his crib to the vast expanse of a big kid bed. Many kids will have left home already and gone… Continue

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Underneath the ink of my tattoo

I am a little worried that I may have an addiction. That may surprise you if you know that my top strength is being cautious, and I think getting ink permanently placed in one's skin may be less than cautious. But each time I get tattooed, my immediate thought is, "Ooohh, I love the way that color looks on my arm (or back or other arm). What else can I do to color my body?" And usually before I am even out of the tattoo studio, I have nearly decided on what kind of tattoo I'll get next. And… Continue

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Thanks to MyBlogSpark, I recently received a Yoplait Delight "Deli Your Day" Prize Pack. My prize pack included a spa mask, wrap robe and slippers and a couple for coupon for FREE Yoplait Delights. I also have a prize pack to giveaway.

To enter my giveaway, please visit my blog

Giveaway Ends - Sunday, September 27, at 9pm.

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Make Your Own Sparkling Spiders

Having a Halloween party, or just want something fun to adorn your table this season? These friendly spiders are easy to make and fun to look at.

What you'll need:

Styrofoam ball, approximately 4” in diameter

Purple acrylic paint

Sponge applicator

2 large wiggle eyes

Hot glue

9 black chenille sticks

Colorful craft gems OR purple sequins and sequin… Continue

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Sage Advice from my Tween to a Teen

Out of the mouths of babes.

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Children keep you young” is quite possibly the biggest lie told to parents in the history of parenthood. Right up there with beating with leather belts will somehow discipline them in a good way! Fi…

Children keep you young” is quite possibly the biggest lie told to parents in the history of parenthood. Right up there with beating with leather belts will somehow discipline them in a good way!

First, the facts. Carrying a child, sucks out all of your nutrients, leeches your gums, ruins your breasts, mottles your once lovely skin tone and adds a layer of fat to your stomach that simply will never go away unless, of course, you go the surgical route.

On a mental health… Continue

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Glamorize Jeans And A Tee Shirt

I love denim because it is extremely versatile. It allows you to, effortlessly, transition from a dress down day with the kids to a flawless evening outfit for an outing with the girls or your favorite guy.

Here are four easy steps that will turn the most basic of outfits; jeans and a t-shirt, into a fabulous ensemble, perfect for a lunch date, a movie date or for anytime you need a little confidence boost.

THE… Continue

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five years and counting

This Friday J and I will celebrate five years of marriage, hence the Ooph logo. I spent some time Sunday looking through our wedding photos and reminiscing about the day we got married. I know I am biased but it was an insanely fun wedding, complete with hay bales, cowboy hats, Budweiser and margarita popsicles to help our guests cope with the hot September afternoon. I have only looked at the photos one other time right after the wedding and… Continue

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Communication techniques may have changed but not the communicators!

So I know we are all busy with our lives and families, careers and relationships. Life seems to be moving ahead at a ”Warp 10 Mr. Sulu” rate (I promise that is the first and last Start Trek reference ever in this blog!) and we are all looking to technology to help us keep things straight or speed things up. We have email, Twitter, Facebook, texting and of course cell phones attached to all of our wrists. When things are moving this quickly, it is comforting to know that some things cannot and… Continue

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Please Help Me Find This Blankie!

This was posted on another blog site - but I need all the help I can get. Thanks!

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The bigger picture

I am a firm believer that things don’t happen without a good reason. I have always believed that everything happens within a bigger plan and when we look back on it later it will seem so obvious. I will also say that my experience has been that when I am in the midst of the drama it can be quite difficult to see what the hell it all means. It has happened this way almost every step of my life. For most calamities I have come to terms and found some peace in the way things turned out. There are… Continue

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Blogger is yet again messing with the following widget on blogs. I can not see anyones following widget. I even have a new follower and I can't find out who it is!!

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To Ethan (11 Months)

Dear Ethan,

You turn 11 months old today. Just one more month to go, I can tell people that you are how many years old, instead of 6 weeks and 4 days, or (cont.)

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Chicken Stew

A dumb-free comfort food perfect to serve with pasta and rice. Just wanted to share the recipe here!

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Like finding obscure blogs??

Am I the only one that likes finding obscure blogs? When I come across a blog that already has 1200 followers or 25 comments on every post I get a little turned off. Of course there are some exceptions. But as a general rule for me I like finding great new blogs. I don't know why this is.

I am the same way with following people on Twitter. The only people I follow on Twitter with thousands of followers are people like Oprah. I'm also this way with discussion forums - unless it's something… Continue

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Inspire Creativity In your Children

In today's world, almost every product created for children is just that, already created. The place to grow, imagine and be creative is hard to do when an opportunity isn't available. A paint by numbers coloring book tells you exactly where to paint and with what colors. Step by step instructions on how you should paint. A doll is already dressed in perfectly matched clothes with matching accessories. A building is already created, all is left is to add your men. The baby toy is complete with… Continue

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