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holiday heaven

We went away last weekend with my parents for a little 3day break in Lythm st Annes for a joint celebration of the girls' birthday and my Dad's birthday. I have always been to Lythm ever since i was small, i used to go with my Nan and run on the beach, ride the little train and bounce on the trampolines it was great and knowing i was coming here with my children made it all that more special.

Lythm has a wonderful sea front with the sea going out for miles leaving… Continue

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3 Tips to Overcome Overeating

Be aware of what and how much you eat. This simple concept will save you from hundreds upon hundreds of calories each week.

To apply this rule, don't eat while your attention is distracted by another activity. Only put food in your mouth when you are hungry and conscious of it. This means turn off the T.V., get out of your car, and no matter what you… Continue

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The Tale of the Dung Beetle

The Tale of the Dung Beetle

By Pamela Victor

My daughter Sierra, her friend Hope (oh! how this name foreshadows our tale!) and I were walking the dog early one summer morn. The weather was, for once, lovely. Not too hot. Not too cool. Not too buggy even. The girls brought a carrot each, a treat for our neighbor's fine equine companions. Birds chirped. Wind whispered. Girls giggled. All was well in our little piece of the world.

My little nature girl, Sierra, cried out… Continue

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Not Just Love - Sex, Too

I have a theory (hold on to your hats!). I’ve had this theory for awhile now, at least a few years…now I shall share it with you.

My theory states that one way to make the world a happy, easy-going place is to enjoy some good sex. Sounds easy, right? Apparently not. I’m mostly speaking to the women of my audience since it’s a bit harder for us to, ummm, finish.

Think about the last time you truly had an orgasm. Didn’t you feel at peace, like all is right with the world?… Continue

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Is It Possible To Have a Green Move?

This question has been going on in my head the past few days while I have been working hard to pack up our house for our move on Monday. I felt like I was doing a halfway decent job with it until yesterday - when I looked around and saw a ton of boxes everywhere! So here is a list of stuff I've tried to do to make our move as green as possible. I think I needed to write these down today to remind myself that even though it looks like I'm creating a ton of waste in our house right now, I have… Continue

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Super Secret

I've got some super duper, top secret news.... but unfortunately, I can't share yet.... :) Is the suspense killing you? I promise I will share when I am able. But until then, stay tuned.

Let's just say that I'm going somewhere this morning that has to do with this "secret news".

Thanks for stopping by.


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Decisions Have Been Made!!

This morning I received a letter from work saying that my official leaving date is next Friday! That means I have 8 days then I'm officially unemployed! This will be the first time in 13 years that I will not have a job and to be honest its scares the shit out of me!!

However I have decided to stop worrying myself as I'm making myself ill! I'm not sleeping and I'm getting stress headaches!

I won't be unemployed I will be a Stay at home mummy! I will keep looking for part… Continue

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Whoa, cool, mom!

The Malaysian haze situation is getting completely out of hand. I mean, what use is a kitchen with a view when there's nothing but smoke outside? Spent all that money to cook on top of a stupid (small) hill for nothing. I walk out and I smell burning rubbish and the scent of scorched trees.

Rubbish. I hope something is done fast.

Being more than a lil miffed, I tinkled with this image to express my feelings.

My… Continue

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The Key To Success

When I first started my internet marketing business I was so overwhelmed because there is so much to learn and try to figure out what all I need to do. I kept saying, "I'm smart, I should be able to figure out how to do this". I am the type of person, that if you just SHOW me how to do something, I can do it.

Do you ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels around and around and not really getting anywhere? I recently discovered… Continue

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10 Tips To Help Your Child Stay Healthy While Eating At A Buffet

Eating at a buffet is lots of fun, especially for kids. Children get very excited about the different choices they are offered at a buffet. For some, the idea of “all you can eat” is thrilling. How can you help your child navigate a buffet without going overboard? Read on for ten simple guidelines to help your child eat at a buffet without sabotaging his diet.

1.Don’t sit/stand around the buffet. Make your child’s plate and then move away from the table. Looking at the food will only… Continue

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Flashing - French Style

I’ve discovered there’s more than one way to be the most popular mom at the school fair.

Some mamans slave over homemade madeleines, some donate bottles of Château Margaux wine to the raffle, and then there’s my tactic.

Flash the dads.

OK, so it wasn’t a part of the original plan. Last Friday was our first-ever school fair – and I was feeling the pressure. I knew I’d see Arabelle, the snooty Alpha-Maman who somehow managed four small children, ran the PTA… Continue

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First Time for Everything

I was recommended MBC by a fellow blogger friend. I'm a bit overwhelmed by this site for now, as there seems to be alot going on. I'm sure I will get the hang of it when I have time to sit down and check everything out. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a blogger on the run. But I have an excuse this time... I'm on vacation visiting family.

So, first-timer here... signing out.... til next time.


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I won a FREE Vado Video Camera From!

I became a member at 3 weeks ago. A day after I signed up, I got an email saying I won a FREE Vado video camera! MomTV has been giving away a certain amount of video cameras to get moms vlogging. I'm very thankful to get mine! I just got it in the mail. I can't wait to make some cooking videos! Become a member of MomTV. It's a great site!

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Chocolate Overload Cookies

Need a chocolate fix? These are the cookies for you! Try them next time you have a craving! You'll need some milk too! :) Check out my blog for the… Continue

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Have You Heard About Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is hitting the Social Media Scene with a bang! So many new Internet Marketers make the mistake of trying to "sell people" their products or opportunities the minute they first make contact. Attraction Marketing is based on the concept of creating relationships and getting to know people prior to trying to "push" your opportunity on them.

The Magnetic Sponsoring course by Mike Dillard helps… Continue

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Babysitter vs. Nanny? What is the Difference?

Babysitters and Nannies share a key purpose in their jobs in that their primary responsibility is to care for children. However there are some differences in how their roles are structured. A babysitter is defined as a person engaged to care for one or more children in the temporary absence of parents or guardians. A nanny is more technically defined as a “children’s nurse.”

Typically a nanny is employed directly by the family receiving a set hourly or weekly rate along with overtime… Continue

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How To Survive A Summer BBQ Without Gaining Weight!

It’s the summer, and you’ve just been invited to a 4th of July barbecue. You RSVP “Yes”, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “Ribs, hot dogs, potato salad, creamy dressings, hamburgers, icecream; How am I going to control myself?!”

Obviously, if you are attending a barbecue, it is impossible to control WHAT is there, but it is possible to control what you put on your plate and how much you eat! While you are outside with guests, make it a point to enjoy the company of… Continue

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Vehicle Grief

I’ve been doing a bit of complaining about having to find a car that suits our family. I was whining about this on my other blog (

The biggest issue has been that it seemed like no one wanted to help us out. I e-mailed contacts in the car industry and didn’t hear back. We went to a car lot and looked at a bunch of vehicles and the guy said he would call if something suitable arrived and we never heard from him… Continue

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Childbirth pain...

Poor Dr Walsh... Now come on, he's just said that we should just stop being sissies and get on with the pain, which, if I had to find an equivalent, I would say resembles being violently stabbed in the back again and again (that was how it felt for me)... that's all ladies! Please will you stop being so nasty wanting to eat his heart on a plate! Come on there must be some logic… Continue

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How Long Did You Breastfeed? Why Did You Stop?

After my wonderful experience with it, I have become passionate about breastfeeding and would like to encourage as many moms as possible to start and continue to breastfeed — that is a major reason why I started my blog, No matter how long you choose to breastfeed — one week or four years — I want to be a resource and cheerleader for all new mothers because I believe most women can nurse their child with the… Continue

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