Acquiring a Taste for Wine – How to Properly Enjoy This Elegant Beverage

Even if you drink wine regularly, you might not have a developed taste for it. Drinking box wine from your local supermarket does not mean that you know wine, but if you would like to acquire a more elevated taste for this extremely elegant and at times sophisticated beverage, the process is…

Things To Know Before Taking Out A Personal Loan

Personal loans are designed to give individuals a rapid influx of cash when times are hard. They offer people a way to acquire the necessary capital to carry out some home renovations or to pay off debts and raise their credit score.

Of course, as with any other…




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No abuse devastates me more than sexual abuse. Over the years, I've had painstaking discussions with people who have endured it. As they relayed their pain, I could feel my heart fill to its brim with tears. I am not an expert, however, I want to offer some resources that come highly recommended from the experts I've had the honor of knowing. I hope this helps someone… Continue

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Author Janet Halfman

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 10, 2011

Author Janet Halfman



VeteranAuthor Has New Books For…


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Eikorn, A Grain to Get to Know

Now that the holidays (and food-related excesses) are behind us, it’s time to focus on our health. More than a few of us have an “Eating Clean” resolution on our agenda this year. Which is why it’s completely apropos to introduce you to Einkorn wheat, an ancient species of hulled wheat. Einkorn, which ISN’T corn (translates precisely to…


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We are Back - 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast...

We Are Back - 24/7 MOMS Live Webcast

New Year, New Season, New Fun, New Giveaways - that's right 24/7 MOMS Live is back this Tuesday Night with more mom fun, chat, giveaways, show guests and ideas every MOMS wants to know about right on their computer.....a TV show designed by… Continue

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I am a featured blogger today at!!!

So excited today when I found out my blog/post was featured at!

There's the link for the mysears website but the original post is at my blog

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Saving Money Shopping!!

Before ths past year I was never in a hurry or cared about how much money I was saving. I just thought sale/clearance/marked down & I was doing great!! That was before I started being a SAHM & also before my MIL took a couponing class. Well after a few months combined with a new move to a new town to a new state I decided to give it a whirl. Oh the first couple weeks were tricky with all of the abbreviations (RR, UP, ECB, OOP, & so on) but about my third or fourth week I started…


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Ted Williams' Voice Debut. An interview can change your life.


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Flying with kids- What goes around comes around

In the past week I have read a few stories about traveling with kids and the disparity between those who travel with them and those who don’t. Of course the latter group is highly against the former being anywhere near them when they're traveling, especially flying . We parents know that most kid-less travelers wish our families would take a kids-only airline somewhere or better yet, stick to the back of the plane with a sound proof partition around us. We get it. They’re looking for a…


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Mack Monthly Update

This month marks Mack's 2 1/2 birthday. Hold the phone.. say what!?! I can't believe how time has flown by. Not only is my beautiful little girl growing so quickly it's making me think that number two needs to be in the cards soon... "Shut the Front Door!" It's crazy to me that in 6 short months she will be three and the pressure will really be on to jump in the sack with the hubs and get in baby making mode. Side… Continue

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Snow Day 2011


We're being hammered with a major snow storm.  It's crazy.
We're trying to make the best of it, but daddy is a tad bit …

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Tips to positive thinking!

My post


OK so after my last post I have been looking for new ways to help me be more positive so I do not have another week like last week.

I was in a meeting the other day and someone was giving a video talk about being positive.  Some of his points were to always be excited and lead by…


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Turbo Jam, cleaning, walking, worn out bur feel good!

My post:


Wow yesterday was crazy!  I did 30 minutes of Turbo Jam, had to cut it short because I had a doctors appointment and a house to clean all before 5pm.  I am only a 11 minutes walk, if I walk briskly, to my doctor and could not be OK with driving it.  It was cold and a bit of snow on the…


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How to be a Cowboy

Lil' man has been discovering  re-discovering his new, and not-so-new toys.…

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Day 34 after InsterStim stage 2 surgery!

My post:


If this is your first time here or you have not read my blog for awhile my InterStim journey blogs started back on 11-29-10 and posted through 12-16-10. I may be off a couple days in Dec but it is close. I have logged my journey with both stage 1 and stage 2 of the…


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Heaven. Someday I will be there & I hope you will be, too. Here's five dreams I have for Heaven...

1. No more addictions.

No more unanswered…

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Our Newest Newsletter Sponsor:

We're excited to partner with is our newest newsletter sponsor. Be sure to check out our newsletter next week for a special offer to win a year of shoes. Yes, a… Continue

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Makin' News Monday: No, Please Don't Grow Up

Today is a momentous day on SO many levels. I'm having a hard time digesting the sweeping change that is taking over my home. Last week Bryson turned 5 and now my first baby is one year away from being a teenager....I think I need a bottle of wine.

Twelve years ago I gave birth   Tyler. I was a kid. I knew nothing about the hardships and the joys of motherhood. I had no idea that it would be the most challenging and… Continue

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Yoga... The Physical And Mental Benefits

Yoga has proven for centuries to have the following physical and mental benefits to the body:

Physical Benefits:


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Today's world can be a terrifying place

I had a nightmare Saturday night - jumbled, disjointed, frightening scenes. It started with our family going to a store's grand opening. It ended with me being trapped inside, watching a plane crash-land in the parking lot and skid into the building as panic and chaos erupted all around me.

I couldn't find my husband; I couldn't find my children.

In the dream, I think I was in a Wal-mart, but I might as well have been in a Safeway, because I'm sure the murderous rampage in…


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Good Times in the Oldest City in the Nation

Our mini getaway to St.Augustine was AMAZING! The last time we were there was 12 months ago and 12 months too long. We absolutely adore this city. The unique and eclectic embed themselves into every brick and every stone. The relaxed and carefree atmosphere is such a great de-stresser.

Our first stop was the Castillo de San Marcos

Then we hit the historic downtown district where a plethora of fabulous shops and cafes line the streets. After we finished there we caught a… Continue

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