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Before, or After?

Many years ago, it was almost unheard of for a woman to bear a child

out of wedlock. In some cases, the mum-to-be was cut off from her

family and placed in a home for the improper act of having sex before

marriage, thus resulting in the birth of a child. Even though it had

taken two people to make that baby, the woman would be the one at

fault, whilst in a lot of cases, the man would walk away without

needing to face up to his responsibilities. Of course back then,… Continue

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My celeb obsession and an invite to join my entourage: find out about the things I like based on the Fan Sites I've built

So I've been building these Fan Sites on a site called Fantourage. It's a site that shows much promise - it's fun because it combines my geeky-tech skills with my passion for certain celebs/bands/chefs/tv shows and a competition (to win points). You'll see - it'll all become clear in the next paragraphs. If you are reading this now then I've caught your interest. I do hope you can click on the site links for the things YOU are a fan of.… Continue

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New Products!

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The one and Only Direct sales Newsletter!

Do you enjoy staying on top of the latest news,articles and companies of the Direct Sales world? Over at The Very Busy Mama we offer Daily postings on all a variety of Direct Sales info! BUT you wont find it all at the blog!…


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The Very Busy mama now has a FREE affiliate program for you to join!

Earn 20% on every newsletter sold! Plus win bonuses!!

Hope you can stop by!

Thank you!

Jordan G.

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March Specials

HOSTESS SPECIAL: 1/2 Price Tinted Moisturizer!!! Every Hostess with a qualifying Spa…


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Creating An Online Magazine

Do you have something to say but are not quite sure which online platform would provide the best showcase for you and your business? You could consider an online magazine.

If you are looking seriously at this option, then there are a few questions you must ask yourself.

Are you going to focus on one topic or cover a broad range of topics?

This is important because it allows you to plan topics well in advance while at the same time…


Added by Michelle Sweeney on February 25, 2010 at 6:06pm — 2 Comments

Does a little procrastinating hurt?

Sometimes, delay can be dangerous, even deadly. Do you think procrastinating can hurt?

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Hi All- I'm Barefoot in Brooklyn...

Hello to all the mommies who blog! I am really loving this new adventure and am looking forward to all the new and interesting ways to enhance my blog and gain more readers and eventually advertisers.

My blog is called BAREFOOT IN BROOKLYN

Check it out when you have a chance and join me as I continue to…


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Have You Purchased Ad Space on Social Media?

I am trying out for the first time, purchasing an ad for my website, a humor blog, on Facebook. I thought about purchasing the ad to invite people to become a fan of my fanpage, but am more interested in bringing people to my site. You can link the ad to either.

Since I have a goal to exceed the number of New Visitors to my blog to the level required to afford heat for my home and food for my fridge, perhaps some breath mints, I linked the ad to my blog.

There are two… Continue

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Crying in the bathroom

There are days like this day when I HATE being a stay at home mom. When

I envy the fact that Principe has rarely seen Queenie throw a temper

tantrum, when I am jealous of the women out there who get to share some

gossip during their morning coffee that has nothing to do with how to

make your toddler come when you say or to stay in bed. I have gone all

day today without speaking to one adult except for Principe twice (who

is in Madrid until tomorrow and says he may… Continue

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Threefer Thursday Giveaway!

What's the first thing you notice about a person? Tweet us your answer (@Sist3rs) and you could win this: #giveaway

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Teething.....Not Cool!

Teething Ring...check


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$5,000 LuShae Sweepstakes for Bloggers! Contest Details: LuShae Jewelry is giving away $5000 cash to one lucky blogger to spend anywhere you'd like! There will also be monthly $200 winners! Simply…

$5,000 LuShae Sweepstakes for Bloggers!

Contest Details:

LuShae Jewelry is giving away $5000 cash to one lucky blogger to spend anywhere you'd like! There will also be monthly $200 winners!

Simply visit the contest page here (


1. Display one of their jewerly badges on your blog, website or social profile page. (Badges can be found on the contest page). All badges and info can be… Continue

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Direct Sales Mammas

I wanted to share this great new group with you all.

Direct Sales Mammas a new yahoo group.

Please put that Denise Dobbs referred you in the comment section when joining.

Added by Denise Dobbs on February 24, 2010 at 4:52pm — No Comments

Goddess Divine Jewelry ~ Double Gift Certificates Sale!

Double Gift Certificates Sale!

From now until Feb 28th, 2010…


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Win a Maternity Set- Laugh and Learn about Childbirth

Giveaway! My Blog is in spanish but giveaway is open to everyone in the US!

Laugh and Learn about Childbirth book (english) + DVD + T-shirt!

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Eco-Beauty Multitaskers + $400 in Swag: ESNL 2.23.10">" border="0" alt="hey, ecostilettoista!" width="600" height="161">…

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dreaming of spring...

I could really, REALLY do with an end to winter. As in now. Right this very minute. Are you listening, Mother Nature?

Baby S has been struggling with a cold for nearly two weeks, and I have to say there might not be anything more pitiful than seeing your baby's red eyes and runny nose. Oh, and listening to a cough that could wake a hibernating…


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Cranberry White Chocolate Almond Biscotti (no butter!) Sweetens My Day

In the mood for a little sweet treat? This cranberry biscotti with white chocolate and almonds is a delightful snack with a hot drink... (Read the entire post at Hot Cookin' ...)…

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