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4 Going on 20...Few Words Wednesday w/linky

Check out my Few Words (usually Wordless) Wednesday photo and link up yours while you are there!

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Personalized Lunch Box from Freckle Box

Enter to win a cute Personalized lunch box from Frecklebox at Shibley Smiles

Frecklebox - (10/23)


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Mia has had a pretty high fever (between 102-103) for three days. We can't figure out why, other than being generally miserable, she has no other symptoms.

In addition, when the nurse weighed her at the doctor yesterday, we saw that she has only gained 1/2 a pound in the last three months. She was 15lbs 8 ounces at 9 months and is now 16lbs 2 oz. It does look like she grew almost 3 inches during that time but still. The doctor didn't comment on this because we were focused on her…


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Wordless Wednesday: Wheeeee!

Come by and see my cute Wordless Wednesday post! It will make you smile! :-) Link up with me if you have a Wordless (or Wordful) Wednesday post.

Happy WW!

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The Hunger Diaries Debate

So, there is quite a buzz in mommy-blogger land, about an article that recently appeared in Marie Claire magazine. The author, Katie Drummond, attended a Healthy Living Summit, that is hosted by six female, premier health, diet, and fitness bloggers. It seems, rather than showcasing these women's drive to spreading the…


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These were the photos before...

I’m going to try something new every month and show you the “before” pictures I use in my monthly banners [I may come to regret those words]. It’s fairly obvious these banner photos are retouched, dipped in varnish remover and then spray-coated, but just the same, you’ll get a gauge of Photoshop's capabilities. Mkay, here we go… Continue

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Does your child play the violin?

If yes, I have 3 autographed copies of my children's picture book, The Magic Violin to give to mommy bloggers for review. This would make a lovely Christmas gift for your little violinist. I'll write a dedication, too. :-)

Take a peek inside the book. Watch the trailer HERE.

Be sure your volume is on so you can hear Vivaldi's "Winter"

I'll send the book to the first… Continue

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Great Deals To Help Get Ready For The Holidays & Blog Conferences!

The holiday season is quickly approaching. I've found this wonderful offer and I want to share! How about we get really organized, and do a great job budgeting, this year? :-> Here's your chance to snag a bunch of fun gifts and stocking stuffers for free from VistaPrint. With VistaPrint's…


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Do Alittle Dance

Do Alittle Dance…


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Baby Shower Advice From an Imperfect Mama

Dear E,

When I heard that you and your gorgeous husband were expecting your first baby, I wanted to shout for joy. When I heard your sister-in-law was handling the shower, I was a little less excited. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very nice person…I think. I’m sure asking you if you’re going to get a boob job after nursing was well-intended. I’m also pretty certain that the tantrum she threw at your husband’s birthday party was just the result of a bad day. (A lot of people…


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Can't let no sleep cloud my judgement!

If you like my post please follow my blog, leave a comment and I will follow back!

Trying real hard today to not let my 14 sleepless nights cloud my journey to my positive thinking. I need to really read my grateful list out loud many times today and gear all my thinking towards the… Continue

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Trying to break the bad habit again!

My latest post, if you like it please follow and leave a comment and I WILL follow back.

Wow it has been one long couple of weeks and it is mine and my husbands fault.

When we moved into this new rental over the summer the two kids have to share a room upstairs next to ours as we cannot feel OK with anyone being in the downstairs room.… Continue

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1.75 inch loss in 8 days supplement and gym FREE!

The post is hard to paste as I have it in columns with my actual inches, if you like it please follow my blog, leave me a comment and I WILL follow back

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Skatergirl cupcakes

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Superdad has lost his super sight. He can no longer see through clothes without his bifocals (insert giggle here). Yes, Superdad has bifocals & he will not allow me to take a picture of him wearing them )o:

Personally I think he looks mighty sexy with his glasses, especially when he lies in bed reading. It gives me a glimpse into our future everytime. This glimpse does… Continue

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Supermom of the Week ~ Kelcey Kitner from The Mama Bird Diaries

I have only been blogging for a little under a year, but in that short amount of time I have come across some amazing moms in the blogging world.

These amazing moms & their stories have made me laugh, made me cry & some have just downright inspired me.

So, I came to the conclusion… Continue

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Mexican Pork and Rice

What's your favorite part about the autumn season? Is it the cooler weather? The beautiful leaves? Maybe it's Halloween or Thanksgiving that tickles your fancy. I know for my husband it's the return of his beloved college football team, the VT Hokies. For me it's all of the above (except swap out bucky badger for the maroon and orange turkey).

I didn't always love the fall. Growing up in Wisconsin, summer took the cake. I had off from school, I could go to bed late, and I spent my… Continue

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The Women in the White Coats

I started reading a new book last night, The Boy From Baby House 10. It is the miraculous story of a boy who somehow managed to survive a Russian orphanage, be adopted by an American family, and grow up to be a…


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Pet Wellness - Natural Pet Health Care for Sore Muscles & Joints

People living on the wellness side of life, and health professionals will be the first to tell you that exercise plays a major role in health and fitness for people and pets. It has so many benefits with one of the best being that helps tremendously in… Continue

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I am simply Amazed!

They Just keep coming!! It seems like every week I get a blog award from someone and I'm just amazed at how so many people like my blog enough to give me an award. At the bottom of this blog on the sidebar you can see I have already won 4 blog awards and now I have been awarded 5 more!! 5 More!! Yes they are essentially the same award but still that is a lot of people that like me. I guess I'm bragging, but I also want to say thank you!! Thank you to everyone who awarded me a blog award in…


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