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Lipglossd Mom interviews beauty expert, Rebekah George!

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of interviewing beauty expert, Rebekah George over the phone! We covered the topics of:…


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They Have Friends?!?

When I had children, my friend set changed. My non - children friends, whether single or not, went on with their lives and I made new, mommy, friends. I started out friending anyone who had children and then, over the years, whittled out the ones I didn't have much in common with, and now, have settled into wonderful, fulfilling, friendships that I cherish dearly. I miss my other friends and, thanks to social media, I get to keep in touch with them. But 98% of my friends and friendships now,… Continue

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A Day in the Life

This weekend, my husband took the time to teach Katie how to swing herself on the playset. He is a great dad, he is, but it was more for selfish reasons that he pressed it. We are both so tired of pushing the kids! Is that awful? If it is, oh well. It gets old. The constant, "Mommy, push me!"; "Mommy, push me first."; "Mamamama - weeee."

I can only stand out there, pushing until their heart is content, for so long. And then I get irritated, I can admit it. I want to go in, do more… Continue

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Giveaway - Bellamina Owl Bookend

Perfect for your child's room, nursery or anywhere your heart desires, Bellamina offers colorful pillows, magnets, bookends and all kinds of unique items for babies, children and anyone and everyone.

Go here to enter to…


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People Without Kids Just Don't Get It...

People Without Kids Just Don’t Get It.…


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My New Year Resolutions

Do you have any hope & dreams for your new year? Are there any things left undone? Places you wanted to visit? People you wanted to meet? Things you wanted to buy? Or perhaps you bought tooooo many things you don’t need ha ha. Sometimes you feel guilty for not having done things you should have done. The New Year always brings new opportunities to start all over again. Somehow,…


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Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 - My Review

I absolutely loved this program when I had a chance to try it out. Read my post to see why:

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Women's Talk Wednesday- Birth Control

Let's admit something right now, ladies. Birth control should be up to us, shouldn't it? We're the ones that will have to carry a child for the next 9 months if the method fails to do it's job. So, I think that means we should be able to choose which one suits us the most, right? Right!

Now, most of my readers are…

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Hello all,

I am being featured on Bizymoms homepage as expert of the week. Thanks for letting me brag!

Dear Expert,

We are delighted to inform you that you are currently being featured on

our homepage, as you are an expert of the week!

Please see:

under Expert…


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How to tell if your child is depressed

With the holidays approaching, everyone's spirits seem to soar. Festivities and family gatherings offer opportunities to make new friendships and re-establish old ties. Most people look forward to this season. Unfortunately, some people find the holiday depressing. Those without family or even those with family can get the blues because of circumstances. Some people just find the season stressful. What you may not realize is that one of those unhappy persons could be your…


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Stimulation Baby Massage

- Basically the massage flows from the head to the toes. With soft and…

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So I know this isn't a giveaway listing but I thought I would write about a few things I absolutely hate when it comes to a blog giveaway. Ahem...

The one thing I hate the absolute most is when there are hundreds or thousands of comments on the page and you have to wait FOREVER for all of them to load and have to scroll all the way down the the bottom each time you post a comment. That is sooo annoying. Especially when you can very easily make it so there are only x amount of… Continue

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im a new one....

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Hump Day- Yay!

I can't believe that it's already Wednesday even though I feel as though

my week is still just beginning! I was going to do Post It Note Tuesday

yesterday, but I became so busy I forgot and I wasn't in a bloggy mood

anyway. I think think this entry will be dedicated to random mentions,

thoughts, chatter, etc. I feel like I have so many updates that just

aren't long enough for an actual entry themselves so let's get caught

up! :)

  • So the…

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Book Review: The Dragon and the Turtle

The Dragon and the Turtle

Roger is a Turtle who loves adventure and Padraig is a Dragon who loves to eat. Written by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline…


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18 days to Christmas - Cookie Day 3

I got this recipe from Diana's Desserts.

She is all about desserts. I have tried her recipes and they are good. I haven't yet tried this one but I plan to. I am hoping to make this with my daughters who are 10 yrs old. yes they are tiwns. I love them very much. They are my BFFs. We plan to make these for their school friends.

Cranberry Decadent Cookies

Dried cranberries and cinnamon transform this…


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Gift Guide for the Family

There are moments when it’s most appropriate (and simple) to give a single but thoughtful gift to the family rather than to each individual member. Perhaps the gift is from one family to another, or it’s to say…


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Can't work out so hoping to burn calories while watching other people do it!


So I had my stage 2 of interStim surgery yesterday and it has been 8 days since I have been able to work out. I feel bloated and I am NOT going to do measurements until the end of January at this rate as I won't be able to work out for a couple more weeks and I know that it will just depress me… Continue

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My Two Day Extravaganza (Part 3)

So as I'm putting my earrings in, putting my make up on for the Ball,

yes, I said the Ball. If you need a recap, you can read it here and here.

I realize the last time I've done the whole getting pretty thing in a

ball room sparkler might have been for a wedding which I have blanked… Continue

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Rarity and Uniqueness are the Hallmarks of Meteorite Wedding Bands

The name of the manufacturer matters a lot when you are buying some special kinds of wedding bands like the ones made from meteorite. Firstly, there are no standards yet developed in manufacturing meteorite wedding bands. This naturally occurring material is not governed by any established quality…



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