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Thank you thank you thank you ;)

Thank you Hermedia agency for the unbelievable awesome twitter page, blog, and website design you rock.

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You Have My Permission

I am kinda, sorta, maybe, definitely, absolutely done with this day. I am all over the whining. Completely unimpressed with the in - fighting. And considering therapy from helping you put the same doll in the same stroller all day long.

I no longer appreciate your need to jump on my aching back while I am trying to change the baby's diaper. Do not see the cuteness in the consistent need for my undivided attention. And think that the whole, "Mommy, I need..." act is so… Continue

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Rad Pad for the Little Lad - Stylish Boy’s Bedroom on a Budget

Is it possible to have stylish, kid-friendly home? Is it possible to rescue your lovingly decorated home from being buried under the avalanche of toys and prevent saccharine cutesy and cheesy characters’ assaults on your refined taste? Find the answers in Kirsten Krason Good Design with Kids in Mind series. Stock up on sophisticated, yet kid friendly and deliciously comfortable reversible bedding by Zicci Bea and find the color palette inspiration in vibrant rugs by Indi-B. Cheerful, eco… Continue

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Sneak Peak of Stella McCartney Kids Launch Collection: Fab or Drab?

The fashion world had been anxiously awaiting Stella McCartney Kids launch collection. The collection will become available on November 3rd. Take a sneak pick of boys’ styles and cast your vote. Fab or drab?…


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What's So Good About Being a Fish, Anyway?

During my time a tattoo artist, I had plenty of people come into the shop asking for Koi Fish tattoos. Yes, when done correctly they are beautiful pieces, but the more people came in, the more I tested them. What's the symbolism behind the Koi tattoo? What does it represent? What does it mean to you? I wasn't being a bitch, per say, but I wanted to know what it was about the koi that was special to this person- it helped me draw them a custom one, too. I wanted to know they… Continue

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Response to "Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even of TV)? by Maura Kelly ~ Mom Blog ~

Yep, that is the title that seems to be causing such a stir in the blogosphere, as well as in Hollywood news. It's all directed to the TV show Mike and Molly featured on CBS. Maura Kelly, a blog writer for Marie Claire magazine wrote a blog posting in which she shared a few choice words about how this show is depicting obese characters in intimate situations. So, why is everyone outraged? Well, read the… Continue

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Cooking Club - How to Get Started



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Thankful Thursday - A great Dad


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Miracles Happen at Meshi!

Meshi was founded in 1998 by Hadassah Zuravin and her daughter Lifsha Feldman, who refused to accept a neurologist’s dire prognosis for their granddaughter and daughter, Ruchama. Although the infant’s disabilities seemed… Continue

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Halloween and Other Traditions? Do You Have Any?

Halloween and Other Traditions? Do You Have Any?

So one thing that I love is family traditions. I did not grow up

around a large family as most of my extended family lived in Michigan

while we lived in Florida, but we had our traditions such as driving

packing up the truck and driving 4 hours to spend the holiday… Continue

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Feeling fat? Go on a thought diet.

So I’m feeling fat, and I’m pretty sure the shoes I’m wearing make my butt look big. I usually don’t mention when I have The Fat Feeling since it makes me sound like I swallowed Kim Kardashian and burped up her vanity, however, I’m pretty consumed by The Fat Feeling right now. It's not that I'm o.k. with giving up so much of my brain’s real estate to The Fat Feeling, but The Fat Feeling hired an aggressive real estate agent behind on her car… Continue

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What is a Happy Child?

I ended Podcast Episode 13 with the question, "What is a happy child?" Without any books in front of me, without overthinking too much (I tried), I sat down and thought about this question. My answers aren't that groundbreaking and… Continue

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Clean Collage

I like providing a variety of art activities for my little girl. I believe that like literacy, creativity needs to be fostered. In particular, open-ended art projects are especially important in our house. Painting, drawing, sculpting....

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Halloween Can Be a Scary Time

Halloween can be a scary time- not because of ghosts or monsters but because of all the high-calorie, fat-loaded, yummy candy! Halloween candy is some of the worst stuff that you can eat. It is high in saturated fat and the calories can really add up. Because Halloween candy comes in “fun size” or mini bags, people tend not to worry about the calories as much. It’s true that each small piece may not break your calorie bank but when you eat more than one (and who sticks to just one?), the… Continue

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Thankful Thursdays 10-28-2010

This week on Thankful Thursdays- I feel so blessed and thankful for the following...…


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Sanuk - Sandals, Flip Flops, and Surf Shoes YOUR CHOICE (ARV $75) Giveaway

Brand new giveaway just listed come by and enter for a pair of Sanuk of your choice. Totally love these shoes!!!!!!!!!

Sanuk Sandals - (11/12)

As usual enter a few other great giveaways when you stop by!…


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The Empathetic Tear

Today started out well. I actually got up, dressed each child in matching outfits, managed bows in three heads, and headed out the door without coffee, a pop tart, or milk staining my shirt. Yes, that is the barometer of a good morning!…


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Link Up Your Giveaways Thursday Tell All @ Shibley Smiles

Come link up your giveaways I want to see what is out there to enter!

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Miniskirts Banned


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