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I'll Do it Tomorrow

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week ~ Spanish Proverb

As I young child I had the Sweet Pickles books series by Jacqueline Reinach. My favorite book in this series was Goose Goofs Off. This was a delightful tale of a Goose and how she was determined to take a day off. Throughout the book, Goose was confronted with different things that required her attention. However, her motto was I'll do it tomorrow.… Continue

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the sun has gone down

I had an unexpected shock this morning when I rolled up the kitchen blind, mine and 4year old's beloved sunflower was lying on its side sprawled all over the decking. The blooming wind had blown him over overnight so I ran outside picked him up and carried on with my chores.

A few hours later after coming back from food shopping with all 4children I walked into the kitchen with… Continue

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My head is spinning!

Having the kids around and trying to read blogs, fix my own page, not to mention that I'm new to this, is making my head hurt. Mommy this, mommy that, the game is not working, he is not sharing, it never ends. I wanted this to be my own little oasis to get away for a while, but they have followed me! Mommy time is nonexistant for me and it is driving me nuts.

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Mom’s Homeroom Interview With Jillian

Mom's Homeroom Logo

Today, I will be bringing you our interview with Jillian from Mom's Homeroom. We asked her a few questions that we felt our readers would like to hear about.


Jillian, a mother of two, is board-certified… Continue

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AUGUST 13, 2009 Scentsy Convention Announcement! SCENTSY IN CANADA! As of September 1, 2009 Scentsy will be available to buy, host and join in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta! If you live in Canada, or if you have friends or family that live in Canada, this is EXCITING news because NOW it's YOUR TURN to get in on this wonderful GROUND FLOOR Scentsy OPPORTUNITY. Contact me today for your own copy of the new FALL/WINTER Scentsy Canada… Continue

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Scentsy Opening in Canada


As of September 1, Scentsy will be available to buy, host and join in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta!

If you live in Canada, or if you have friends or family that live in Canada, this is EXCITING news because now it's your turn to get in on this wonderful GROUND FLOOR Scentsy opportunity, as well as have your home filled with one or more of the wonderful Scentsy smells that are offered.

Come visit my… Continue

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Can you teach your child to be empathetic or kinder?

Driving along today I over heard a conversation from the third row of the ‘Burban that sums up so clearly the difference between my three children…

Greg: “When I am an adult I am going to build houses for Hobos that are worth less than a cent so they can have somewhere to live.” (I am assuming he means “affordable”.)

Julia: “I am going to do that too, but first the Hobos have to give me the box they’re living in. Then I will give them a house. Then my kids can have a fun… Continue

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One month on!

Hi everyone, I am just designing a new range of Cards for the website. Each card will be embroidered and compliment the Izzy and Floyd personalized baby gift bundle bags perfectly. They will be available within the next couple of weeks so keeping checking the site. I will probably list them amongst the Toys until we have a section specific to cards etc...

It has been four weeks today since we launched and its going really well. The Izzy and Floyd personalized baby gift bundle bags… Continue

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Just to remind everyone...


(Enter by August 17th)

*Mama Mio Bootcamp for Boobs Skincare Kit, $99 Value

*MomAgenda 2009-2010 Desktop Planner in Fuchsia, $42 Value

helps you organize your family's daily activities…


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If Bird Can Shoot, You Can Flow

One great writer once told me that some people have it, some people don’t.

And then you have Larry Bird, one monstrous, awkward cement mixer in the middle of the basketball court. He should be just standing there and get paid, you know what I mean? He’s an OBSTACLE not a basketball player! And yet, he’s one of the most amazing players known to man. Apart from that lithe speed-of-light Jordan guy. Phew!!

Larry Bird who moves at a speed so slow, I could beat him to the net.… Continue

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KIDFIT Thirst Quencher

Try KIDFIT thirst quencher at Whole Foods or Great alternative to juice with no high fructose corn syrup, less sugar. My kids tried it and love all three flavors.

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Customizing Your Child's Vaccine Schedule?

The majority of parents vaccinate their children according to the CDC vaccination schedule that protects their children from 14 diseases including polio, measles and mumps by age 2. Without vaccines for these diseases children can become ill for weeks, hospitalized, leave them with permanent disabilities, or, in the most horrible cases, can lead to death.

But there are also a growing percentage of parents who want to customize their child’s vaccine schedule to fit the Dr. Sear’s… Continue

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Safekeeping of Your Jewelry - Part 2 - Travelling With Your Jewelry

Gold Vintage Garnet Earrings ' />

If you choose to travel with your jewels, while in transit, keep your jewelry in your handbag or carry-on bag. If you are a frequent traveler, i.e. business traveler, you may wish to invest in a traveling jewelry case because they have the proper compartments that keep your jewelry organized and protected. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a travel case is how much jewelry and what type of jewelry you will be traveling… Continue

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Mommy Tip...

Dear Mom Bloggers,

PLEASE be aware of SCAMS. I just received a friend request in my MBC mail box regarding a large sum of money that I could make if I would only send them money for shipping and handling.

I joined this site so that I may develop my Mommy Networking Skills and learn from others that are trying to help other Mommy's. I choose not to post the language that this individual used but if you receive an offer, as such, in your inbox, PLEASE note… Continue

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I've Been Nomitated to win $10,000

Holy cow, I can't believe it. I've been nominated for the $10,000 quarterly prize at Team Beachbody. I could not have done it without the support of this wonderful community. Please take a moment to stop in and vote for me at the Team Beachbody Million Dollar Body Contest.

If you are not a member, You can sign up for free to vote too. Thanks for your support!…


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Back to School

Hope everyone is having a great first few days back at school. Those of us in Tulsa started yesterday or today, but I hear that some schools aren't starting until September.

We are finishing up our 37th birthday celebration this week and have had several people decide to celebrate with Dillon by supporting our humanitarian aid program, orphanCare. We're very excited about the orphanCare program right now, because we are now in 15 countries and on almost every continent and have a great… Continue

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Top 10 Ways to Create an Independent Son

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have. While raising competent, responsible individuals capable of making sound decisions is every parents goal, creating a balance of nurture with freedom can be a difficult balance for a parent to achieve. In my opinion, being a good parent means providing a consistent framework of guidance and nurture while letting go of a little control so your child can confidently learn how to make good choices independently. Someone once told me, a… Continue

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I Shut My Mouth (With a Glue Gun)

I’m heavily involved in my town’s football program. My son is in the PeeWee division, going into 4th grade. Tonight was the first night of sizing kids for equipment. My son came with me.


■When he wanted to goof around playing football (no equipment on) with kids 3 and 4 years older than him, I shut my mouth.

■When I saw him “guarding” a kid forty pounds larger that him, I shut my mouth.

■When I saw him get tossed by another kid who was 6 inches… Continue

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Using a Small List to Simplify

Simplifying your life can be very overwhelming. Kind of ironic that while making an effort to simplify you may be overwhelmed. You can’t simplify your life overnight. You can’t do it all at once. You must take small steps and work toward a goal. What is that goal? How do I know if I live a “simple” life you ask? I would venture to say that all of us (myself included) could simplify our lives. My idea of living a more simple life may be different from yours which is what makes us individuals.… Continue

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Most "Mother Centered" photography studio

I would like to inform everyone about the new Kiddie Kandids location in Babies "R" Us / Toys "R" Us in Moreno Valley. We are an elite children and family photography studio, who customize in capturing your child's personality and creating enduring memories that last a life time. We have all trained photographer who love working with children of all ages and ensure that your experience will be a memorable one. Contact us today to book an appointment and take advantage of our new Faces… Continue

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