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Kids Growing Up in the Digital Age

Share your thoughts on my latest Post: Kids Growing Up in the Digital Age.
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Eating Healthy

For many of us, finding something to eat that is good and healthy can be a challenge. One of the things that I love most about summer is using my grill and finding different spices or herbs to use on the meats and vegetables that I cook. Check out these steak and chicken kabobs that we had on Memorial Day.

My simple herb garden has all of the things that I use frequently! Chives and cilantro. I love those two more than any… Continue

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Drama - My Thoughts and Yours

from my post on Mom Spark, see here...

I have been undecided for a while about whether or not to discuss the whole drama with Jon & Kate Plus 8. Part of this hesitation was due to feeling a little silly for caring so much, but after seeing hundreds of tweets on Twitter regarding this issue, I no longer felt silly. If you do not care about this subject, please skip on by to another… Continue

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mommy blogging!

Motherhood has been one big pinata full of all sorts of surprises with every hit. There is the instant love and connection I have developed with my son since I first psuhed him out. The never ending smiles of amazement I get from just staring at his face. The constant wonder of what he is going to do next and how special his every move is. AND thats just the good stuff. Lets talk about that so-so stuff. You know the not so glamerous part of motherhood. The throw up (not spit up) on the clothes… Continue

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Are you, or have you ever been, a smug pregnant woman?

Making the rounds lately on the web was the catchy song "Pregnant Women Are Smug", by singing duo Garfunkel and Oates. In case their name doesn't give it away, the song is satirical; yet, like most satire, isn't there even a smidge of a particle of truth to it? Hmm. (Decide for yourself: see the video and accompanying article at The Globe & Mail online.)

I think that… Continue

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day was fun (pics coming soon!) I laughed almost all day at my sisters Beagle/Spaniel mix barking at his reflection in my patio door. My son told me he's finally learned how to be quiet ( about 15 years sooner than expected) and I as proud as I was of my veggie and chicken kabbobs, I learned, after seeing an appropriate example that my mom pointed out, that I had really only made "bobs." Better luck next time.

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New Design

Every Monday I will post a new design for stationery that is NOT going to be in the web site.

If you like the design, please contact me to customize your order at

This week's design is couple's stationery. Many colors available.

Blog Everybody is unique, why can't your stationery be too?…


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Memorial Day is Remembering My Grandparents.

Remembering my grandparents on this Memorial Day. My Grandpa served our country. He was very brave. But today brings another day to reconize. On this day 2004 my Grandma Stout Was put in the ground to make a home for my Grandpa to join her in the skies above. He joined her on this day 2006. Now Grandpa's DAY was a tribute, he received a 21 gun shot salute, he was surrounded by Military doing their duties to preserve his time he spent on this Earth. Although this day was of both times, I am… Continue

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May Musings

May Newsletter May 17, 2009

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Tags: babies, camp.kindermusik, classes, family, information, local, preschool, programs, schedule, sign language, summer, Teaneck

Dear Families,

May is a time for families and fun! Spring has begun and with it the promise of a new beginning! Visit our website for current schedules, pricing and class… Continue

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Mothering Your Toddler

How To Wean Your Nursing Toddler Naturally May 1, 2009

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Tags: breastfeeding, milk, mommy, mother, natural, nursing, toddler, weaning

Had this article published recently. Hope some of my experiences help you!

How To Wean A Nursing Toddler

There is nothing more wonderful than a mother who is willing and able to nurse her baby. Aside from the emotional and physical… Continue

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A How To Article

Stride Your Way To Fun-How To Make The Most Of Your New Bike May 18, 2009

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Tags: kids, toddlers, safety, strider bikes, balance, how to, instructions, helmet, protective gear

Article I recently had published in various e-zines. Enjoy!

Purchasing a Strider Bike is just the beginning to freedom from a tricycle. Read on to find out the best and safest way to get the most out of your new bike. When… Continue

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Job Search '09

Sometime last week, J & I decided that I should go out and get a job. I'm more than a little excited and also curious as to where I will actually end up working. My decisions in finding the perfect employer:

- A place with uniforms (no clothing stores please!)

- Preferably someplace outside of the mall (food court just helps you gain 20 lbs and lose $50 a week!)

- The pay should be $11 per hour minimum

- And hoping no night shifts after 10 pm.

Hmm.. wait… Continue

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Easy One-Pot Turkey Burritos

I just wanted to let everyone know that I updated our our creative mom blog,, with a super easy, one-pot turkey burrito recipe. It's quick, easy, and yummy:

Easy Turkey Burritos:

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Here I am joining another group!! Just how many of these things am I gonna do!? I will never get off the computer:)

Added by Vickie on May 25, 2009 at 4:40pm — 2 Comments


Well new baby is 3months old now, i can't believe how fast the time has gone. she has gone from a little wiggly lump to an all moving laughing chunk! she has put on a lot of weight now and been through the biggest growth spurt ever! nearly 2tins of milk in a week and a half!!! but now she turned into this lovely squidgy cuddly gorgeous pudding.

I love looking at her and examining every part of her, like her satin soft skin, her beautiful eyes, her massive gummy smile and… Continue

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HELP EZRA (blog love bracelets)

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Pink Lemonade is Having a Blog Party!!!

Pink Lemonade is celebrating - we have a brand-new look and we're throwing a Blog Party June 1st through June 15th to celebrate! Stop by and say Hi!

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The Name Game

I know a woman named Iona Dick. Go on - say it out loud. The kicker is she took her husband’s surname when she married so actually decided to become Mrs. Iona Dick.

I have a friend whose little boy is named Owen Vary. Nice name, lovely kid. Two weeks ago, Owen’s poor mama got hit with the realization that his first initial with last name makes the word “ovary”. We’re hoping his teenage years are tolerable.

It’s fair to say that we Mabel mamas are mildly obsessed with baby… Continue

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The baby doesn't like me anymore!

My son is a over 1 year now and is getting into everything he can!(breaking cups at dinner,biting the dog,biting people,pinching,pulling hair and then laughs about all of this because daddy does!) Everyday it seems harder and harder with him.Reason being I am the only parent who says no when he is being "bad". My husband never says no to him and turns everything into a game of some sort when the baby is doing something he is not supposed to do! Now my son only wants his dad on a constant basis!… Continue

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