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Bottle it right baby

I rememeber the experience I had with my little Daniyal : I breastfed him and he's pretty contented when he gets the breast milk but trouble starts when I have to get back to work and my mom and helper has to bottle feed him. He simply refused the bottle! It seems that parent of breastfed babies re often faced with this problem. So, the probable solution would be to purchase wide-base nipples that more closely resemble a mother's breast. This would ease the switch or the babies. For newborns to… Continue

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It's Almost Friday Blog Hop!

Be sure to stop by the It's Almost Friday Blog Hop! Link up your blog, your facebook, your twitter, your networked blogs and come say hi.
Hope to see you there!

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Giveaway Linky Thursday Tell All Come Post

Stop by and link up your giveaways now at Thursday Tell All Also find a list of additional giveaways by day to link up as well.

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Holy hell, it’s dark o’clock. Do you know where your day went?

I don’t. Today was all about phone calls to insurance companies and doctors’ offices, and now I can safely say I know the direct extension for the 10th ring of hell. ...MORE… Continue

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Guarding Our Home and Keeping it Holy

Recently, I heard a speaker say that, “the home is the domestic church.” Home is where the family flourishes, traditions are created, memories are cherished, where morals are instilled, and most importantly where our children learn their values. The church is place of worship that provides Christians with fellowship, instruction, and comfort.

Bringing our children to church is an integral part of their Christian education. The church is a wonderful place for families to gather and… Continue

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Finding Time for God

Regardless of whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom you are always working! During the week you are bombarded with countless errands, lunches to pack, dinners to make, bosses to please, and children’s activities to attend. The one area of your life that can easily get neglected is your spiritual life and your relationship with God. I am a single mom and I literally am always on the go, but I realized that if I didn’t make time for God and nurture my intimate relationship with him,… Continue

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Take Time To Do Your Job

Life is busy! It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of the day. We can get so preoccupied in checking off tasks on our to do lists and getting dinner on the table at exactly 6:00pm that we can forget what matters most. Children grow up in a blink of an eye, one day they're in preschool and the next you are moving them into their college dorm room 500 miles away. Yes, friend life passes us by quickly and that's why it is important to give your kids what they want most and need most…you!… Continue

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Easy Fall Decoration Tips

Although I am definitely a gal who enjoys summer fun, I am welcoming fall with open arms. I absolutely love the coziness that the fall season invokes. It makes me want to curl up near a fire with a warm blanket, a good book, and hot cup of cider. There is nothing like feeling a crisp autumn breeze on your face, or jumping into a pile of leaves with your kids. I usually wait until September to begin my fall decorating but, each year I find myself wanting to do it earlier. You can bring the… Continue

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Encouraging Non-Comformity in Your Children

If you want to walk with Jesus you must walk on a narrow path. It’s a rewarding path that isn’t always easy but necessary if we want to conform to the ways of Christ and not the ways of the world. With the school year nipping at our heels, most of us are busy school shopping for clothes and supplies to prepare our kids for the upcoming school year. You may want to take some time out of your busy back to school schedule and talk to your kids about peer pressure and other issues they may… Continue

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Easy and Succulent Thanksgiving Recipe - the Stuffing

It is November already and this weekend, daylight savings ends (boohoo). The Halloween decorations are down (I hope) and the fall foliage has come indoors as we decorate our fire place mantels and dining room tables. We are…


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You can probably think of someone who criticizes, nags, demeans or discredits you. But who cheers you? Who brags about you to others when you are NOT there? Who texts you that you're awesome? Who can't wait to tell you how good you did? God designed us & part of our wiring is the need to be… Continue

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Five books home business owners should read

The thought of starting a business can be exciting and daunting at the

same time. It can be exciting because finally, you are taking steps

towards achieving your dreams. It can be daunting because, you do not

want to make a mistake and ruin everything.

Therefore, to avoid becoming a static, another number in the list of

failed businesses take the time to read once in a while. It is often

said that, "Leaders are…

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$100 Think Geek Gift Card Giveaway and MORE!


Think Geek another AWESOME sponsor in my Holiday Gift Guide 2010 at Shibley Smiles. Is letting me giveaway a $100 gift card to their site. While you are there check out my other great Holiday Gift Guide Kick Off a $100 Amazon Gift card


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Lovable Labels Review And GIVEAWAY!

I have two daughters in Preschool and one going in a year or so. I constantly struggle to remember to label things and often find that the teachers have written, in sharpie, on the girls things, in order to identify which child has what. Not only do I feel guilty for forgetting, I now have a permanent marking on the item, from cups to clothes to lunch items.

So when Lovable Labels contacted me to generously offer their product to review and even pair… Continue

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Podcast Episode: Your Post Baby Marriage

For many years I have heard the warning that babies ruin marriages, and

those issuing this warning often have years long studies backing up

their claims. Since Dave and I got pregnant less than two months after

getting married, I spent much of my pregnancy wondering if Amelia’s

arrival would kill the romance. Guess what? It did, but does less

romance correlate with a weak marriage? Does marital happiness always

decrease post baby?…


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How to make your Christmas wrapping stand out

Have you ever been to a wedding or baby shower and there’s that one gift that just stands out even before it’s opened? Everyone gawks over the uniquely wrapped gift and says things like “It’s too pretty to open!” Well that can be you with your Christmas gifts this year! There are several ways you can make your gifts stand out this… Continue

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Christmas traditions your kids will love

Does your family have Christmas traditions? Traditions other than holiday shopping. Here are a few traditions that your kids will love, it’s a great way to get them involved in the holiday season.

Bake Cookies for Santa. Whether your child believes in Santa or not, the thought of someone who is so magical he can fly through the sky… Continue

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Best Christmas gift ideas for Dad

Shopping for Christmas gifts for dad can be difficult! Dad rarely tells you exactly what he wants, usually because he just isn’t sure what he wants. Here are a few things you can add to your holiday shopping list for dad that he is sure to love.

Tools… Continue

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Best Christmas gift ideas for Mom

When it comes to choosing Christmas gifts for mom that can become a very daunting task. Your mom is the person who gave birth to you, fed you and changed your diaper; who held you when you cried and taught you how to walk and talk. It’s no surprise that you would want to choose the very…


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My Family, Perfectly Captured in 1 Picture

So, here's where you would think I'd be posting the perfect holiday portrait session with my family- everyone smiling, dressed beautifully, the lighting is beautiful, just amazing. Or, for those of you who are getting to know me a little better, you might be thinking, 'No, she's not posting a portrait sitting, maybe a candid shot of her family on the couch or outside playing or something.' Ehhh, not quite.

During our morning coffee conversation, I mentioned to Z (my best friend) that I… Continue

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