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Sleep sheep

Cloud b Sleep Sheep - Four Soothing Sounds From Nature Cloud b Baby Sleep Sheep with Rattle and 3 Spill Cloths - Natural Continue

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Win Mommy and Me Bracelets (ARV up to $172)

This is a fun giveaway for the holidays. Pick your book fill out a 26 question form and you and your significant other become the stars in romance novel. What a great holiday gift!…


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Add Your Blog Link To This Weeks Virtual Girls Night Out!

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving by enjoying a "Turkey Shoot" cocktail and hosting giveaways for lovely body shapers that will help you suck it all in after indulging in your favorite Turkey dinner and Pumpkin Pie. Come join the weekly Saturday…


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My Adoption and Me

November 20 is National Adoption Day. A day to raise awareness and celebrate adoptive parents and children everywhere. It's funny, I never even knew it existed, or really cared, until recently. Until my blog, really. Until I forced myself to post honestly about my feelings, about a myriad of emotions as a mother and realized, this event- my adoption - is more important to me than I thought.

I was an abused child. The daughter of a schizophrenic mother and truck driver father. The 5th… Continue

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The Mix Up

After I received the lovely email from my husband about the water heater being ready to burst, we decided to shut off the hot water for the rest of the evening until the repairman could come out and fix it.

Anna and I decided to go to my parent's house which is about 40 minutes

away and eat dinner and take our baths for the evening.

The spicy smells of Italian cooking on the stove tickled my nose as we walked in to my parent's house. Anna…


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11 things schools do not and will not teach our kids

This should be posted in all schools and work places

Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a high…


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How to become positive on a sh*?ty day

You're feeling sorry for yourself.

Your (fill in the part of your body) hurts, you've got a meeting you're not looking forward to, you cheated on your diet, you had an argument with someone close to you, you're looking for work, or perhaps, like me, you've got a deadline to meet and you're stressing out whether you'll finish on time.

So what better time than, now, to shift to a positive attitude. After all, "A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than… Continue

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Teach kids About Money At An Early Age

Many would argue that the first 5-years of life are the most developmentally important years in a persons life, both physically and mentally. Of course, as adults, we continue to grow and develop and become the teachers of the younger generation. The earlier argument is based on the idea that no matter how much education and experience you gain as adults, there is something about the teachings from those first years that have been imprinted on our DNA and is difficult to alter.



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New mom confession: I'm turning into my mother.

I just want to say I have a new obsession: “Teenage Dream” by the Glee cast. I don’t know what it is about a capella… but I love it. When I watch Glee, it reminds me of the…


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Star in Your Own Romance Novel (ARV $50)

This is a fun giveaway for the holidays. Pick your book fill out a 26 question form and you and your significant other become the stars in romance novel. What a great holiday gift!…


Added by Colleen Shibley on November 19, 2010 at 10:06pm — No Comments Top Green Toys for 2010

We announced our top picks today of the top green toys. We had a wider selection of toys to review this year (a good thing)...many did not make our list. It's not enough to be green--they also had to be something our kid testers wanted to play with! Take a look at those that were a hit (

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Let's Go Hunting Daddy


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Mini Post Friday - 11/19/2010

The Sand Man

I think the Sand Man is lost. I think he headed this way when me moved, got lost in the trees and gave up. I do not think he has made an attempt since. I am exhausted. The victim of a teething baby who thinks that 2 - 4am is an appropriate play time. A three year old who thinks that just because she has an hour nap at school, she is done for the day. And a four year old who thinks that being up late is "super cool".

I would like anyone who knows the… Continue

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Using Leftovers for School Lunch

Running out of ideas for your kids’ school lunches? Nobody wants to eat the same lunch day after day. That’s why LEFTOVERS are a perfect idea for lunch. Always cook extra so you know there will be enough to send for lunch the next day. There are many dinner foods that can be made into a nice lunch and it will be super convenient for you so you won’t have to prepare something new in the morning! Finding the time to plan and pack the perfect lunch can be a challenge for most families. School… Continue

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Answer Me This - A Guest Post from Me for Minimal Mom

I have a guest post today on You can find Cambria, the author of this fantastic blog on twitter at and on Facebook at Please take a moment to check her out and Thank You, Cambria, for this… Continue

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Black & Decker Junior Deluxe Power Tool Case Christmas Giveaway


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Back Track

Set up, for yourselves highway markers, make for yourself

guideposts; turn your thoughts and attention to the way by which you

went into exile. Retrace your steps, O Virgin Israel, return to these

., Jeremiah 31:21
...don't look back over your life with

regret and pity...get down to the knitty gritty...of it. Backtrack and

rewind...replay the choices you made in your mind. Dissect each and

every one of… Continue

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Fargo Far Gone

Once upon a time, I lived in Fargo, ND, that cold, windy, desolate place with an Academy Award winning movie named after it. Tom’s first job out of college took us to this unthinkably isolated part of the country. I remember the day he received the phone call informing us where we would be moving. We were hoping for St. Louis, or Savannah, GA.… Continue

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Anne From Lessons Thru Life on Feature Friday

So Anne from Lessons Thru Life was my "Caption This" contest winner thru to be my featured Friday blogger!

Here is her comment on my photo: …


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