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Finally Friday

Well it been a week here..trying to keep the kids busy..sometimes I think summer break is too long but other times I love being with my kids all summer since it seems during the year it so busy with me teaching and them going to school all day and then homework...But this week it normal Florida weather...sunny then downpours so it been more downpours this week so I am really hoping this weekend is sunny...I took the kids to a place called Chuck E cheese which they enjoy going and always seem to… Continue

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Simple Shoes Review & Giveaway

There is no doubt my toddler is a girl. She dresses up with outfits, costumes, fake jewelry, hand bags, tiaras and purses galore. You'll even find her stepping into my husband's combat boots, too. Whatever she can get her hands on, it's on her in some costume-like fashion.

I had no idea how addicted to shoes she was until we were given a pair to try, Simple® Shoes called the Doodle in pink. She slept in them she loves them so much.

Simple® Shoes is an eco-friendly company… Continue

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Summer Harvest

My poor yard has never been taken care of the way I wish I could- both time, energy, and know-how (wait, that's three things...) are obstacles to the lovely garden paradise I envision. Things REALLY went downhill after Munch was born though. I killed most of my potted dwarf citrus trees and some of my favorite fuschias. I guess anything that has survived, or unbelievably… Continue

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An update on my life!

It seems like it has been forever since I have been here! Life just sometimes takes over, and this is usually true during the good seasons for me. Between working horse shows, local events and keeping up with the work around the ranch, I don't get much time to work online. I have been working into the wee hours of the nights lately, to bring you updates and specials at Diamond M Sales, our Western and Native American Gift shop. I have also… Continue

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Photo Assignment Just Posted

Just posted the first assignment in my new online photo course. Please check it out and use it as an opportunity to practice tips and techniques to improve your photography! One image selected each assignment to win a $5 Starbucks gift card and an A+ badge for your blog. Complete six assignments to get the Certificate of Completion Badge.…


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the verdict.......

Is anxiously awaiting the arrival of my son, who is 3, who just went to his first "Movie" in a big movie theatre with his gramma and big sister. I love how in AWE kids are and excited they are to do these things. I wish we could bottle it up!!! I think its one of the best things about kids is getting to see things for the first time again through their eyes. IT IS SO FUN!! Haven't got a phone call yet to come pick him up, so he must be enjoying it!! Weird how quiet the house is when both of… Continue

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Many of us have discovered that children need time alone with their parents without their siblings vying for attention. Call me overly sensitive or a softy but I have yet to have a day or night out with just one child, other than on Outdoor Ed trips. As soon as I mention the idea I am met with tears and accusatory words, like “abandonment”, are spewed in my direction.

After a recent unexpected day alone with Brevitt, I am convinced that children need this time with their parents,… Continue

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Facebook Rehab, Episode #3: "Da Itchy Fingers"

In this installment of FACEBOOK REHAB, Samantha becomes seriously unhinged when she tries to limit her Facebook usage. Watch it now! FACEBOOK REHAB #3

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July 9: National Sugar Cookie Day

Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day with this scrumptious soft sugar cookie recipe. The secret to this cookie’s divine flavor is the nutmeg!

Cut-out Cookies

Cream together, then add eggs:

1 1/4 c. softened butter

2 c. sugar

2 eggs

Combine in a separate bowl:

5 c. flour

1 t. salt

4 t. baking powder

1 t. nutmeg

Add mixtures together, alternating with:

1/2 c.… Continue

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When having a smartypants hurts

My firstborn has a gift of gab that regularly makes me smile, shake my head, or laugh out loud and/or temporarily lose control of bodily functions. But on the other side of all those comical quips are the occasional words that break my heart.

A few days ago, as I was administering morning milk and diaper changes and bleary-eyed snuggles as usual, both toddlers tugging on me and grappling for a prime lap spot, Gunnar firmly grabbed my knee, looked me in the eye, and said, "I want…


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Everyones talking about em'


Did you know everyone's been talkin' about us? Go check out our website's testimonial, meet the press and forum pages and see what your missing. Then hurry over to get what everyone's talkin' about!!

Buy a box HERE.

We'd love…


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Samantha sets a goal for the next day's Facebook usage. Does she have what it takes to detangle herself from its insidious web? Here's a sneak peek into the FACEBOOK REHAB Episode #3!

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Do you ever feel as a stay at home mom that your in a rut?? That you are living this life 24/7, 365 days of the year?? I hit a time today where I went through all the options of what I need for me and to get some adventure back into my life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY KIDS, but you know now that I am done having kids and we are constantly getting less needed, I start realizing there are more things that I want to do!! But how dare me think that way or figure that I have an actual say in… Continue

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Alphabet Activities: Letter O

Today's letter was O. Munch already knows how to make them with wood pieces, so she got started on that while I finished preparing our other activities. I taught her to write the letter and say its sound, as is our usual routine. Today's letter collage had us brainstorming words that begin with O and gluing spots of oatmeal-

Our craft was an adorable paper owl- you can get… Continue

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I need your contribution!!!

Hi everyone!

I have just started a new blog called A Mother' Secrets, which will be a collection of blog posts revolving around different topics all relevant to Motherhood.

Here is how it works and what I am asking from you is to dig deep into your blogs and email me your posts that are relevant to the Posts Requested… Continue

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Evil Mummy

skip to main | skip to sidebar New Mummy

Experience with me the joys of being a new mum. This is an honest account of being a first time mummy

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Evil Mummy

My daughter has a scream that she saves for special occasions and if anyone heard it they would think I was ripping her limbs off!!

I call it her Evil Mummy scream, she uses it when I’m doing something she doesn’t like, for example putting her in her cot for a nap, how dare I… Continue

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Sarcasm's Not For Everyone: Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog Of The Week

It's Wednesday y'all! And you know what that means... It's Sarcastic Wednesdays here at the Wannabe WAHM blog and it's time to present to you this week's Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog of the Week.

And the lucky mom blogger this week is:

Barefoot Foodie

She just landed the 7th place for the Funniest Blogger Contest in the 2009 BlogLuxe Awards!168 blogs were nominated so you know she must be providing some good laughs. The competition was tough, our very own… Continue

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Oh No She Didn't Just Say Brain Rot!

If you're looking for our Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post just scroll down.

Something happened yesterday that's bothering me and I just had to get it out.

Yesterday morning J-Man had his yearly physical. His regular pediatrician was booked up so we had to see a newer doctor in the practice. I really like our regular doctor and I admit I wasn't thrilled about going to a different one but I tried to keep an open mind going in.

It started out well enough with the… Continue

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My friend called me with the name of a man who prescribed estrogen patches and I called him immediately to set up an appointment and investigate. Could it be that there was a cure for my Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde monthly syndrome? I had been searching long and hard for something…anything, that I could take to keep me sane and normal through that one week of hell every month.

His office was located directly next to my yoga studio and so I stopped by after my class. I walked in soaked… Continue

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Woman on the verge...

This photo (see blog post) is a representation of how I feel right now... A bit of a drama queen you will say, it feels good sometimes I'll reply.

I have looked away(ish) from blogging for less than a week and as I opened my eyes and my google reader earlier today, I found 500 new posts! Now people that's 500 NEW POSTS!!! Can you stop being so prolific, I can't keep up!! Of course I want to read them all, you can't keep doing this to me!

So what happened in that week?… Continue

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