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Vacation Madness

So the kids are out of school and it's time to hit the road. The summer marks the official start of the vacation season and it's time for fun. One of my favorite vacation destinations is Disney World. I absolutely love everything about the House of Mouse.

My daughter and I visit this magical world about every two years. Now when it's time to get ready for Disney, I plan extensively. I do an extremely amount of research on what are the best days… Continue

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reusing my bags and my humour!

Well it is day two of recycling week and my pledge is to reuse my shopping bags. It is going very well, i have not used one plastic bag! I took my big Disney reusable bags with me to the trafford centre to get 3year old and 2year old's birthday presents.

I bough a basket full and when i got to the till and produced my re usable bag the lady was astounded she said 'did you know that you are the first person in a very long time that has used their own bags?' I was shocked and realised… Continue

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A lesson about the past

I think I have finally realized, after a lifetime of drama, that I cannot change my past. I can only examine it, honor it for what it was and move on to what is now.

Did it have to take so long to come to this? Most people, I believe, learn this at a much earlier age. Even my children know if something isn’t working, try a bit and then go on to the next thing. Me? Nope. I get stuck in the holding pattern of What ifs and If Onlys. I will take an incident or relationship and toss it around… Continue

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Bloggers are my best friends!

I have been on a great mission to find unique bloggers to review and help their readers find my book. I have been receiving tons of emails and I have been following all the bloggers I meet on Twitter. Wow! Moms with blogs and Dads too, are amazing. They have such a voice. Not only with their kids, but with other Moms, Dads and anyone else they want to reach.

I have decided every blogger is my friend. And as friends, I hope to add to the blogosphere. I am embracing all aspects of it,… Continue

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10 Healthy Ideas for you....

Here are 10 Healthy ideas to help you with your weight loss/fitness goals.

1. Move More

Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance… Continue

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Starting Your Own Business: Ain't No Piece of Cake

Starting you own business might not be every working mom's dream but I am certain that it is an aspiration for many. The thought of a shorter commute, more time with the kids and not having to deal with an insensitive and pestering boss are one of the many perks that come to mind.

So, what does it take to start your own business? I am the farthest thing from an expert on the subject, I am in the process of starting my own business… Continue

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In the event this were an actual emergency ...

Kids are demanding, impatient, and to them everything is important. They often lack the impulse control to prioritize their needs and think it appropriate to scream at the top of their lungs to convey their concerns. As I am writing this it occurs to me that it is not really just a kid thing, because that description could easily fit several of my bosses and maybe one or two past boyfriends. In any case, in our house we are working on patience and self control to try and deal with our needs… Continue

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My Son - The Sun

Baby boy - forgive me while I stare a while,

Each day you give me new reasons to smile,

Chocolate covered face, torn kneed-pants,

You grew wayyy to fast, thats why I glance.

I remember when your were so tiny and small

Could do nothing for yourself at all,

But now you're ten, and tell me how "BIG" you are

No more Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!! ;o(

Now its football games, "Where is my guitar"

PSP, DS and video games of driving… Continue

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Check out my blog:

I made a post about how I cleanersize when I can't go to the gym. Let me know if you like to do this too or if it may help you!

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Body After Baby: Run the Pounds Off

Monday is here again! Time to look back on the week and see how we've done, along with set new goals for the week ahead! I started running with Lucas last week and I'm loving it. We have some nice trails (smooth paths, really) around here and the weather has been so perfect. I also lost a pound, and I'm happy to say that I've lost all my baby weight! It's funny how your body really does change after having kids. I can say that I'm back to where I was weight wise pre-pregnancy, but I definately… Continue

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31 weeks!

OK, so I am 31 weeks and 3 days! 8 weeks and 4 days to go has me thinking both "OMFG" and "YES!! FINALLY!". I can't believe how fast it's going! And weirdly, how slow also! My belly's growth has been slowing but I have been having more and more Braxton Hicks contractions lately. It's now a daily occurrence for me next to heartburn, swollen feet and deathly heat! OMG THE HEAT! It's sooo hot and humid and uncomfortable. Can't wait for tomorrow! THE BEACH!

Still no insane stretchmark. That… Continue

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Six Ways To Get Your Toddler To Sit At The Dinner Table

Congratulations! Your toddler is now old enough to sit in a “big boy” chair. You no longer need to strap him into a high chair. I bet you think dining out will now be much easier! Unfortunately, the difficulties are just beginning. Your toddler will now be able to explore restaurants without restraints. How can you get your child to sit at the table with you instead of wandering around on his own? Read on for some tips.

1. Be consistent. Teach your child that she must sit with you at… Continue

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It's been a while....

Yes, it has been awhile since I sat down in front of my blogging page, and I have to say that I have missed it. I have been in a place where I don't think I could have blogged anything very positive, and I do like to be of a positive outlook. Life doesn't always seem to go that way. I try to take my problems to the cross, and teach my kids to do the same. Most always, our problems, in comparison to what our Saviour endured for us, seem so much smaller and most of the time, not as important as… Continue

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In trying to organize my life...

My brother is a whiz at financial and office organization AND he loves doing it. Thank goodness for me because I need all the help I can get right now! My new system includes ideas from Steven Covey and David Allen...Watch the video and check it… Continue

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Facebook Rehab 6: The Epilogue by "Samantha Greene"

Facebook Rehab 6: The Epilogue

By “Samantha Greene”

Michael Corleone and I have something in common besides a love for Diane Keaton: “Just when I thought I was out….they pull me back in.” Facebook is my Mafia godfather, forcing me to prostrate myself and kiss his ring daily in the form of status updates and socializing with people tens and a hundreds and thousands of miles away.

I made it all of twelve hours off Facebook. To my chagrin and secret pleasure,… Continue

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Father's Day vs. Mother's Day

I’m never quite sure what to do about Father’s Day. Is it a time when daddy-o is supposed to spend the whole day bonding with his kid crew, or is it a day he should get a break from them?

After pondering the question for about five seconds, I decided to go with the bonding. Fact is, he spends a lot of time at work so doesn’t exactly need a ‘break’ from the kids. As such, I lined up a few dad and kid activities for the… Continue

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Skin Cancer like beauty, is more than skin deep

In honor of the first day of Summer, which was yesterday, Welcome to my Public Service Announcement today. For those that have known me awhile, and even if you don’t, you know my disdain for cancer. It isn’t just because I lost my dad and my daughter has been fighting it most of her life, though that is more than enough reason for sure! Some of my older friends here know that I lost my first husband, Rob, to melanoma. It was first spotted on the top of his head by the woman that cut his hair.… Continue

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How I Made J a Father!

Obviously, babies are made the way babies are made, and I won't get into a thorough discussion about it, since I was never really certain when my precious little Princess was actually created, but nevertheless, sometime at the end of June, I discovered I was pregnant.

It happened at Alice Fazooli's, a restaurant we had never gone to before but always wanted to, and we sat on the patio and ordered a bucket of Coronita's. The food was good, the sun was hot, and J and I were carrying on… Continue

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Planning to have a dayoff

I was a very tirig day. I have to divide my time from buying stocks for my store and fixing my work at home... Well my back is aching now not complaining just telling the truth. Maybe I need a break, a little of massage maybe a very good thing to do. It was at the back of my mind to take a day-off even a half day will be good enough. Planning to have a massage to relax my aching back wow it will be a very relaxing day away from all works for a while and making my body relax and ready for… Continue

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Losing 100 lbs was easy to do......

Well, I started a blog about my weight loss journey. I've lost over 100 lbs in less than a year and plan to lose more (not much though, I'm close to my goal, yay!).

You can view my personal blog with pictures: Weight Loss Mother

I've wrote tons of articles on how I lost all my weight. Some articles help you by months (How to Lose 30 Pounds in 2… Continue

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