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You're not gonna throw that away are you?

I've become that person, the one that looks at garbage and sees something she could make with it. Repurposing, recycling, upcycling, whatever you want to call it has become a mission. I just finished making a purse out of capri sun pouches.

Having fun with my junk journals too. I've officially learned to sew a binding so some of my journals will be done that way. It's not hard but it is time consuming so only special art journals and gifts to my… Continue

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I am Having Wild and Wacky Dreams!

Did you experience wild and wacky dreams while pregnant? I certainly am. Check out my daily post on to see what weird situations my dreams have put me in recently and be sure to leave me a comment about any of your out-there dreams.

Have a great day mamas! Happy Friday!


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Frigidaire Team Washer/Dryer

I am so excited that I just have to share my awesome news! I was chosen by Mom Central and Frigidaire to Test Drive their new Affinity Washer/Dryer as part of their roll out of over 250 new appliances.


Please head over to… Continue

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Salon Exclusive Menders

So I have been using this product on my girls now for a while and like it, but it has become more and more difficult to find. Menders prime hair-hair balance cream oil moisturizer was recommended to me a while back by my youngest daughters pre-school teacher. I fell in love with it, because it kept their hair moist and you didn't have to use a lot of the product, so it didn't weigh the hair down either. It… Continue

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Adolescence and Old Spice

My son has reached the pinnacle of his pre-adolescent career. I know this because he will no longer let me brush his hair.

Now this seems like no big deal, to anyone who has not parented a child. But to this mother, who pushed this particular nine-pound child into the world eleven years ago, it symbolizes the end of an era. I feel like I should be sending out announcements.

I mean, most children scorn their mothers when they see a hairbrush coming towards them, especially… Continue

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Moms Nite Out! Win a Sansa slotRadio Player!

Added by Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting on May 7, 2009 at 5:47pm — No Comments

Free Crib, Don't You Fib!

Do you know someone that needs a new baby crib? Just sign-up for our free monthly newsletter and be automatically registered for a free crib:

Think we are crazy? Just check us out at

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Please watch this story of a mother's love and help me give my wife the best Mother's Day Gift imaginable

I'm sorry to barge in on this great community and just start talking, but I'm on a mission to give my wife, Amy, an amazing Mother's Day gift.

You can watch the video here for more explanation:

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with my wife and chose to have the baby rather than start chemo. She died one year later, the day after Mother's Day.

This Mother's Day will be my… Continue

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I posted my first "vlog" today - scary stuff man!

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How much "mom money" should you get paid?

Want to calculate your "mom pay"? Check out my daily post at ChitChatMom and follow the link at the bottom to calculate your mommy pay.

You might just be surprised at what the team at says your worth as a mom.

Have a great day mamas!


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Family Dinner Time!

So I love the idea of having Dinner together with my family, what about you!? I consider it one of the most important times of the day to spend time together with your family. It’s the perfect time and place to reconnect and to show your kids that they are your priority and you care. It doesn't have to always be a home cooked meal, it can be take out or delivery, as long as everyone gathers around the table.

It opens up the door… Continue

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Discovery Toys HAMMER AWAY Toy Review and Giveaway!

I'm always searching for new toys for "Easy" that keeps his interest AND are educational. When I (well..."Easy") got the chance to review a toy from Discovery Toys I was excited because I knew their toys encouraged hands on learning. We chose the HAMMER AWAY! toy and boy am I glad we did! "Easy" LOVES it! ... READ MORE AND ENTER HERE!

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I invite you to my Fan Page

Hi everyone!!

I have a Fan page over on Facebook and I invite you to stop by and take a look around.
If you like what you see, I would love to have you as a fan. I like to post sales, new items, updates and giveaways there. Click here to view my Fan page....thanks!

Have a great night,

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Tonight Tonight Tonight!!!!!

I need to reach the goal of $60 for simply sweet n sassy to be the sassiest diva by midnight tonight 5/7. Can you help?

We have plenty of new items in store.

Also for vendor parties.

I don't want to postpone fridays party...but I will have to leave to check on a patient who is terminal. If you want a spot I will cut the price to 1.50 since I have… Continue

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Called To Say I Can't Talk

My Mom seriously just called and told me that. "I just wanted to let you know I can't talk." Uh ok. "I am going to watch the Real Housewives on the computer because I missed it last night." Seriously, Mom, because I didn't call you. You called me. That was her nice way of saying, leave me the hell alone for the rest of the night........

To read more visit my blog:

Thanks for checking me out!

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A little thing called Time Management

I have never really thought of a well-functioning life to have any thing to do with Time Management, but lately it the word has been popping up everywhere. A number of blogs have taken to writing about it, there are whole books on time management for stay at home moms even, and I, as a Working-at-Home-Mom (or WAHM for short), realised that the key to success might actually be through time management.

Well, at least of some sort or another.

I dislike structure. I'm not a… Continue

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Why I love Mom...

This is an oldie but goodie that comes around this time of year around Mother’s Day. I love to be reminded of the responsibilities we have and chores we do, because somehow when you see it here in writing and can share these moments with like minded women, it all seems so important and rewarding and we can look back on ourselves and appreciate not only our Mother’s, but the family around us that makes us who we are today. Enjoy and share with another mom or comment if you like…

Mom… Continue

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Better Late then NEVER!

I'm sure you all hear that there was this sweet competition among bloggers to define what Mom logic means to them. I voted for somebody in the top 10, (Can't believe she is my friend in REAL life as well) Anyway, This blog post entry is to define what MY mom logic means. It will probably NEVER be enter into a contest just thought a few of you bloggers might want to know. Does any of this Mom logic seem familar to YOU?

~It's okay that there are ALWAYS laundry piles on the floor when… Continue

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What's with all the Crazy Celebrity Baby Names?

The hubby and I are "negotiating" on baby names right now and it got me to wondering... what's with all the crazy celebrity baby names? Check out my daily post on for more!

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The Madonna Phenomenon... no, not that Madonna

Looking through women’s magazines and news articles about celebrity moms, you might conclude that new mothers are treated like royalty, or at least the mothers of royalty. By these accounts, new mothers glow, parents and in-laws dote, partners are awed, and girlfriends constantly stream in to help with the house, the kids, and the shopping. But does it really happen? Ask your mom or grandmother what things were like when she had her babies. Was she treated like a queen? How was it for your… Continue

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