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A Challenge to you Bloggers!

This is a challenge to all you bloggers out there. I want to see your list! WHAT DO YOU WANT????



I want every single person in the entire world to feel like they are part of something amazing. Life. I want them to have the chance to succeed just like the next person. I want them to know they can fall in love with any one they choose. I want every child to have the same chance as the next. I want every single person to be just that, HUMAN. Not… Continue

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I know this is a corny post.....but I had to do it.

GARTH BROOKS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(insert me, jumping up and down, screaming my lungs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)




He is going to be doing some shows in Vegas coming up soon… Continue

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Part two of my heart hurts............

I had to finish this tonight because well, at 230 in the morning, I more ramble than anything. So I wanted to make sure I got the information out here that I started out typing last night, but finishing tonight.

I talked a lot last blog post regarding Intended Parents not being their for their surrogate or the exact opposite, how the IP's are more into the journey than the surrogate.

What I did not get to was how it can be the same way on the other side of the… Continue

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My heart hurts...............................

For most of my life, parts that I can actually remember, I have always put on an outer shell that has made me appear to be tough, and not caring. Showing those that I can handle anything and everything. There are things that bring me down, but I always bounce back quicklky, never spending the time to care or let others into that part of me.

I don't honestly know how to continue it, or if I even can for much longer. I have always been told that to be emotional shows weakness. That is… Continue

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The first six years.....

When Ryan and I first announced we were getting married, we had mixed emotions coming at us from all sides. Some thought we were much too young, others thought we were only doing it because we were pregnant. We had one person tell us that the first five years are the most difficult of your marriage because during those five years, you start really getting to know how a person is. And throwing kids in there really shakes that up even more. So when he… Continue

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Who knew life could change so much?

Two years ago if you would have asked me how life was, I would have probably said, its fine. And it was. I was happy with my job, the kids were both young and we were a pretty normal, happy family. I was pregnant two years ago. Not carrying my third child. But carrying the life for someone who physically was unable. The journey was going smoothly. There were times I was sad that they were unable, due to distance and time, to come to any dr appts. I had not grown close to the pregnancy like so… Continue

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Bella and Gracie's Fall line of Girls Dresses

With the weather slowly changing here in Arizona I am starting to get in the "Fall" frame of mind. Although it is still getting up to a 100 degrees on some days the desire to put together some fall inspired outfits is eating at me. You can only wear tank tops and shorts for so long!!

Along with the vintage look I wanted to add some colors that pop and work well with layers. That was the inspiration for the red polka-dot dress with black flowered trim.

Although it is still… Continue

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I don't think that this post will be long because there's really not much I want to say about it, but that could change if I start getting fired up talking about it.

The Justice of the Peace in LA has every right to feel how he feels even though he's ignorant for doing what he did. It was a violation of those peoples civil rights and he should of known better. But that's the issue right. Racist people don't seem to know better. They spew ignorance from every orifice of their bodies… Continue

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I took a walk in the woods on Saturday. All by myself. This may not sound like a big deal to some, but I’m—er, over 40 and have never taken a walk in the woods by myself before. As a family, we’ve done plenty of hiking all around the beautiful state of Michigan, as well as in several other states and countries. But on this particular day, my husband was out of town for work, and my kids were busy with their activities.

As I drove my son to… Continue

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Weight and Fitness Update with Photos

4-month Dietoversary picture:

It appears that I'm going to need new work-out clothes. I had purchased Danskin capris and shorts from Walmart, but now they are sliding off my rear and hips as I work-out. Kind-of poses an issue when your pants are falling, and you have to stop working-out to pull them up, or they're being held up by the leg-strap on the EAS Active. Heh.…


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New Giveaway, Artist Feature & Studio Tour!

Leave a comment on my blog ( to enter random drawing for this Original Painting,Inspiration, by DJ arts. (ends 10/22)

I have posted a 2 part Interview with DJ. You can see her enchanting artwork & read about her thoughts on art… Continue

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Working moms vs Stay at Home Moms!

I watched Dr. Phil the other day and this was his topic! Wow!

I couldn't believe how strongly against working moms, some of the stay at home moms were. Well, probably just one in particular. She shared that staying at home was the 'be all' for moms, and anyone who chose any differently should be ashamed!

Now, I love my children (4 natural and 2 stepsons), but I distinctly remember when my oldest ones were 4 1/2 and 6 mths old my thoughts and… Continue

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Jordan Essentials Breast Cancer and Christmas Specials

I am sending samples to those interested. Please just check out our website and products here Let me know if you have any questions and if you would like a sample I will send one to you. A little background about Jordan Essentials - we are an all natural bath, body and spa company. Every product is made right here in the USA (Nixa, MO to be exact). We do not use any harsh chemicals such as parabens, SLS, mineral oil, DEA, isopropyl alcohol! If you do not know… Continue

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The Shandle Review & Giveaway! (5 winners)

We are right in the middle of potty training and I was JUST thinking the other day how gross it is that the boy is always touching all over the potty to lift up the toilet seat. So when I got the opportunity to review the Shandle (toilet seat handle) I thought, "What a neat and functional idea!" Not only does it prevent "Easy" from touching the toilet seat, but its also a cute constant reminder to wash his hands! Love it! These even make great gifts! Here's what the website says about the… Continue

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LAST CHANCE To Win Chic Clothes!

Ends TONIGHT midnight central!
Win a fabulous DownEast outfit of your choice! Winner will have her choice of 2 tops, 1 top plus 1 skirt, or 1 dress. Open to ALL!

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Paint your own Ceramics

Here at Little Secrets Ceramics in Virginia Beach, Virginia setting up for our Carve your own Pumpkin Night for kids. I'm excited because this is our first ever event and at the same time I'm worried because "what if no one comes?" This is our 3rd Kids Night Out event and the last one no body showed up for. -down in the dumps

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Would You Like To Have More Followers / Blog Readers?

If you are new to blogging, or looking for more followers, a wonderful way to get your blog known is to join the Virtual Girls Night Out. (VGNO) It's a blog-hopping party that begins on my site, Ann Again... and again. I have made some wonderful friends and found blogs that I otherwise might have… Continue

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I Can't Decide -- Do I want Another Child?

Today, I found myself pondering again what I have thought about a few times since Landon was born: do I want another child? Landon was only months old when family members and friends started to ask about the second child, and a lot of my mom friends seem to be having the second child now or are pregnant or working towards it. Not us. Thankfully, I don’t have a huge urge to have another one, although I loved being pregnant and had such a wonderful drug-free birth experience. I say thankfully… Continue

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