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The Countdown to School

Author's Note: I wrote this post a few days ago and I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post it...let alone to tired to stay up at night and post. So sorry for my absence this week. It is almost over. With that said, enjoy.

It looks like I am entering…


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#HomeHer 2010!

After months of anticipation, the eagerly awaited weekend was upon me. #HomeHer, 2010! While others lucky bitches foolishly spent hundreds of dollars to jet off to New York city for BlogHer & sit in stuffy banquet halls listening to fabulous mediocre droning…


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Thursday Tell All Giveaway Linky August 12th

Shibley Smiles just started Thursday Tell All where you can tell us
all about the Giveaway's you are hosting. Be one of the first to link up your giveaway.

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Colleen Shibley
Shibley Smiles

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Today, while reading John 13, there was something that jumped off the page into my heart & shook me up. Jesus--knowing Judas… Continue

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What to do..What to do..

I know this is a touchy subject and everyone has their opinions, but "crying it out" seems to be my only option now. Jaliyah is a little over 4 months old now and she cries every time someone is not in her face or playing with her. Some may think 4 months is too early for this, and I used to think that. But I go to school full-time and have serious homework to do. Usually I just wait for her to go to bed and I do it, no matter how late I stay up, but now I'm getting behind - I only have 6… Continue

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Kids Leaving for College - Help for Parents


It's August, let's talk about your children leaving for college. Or remember when you left! Yes, I know it brings up many feelings. One minute you're laughing with them at a Kmart Blue Light Special, the next minute you're dissolving into tears. The thing about being a parent is that when we finally master one stage of development with our kids, they've already catapulted into the next.

Leaving for college is a big transition for a family. For many parents this… Continue

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Supermom Is Dead ...

Supermom Is Dead … By Aja Graydon

Posted by Administrator on Aug 11, 2010 in Brand New Mommies We Love

Here’s the…


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How will the new healthcare bill affect you?

The new healthcare bill, which took well over a year to be passed by the Senate, will now not only change the face of healthcare in this country but will also provide millions of uninsured…


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The Smallest Woog

Today we focus on the youngest Woog, Jack Donald.

After a particularly nasty 3 day labour with Harry, which ended in an emergency c-section, it was discovered that I had a narrow pelvis. Now the irony of this find was it is the only thing small about me. Years and years ago, Mr Woog's 94 year old Hungarian Grandma patted me on the hips and suggested in broken English, that I was going to bear many children. Just what a 22 year old wanted to hear. Yes, I am built like… Continue

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Chicken McNugget Punch? You should see a toddler in action

So it seems that such is the need for fast food that people are now resorting to violence.

Yesterday it was…


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Wordless Wednesday!!

Come on over and see my post and link up!! Also add your blog button to my blog page and stay tuned for Thursday Blog Hops where I host this with two other lovely ladies!! (Read More)

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Day Zero Project

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Walking in faith - grieving the loss of friends and moving forward in life Check Out My new Blog Post

Hello Mom bloggers..... grieving a loss of friendship??......Check out my latest posts

Happy Hump Day....:)

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Blogging: The Reality TV of the Internet

Before you send hate emails and bully-Tweets, let me clarify: I am not casting comparisons. My esteemed fellow mom bloggers are in no way grouped into the same train-wreckage as the morons who frequent E! and MTV. I highly doubt I'd ever catch a mom beating the crap out of her drunken housemate while making out with strangers on the Jersey Shore. And I certainly can't imagine any of the moms I've met pimping their daughters like the Kardashian nightmares. But… Continue

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Skype and Go Seek!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before that we have no family near by. Most

of them live in CO and then we have some in AZ, FL and MI. My kids have

always talked to their grandparents on Skype so it is no big deal to

them anymore. It get really interesting yesterday when the kids wanted

to play Hide-and-Go-Seek with Chris' dad. So, we called him up on Skype

and this is what happened...…


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This is Not a Book Review

A semi-controversial book came out back in 2006 called TO HELL WITH ALL THAT. Flanagan caught a lot of flack by talking about how conflicted modern mothers feel and how many of us may just want to be a housewife deep down. Whether or not this is true, much of the book resonated with me. I was just about to get married at the time I read this book. It isn't a great book and many complained about how Flanagan was often self-contradictory. But I think she also revealed how difficult it can be…


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I'm So Proud of My Son

Since the last month or so of school my son has been wanting Nike shoes. He's always liked Sketchers, so I was curious why the change. He only wanted them because a few kids said he wasn't cool because he didn't have Nike shoes. I explained to him that he didn't need to have a certain shoe to have friends and that his close friends did not care what kind of show he…

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Captcha Balderdash #2: PLAY! PLAY! Top 5 FUNNIEST definitions will be linked up in my next post...

View this particular post on my actual blog page: Get your game face on!…


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Could This be the End of Colic??

My youngest son has been a challenge, lets say, for his first six months of life. But if you've ever had a baby with colic you'll understand why the sudden stop of crying deserved it's own post..


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