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Dee Dum, Dee Dum, Delightful, Redux

[From my blog:]

When I opened the curtains this morning, the sky was overcast. Our streak of nice-ish weather seemed over.

A while later, after The Spouse and children left, I looked out the window and saw people on the street carrying umbrellas.

That's not good.

Just a moment ago, I thought it suddenly seemed quite dark in here. I looked up.

It's snowing.

The kids went to school today in… Continue

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HUGE giveaway event happening!

Ana of The Pretty Peacock is celebrating the opening of her new web boutique and to mark the occasion, Maternal Spark is hosting a wwWhip Up!

We’re whipping up the web with 9 blog giveaways on 9 blogs between April 15th and 30th. Go and visit these blogs to enter to win. Each blog also has a coupon code for FREE shipping!

Here are links to all participating bloggers contests. Go, surf, enter and win!

Participating bloggers

An Island Life -… Continue

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Ben & Jerry's Free Ice Cream - Just What Mom Ordered

Get ready, Tuesday, April 21 is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. Free ice cream for you and the kids! Find a participating Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop near you! Can you believe they have been scooping it out for 31 years. Where has the time gone. So, choose from the chunkiest, funkiest ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet that Ben & Jerry’s… Continue

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Dancing Mothers, Tumbling Daughters

When I was growing up, I always figured I would be on Broadway. I LOVED to dance. I started ballet at 5, and took lessons of tap, jazz, modern, and ballet till I was 18. I was on the drill team in high school.

I never fulfilled my dream of dancing, and of course I unsuccessfully tried to instill the love of dance in my daughter. Lesson learned the hard way! Her first few months of ballet were awkward at best. She didn't like the hard work attached, the discipline of ballet. She was… Continue

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Jessica Knows, Chief Mom Officer & Mom Blogger Finds a Way to Fake Upscale Decorating with Uppercase Living® Wall Art

Jessica Smith, social media powered digital influencer, Blogger & Marketing Strategist indicated an interest in decorating with Uppercase Living once she saw a picture of the Morning Glory graphics on kitchen cabinets. She thought that would be a great way to update the look of her cabinets. So, I decided to send… Continue

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The Quest For The Perfect Blog

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day is April 22, 2009. It used to be known as Secretary's Day. According to Wikipedia, it is observed on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. This "holiday' was created to honor secretaries and encourage individuals to… Continue

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The joys of motherhood

So, my sister is always telling me that I have the "greatest moments" with my babies and that I should blog about them..And by "greatest" she means funny, horrible incidents that probably happen to every mom with 2 little ones close in age, but I am the only one of them that has her direct number....She gives me this advice to try and make me feel better about myself and my mom skills...I decided today I would share with you all what I think is my most embarrassing moment so far as a mom… Continue

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Does Stress Cause Pink Eye?

Read the full post here

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LeapFrog Text and Learn - Not Like Mommy's Blackberry

When I heard about the latest addition to their product line, the LeapFrog Text and Learn, I just had to scratch my head and say "WHY???" and then say "What were they thinking?". Most of our kids already know how to use a cell phone, and a large percentage of those can even work their way around a smartphone, blackberry or iPhone device… Continue

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Sometimes you have to let them go.....let kids be kids...

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Feeling a little out of place...

I want to learn how to do all of the creative and cute things all these moms are doing with their blogs. I am feeling pretty inadequate at the moment. This seems like a really nice clean site and I am just looking for friendly support and uplifting advise. I have so much drama in my real life I need a nice little cyber space all of my own.

Added by Kris R. on April 15, 2009 at 12:37pm — 2 Comments

W/W Easter Weekend!!!

We had a blast at the central coast this Easter! Check it out... HERE!

Added by Mommy-momo on April 15, 2009 at 11:57am — No Comments

Around the World with $80K

For me it would be akin to winning the lottery. Skadden, Arps, a law firm in New York, offered their associates $80,000, one-third of their pay, to take the year off. Wow. Along with that comes immunity from future layoffs. Sparkly isn’t it? Why would anyone say no? Well they’re not. According to this article in the NY Times about 125 associates have taken the firm up on their offer. Some of them will pursue higher education, others will take pro bono work to stay competitive, still others will… Continue

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Trying to get some action

It's time to get some more action happening with my Creative Memories business. My time is ticking for me to qualify properly, and i'm *slightly* starting to worry. So far i've been doing as much as I can without having to spend a fortune (that isn't there yet... YET!) but it doesn't seem like its enough.

I've done a letterbox drop, done one lot of markets - just waiting on the next lot of cheaper stalls to come up on the calendar and I started up a Facebook group (if your on… Continue

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Earth Promise “21 in 21″ Interview Series - Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is an artist, singer, songwriter, musician, filmmaker and peace activist who lives and works in New York City.

In addition to the Imagine Peace website, you can also check out the following sites for more information on Yoko Ono - Twitter, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, MySpace, You Tube, Vimeo, Flickr

Earth Promise: Why is EARTH HOUR so important to you and what do you want people to learn from it?

Yoko Ono: We are constantly creating… Continue

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new beginnings

Good Morning, It's another yucky rainy morning here in the DC area but it is springgg which i love... new flowers, and newly cut grass, and the smell of fresh air and new "life." Kind of like me here and blogging... I'm glad to meet you... To find out more about me and my family i'd be happy to have you follow along, and stop in and say "hi"... ,

hugs and… Continue

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Smoking and Psych Disorders

A report released by an expert panel convened by the National Institute of Mental Health indicates that myriad biological, psychological, and social factors play a role in the high smoking rates among people with psychiatric disorders.

Analysis of data from the National Comorbidity Study (NCS), a… Continue

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Adobo Pork Chops

Adobo pork chops are a big favorite at my house. They are spicy and have a wonderful flavor. I usually make the marinade the night before or first thing in the morning and let them soak up the flavor overnight or for at least 8 hours. The chops are very low in carbs so I usually serve them with beans or potatoes.

Makes: 6 servings


* 6 boneless pork top loin chops, cut 3/4 inch thick ( 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 pounds total)

* 2 tablespoons packed brown… Continue

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Why is This News?

I just read an article on WebMD about the benefits of a diet high in fruits, nuts, and vegetables and low in fatty, processed foods (Not All Diets Pass the Heart-Healthy Test) and wondered "Why is this news?" Don't we all know this stuff by now?

Don't get me wrong, the article was great, but I am amazed that we Americans still don't get it. Our diet is chock full of fast food, sugar, fat. Why is that? The answer, in one word is convenience. We've grown accustomed to a life of hectic… Continue

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Spring Births Life Anew

This is a season of beauty:

melodic rains, lush pine trees, and soft frog croaks.

This is a season of dilation,

laboring hard I am,

becoming is a laborious thing...

Today I see the beautiful, and I know I carry it,

all things are of the Creator,

I am ecstatic to cocreate a blossoming such as this.

Pink buds host a force, a rush of love through their bodies,

ready to acquiesce to the thrill of this season.

White flower softness follows me:… Continue

Added by Sarah Elise on April 14, 2009 at 10:09pm — No Comments

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