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WAHM Must-Read! Great Article in the Wall Street Journal on Many States' Online Sales Tax Initiatives

If you've been at all following the movement of state legislatures who want to tax WAHMs and other home-related businesses who rely on the internet to sell their products, you'll want to read this article in the Wall Street Journal on how these state-by-state battles are going.

As reported in PUBLISHERS MARKETPLACE: "In the long-running battle with states moving to collect sales tax based on online affiliate relationships, Hawaii's governor… Continue

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Baking, sometimes I wonder..........

Soooooo, it is a rainy day and the kids were up early. I swear they do it on purpose!!! Since the weather is crappy ( mostly for the twins) or I would be out puddle jumping with the big kids. Marshal isn't too fond of water, so I don't think a torrential downpour would suite him very well. Well, now to figure out things to do for the day. Is it reallllllllllyyyyyyyy so wrong to let them watch TV all morning??

Okay, okay. I decided to bake with them. We have done this lots before, but… Continue

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When Your Teenager Shows Initiative: Even if it's Paintballing.

As with most families in the northern hemisphere, it's summertime, which means twelve weeks off. What to do? sports, summer camps, summer school, volunteering, or jobs? With a fifteen-year-old, it's different. They're a little too young to get a summer job, and often quite lazy.

Well this year's different. Jordan, my youngest son, has shown some initiative, and I'm feeling quite proud of him. He wants to earn some money for his passion: Paintballing. Now, don't get me started on the… Continue

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A blog to feature bloggers

I have started a blog to feature other blogs that I find inspiring, creative, and helpful. If you have a fabulous blog or know someone who does, let me know so I can check it out! I might just feature it!

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Out to Lunch

So we finally did it - we took all 3 kids out to eat at a restaurant! This was the first time taking them all out at once since the baby has been born, and I must say, it went much better than expected : ) Of course, when I tell you where we went, you will probably think it was cheating because I don't think I've ever seen any kids misbehave at this restaurant - haha!

So where did we eat? Rainforest Cafe - and let me tell you, the kids LOVED it!!!!!

We were seated a table… Continue

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Trying out blogging for mom's sanity!

I am giving it a shot to start writing, so that I can keep my sanity while staying home with my 4 kids. I have 4 wonderful kids under the age of 5. As any mom can imagine, life is HECTIC!! Our twins have turned 1 and are just about walking, so my life as I know it is about to change. I remember back to when my oldest was first learning to walk and how "cool" it was and egging her on to do it. Alas, these two are almost doing it and I keep saying, "You don't need to walk yet, Take your time!!" I… Continue

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Are You Juggling Life - Simple Ideas to Empower Women

Does life ever get overwhelming? Here are some simple tips to empower yourself.

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Curse You Transformers

Well, they are back! The Transformers are waging another battle of good vs. evil on the big screen. This means that we will get a chance to witness the Autobots and the Decepticons duking it out under the guise of sending a positive message about how good always prevails over evil, and as a bonus blowing A LOT of stuff up in the process. I would not care about this in the least except that along with the new movie the new Transformer merchandise has landed. I am especially irritated because I… Continue

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Missing My Bubbas

I miss my Bubbas! They are up north having a good time. Michaela love the movie "WALL-E". It has been on TV alot this week. I think about her when I see it. I get a little weepy:(

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Where Does the Time Go?

I joined Mom Bloggers back in March?! This is my first blog post. It's amazing how time flies when you are consumed with everyday life. There isn't even anything relatively interesting happening in my life. But, there is a lot of life happening.

Changes are happening now. Big changes have been happening over the last two years and I'm wondering when the Universe is going to give me a breather.

We are currently in the middle of packing up our house to move… Continue

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Drive-Thru Drama

Has anyone else came accross drive-thru drama when you're just trying to get a burger or make a deposit at the bank? Read more

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Raining Again

I was glad we started our day early and went swimming with my sister it was alot of fun and the kids had a blast...Now it is raining and storming here like a normal florida afternoon...We are relaxing and watching the tube...We are trying to figure what exciting firework event we would attend tomorrow...

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Happy Anniversary: 10 Reasons Why Marriage Rocks!!!

July is officially the craziest month of the year at our house. My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary and our little, well not so little anymore, bundle of joy is turning one! so, to dedicate a little blog space to my husband, who I rarely ever mention, I have come up with 10 reasons why being married rocks.

Here goes:

10. I can fall asleep on the couch and magically wake up in bed.

9. I have someone to blame for not being able to do something I… Continue

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Lost and found

My wedding certificate has been evading me ever since I had to send it to every tom, dick and harry when my name changed, photocopying and sending it asking companies to update my details, such a total bind, I can honestly say it is the worst thing about getting married!

Anyway I've not been able to find it and it has been bugging me for a while and after yesterday's events Iwill be needing it sometime soon! More details on that to come! and a great giveaway for all my lovely… Continue

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It's Been A While

So I have been incredibly busy due to moving. And I am just now getting back into blogging on a regular basis. I have crappy news about my blog though.... I am unable to get the followers thing to work. No matter what I do, it just will not work. So I guess the only way to receive updates about my blog is to subscribe via e-mail. By the end of the week I hope to have a new layout up [3 column] and I will try to have all of my feedburner stuff on there so that those who are interested can… Continue

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Calgon, Take Me Away.....

I just finished taking a bath. I don't mean just any bath. I mean a big girl bath, one without any kiddos. For those of you with kids, you know what I am talking about.

First, I go in and turn on the IPod to Choo Choo Soul. No wait, I said NO kids. I can listen to anything I want. My choice, Michael Jackson Dangerous album. Next, I turn on the water to lukewarm, pour in tearless baby wash and pull out the color dots. Wait, Wait.....tonight it can be scalding hot clear water with the… Continue

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Is it right or wrong to love your children more than your partner?

A week ago or so, I stumbled upon this post written by the Mummy Whisperer and here is the comment I made:

That’s a very interesting and yet very tricky question…

I have to say that when I read the title of your post I wasn’t expecting the content to be mainly on co/Independence, because to me this is not so related. But that’s a good point you raised.

To me you… Continue

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Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos


To hit the terrible twos: to hit head against wall because toddler decide to not cooperate in crucial moments such as when crossing the road. To scream at the top of one's head because one's child decide to play hide and seek in clothes rails in shops and won't listen when being called once, twice, twenty times. To loose one's marbles when toddler laughs at one's face when being told off.

Click… Continue

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Letter to my Old Boss

I hesitated long and hard before writing this post but today, I was in the sort of mood when you over analyse things of the past.. you know for example why did that girl hit you in the playground 10 years ago...? ok 20 years ago, FINE 25 years ago at least! Or what about that boy who was a real jerk and broke your heart. That sort of memories that make you think, why? what did I do to deserve this? It rarely happens, I am more the sort of person who gets up, brush up my hands and moves on, but… Continue

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Tips for your business website

This was written for VA's but useful for all business websites:

This evening I was delivered a news item through the Virtual Assistant group on Linked In. The post talked about 5 Items You Must Include on Your Virtual Assistant Website .

I was intrigued because I have to say 85% of the virtual assistant websites I land on result in an immediate ‘No’.

The original post written by… Continue

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