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Thursday, November 5, 2009 Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire Wow! What a great book! I am pretty picky about what I read for enjoyment and this one definitely hit the spot! I was thrilled to find…

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hunt Her Down by Roxanne St. Claire

Wow! What a great book! I am pretty picky about what I read for enjoyment and this one definitely hit the spot! I was thrilled to find the Bullet Catcher series and I saw that other readers of Roxanne St. Claire's bullet catcher series say that they are addicting i checked on Twitter :) In this book we meet Maggie a young lady dating a drug smuggler and money laundering family member. She also has a love affair… Continue

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But it Takes a Woman to Realize a Tool's Full Potential

I’ve been thinking how bizarre it is to be one of those people who uses a leaf blower. I never thought I would be the leaf blower type, especially not the type to use one indoors. When we moved to the burbs in 1999, there were two people in my audible surroundings with a leaf blower. I imagine they happened to be in the home and garden section of one of the big box stores on the very first day leaf blowers went retail. They just had to have one, the way Homer Simpson has to have a doughnut:… Continue

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Share God's Passion on Orphan Sunday...

Orphan Sunday is only a few days away. On Sunday, November 8, 2009, join with Dillon International and churches across the nation to spread awareness of the needs of orphans worldwide. Log onto to watch a video and read about orphanCare International. Only 2 days left in America’s Giving Challenge…check it out!

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2009 Weblog Awards

The 2009 Weblog Awards

I love, LOVE my bloggy pals. Jen (Huckdoll) nominated me for Best Individual Blogger and Best Small Blog over at the 2009 Weblog Awards.

(Thank you,… Continue

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Meta Tags

What would a geeky mom do with her time off?

I went to Panera Bread this week and worked for 2 hours just to get educated about meta tags.

I know many of my friends here have bought personalized themes and I believe such things come all built in.

I have done everything myself, with help of tutorials, right from the beginning ,hence needed more info.

I was very happy to get my page rank earlier this week because it takes me out of the 'sand… Continue

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Truly Inspiring

“You are the creator of your universe. You can manifest anything. There are no limits. You can do anything. Xxx”

Watch this inspiring video and start living the life you deserve.

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My WTE Posts to Date


Forever Teething . . . Minus the Teeth on November 05,2009

Infant Stages -- A New Era is Coming on November 03,2009…


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Mom has a Voice, check out the new blog and Say what you want!

Check out my new blog and Scream Your Opinions! Mom has a voice, This blog is for mom's who want to share and gripe about all the things we encounter and deal with every day (that no one seems to appreciate!)

Check it out at:

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Free Diapers! Because They Can't Just Go In The Yard!

While our bun is still in the oven, I've watched enough TV to know that babies need diapers. Even though we did build an impressive fence in the backyard I have been instructed that, "No, the baby can not roam free in the backyard to do his business!!" In light of that, our friends at Hey It's Free found a deal to snag some free diapers. Give it a looksie if your backyard idea "back"fired on you too. :) Click below:…


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Ten Quick Tips To Make Coupon Shopping Easier

Let's be honest, coupon shopping can be pretty frustrating, especially in the beginning. I consider myself to be a “coupon newbie,” having only "successfully” done it for a few months now. But, there are a few simple things I wish I would have known in the beginning that would have made those early shopping trips a little more pleasant, not to mention successful. Through trial and error, here is what I have found to make shopping with coupons a softer, easier process.

1. Make a… Continue

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Hello EveryOne

Hope you are having a great day!!!!!

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7 Tips for Return to Work Moms

“I relaunch”, as in I was out of work for a period of time and now would like, or need, to go back to work. had the great pleasure of being a media sponsor for the recent iRelaunch conference held this past week at Seton Hall University. I learned much that day from the founders of iRelaunch, Carol and Vivian, and from the corporate participants: Morgan Stanley, Accenture and Goldman Sachs representatives, all of whom embrace many of you who are return-to-work moms. Carol… Continue

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A Gift To You Moms from Me (also a mom)

Ok, so I thought we deserve a little present for being the awesome mom bloggers we are. SO!!

Visit this site:

And get your gifty for you bloggy sidebars and let the world know YOU ARE LOVED!! :D

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The Kid's Gym November Upcoming Events & Specials


November 7th – Our 3rd Annual Fall Festival from 11:00am – 2:00pm

Free open play for all kids, we will have food, a cake walk and lots of holiday specials! This event will be at our facility.

November 14th – South Shores 9th Annual Holiday Boutiques

We will have a booth set up to offer specials on our programs, as well as a tumbling zone for the kids to play in. We will also have an arts and craft center set up for the children to make… Continue

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Weigh-In Wednesday - I Can do this, I AM doing this!!

Hi everyone,

Wednesdays are my Weigh-in days and today I'm down 2.5lbs! I hit a few goals this week, check out my blog post I also have changed my blog, let me know what you think! Thanks,

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Holiday Cards

* 40% of the net photo card, greeting card and note card sale price will be deducted when the coupon code HOLIDAYCARD4 is applied at checkout. For most products, the net sale price is the price of the product (excluding…

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An Evening Of Beauty

I got invited to have an evening of beauty tonight -- well actually, it was a few moments of beauty, but it was still a treat of sorts.

I went upstairs before starting dinner to check on Ashley. She invited me to sit on her bed, telling me "I'll make you beautiful, Mommy."

I pushed aside my mental to-do list and sat down -- after all, it's pretty hard to resist the promise that someone will make you beautiful after a long day at work.

So we sat on her bed and… Continue

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Halloween Gripes

Now that I have allowed myself to bask in the glory of a fun-filled evening with my children, I feel free to bemoan the idiocies that abounded over the weekend. Prepare yourself, because when I am crabby, I’m unkind. And boy, am I feeling crabby. Don’t worry, I’ll be nice again tomorrow. :)

Dear Negligent Mother,

Is that your child running willy-nilly across the street? Is that you strolling half a block away? Hmm…this does not bode well for your child. Do you maybe want… Continue

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Christmas Discount from Memorable Children Books & Gifts

Save 10 - 15% on regular retail pricing.

This offer is good for Disney Personalized Wall Clocks

Muddy Piggy Banks

Mini Animal Alarm Clocks

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Giggles Funtime for Babies


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Christmas Music and Christmas Story CDs

Personalized Music and Interactive CDs!

This Christmas season will soon be upon us. This is…

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