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Workout Wednesdays: Interview W/ Tight Bod With A Pod


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PPD Confessions Day 3

My girl Dawn, of Belle of the Blog, lets us read about her journey today. Show Dawn your support and share this story:


(Three years ago after the birth of my second child...)



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Literary Agents and One Night Stands

Read Marina's new post "Literary Agents and One-Night-Stands":…


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A Rare Wordless Wednesday

Don't hate me, but the kids are running me ragged. Only two more weeks until school starts.

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Does anyone read it?

I have 2 blogs...candace creations and smokin momma and I really sometimes wonder if I'm just blogging to amuse myself or if anyone else is enjoying and checking out my blogs too. I would love new readers/followers! And if you comment and let me know you are a new follower, I'll def get you back!

Candace Creations features all kinds of crafts, baking, tutorials, great ideas, motherhood, work… Continue

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ME/CFS Sufferers and Enviromental Toxins

Enviromental Toxins

There are plenty of articles on the internet about this subject but you have to dig deep to find information that is relevant to our condition. This has taken me far longer than I had hoped it would when I issued my blog on " Natural Toxins " in food. This is mainly due to going through one of those difficult stages where I feel like I'm sleeping more than being awake. So here goes...

There are thousands of toxins in the enviroment and many more are being… Continue

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Wordless Wednesday For Dummies!

Wordless Wednesday is back…that fabulous way to assuage my guilt by allowing me to get a post up without actually having written one…if only the rest of my life offered solutions that simple! This week is the Dummy Edition…we’re seemingly surrounded by them…


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Doctor Oz Is Off My List

Sometime in mid-June I saw a Dr. Oz show on “silent killers”. It was a month after I had made the appointment to see my own-new doctor and two months before the appointment was scheduled to occur. I don’t usually watch this show, but I went through a two-week-long phase in which I thought it might be a good idea to tape it and watch it when I could. Because I like Dr. Oz. At…


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I had been losing this battle since I was 8. The battle's location? My mind. The battle's name? Heather against Herself (i.e., poor self esteem, low self image). I finally got ticked & sick of being defenseless on this battlefield--and worse--losing. So I sought God on how I could be a better warrior when this battle flares. And with endless love… Continue

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Cankle Nation

I have…


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I don't even know what I'm talking about

Lexi’s been looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses since the snow melted off our deck back in May. [O.K. fine I’m over-exaggerating, it melted way, way back in April.] Anyway, we found these glasses a couple of weeks ago at one of those mall kiosks, although I can’t say I’ve ever purchased anything at one of those kiosks before. Not that there’s anything wrong with those kiosks, just that I haven’t had a need for hair extensions or cell phone… Continue

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Down to you, constant stranger

You're a kind person,…

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Mothers: Are We The Ultimate Masochists?


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The Mohawk --- Mommy! That haircut is SOOOO COOOLLLL!!!


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My Chumby!

My husband has learned over the years that I'm not a shoe and clothes

girl. Never been into fashion much, I do manage to buy a stylish pair of

jeans maybe once a year and a few new tops. I have no use for jewelry

these days except for my wedding ring, and lately the only new clothes I

buy are for the baby. But I do have a thing for purses and gadgets. I

like to compartmentalize. So the purse doesn't have to be the newest

Burkin bag, but it has to be functional with… Continue

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Mackenna's 2nd Birthday Recap

Dear Mackenna,
You have been our pride and joy for the last 2…

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My partner the new stay at home dad

Stay at home dads | Laugh with me to the last degree

Added by Lisa Devereaux on August 3, 2010 at 6:37am — No Comments

Picklemeister Meister Picklemacker

A strange thing has happened to me this summer, I have stepped back into time and become my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother. When I planted my garden in the spring all I wanted was to watch the garden grow, eat fresh vegetables and commune with my late grandfather. I have been able to do all of these things, but I have started… Continue

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A Wild Adventure…

Travelling of any sort is always a crap shoot for me. Aside from the logistics of 4 kidlets, (although, with everyone out of “babyhood”, I have finally become adept enough at packing that I can leave behind the kitchen sink!), the Griswold moniker is well earned…I seem to encounter “adventures” that fall outside of the typical. Moreover, MY typical usually falls within…


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