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For the Planet That We Love and the Children That We Cherish

For the planet that we love and for the children that we cherish

Turn-off TV and Power Down Week

April 19th – 25th

Here are some of the activities we’ve planned out for the week:

(Thank you PTA and our community for participating!)

Sunday the 19th – Barnes and Noble Kick-off

Monday the 20th

1) Craft Night at 7pm at Barnes and Noble

2) Outdoor games and in-door games

3) 2nd graders start their work on an invention project made… Continue

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Confessions of a Former Exercise Fan!

Okay, I am getting fat. This is going in the wrong direction — summer is upon us! Aaah! My weight is okay, but I am just so out of shape! I am wearing the same four pants over and over again because I refuse to break out the box with the size 8 jeans, yet I just can’t bring myself to work out. I have no interest. What happened? I was the spinning queen before I had Landon; I even went spinning with him in my belly until I got so big that I was hitting it/him with my knees (I figured that was a… Continue

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Doctor on Call...with a Blog Festival what I like to call it. (LOL) Simply because the amount of sites I have gone to where there are so many mom's blogging....blogging about life, about kids, about work, about family...should I go on? I just think it is so unique and interesting how blogs are the big thing now.

Let's see I now keep up with more Mom blogs now then I did two days ago...and strangely enough since keeping up with them, they now also stay in tune with mine. family and friends hardly ever do.… Continue

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My Field of Poppies: What comes between you and your Emerald City?

“Poppies, Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleep. Now they’ll sleep.”

----The Wicked Witch of the East

It’s spring and in Southern California that means the poppies are sprouting alongside the freeways and medians, their bright orange flowers are gorgeous eye candy as we dash from one thing to the next. It was a field of poppies that almost kept Dorothy from reaching Emerald City. Caught up in their beauty, Dorothy runs through them, encouraging her friends to come along, distracted by… Continue

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I Don't Want To Be Perfect Part II

I'd like to continue the theme of not being perfect because it has had such a huge resonance with my readers! It's not only about doing things perfectly but looking perfect as well!

Nowadays with all the media hype of looking perfect it is really hard for people to learn to forgive imperfections!

Oh my God there is a pimple, wipe it out, aaaaaaaaaah! What's that a wrinkle, heaven forbid! Oh dear I see a hair on your lip, would you just please crawl up and die already.

Come on… Continue

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May 7th is National Mom's Nite Out!

Mom's Night Mixer team is participating in National Mom's Nite Out, May 7th! Find us at Village Girls Boutique (Rice Village) from 7 - 9pm for "Champagne and Shopping". There will be door prizes, refreshments, and of course Shopping! Enjoy my 3 favorite things while meeting local moms! Don't know what to do with the kiddos? Drop them off with dad at Bounce U! Care givers are free and kids are $2.00 off when you mention you're going to "Champagne & Shopping". RSVP online - see ya… Continue

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The Inventor

Scenario 1: Kids are playing nicely and quietly and I am finally able to finish the dishes. Suddenly, there is lots of giggling and lots of thumping. I see my four children flying down the stairs on a plastic diaper changing pad.

Scenario 2: Because of destructive purposes, we had to buy a lock for the pantry door. The pantry door pulls open like an accordion and slides to the side, so we had to purchase a lock that fits over the hinge in the middle. At first, we placed the lock on… Continue

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Does Having Children Make You Happier?

This may seem like a controversial question to some people. Of course, you love your children and cannot imagine your life without them. But consider for a moment, do you feel happier with children compared to when you were childless? This is the question raised by a recent article in the Journal of the British Psychological Association. Author Nattavudh Powdthavee reviews much of the psychological research examining the relationship between parenthood and happiness. He finds that much of the… Continue

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Are the Biggies Ready for Baby?

One week today and my baby is going to be here. Is it just me or has this been the fastest pregnancy known to mama-kind? Usually it is only other women's pregnancies that go quickly. I have now officially run out of time and it looks as though, among other things, I never will get around to having those pregnancy blood tests done.

I will, however, prep the Biggies on the arrival of their new sibling. I have never actually witnessed sibling jealousy in my household,… Continue

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Calculating Your Net Worth, a Waltham, Massachussettes-based firm that studies workplace compensation in all fields across the nation, apparently recognizes the financial value of a mother, whether she is working at home full-time or also works outside the home.

In fact, they have a handy… Continue

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Calling all Michigan National Guard Moms/Wives

I just got back from the state conference for family support groups, and wow! What a great experience! But from that conference came a great idea -- to do some workshops for the moms and wives in the units around the state. If you are interested in learning more, visit my blog over at, or email me at and let me know! We're working on some ideas!

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Elmer the patchwork elephant

Book cover for Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Image via Wikipedia

There are many different

Elmer the Patchwork elephant has invaded out house recently. This time we went on an adventure with him in the snow. This children's book was… Continue

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Welcome Timothy!

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The Bloggng Experience with an Introduction

Blogs! Blogs! There are so many out there. Each one so unique and different! Each one is so creative in their own way. Everyone is sharing a piece of their lives, their talents, their skills, their professionalism, their motherhood. Many may share the same experience, but in their own special way, so by sharing their same experiences even in a different way it makes all the more fun and exciting to read.

I started to blog I think in 2007 or 2008. It's been a while. I noticed the my… Continue

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I Don't Want To Be Perfect!

I have come to the realization that I do not want to be perfect or try to be perfect anymore because I am not!

This last week end a lot of things went differently than planned and a lot of weird situations were appearing!

What I saw was how friends of mine were distraught because they made mistakes and how the people around them that were effected by the mistakes went ballistic!!!

Whatever happened to the "Nobody is perfect" attitude and forgiveness?

We mothers are… Continue

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Decision-Making Made So Much Easier — 10-10-10 By Suzy Welch

I had the pleasure to review a new self-help book written by Suzy Welch, 10-10-10 — A Life-Transforming Idea. This book is all about helping you make decisions in life — the small ones and the really large ones. By asking yourself three questions — “What are the consequences of each of my options in 10 minutes, in 10 months, and in 10 years?” — Suzy Welch believes you can make much better choices in your life.

I have always been someone who figures out decisions by herself,… Continue

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Is Your Exercise Routing Right for You?

client Ever wonder just how effective your workout routine really is? Maybe you saw great results when you first started to exercise, but now those results have come to a screeching halt.

Want to know why?

If the following 5 statements accurately describe your exercise routine, then fear not-you're doing it right. However, if the following 5 statements don't describe your exercise routine then listen up-there's no better time than now to rev up your… Continue

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Perfect Sized Family

So, today I watched a youtube video about family size. I guess I have become so accustomed to my perfect sized family (6 little ones, 2 adults) that I forget that people still look at us like we're crazy. I have become entertained by the comments that come along with having a large family. My husband works alot so, most times I am out and about with the little ones alone. Some of the brilliant responses I get from people never cease to amaze me, My all time favorite is (1) "Do you have help… Continue

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Guy's Night Out

Tonight, my husband is spending the evening with his friends watching the latest UFC fight. As he was leaving, I thought how lucky he is to be able to go out. I guess I could go out sometime too, but after diaper changes, feedings, homework, housework, cooking meals, and exercising, I don't want to leave the house. I would rather sit on the couch and pretend I'm on a beach getting some sun. I don't want to spend an hour getting ready to go out. Why waste more time on my feet! Speaking of sore… Continue

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