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Why I chose public school

Last year at this time, I was tearing my hair out, in tears trying to figure out where Isaac was going to school for kindergarten. He had just come out of an amazing integrated preschool, where he had been for 3 years. I wasn't handing my crazy boy off to just any school. I had only a few weeks left to make a choice. I had options for Isaac to go to private school, public school or even… Continue

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Are You The Master of Your Metabolism?

Are you worried about heart disease, diabetes or insulin resistance? Have you seen the countless commercials on television for this or that drug for high blood pressure, insulin, etc.? Would you like to lose weight and feel better without a crazy diet or drug? Master Your… Continue

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When they don't agree with Homeschooling

So, you have decided to homeschool! Congratulations! You have prayed, weighed your options, researched curriculum and talked to everyone you know who has ever used the words 'home' and 'school' in the same sentence. Now, all you have left to do is begin the glorious journey of educating your children at home.…

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Grandpa's Baby Deathtrap in the Hamptons

We've gone out to my dad's house in the Hamptons a few times since the baby was born but this past weekend was the first time since she started crawling.…


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Are You Ready For Some Football?

I love football season. I love to see my husband and youngest son so excited over who is playing. The shouts from the living room. Of course it is always a better season when your team is winning.

I want to know what kinda fans are out there in the blogosphere. I've got a poll running on my blog to find out. Come check it out it will be open until 9/8 the day before the opening game!

GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!…


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Executive Homemaker Series: Goals

After creating our Family Mission Statement, the next step is our Family Goals.

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Eggs, Babies & Food Recalls

Last week I wrote about how the food Blue eats is a primary concern for me. I want him to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, made with food that is safe for him to eat. The latest food recall has really made me think about the kinds of foods he eats and how to makes sure the food I am giving him is safe to…

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I Want To Be a Cow (Girl)

I read somewhere that some four-legged animals sleep while standing up because they cannot actually get up off of the ground in the first place. I also read that some need to combat the wild and must remain alert at all times. This does not sound that much different than a mother.

I have…

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The Witching Hour

We all know this time of day.... yours ever go like this?

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A Milestone: A Mother's Proud Moment

There are moments as a mother that make it all worth it. That you look back at all the struggles and decisions you have made to date; all the unattended soccer games, all the struggling to wrangle them into hockey gear, all the torturing moments and tears at swimming lessons-- and think to yourself-, "I made the right decision", or "I did…


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Buying Ban!

Does anyone else dread sending their husband to the grocery store?

Yesterday I said "I have green peppers but I'm almost out of tomatoes."

What did he bring me? A huge bag of green peppers...I think there might

have been a tomato or two in there somewhere but you could barely see

them through all the peppers.

He also gets on these "kicks" where he's really in the mood to eat a

certain item and he obsessively buys it. These items are always the same

and… Continue

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Wordless Wednesday/Caption This Contest

Today is my Wordless/Wednesday Caption This Contest! What's the contest? All you have to do is caption the photo below for a chance to win. Winner gets featured on my Feature Friday Blog post. Winner is chosen thru Random Draw and you will be emailed Thursday if you are the winner. (Read More) <----- If this link doesn't work, click… Continue

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Creamed by the Corn

My corn crop was not a rousing success this year. Being from Illinois corn country, I had a higher set of expectations than I probably should have. I am a corn can read about it here. The sweet corn that came from the fields surrounding my house was the best in the world. Little…


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A difficult eater AND Acid Reflux!

Check out todays post on my son, the toddler that won't eat (real food and veggies mainly). On top of that he has acid reflux, so I wonder if it's related?? I could really use some suggestions! HELP!

Jeannette Rivas

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Last day for my photo challenge/contest! Don't miss out on the fun and prizes! :D

So to day is the last day to enter my photo challenge for this week.
The theme is perspective, and you can find out all about the contest, rules, and how to enter here:

Remember- you only have to enter ONE picture. You do not have to enter all of the…

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Big Birthday Bash tonight at 24/7 MOMS

Birthday Party Bash- Tuesday Night

What do balloons, cupcakes, party hats and gifts mean?

That it is time for the BIG Birthday Bash at 24/7… Continue

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Enter to win an autographed copy of, "What We Have" by Amy Boesky!

Hi everyone, I recently had the opportunity to read a wonderful book by Amy Boesky.…

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Home Sweet Home

This morning started early…or I guess it felt like yesterday never ended. Payden kept waking up all night for some reason and the girls were awake by 5:30 am. Honestly why do kids wake up so early? Why can’t they just

get up at 8 am?? What is so horribly wrong with getting a little extra sleep??

I have a plan when my girls are teenagers and love to sleep in on Saturday’s

that I’m going to set their alarms for 5:30 am just as pay back….ahahaha!…


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Moms transition into back to school mode- Are you ready??- Previous Post

Yes it's that time again...Back to School. In some parts of the country like mine, kids returned to school as early as August 2nd. Needless to say I home schooled last year and it was a neat experience

but this year the kids returned to traditional school. Both my kids

have been actually really excited and today I walked my son to 3rd

grade. His teacher seems nice, and my daughter went to 8th grade and we

almost got lost finding some of her classes.

Moms.. I don't… Continue

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I wet myself, and six people on Facebook "Liked" it

I’d forgotten how much easier a summer without a child in diapers can be. I imagine this also applies to diaper wearing adults, as well. Not trying to deny any one particular groups’ hardships here, I just don’t know any diaper wearing adults. As far as I know, my friends and family all enjoy control of their bladders and colons. And chances are when one of them becomes incontinent, they’ll update their Facebook profile status to...… Continue

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