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A pet to improve kids health?

We added a new member to our family yesterday, a German Shepard puppy. My husband and I are very partial to the shepards. Our last one we lost to a tumor about a year and a half ago. Our kids have been begging for another dog. We are so busy I do not know how we can add another item on our plate. But we will do it for our kids.

Studies have shown that children who grow up on a farm or with animals actually have less allergies. I think there is also something to be said about the… Continue

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new mom and a wedding!

Hi everyone! My name is Idania… I need the help of any and everyone! My future husband and I are entered in the kiis fm perfect wedding contest and are now finalists! We have been together 6 years and have a beautiful 5 month old son… as a new mom (something we all share in common) I would love to have a wedding ceremony where I can say “I do” and join in having the same last name as my son and fiance! we are truly excited about this opportunity to celebrate our commitment.. As I am sure you… Continue

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Fit by Labor Day Challenge: Before and After Pictures

See the full post with all the before/after pictures HERE

Here are our before and after pictures -before on the left, after on the right- for our 8 week Fit by Labor Day Challenge! (More of the original before pictures are here.) I am so proud of all of you! You are a motivation and inspiration to others. Truly, I hope you know that. Just by putting… Continue

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the not so common life of us has gone green

come check out my blog and see what you can do too to help our planet!

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This was a post suggested by OMG We're Pregnant and what a great way to find out different point of views on the subject!

Have you written a post about finding out or not finding out the sex of your baby while pregnant? Would you like to write one and contribute?

Please email me at with the link to your post and let us link you on the next post!

DEADLINE: Friday 11th… Continue

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The JDRF is having a Walkathon On saturday September 19th Goe to Id Thats insulin dependant kids

Please Remeber that The JDRF is Having a walkathon on Saturday September19th Please visit for more information or ge to theJDRF website.

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Carefree Abandon


Today I was reminded of what childhood carefree abandon felt like.

As I watched my boys frolic in the water in the hot hot sun with their friends I was transported back to my childhood.

It didn't start out that way. With Aunty Stacy at the top of the water slides, I positioned myself at the splash pool at the foot of the slides. On the lookout for anything or anyone that could cause any harm to come to our group of boys. But as the time wore on, and… Continue

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Etsy Sundays

I am now going to start a new feature every Saturday featuring a few items that I have found on Etsy that I think are unique! If your an Etsy seller, let me know if you want your item to be featured!

This week, I am going to feature items that are not very popular on Etsy yet, but are worthy of being so!

Read full article here!

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Looking for PT Proof Reader and Copy Writer Position Posting 2-6 hours a week

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If you have at least two years of post secondary studies and have the ability to commit to 2-6 hours a week as needed. We would love to consider you for the latest position with our team.

Job Description can be found at:

We need a great proof reader who will make… Continue

Added by Karrine (Kay) McFarlane on September 6, 2009 at 6:44pm — No Comments

Deal Of The Day - Life Is Good Long Sleeve Daisy Blue Shirt - Size 2-4 - $9.95 - Free Shipping

Exclusive deal on my blog.

NWT Life Is Good long sleeve shirt, girls size 2-4; ideal for all year round wear.It is powder blue in color, has long sleeves, a daisy on the front and says Life Is Good underneath and Jake on the back and it says Life Is Good under him.

$9.95 with free shipping and a $6.00 savings if you buy it here.… Continue

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The Power of you!

Right now I am reading a book called: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I love this book very much. I came across a very intresting message: I open myselfto the wisdom within, knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe. Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers, all the solutions, all the healings, all new creations. I trust this Power and Intelligence, knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me, and whatever I need comes to me in the right time,… Continue

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Allergic to what?

Had a scary experience with toddler!

Click here to read the post!

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Blogging Vs Self Marketing

I haven’t been a blogger for very long, really. Sixty posts to be exact. Very short career so far, however I’ve come to see that there are two kinds of bloggers out here:

1. The bloggers who write to share, vent and keep an online diary. Maybe make a few friends along the way. Get some creative ideas or insight. Be a part of a community of intelligent and diverse women.

2. The blogger who is more of a “get as many followers as I can by giving away lots of stuff”. They get… Continue

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Show Me A Perfect Parent

I am no perfect parent. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that I am FAAAAAAAARRRRR from being a good parent.

My kids play Nintendo too much, they Youtube too much, they don't read, are lazy beyond WORDS!!! I don't spend enough time with them and I'm not too good with mind games and chess. They don't go for tuition enough and they CAN get better grades in school if I pushed them enough.


These past couple of… Continue

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Looking at the Sky on Friday

Updated my blog! Come on over. The Misplaced Midwesterner

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Boy vs Bass - Boy Wins!

Wait a second. That's not a bass! What happened? Find out here!

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New to blogging

I am new to blogging and would like to get readers to give my blog a try. I blog about my grandkids I am raising and the lessons they teach me (some i've learned the hard way). I also write humorous and family oriented essays and poems.

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You Have To Share

The other day, as I was once again trying to get my three-year-old son, Bennett, to fall asleep in his bed (by making the cardinal mistake of lying down with him), he began to throw a temper tantrum because he wanted me to put his closet light on for the nap.

“No,” I told him. “You don’t need the light. It’s daylight outside.”

“I want the yight!” he yelled.

“No!” I said.

“I want the yight!” he screamed louder.

“No!” I said, beginning to… Continue

Added by Kelly Seiler on September 4, 2009 at 3:43pm — 1 Comment

Free Shipping for Labor Day

Free Shipping for Labor Day

To qualify for this free shipping offer, one or more Zazzle products must be purchased with a net sale price equal to or greater than 35.00 dollars. Free shipping offer does not apply to skateboards, or photo sculptures. The coupon code FREELABORDAY must be entered during checkout to receive the offer. The…

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I am baffled, I admit it... why can some presidents speak to our kids and not others?

Did you ever feel like you are really really stupid and missing the point or that you are simply smarter than everyone else and it is so much more simple than they are making it seem? That is how I am feeling right now. I just don’t get it.

Most confusing to me, why would people be threatening to keep their children home from school because the president will be speaking to the kids about education?! I am stunned. He is our president, as was his predecessor. You don’t have to agree… Continue

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