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This is so nasty, gross, disgusting, repulsive that I hated to keep it to myself. So, I thought I'd share it with you. Awhile back, DJ was hanging out near some fishermen, who were kind enough to carve out the eyeball of a fish they caught & share it with our son. Who, in turn, brought it to me so I could (no pun… Continue

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New Tales From The Crib Guest Post

Click here to read a poem about a sick boy at Christmas!

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Anyone Ever Used Or Know About This Site?

I recently came across this place where you can open a store entirely free with Paypal cart and very simple to use. Don't let the name of it fool you because its alot more than jewelry, you can list almost anything you want to sell but most does seem to be jewelry. This is incredibly easy to use and almost to good to be true because I never seem to understand how to do these things.

Has anyone else ever seen, heard or…


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5 Things I Love

... and think you will too!

RoomMates. These stylish, fun, repositionable, and removable wall decals are perfect for those afraid of commitment. Make boring walls, laptops, and just about any flat surface you can think of, come alive in minutes. They’re available in a variety of designs (even peel-and-stick mirrors) and sure to please even the most…


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My Mother's Day Gift: MORE PASTA

When my kids were in elementary school I was the proud recipient of a lot of crappy crafty homemade gifts. I still maintain (in a cool dry place) a “collection” of sparkling pasta jewelry constructed with crazy glue and sprinkled with glitter. I have a macaroni necklace, manicotti bracelets, a rigatoni toe ring, and bow tie pasta earrings. The rigatoni got wet... looked more like a slipper. One year we were so broke I had to cook the linguini bangles... Whatever happened to…


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Top 5 Mistakes Single Moms Make



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Organic Gardening - Part One: Improve Your Soil

This week I am starting a five part series on Organic Gardening. I know many of my readers are wanting to start an organic garden. Those already gardening will also find some helpful information.

Organic Gardening - Part One: Improve Your… Continue

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Thank you Thursday!

Today I would like to thank my pretty Lilies that are popping up! I LOVE flowers. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So if anyone ever wants to know what to get me as a gift, an easy one would be flowers…


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Join the National PTA Live Webcast

As a parent, it’s important to get involved with your local Parent

Teacher Association
, as you can make a difference in your child’s

education now and in the future. If you agree, then you might want to

take part in an upcoming exclusive LIVE online webcast event

At this year’s national convention there will be much to tackle:

  • The nation’s K-12 public education system is in crisis.
  • Our students lag behind compared to children in other…

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El Camino

As a young child, I was enamored with my father’s old Chevy, El Camino. It wasn’t a typical sedan because it had an open flat-bed in the rear and it had a second row for passengers. The car was a dull shade of brown and had a ripped vinyl interior that scratched my skin when I sat for rides. It had a great, loud radio whose temperament was as unpredictable as my father’s. The car had no suspension so I always…


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10 Toys Great For Keeping Your Child's Attention

Does your child have a full toy box but only play with a select few? Toys that only do a small, limited number of things often get tossed aside. They are fun for awhile but pretty soon they become too predictable. That results in boredom and kids don't like to be bored. So they find something else to play with and the boring toys end up in the bottom of the toy box.

The best toys are those that require imagination and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are ten toys…


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How To Help Your Child Eat Healthy At Camp

Camps are generally nurturing environments designed to help your child succeed and grow. Whether playing sports all day or learning about science experiments, all children need healthy foods to help their endurance and brain activity. Healthy lifestyles begin with healthy food choices and healthy food choices should be encouraged every day, no matter where you are; school or camp! Because you are a concerned parent, there are a few questions you must ask the camp administration upon…


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The dirty truth about helping our kids out in the bathroom

Our two naïve and curious boys, ages 3 and 5 are full of energy and explore their worlds primarily via their hands. One would question the functionality of their vision due to this constant need to “see” everything through touching. It’s as if they’re reading the Braille on all objects within…


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Here's A Fun Way To Keep Little Boys Entertained And Occupied: Printable Fire Truck And Police Car Coloring Pages

What's up with young boys and trucks?…

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The Little House That Love Built

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named, Bunny. Her parents moved her to the country, without a thought to asking her if she wanted to go, and made her live in a house that had no neighbors to play with, no paved streets to ride her bike on

and that had an army of bugs always on the ready to attack. When she moved to the country, she was

afraid of dogs and horse, but her parents felt the need to fill the house, yard

and pasture with a lot of these…


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Shopgirls "Shout-Out"

Old shoes, made new? That's right! Imagine having a great pair of shoes that no longer have their pizazz, and having them turned in to a one-of-a-kind creation of art! Through… Continue

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Hooked on the Book

Many have wondered where I have disappeared to the past few weeks, as my online presence has been reduced to bare bones, so it is time to unveil the reason for my absence. Aside from helping my consulting editor finalize the files of both titles to be uploaded on Kindle, Nook and other e-applications (Housekeeping for the Soul is now, finally, available in digital format; The Book of Obeah will be soon), our focus has been on other projects as well.

The greatest and most rewarding… Continue

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Your Town

This morning whilst in the bathroom..(Ideas can pop up anytime!) I came up with idea of a post which I could get everyone involved with. I was trying to think of what I could blog about today then it came to me that

I could write about my town - the area and the community that I live


And then I thought (who says wine destroys brain cells!) why not get all my other lovely blogging friends/readers in on it.

I want to know all about…

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Try To Keep Up, People!

Comment Luv blows. Also, grade 4 math. Also, butting heads with The One I Butt Heads With over Grade 4 math. Try to keep up people. So, a bunch of new visitors for Wordless Wednesday commented on older posts…with that annoyed, WTF kinda attitude we all get when we hit a WW link only to discover it is NOT a WW post….you either don’t play at all, or have the decency to just…


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