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Labor Day

Labor Day Comments and Graphics for MySpace, Tagged, Facebook Every first Monday in September we celebrate the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of this great nation of ours called America. We’ve come a mighty long way baby since those days of sweat shops and child labor.…


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Searching for CFS/ME answers

Searching for Answers to the Chronic Illness CFS / ME - A Carers Viewpoint

Is it all in your head, Curious ? Read on ……

While Julie spends many hours resting or sleeping, either at weekends or during the evenings in the week, I spend this available time surfing on the Net looking for answers and possible solutions to Julie's dilemma. Since the site's conception it has given me a platform to pass my findings on to other sufferers of CFS / ME and, hopefully via the sites contact… Continue

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My baby girl is not "handsome." She is not a "cute little guy" and she is certainly not "a smart looking fellow". She is wearing a purple hat with a daisy on it. Short of raiding Suri's walk-in closet for a pair of…


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Zipper Front

If I could unzip myself

Step outside of my body and give it some help

Better yet, let it go do what it wants

And me and my spirit will go and enjoy ourselves

Minister to my needs, instead of everybody else

Remember that, I too must learn to love self

Other wise, I really could be looking at myself

A broke down shell, with bad health

All that will remain, are old pictures of me on dusty… Continue

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The rite of passage line starts here

At the door to the Texas Driver's License field office, the Friday before school starts.

Seven in the morning. Doors open seven-thirty.

By the time we get to the information desk, we are number 84.…


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Sunday at church we invited a really neat family over for a dinner cookout. Cutie Pie and Sweet Pea both knew Mr. D and Miss C and their little girl were coming over and they were very excited to play with her, and them!

Shortly before they were to arrive, the kiddos were playing nicely outside and every once in a while would ask "When are they arriving, Mommy?" and I would tell them soon. At one point I heard Hubby say "Hello" through the open window and said "They must be here!… Continue

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A Thread of Hope

Last Friday I wrote A Perfect Last Sunday, my recollections of spending the last Sunday with my first husband before he died. Today is the 12th anniversary of his death. On September 2, 1998, he was an ill-fated passenger on…


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It is a grand moment when you learn you are going to be a grand parent. Hopefully this is good news, but sometimes the circumstances make it a difficult moment to celebrate. However, for most of us this news of pending grandparenthood is very emotional and thrilling.

I remember the first time we heard this news. Our daughter and son-in-law came by to give us our Valentine- one… Continue

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Giveaway Linky Thursday Tell All Come Post

Come post your giveaways with Thursday Tell All @ Shibley Smiles

Come link up

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Toddler Astronaut Costume Review from

posted a review of Toddler Astronaut Costume Review from , meltdown included.


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I my opinion, and I know a lot of you are agree, slugs are gross! They make me nauseous! Lately we keep finding slugs around the house. Last week, early one day, we saw a slimy trail of sliminess in our living room. We couldn’t find that darn slug! We looked under the couch, inside the boys’s toy box, aka playpen, we looked everywhere!! Later that night, or more like early morning the next day, I come downstairs to let Scratch out and BAM! I step on that darn thing! I almost scream in panic… Continue

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Why I chose public school

Last year at this time, I was tearing my hair out, in tears trying to figure out where Isaac was going to school for kindergarten. He had just come out of an amazing integrated preschool, where he had been for 3 years. I wasn't handing my crazy boy off to just any school. I had only a few weeks left to make a choice. I had options for Isaac to go to private school, public school or even… Continue

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Are You The Master of Your Metabolism?

Are you worried about heart disease, diabetes or insulin resistance? Have you seen the countless commercials on television for this or that drug for high blood pressure, insulin, etc.? Would you like to lose weight and feel better without a crazy diet or drug? Master Your… Continue

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When they don't agree with Homeschooling

So, you have decided to homeschool! Congratulations! You have prayed, weighed your options, researched curriculum and talked to everyone you know who has ever used the words 'home' and 'school' in the same sentence. Now, all you have left to do is begin the glorious journey of educating your children at home.…

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Grandpa's Baby Deathtrap in the Hamptons

We've gone out to my dad's house in the Hamptons a few times since the baby was born but this past weekend was the first time since she started crawling.…


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Are You Ready For Some Football?

I love football season. I love to see my husband and youngest son so excited over who is playing. The shouts from the living room. Of course it is always a better season when your team is winning.

I want to know what kinda fans are out there in the blogosphere. I've got a poll running on my blog to find out. Come check it out it will be open until 9/8 the day before the opening game!

GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!…


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Executive Homemaker Series: Goals

After creating our Family Mission Statement, the next step is our Family Goals.

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Eggs, Babies & Food Recalls

Last week I wrote about how the food Blue eats is a primary concern for me. I want him to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals, made with food that is safe for him to eat. The latest food recall has really made me think about the kinds of foods he eats and how to makes sure the food I am giving him is safe to…

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I Want To Be a Cow (Girl)

I read somewhere that some four-legged animals sleep while standing up because they cannot actually get up off of the ground in the first place. I also read that some need to combat the wild and must remain alert at all times. This does not sound that much different than a mother.

I have…

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The Witching Hour

We all know this time of day.... yours ever go like this?

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Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell you that now she’s expecting what once smelled delicious  - like roasting coffee beans for example, has suddenly become the one smell that induces an overwhelming feeling of nausea. For some women the pregnant nose goes into smell overdrive with incredible detection ability, in fact increased smell sensitivity can save lives. Just ask your local gas company – pregnant…

Black Friday – it’s Not Just About Fashion

Fashion, eh? It comes and goes, then comes back around again, at once fleeting and eternal. A style is in one month and then is never heard of again – until it is heard of again, of course.

The quest for fashionable clothes never ends; it’s just that what is in vogue is always changing.…


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