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My Stimulus Plan -- Being Grateful

What makes you feel grateful for everything you have in your life? For me it is hearing the wind howl in the trees outside. I’ll explain…

Last night, I crawled into bed at 1 a.m. after finishing an editing project, and as I sighed and got all cozy and warm next to Landon, I heard the wind howl outside. There is something about that noise that instantly makes me appreciate that I have a roof over my head. Sure, most people do, but it’s not just about having a roof over my head. It… Continue

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Tweens and Organization

Samantha G. who is a member on this site asked me to post some tips about helping tween to get organized. This topic is a familiar one because I have an 11-year-old with lots of stuff. Last fall, I went through her room and completely reorganized and contained her stuff, which was quite a project, but to her credit went rather smoothly. Although my daughter is a visual type who accumulates a lot of clutter, we provided her with a place for everything...and, with a little push, she puts… Continue

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Illness or Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert

A Different Way to Think about Creative Genius

Her fascinating perspective from the 2009 TED conference

"Don't be afraid. Just do…


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My Gratitude Journal

Every morning, before my two toddlers wake up, I try to spend some time reflecting on all the little things.

A few months ago I started my Gratitude Journal. Just a small, spiral bound notebook that acts as a never ending list of my appreciation for our life.

They are usually very short entries...but it does amazing things to be able to stop in the chaos of a difficult day and read some of my entries. Start your own and with consistency, its VERY hard to have a negative… Continue

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Spring Fling!

Spring has finally sprung and it is time to refresh your makeup bag! Just as you would your wardrobe, start cleaning out all of your old, broken, smelly, expired and drab cosmetics and purchase some products that liven up your face.

Cosmetic lines jump on the spring bandwagon and always release products that are colorful, flirty or bold this time of year. All over the pages of the current fashion and beauty magazines you can find everything from warm golden peachy tones to sweet and… Continue

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To Vaccinate Or Not To Vaccinate?

Yesterday I came across a mother on twitter who said she was not going to follow her pediatricians advice. Hearing her short tweet I couldn't help but to wonder what advice her pediatrician had given her that she deemed unfit to follow. Unable to contain my curiosity I asked her and her response was:

"We don't vaccinate--which is… Continue

Added by Jennifer Suarez on March 26, 2009 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Sugar high or why I let my kids drink 4L of pop in one evening

Like most moms, I'm use to receiving requests for project supplies from teachers. In most cases this is for stuff we use and have laying around the house, like toilet paper rolls or egg cartons. But what happens when the teacher asks for something you don't have:


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So simply sweet!

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Help Wanted!!!

I am all about opinions today! Okay so here's the dilemma! I currently have Anthony enrolled in a local preschool's early three's program. It is a pre preschool program for the kids that missed the cut off date this past year.

Anthony LOVES it! He has made a ton of friends, he is happy, he adjusted well, and identifies it as "his school". I have already enrolled Anthony in a different preschool for next year. I am torn as to which school he should attend next fall. The school he… Continue

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Addiction and Mental Health Issues

When my son Michael required inpatient or residential treatment for addictions and bipolar disorder, I carefully discovered the treatment approaches of available facilities.

Early in our years-long journey I learned that some treatment philosophies denied the existence of biologically-based mental illness. Others eschewed drugs of any sort, regardless of who prescribed them and why. And still others functioned under the assumption… Continue

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Mr. Tough Guy

My husband is a hard-ass. There, I said it. This is a man who’s run 10 marathons and said, “I feel pretty good,” after each one. I, frankly, was exhausted from sitting there for 4 hours waiting for him to get back. My back was always aching and stiff. I tried to get a little shoulder rub at the massage tent but they refused. They said I wasn’t one of the “runners.” Excuse… Continue

Added by Lisa Christiano Rose on March 25, 2009 at 12:24pm — 2 Comments

Join the Easter Egg Hunt


2 Crazy Chics and their sponsors are holding our their first Easter Egg Hunt! It's so exciting and you'll have a blast.

Here's how ya play...

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!! But, It looks like the Easter Bunny has lost his Easter Eggs. Can you help him find them?

The Easter Bunny was busy shopping and I guess while he was browsing these websites he…


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My little guy keeps me on my feet, alert, and a nervous wreck! check out my new Wordless/ Wordful post...HERE!


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I am not feeling well today...Crappola

The other night I decided to go to a multiple mom's meeting and I wanted to look cute-of course! So, I left my house with a nice sweater, turtle neck and jeans. Oh, Boy!!! It was cold outside. brrrrr

I am glad I attended the meeting because we had a speaker from the FBI. She gave us new insight on how the FBI is running and also notified us that they were hiring. Growing up I always wanted to be in the FBI. Upon completing my undergraduate studies I found myself applying to… Continue

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Earth Promise: Disney Turns Green

Disneynature, Walt Disney’s new green sector, will celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2009 with the debut of, Earth . This miraculous, environmental adaptation is from the award-winning British producer/director Alastair Fothergill, who created the “Planet Earth” series (BBC and The Discovery Channel) and “The Blue Planet.”

Narrated by James Earl Jones, Earth follows the… Continue

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A Cake Sprinkled with 18 Kids

My friend will soon be hosting a “sprinkle” for her friend, who is having her third boy. I had not heard the term "sprinkle" before, but I guess this is used for subsequent children, rather than the full-out shower for the first bundle of joy. So I guess it's like, less gifts, maybe less games and less cake? I don't know. But that got me to thinking, how many kids does it take, really, to merit a sprinkle? Just three? What about like, 6, 10, or 18 even? Wow, I am not the kind of woman that… Continue

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Moms What's your birth Story?

I would like to start featuring your stories of how your children came into the world, No, more like your story of becomming a mom.

For me, I wrote about the birth of my first child and I'm going to write the birth of my second child soon. If you would like your story on my site I would love to share it with people. I will also link to your blog and describe what your blog is about.

The Birth of Zoe

I look… Continue

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