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Do Lesbians and Gays Make Better Parents?

Something I hear a lot about gay and lesbians parents is, “You know they love their kids, because they really wanted them.” True enough, there are no “accidents” when it comes to babies among same-sex couples. So does that make us good parents?

Of course, many gays and lesbians have children from previous heterosexual relationships, and some of those children were not planned, but for most of us, it is a conscious choice to bring children into our lives. At gatherings of Westside… Continue

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Nobody Sings About My Life on the Good Stations

Nobody Sings About My Life on the Good Stations

by Pamela Victor

For some reason I’ve been drawn even more to music lately, and I’ve been listening carefully to lyrics. I noticed that the vast majority of songs are about – yes, you knew this already – love and loss. It’s all so heartfelt and tragic. Extreme. Exciting. Emotional. Full of nerves and sexuality and rapidly beating hearts. Longing looks. Regret. Sadness and heartbreak.

This morning, I was listening… Continue

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Sweet Clippies GIVEAWAY

I recently had one of my products reviewed by a fellow mom blogger A Pocket Full Of Buttons. I was so absolutely nervous, since this was my first review on one of my products. My mom is here visiting, and wanted to know how it said, I was too scared to read. You never know what someone else is going to think of a product you make, and love yourself. Well, after about, hmmm, 10 minutes, I finally read it. Was it ever amazing!! To know that… Continue

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A new fresh start to a new relationship

I never thought that I would ever date anyone again after my divorce. My family and friends said to give it at least a year before I get involved with someone else. I took that advice and also started seeing a therapist to help emotionally cope with my divorce. This last year I have rediscovered my old self and also gain a new perspective on life. Through this whole roller coaster ride that I have been on for 12 month, deep down inside I felt rather lonely. I was with my ex-husband for almost… Continue

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Had a really bad afternoon with the kiddos yesterday. Really. Really. Bad.

For whatever reason (read: taking advantage of the fact that Mommy is traveling), they decided it would be a good idea to fight in the truck all the way home, NOT do their chores, smear toothpaste all over the bathroom counter, and turn their rooms into landfills. And while, no, none of this is really new, it was all at one time, and all on top of a couple of weeks now of Amy & I continually badgering them… Continue

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Natural Childbirth Stories

I've very excited to announce that beginning tomorrow, I’m going to begin a weekly post with a positive, natural childbirth story. I’m lining up guest posters who will be sharing their personal stories of how they brought their baby into the world.

I’m a huge natural childbirth advocate. If you think women who have natural births are martyrs with something to prove, you might want to stop reading now, I’m about to get on my soap box. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The idea… Continue

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A new beginning I want you to be part of.

After yesterday's hoped for, prayed for, wished for and very much relieving news of Julia's clean spinal fluid, my family is trying with all our might to adjust to yet another new NORMAL. We are a family that to this point, has survived pediatric cancer. We know how lucky we are and are happy to trade our lottery winning luck for beating cancer luck any day. At least that explains why we haven't won the lottery!

So I am now onto blogging about other important issues! I have struggled for… Continue

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The Personal “Bail Out” Plan!

Are you ready for a “bail out”? Are you ready for a change?

With all the bad economic news it’s good to here that one business is up! According to Paul Harvey News and Commentary, Friday, October 10th, Sales of Skin Care are Up, Up, Up, in some companies, doubling in sales.

He states, “evidently people don’t want to be broke and ugly too!” So here is your Personal Bail Out Plan to keep yourself from being broke and to keep everybody from being ugly!

1. Use Mary Kay… Continue

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Make Him Feel Loved for Father's Day

Father’s day is coming! What better way to show him that he’s loved than these two gift sets that are convenient, portable and simple to use. Available in the ambery oriental fragrance of MK High Intensity™ or Domain®, a blend of lavender and oak moss. Each set includes a retail size and a travel size Cooling After-Shave Gel and Body and Hair Shampoo. Plus, each set includes a handsome, giftable bag.

NEW! Mary Kay® Limited-Edition Men’s Fragrance Gift Sets,

$40.00 each… Continue

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Pandemic through the eyes of a three year old

Driving home yesterday, my son asked me if he had jumps.

“Jumps?” I replied “Yes,” He said “Anushka told me that if I don’t cover my mouth when I cough, I will get jumps in my nose. Then I will have to go to the hospital and the Dr. will give me soup!

Anushka, is his classmate who has a British accent and “jumps” means GERMS. I think Anu’s been watching to much CNN!

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Star Trek’s JJ Abrams home run!

I’m not the type of Trekkie that dresses up like a Volcan, Rommulan, or Cardasian wielding vintage collector’s weapons and attending conferences. But I did grow up faithfully watching this beloved TV show and I’m here to tell you that I give JJ Abrams an A+.

Last night I was surprised to find out that the professional networking meeting that I had prepared for is next week, and decided to take advantage of having a babysitter by going to a movie. My choices as a science fiction freak… Continue

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Tyler, my 6 year old is back at home

Let me tell all divorced parents that have little ones and crazy ex-spouses. Get a lawyer, document everything, and be careful how you present yourself.

I just got my daughter, Tyler, six-years old, back this past Sunday. If your ex and/or the new spouse is a bully, fight smart and be pre-pared for anything.

If your ex-, is a millionaire, tax evader and fraud recording artist and pastor like mine, get a lawyer and pre-pare to fight. If you don't have money to fight, find… Continue

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Meat masks on your face? Baking in the sun for a healthy glow? Natural Handmade Soap is best for all body and face?Coal dust on your lashes? Cripes! ELLE magazine debunks the world's most archaic cos…

Meat masks on your face? Baking in the sun for a healthy glow? Natural Handmade Soap is best for all body and face?Coal dust on your lashes? Cripes! ELLE magazine debunks the world's most archaic cosmetic myths. Read More » Natural Handcrafted soap

Natural soaps are crafted using natural herbs, spices & clays and are scented with 100% pure essential oils. These completely natural soaps contain no… Continue

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Running Basics.

I wanted to put together a list of basics. My must have items when it comes to running. In later posts I will go into more details, but this is just a quick list. I will be discussing how to choose the best running shoes for you, the difference between cotton clothes and dri-fit, and many more running accessories that makes your runs more enjoyable! ...CONTINUES ON MOMO-RUNNER BLOG...

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Oprah and My Recurring Nightmare

I do not get a lot of time to watch tv, especially during the day. The majority of my interaction with my tv comes from deleting stuff I never have time to watch off of my TIVO. Having said that, I have a recurring nightmare courtesy of Oprah Winfrey. You may be thinking that it is related to her shows about puppy mills, or Dr. Oz's explanations and on-air demonstrations of diseased hearts, lungs, brains, etc., or the plight of women in third world countries. Granted all those things have the… Continue

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One of Those Moms

I am afraid ... terrified in fact that it has finally happened to me. It has taken the better part of 5 years, but I am almost positive that the transformation is complete. In a startling, Invasion of the Body Snatchers kind of way I have become one of THOSE moms. It was easier to identify them before I had kids - in fact they were everywhere then. I occasionally see them now, but admittedly a lot less frequently than I used to. You know what I am talking about! THOSE moms that seem to not… Continue

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My Own Personal 'New Year'

I could always use more blog followers: will you become one? :-)

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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Stapler Closer

Katrina Carefoot, Mabel BlogHer correspondent, from Fickle Feline, is guest blogging while Julie recovers from the birth of her 6th baby - welcome Finian Aloysius! Julie will be back next week (talk about a whirlwind maternity leave!).

I probably shouldn’t admit this in such a public forum, but I have a thing for office supplies. Meaning, I fancy really nice, top notch pens, rulers, paper, notepads, mechanical pencils, paper clips, scissors and staplers. If my work doesn’t happen to… Continue

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My first blog ...

It's not just about trying to build my business (from: Everyone), that came after the fact. I started blogging last Fall when my family relocated from California to New Jersey, and I've got some old, deep roots in CA. (I know ' what were you thinking' - like I haven't heard that one a bazillion times). I discovered that keeping a blog was like keeping in touch with my friends and family on the West Coast. Sometimes funny, sometimes pensive, and admittedly, one time a full on pitty party - it's… Continue

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Treats for Those Sweet Cravings

Greetings all! Welcome to another installment of Weight Loss Wednesdays. I don't know about you, but I have had such a sweet tooth lately. Yes, even the fitness fanatics like me can't stop those cravings all the time. Lately, I am especially craving CHOCOLATE!

I think chocolate has a place in everyone's life - just remember that a little goes a long way! Make… Continue

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