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October's BlogHop


Do you remember a couple of weekends ago I did a blogHop because I decided to read some blogs instead of actually writing a blog post? Well I've decided to do the same again this weekend! I'm pretty

sure when the boy goes to bed tonight that the other half is having a

night of xbox leaving me…

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Five to one ratio..



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Time to Baby Proof the House

It was that time again....well-check time at the doctor's office. It is hard to believe that little Huddie is six months old! Everything checked out fine of course we knew he was perfect. We have a healthy, happy, and absolutely adorable six month old bouncing baby boy.

Just being content with bouncing, unfortunately, is starting to be a thing of the past though. Yep, my days of sitting on the floor beside the little guy watching him chew on his toys sounds… Continue

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Dragons' Den

I used the hit TV show, Dragons' Den, to generate terrific exposure for my business, Tail Wags Helmet Covers,
Do you own a business? If yes, what are you doing to publicize your business?

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The most important thing is not to allow negative comments to get in our way. If someone tells us we can’t do it or makes us feel bad, we often feel defeated. We need to empower ourselves. Nobody else can do it. Think about the life you want to lead once you reach your goal. One good way to achieve this is to write down your reasons behind your desire to lose weight. Stick the list on the wall so that you can see it every day. When a negative thought pops up, replace it with a positive one. For… Continue

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Never Leaving the House

I have made the very rational, not at all hyper spastic, life changing decision to never let my girls leave the house ever again. I don't have to, really. I can home school them, order all of the things I need for them - from clothes to groceries - online, and they can get plenty of exercise playing on our acre. Under adult supervision. With a shotgun cocked and ready.

Can you tell I just watched the news?

I am really concerned about this world that I am expected to raise… Continue

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What Makes You Super? Weekend Link Up (o:

One of my 'trainees'

Have you ever wondered what makes a supermom super?

If you are a mom & fulfill more than three of the criteria below ... YOU are a supermom!

You have more than one child ~ I have four (o:

You work full time ~ does being a full-time, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom… Continue

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Let's Give Christmas Away!

Last year my friend Lindsay from Because He Gave was inspired by the book 101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Away by Matthew… Continue

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Maternal affection in excess, good or bad?

The overwhelming motherly affection given to babies a few months makes them better prepared to face life's problems in adulthood, according to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, an American magazine. Learn more

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Free Mailing Lists ~ 5 Steps to Creating a Huge Mailing List for Free

Many of us moms are blogging online to earn an income. One of the best ways to legitimately market our business for free is to create mailing lists of people who are interested in our products. Read below to find…


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Burial don’t buy a starter plot and then trade up to a larger plot located in a better school district.

A couple weekends ago, we went to my cousin’s house for his son’s second birthday party. They served us a nice lunch buffet, and I have to tell you when we first walked into the house, the BBQ aroma from the kitchen felt like a big, welcoming pork hug. If they made them, I’d buy a meat-scent Glade Air Freshener. I don’t usually use air fresheners, but a Glade ‘meat’ Pluggin? I could totally get with that.… Continue

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fall, how i love thee...

My favorite season is upon us. Finally, after the humidity-filled and sticky days of summer, fall is here. With crisp weather comes a chance to wipe the dust off my favorite leather boots. To wear layers that cover up (cough!) certain areas that (cough!) desperately need covering up. To see my hair actually lay flat and cooperate. To order a caramel apple cider from Starbucks... and I don't even like Starbucks. To order the yummy goodness that is the chicken pot pie… Continue

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A Witch 'Wich Lunch for my Girl!

Since Ben had a Halloween bento, Faith had to have one too. Of course, it's not fun to make two that are the same, so she has a "Which witch-'wich is which" themed box. (I just really wanted to write that.)…


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Easy Succulent Thanksgiving Recipe 1 of 7 - Appetizer

It is hard to believe that is was 16 years ago next weekend that my husband’s company transferred him to the United States. It was truly an exciting move from the cold Canadian north to sunny Southern California. My mother was quite worried about my expatriate status, since I was a not-so-young mom with a two year old. Every call home, my mother would ask, “Have you met any new friends yet?” So finally, and mostly to appease her, I joined the local Newcomers Club. This is where I met my dearest… Continue

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Faking it 'Til Graduation

My middle daughter's birthday is Monday. The 11th. She will be 3. I am knee deep in Dora plates, napkins, goody bags, and wrapping paper. Her birthday party is Saturday. A fiesta, if you will, including a bounce house, pinata, treasure hunt, and cotton candy machine. And tacos... chicken and beef.

That I will make.

Lord help us all!

I will clean, stuff, cook, stress, and be thrilled the second it is all over, but wish it had not gone so fast.

As a… Continue

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Joe's first 2 steps

If you like my post follw my blog and leave a commnet, I will follow back!

I have been posting a lot about Joe Vitale's missing secret CD's and on these CD's he talks about his 5 steps to the missing secret.

The first step is the easy one for me and that is "what you are complaining about." He says that complaining is… Continue

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$40 CSN and Powermat Giveaways ENDS TONIGHT

Two Giveaways ending tongiht @ Shibley Smiles!


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Opposites Atrract

Opposites Attract

Look at all the works of the Most High; they come in pairs, one the opposite of the other, Sirach 33:15...Good

is the opposite of evil and life the opposite of death. The cursed and

the blessed...sinner and the godly can attest. That after they work hard

they both require rest. Yes, all things come in pairs. One opposite of

the other; sister, brother...father, mother...and so many others.… Continue

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Not just hungry but starving!

If you like this post follow my blog and leave a comment and i will follow back.

The other day I posted about going to bed hungry but last night I was starving and there was no good reason for me to be so stinking hungry. I did not give in, well I had a handful of grapes, but I wanted popcorn so bad but resisted.… Continue

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