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Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Vagina

In grade school I used to love those jokes where a kid would learn the wrong names of sexual anatomy and then say things like, "I saw Daddy's submarine going toward Mommy's abyss (or whatever. I forget the wording). Anyway, telling and hearing these jokes was not only a fun activity, but it implied you understood sex and sex accessories: "Swords," "Tunnels," and "Headlights."

My daughter, newly four, asked the other night at the dinner table what I would do if someone asked me to show them… Continue

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Holiday Ideas for Teenage Son 17 years old

Every year, I have stuffed my son’s Christmas stocking with hygienic supplies that he usually would not buy for himself, or are a bit more on the luxury scale to make it a bit more special. Mainly, these are items that aren’t too pricey, but he would never buy for himself, or don’t make the day to day budget. Here is an example of what he can expect from Mama-clause thise year (and hopefully he doesn’t read this blog, but if he does, I am sure he won’t be disappointed LOL!)… Continue

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You Don’t Have to be a Duggar (OR a Hilton, Thank Goodness) to Live A Simple Life

Oh come on, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. In fact, I doubt I even need to explain the title because you’re nodding your head thinking, “Love those Duggars, but MAN I don’t want to wear their clothes! And dang it, I like my eyeliner! I NEED my eyeliner!!” Calm down, I need my eyeliner, too.

I LOVE the Duggars. I watch “17 Kids and Counting” on TLC and have followed them since “14 Kids and Pregnant Again!” way back in 2004. When I first saw them on TV, I was impressed, to… Continue

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SodaClub Giveaway!

Added by Lisa @CrazyAdventuresinParenting on December 11, 2008 at 12:17am — No Comments

Calling all Crock Pot Recipes!

I am looking for easy and delicious Crock Pot Recipes! Please leave me your favorite at www.Hail2theSnowQueen.blogs... Thanks!

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I can't hold it in any longer!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm about to bust, because I've been holding some stuff in. I just can't hold it in any longer, because I am SO EXCITED! Once you're done reading this you'll probably be like, "What the heck, Rach? This stuff is NOT important at all!" My answer to that is--right now, they're important to me!

#1. I am completely done with my Christmas shopping for family, except for Josh and Zeke (we may get him one more gift, but maybe not). This is an… Continue

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Natural and Handmade Toys Could Be Made Illegal

Something rather large has happened and with toy safety being such an issue I wanted to draw to your attention some news about what could happen to the makers and distributors of handmade natural toys.

You can read about the alert at these two sites and learn more about what you can do:

Eco Child's Play…


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Early Reading skills

As an English Lit. tutor, I soon became frustrated with trying to teach cildren to read English. What a ridiculous language. With many other languages, words are spelt in a way that reflects the way you say them. In English, we add extra letters just for the fun of it. I mean, come on, someone was on the wacky weed when they decided the spelling for thorough or tough or lamb.

I was never a fan of teaching the alphabet either. Just how does knowing that the… Continue

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Enter The Sigg Giveaway Contest On

It's contest time! Here's what you are playing for:

A brand new, 1 liter, Sigg water bottle.

Win this Sigg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may remember the blog I wrote recently about how much I love my Sigg water bottles. If not click here to… Continue

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A Baby Blog Resource for Better Baby Pictures, Baby Scrapbook Tips, Baby Photo Contests, and Baby Celebrity News

We maintain a blog all about baby photography and scrapbooking. Check it out at

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Toxins Found in Toys - Moms Need to Read This

Since everyone here is a mom, I thought you all would be very interested in this post. A recent study tested 1,500 toys and found higher levels of lead, mercury and other harmful substances! And surprisingly, not all of the toys with high levels of lead were produced in China.

If you need any eco-friendly toy suggestions, check out… Continue

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{i HEART!} Elegant Journey

Check out my blog to see more information about an amazing artist. Please leave comments on my blog to show Jennifer encouragement to continue to create beautiful masterpieces...

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WIN a free phone call from Santa for your child!

This is so cool! You place an order for a call with, there are a few options to choose from, call types, date and time of call, optional extras, and then once you’ve made your payment you personalize the call with details of your child. So when Santa calls, he’ll know all sorts of things about your child and make it impossible for them not to believe it’s really Santa and he KNOWS everything! How fun is that?!?!

Come… Continue

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Weight Gain Can Happen to the Best of US

Here we go again.

The weight gain---loss seesaw.

This time it isn't necessarily our weight with the issues: it's Oprah's.

Seems like it was maybe three diets ago for Oprah, two for me, that she appeared on stage in 1988 lugging around animal fat with a weight equivalent to what she lost. It was 67-pound weight loss and she was wearing a pair of size 10 Calvin Klein jeans. She promised herself to never gain it back.

Been there. Done that.

It's about… Continue

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Who Wants To Be A Winner?

I'm going to be having a contest on pretty soon. Truth be told it would have happened sooner but here's the thing. I bought a cool prize to give away and then I placed it on top of my fridge for safe keeping.

It was a great spot because I would see it daily and be reminded that I needed to take photos and put up a blog so I could give it away. However, it was a bad spot because every time I looked at it I thought to myself "That is so nice that I should keep… Continue

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To Whom It May Concern

Dear Makers of Moon Sand,
If I ever meet you I will punch you in the face.

Jennifer Suarez

More great blogs at

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Fun Twist On An Advent Calendar

This blog post is from My Christmas Page - it's about a fun alternative to the traditional advent canlendar:

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Who Needs Preschool Right Now?

This little guy will be three in February and I am utterly ambivalent about sending him off to preschool. Maybe it's because we really can't afford the extra cost right now. Or because I've gone through preschool anxiety twice already and another go-round doesn't thrill me. It could also be because he's my last baby and I'm not ready to give him up to the school day schedule just yet.

When I lived in NYC this wasn't a… Continue

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To Be A Better Parent I Will Strive To Be:

BRAVE enough to say no when it would be easier to say yes to my child, especially when I know that my refusal will make me unpopular and him angry.

PATIENT enough to let my child learn from his own mistakes.

LOVING enough to let him suffer the consequences of his actions.

HONEST enough to tell the truth when my child comes to me with a question.

SENSITIVE enough to be there when he needs me.

INTELLIGENT enough to realize that he has much to… Continue

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Love chocolate?

We have a See's Candies gift certificate ($25) up for giveaway at - come and comment to be entered!

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