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Okay, is it 3 times a charm, or 3 the magic number?

I LOVE my boys but I do not get it. I can say something to my oldest one and he will not do it until the third time...most of the time, sometimes we get to the 5th time. I find myself saying...Did you hear what I said? Did you hear me? until finally I hear, ritualistically, "Huh, I did not hear you" or "Oh, you meant now?", and my two favorites..."Oh, Me, mom?" and "Oh, I forgot" . First what is "HUH?" Is there an unspoken rule among the males or among children in general? I was taught that… Continue

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The Picky Follower

I've been blogging for almost a month, and during that time I have done quite a bit of research on the components of a successful blog. Along the way I stubled across a new trend that's swept the blogosphere - "Follow me and I'll follow you."

Now in the interest of building a successful blog I'ms ure it would be much easier to just jump on the bandwagon and follow a million other bloggers and their less than average quality blogs, but that doens't sit well with me. If soemone does follow… Continue

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1st timer

This is my 1st time to blog on the MBC. I am excited to hear what other moms have to say and to share about my family.

My family consists of me, my hubby, Shannon, my daughter, Kylee, and my chi, Lexi (aka LuLu). I have only been a mommy for almost a year now. It is the best thing ever! She is the most awesome thing that has happened to me.

I am a kindergarten teacher and LOVE it! This is my 5th year and I don't think I could teach anything else. Although, if I ever win… Continue

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New member, but long-time blogger.

I came across this site today and signed up right away. I am excited about networking with other mom bloggers.

I am a SAHM mom to six lovely, crazy, creative, drive-me-up-the-wall, kids. They range in age from 10 down to four months old. I love blogging and writing!

I can't wait to get to know more of you!

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

Want your kids to be healthy? Of course you do. One easy way to do this is to start reading labels at the grocery store and avoid any product with high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list. If you don't believe me then read this.

The American Academy of Pediatrics will be discussing this issue at their National Conference in October 2009. High fructose corn syrup leads to the build up of fat in the liver and causes insulin resistance. These then set your child up for health… Continue

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Learning more

Are you interested in learning more about international adoption or helping orphans across the globe? Here are a few upcoming events that will give you the chance!


Fundraising Garage Sale, September 19 starts at 8 a.m.

All proceeds will go to orphanCare International to help orphaned children. Contact Pam Matthews at for location and information about items for sale.


Adoption Information Meeting,… Continue

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Eat Your Frickin Bananas!

On the hottest day of the summer thus far, with fires raging a few miles away, the sky is raining soot. Since we are nearing the end of the summer, and I have been in lock down with Thing One and Thing Two, while trying to work in my cave of privacy, it seems we are all at wits end. I… Continue

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Last nights VMAs were filled with lots of OMG moments. check out my post

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Featuring Mom Entrepreneur Kim Pettinato

Be Featured HERE on aMomEntrepreneur

Get more information HERE.

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Interactive learning from Leapfrog for ages 2 to 4

My youngest daughter (2 yrs) and I had the opportunity to review the new Tag Junior from Leapfrog. Similar to the original Tag, it's an interactive tool used to develop independent learning around the love of books. My… Continue

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Five Tips to Get a Celebrity Haircut

It may surprise you to find out these critical, little known facts about getting a haircut:

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I'm new here *-*

I'd visited a friend's blog through blogspot and saw the mombloggersclub badge on her site. I clicked on it and signed up straight away. Happy to be here. Happy to hang out with all the moms around world through this site. Not used to it yet but soon I will. I'm pretty sure that it's simple and works as simple as the others site. It's just that this site is special because it unites all the moms. We can pour/write anything on the discussion forum. And,even to get to know other moms,too. It'll… Continue

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The Importance of Education

We as parent know that Education is a fundamental human right. Our children and every child in the world are entitled to it. Education is not only important but critical to our children’s development as individuals. Development leads to a successful future and we must ensure that our children must have a quality education. If the child doesn’t have the basic of comprehension in reading, it can slow down or hinder his or hers’ learning in all subjects. Reading is the fundamental skill of all… Continue

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Drawing, contest, free butter bars, free bar soaps, handmade, custom blend!

Mommy Tyme Gifts is going to join in the contest fun! I am always giving away something on the website, but I think this time I will post it to potential new fans and see what happens!

Up for grabs is 1 Extra Large handmade bath bar or butter bar in your choice of scents! You choose. Visit my shop at and browse which item you would like!

Visit the blog for full details and how to enter!… Continue

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Hello There!

I am really happy I've found Mom Bloggers Club. It's like having someone so familiar, so close to you--all over the world. I hope to enjoy as a member and looking forward to meet new mom friends to whom I can share all my experiences and stories as a mother.

I have a little 4-year old, Paolyne--my one and only! I can tell you having a toddler at home is fun! From doing her hair, dressing her up and singing all her kids songs!

I wish to share more on coming days! You can… Continue

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Hair today!!

I had my hair done today. Click here to read the post.

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I've Never Understood Hatred

Today is September 11 and I'm sure most people are reflecting on the events that occurred eight years ago today. I was living in Philadelphia (the birthplace of freedom, liberty and democracy) in this country and I was attending design school. I was watching the Golden Girls and my cousins uncle came upstairs and said "Do you believe this shit?!". I was like "What the Golden Girls" and that's when he told me about the planes. I remember turning the channel and watching one of the worst… Continue

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Let the kayak adventures begin!

We recently bought ourselves a 2 person Hobie Kayak with a 3rd seat option! Its perfect for our little family. We had done some research, and tried a few other brands before ultimately making the decision to buy this specific one. This Hobie "Kona" Kayak is super sturdy and a perfect fit. Living where we live, we like to be out in the ocean as much as possible. Its super fun to cruise the harbor and check out the boats and marine life with Easy. He LOVES it! I was a bit nervous at first, but… Continue

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Join us for the next Body After Baby Challenge

'm really excited to announce this next challenge! Are you ready to get your body back? Feel and look better? Lose weight? Be healthier?

Then welcome, my friends. Welcome to the Body After Baby Challenge!

If you're new to my blog, let me take a second to introduce you to the Body After Baby Challenge. It all started in April when I wrote this post. Being in a community (the blog world) where we can meet and talk to other moms about losing weight and being healthier is so… Continue

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Enter our Free Drawing for the 2nd of November 2009

Our next Free Drawing will be 2nd of November for "Listen, Read & Learn with Classic Stories". Free Book, Free Shipping, Free!

In still the love of reading and reinforce essential reading comprehension skills with Listen, Read, and Learn with Classic Stories.

• Listen to this collection of best-loved stories on CD.

• Read and enjoy the stories over and over again.

• Learn…

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