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Stress Free Strategy #6

Practice preventive maintenance.

This will not only de-stress your life, but also save an unbelievable amount of time, money, headaches and heartache.

When it comes to material goods, all that you possess is in your stewardship. It's your responsibility to care for it so that it retains its value and purpose, otherwise why possess it?

So, first and foremost, purchase or keep nothing that you're not willing or able to properly maintain. If you… Continue

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Does you child have a lovey? Both of mine do and no way no how will we ever leave home without them! Anthony has his beloved "raggie" He acquired his raggie when he was just a wee little guy and I w…

Does you child have a lovey? Both of mine do and no way no how will we ever leave home without them!

Anthony has his beloved "raggie" He acquired his raggie when he was just a wee little guy and I was feeding him his bottles... His raggies are burp rags... As he ate, he would grab the cloth and not let go. He rubs the rag through his fingers as he falls asleep, he holds it to his chest when he is upset or tired, and he even sucks and chews it... Each night when we tuck him in, he… Continue

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Very busy mom!!

Just to blog, am Mom as a school bus driver. I am aware that nice weather is approaching. That means crazy drivers are out!!! Moms pay attention to all that is around. Make sure you teach your children to pay attention to all around when putting children on bus and make sure that, they look at the driver for crossing the street. And to look both ways at all times..

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My first hateful comments - and I'm taking them just as hard as I knew I would

I knew this would happen. Eventually, you get hateful comments from someone. Someone who doesn't like something you shared on your blog and because of it starts hitting below the belt. These people usually post anonymously, which just shows what cowards they are, but somehow that doesn't make me feel better.

The accusations have no basis, and yet they sting. A complete stranger, who has never visited my blog and obviously doesn't get my sense of humor at all, concludes that I'm… Continue

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Introducing: The New 31 Kids Line!

Yes I know tons of you have been waiting for a while now to see the new 31 Kids line! The line will not become available until April 1st, but I wanted to show you the pictures we've released!

This line includes items for baby (changing pads, bibs, burp cloths...ect) items for the kids (wallets, aprons, little bags...ect) and of course…

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Red's Revenge!

This week I will be telling you all about my weekend in Vermont. I'll start with apologizing to my husband Dave because he was right. The Red our GPS system is the devil and her only mission in life is to get us lost. I swear she and her little mechanical GPS friends are laughing at us. The machines are having a contest to see who can get their human the most lost before the driver catches on. I am happy to report that Red won. That little bitch directed me to Vermont via New York City &… Continue

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Rate Jody Cooper Photography!!

I have had literally a handful of Brides and clients tell me they love to see what others think or thought of my work. If you love my work, PLEASE do me the biggest favor.... click on the following link, and Rate My Work. It will only take a minute at most. Thank you for supporting a fellow mommy business!:0) I really appreciate it! Jody

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Freshman 40

Well, everyone has heard of the Freshman 15, the weight you gain your first year of college. For me it was closer to 40 pounds and I have been trying to take it off for the past 15 years!! At one point, with the help of weekly Weight Watchers meetings and kickboxing, I was able to maintain a 30 pound loss for two years. I felt great! So much energy!! Then came marriage and the stress of daily life and infertility and pregnancy with twins and on and on... until I have now regained my freshman 40… Continue

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I'm Not A Prince

When I tuck the boys in at night I always say "Goodnight Princes." Well last night, Cenzo said to me, "I'm not a prince, I'm a boy!" I think because I am saying PrincES he thinks I am calling him a PrincESS. LOL!!

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Observations From the Sick Bed

A week of battling illness has provided the opportunity to make some observations:

1) Very strange and seemingly unconnected symptoms occur as the result of pregnancy. In my case, a simple head cold morphed into a serious sinus infection. Apparently pregnancy and sinuses are connected. This is strange to me because last I checked my sinuses are really far away from my uterus. My sinus infection made me feel like someone took me out back and beat the living daylights out… Continue

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Earth Hour, Earth Day, Earth Living

March 28, 2009 at 8:30pm, Earth Hour , a global collaborative, will take place: around the world people will switch off their lights for one hour. This simple, non-lifestyle-changing event will signify how, if we work together, a monumental revolution can be made in our global efforts to participate in climate change. “The (2008) movement captured the public’s imagination with lights… Continue

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I Don't Get Facebook!

Am I the only one who doesn’t want 300 “friends” on Facebook? Am I the only one with a cell phone that doesn’t have a camera? Am I the only one with no interest in texting? The latest and greatest for a lot of other moms I know is being on Facebook, everyone declares to be addicted to it—I have to admit, I don’t get it.

I finally decided to sign up with Facebook and Twitter about two weeks ago, since I understand that as a blogger you “have” to be on them, it is one way how people… Continue

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Kick your shoes off and stay a while!

Make yourself comfortable, because I'm all about that. You'll find me in jeans and sweater more often than a skirt or something dressy, especially now that I'm a full time mom.

Let me tell you a little more about me... I am the mother to a little boy born on the day of the crazy eights. I started blogging about two weeks after he was born. My first blog ever was The Krause Family. It was a way for family near and far to keep up with our little… Continue

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Stress Free Strategy #5

Make duplicates of all your keys.

Discovering that you're locked out of your house or vehicle is a most frustrating and stressful dilemma; but it needn't be. Plan ahead and avoid that scenario. Here are some additional suggestions:

Keep spare car keys in your wallet, not on your key ring.…


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Quilt Of Holes

Someone new came into my life recently and she sent me this beautiful story/poetry that I just wanted to share with everyone else.

As I faced my Maker at the last judgment, I knelt before the Lord along with all the other souls.

Before each of us laid our lives like the squares of a quilt in many piles; an angel sat before each of us sewing our quilt squares together into a tapestry that is our life.

But as my angel took each piece of cloth off the pile, I… Continue

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My Secret Super Power.

(Que the Superman score by John Williams please.)

I realized that I have a superpower and I am sure some of you do too. I can turn my mom ears off to annoying whines and noises. Why on earth is this a "super power" you may ask? WELL, frankly because some people have to hear it when I choose not to.It is so funny that I can write this blog and completely ignore the blood shed and curdling screams going on in the other room just so I can convey… Continue

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Bored Inc. Giveaway!

Enter to win a set of Kid's Wall Decals plus a Shirt or Bag from Bored Inc!

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Stress Free Strategy #4

"Do nothing which, after being done, leads you to tell a lie." *

This is basic. If an action causes you shame, embarrassment, denial or fear, NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

If you have enough forethought to consider these possibilities before committing an act, DO NOT COMMIT THAT ACT!

A lie eats away at your integrity and sense of… Continue

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9 Essential Oils for Every Home

In addition to the product information, service explanations, sales aids, and training materials included in the Start Living Kit, this exclusive enrollment option also contains nine of our top-selling essential oils and essential oil blends. The specially-selected oils in this collection offer ongoing benefits for your health, home, and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor… Continue

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Make Money With Your Blog

I see plenty of folks out there who are doing product reviews and giveaways and I wonder – how did you get started doing this? Did these companies call you and say, “Hey, would you review our products and post your findings on your blog please?”

Somehow I don’t think so. There has to be a science to it that I just have not grasped yet, but I am interested in learning. I’ve googled every search phrase I can think of for information on how to get started doing this, I’ve signed up with… Continue

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