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New News and business!

Happy 2010 everyone!!! Boy did 2009 pass quickly??? It sure did. I miss blogging on all my ning networks. It sure is a great way to network. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years. We sure did. Most of my immediate family was sick, but that didn't stop us from celebrating.

I'm also investing time with my new business barefoot books. I have 2 girls in elementary school, and they love to read. They also love to be read to. So I bought these beautiful books. They are simple… Continue

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Here's Your Daily Online Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/5/10

Visit and sign up to have daily deals delivered right to your email so you don't "miss the good one" sale.

Here are just a few of what I found today. Find more here:

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New Year 2010 Goal

It is hard to believe it is 2010 already! I always want to have goal but I haven't reach my goal yet knowing what I would like to have a goal, I guess I am afraid if I have made goal that I wouldn't succesed or fail. I would have say my first goal is to do blog or journal for myself being mother that is something I want to share with you how I am feeling every day, sometimes it wasn't easy being wife and mother knowing it is can be very challenge for me. My 2 goal is to schedule my plans for… Continue

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Anne Hathaway's eco-dress, Julia Stiles' eco-sin + $549 in eco-swag: ESNL 1.5.10

Happy New Year! The bad news: Our 2009 Sustainable Shoe Giveaway is over. (Stay tuned for two lucky winners.) The good news: This year we're giving away more eco-swag than ever before, including more eco-friendly shoes!…

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No, really, I'm an idiot

The last day of school before winter break I had a little cold that lasted for three days. I thought it was allergies, set off from being inside a school. I’m either allergic to the cleaning chemicals or the dirty, recirculated air or memories planted deep in my subconscious. The allergies linger for three days. Whatever. I don’t think anything of it. I’m fine.

Winter break comes and my husband, Skye, gets “the cold” that was, for me, just allergies. Only he’s crabby, coughing,… Continue

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Best Companies to Work For, Best Cities to Live In:For Working Moms

Did you ever wonder what might be the best possible city to work in and raise your family? What city offers the biggest potential to earn money, has accessible childcare, healthcare and affordable living? Wonder no more. compiled the results and we'd like to know if you agree with their findings. If you already live and work in one of the cities mentioned below, than you must be pumped. However, if your current city of choice is no where to be found... consider an alternative… Continue

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The New Years Resolutions that Will Not Be

What a weird beginning to 2010. I'm so blah. . not feeling like I've shed the grief of 2009 and accepted all the new opportunities that are awaiting in 2010. Right now, I'm really just fakin' it 'til I make it.

As I always do, I started my list of New Years Resolutions. I do not remember anymore what #1 was, but #2 was to spend more time with my Dad. "More Time" as opposed to seeing him twice a year despite his constant pleas for more time. Arrrrrrrrgh. .…


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Freedom To Work From Home

We're a growing firm that is currently looking for a responsible Managing General Representative for full or part time positions.

Applicants would be:

- Attentive and clear on the telephone with clients.

- Professional and focused

- Candidate must have the ability to demonstrate creativity with a high level of

professionalism while working independently or collectively with the team.

- Being a self and fast starter is a must.

The job would… Continue

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Bible in 90 Days

Ok - I tried to read through the bible in a year back in 2005. FAIL. I was pregnant with my 3rd child and I had a guide to get through the bible in a year. I started on January 1st. My due date was March 31, so I thought that by the time the baby was born, my reading would be a habit. So my plan was to have the baby and miss a few days and then pick right back up and play catch up. My plan and God's plans don't always coincide! I stayed on track until I started having some complications and… Continue

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Teach your children French!

Now is the time to start a new resolution. Why not teach your child French? If you don't know how to speak French, no problem. You can learn with your child and it can be a bonding experience, as well as an educational one! Good Luck!
Go to: for more tips!

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Moms Take Center Stage in 2010

I was told recently by a friend that the reason emotions run so high at this time of year is that there’s physical and emotional clearing in preparation for the NEW year. And we always thought it was our families … So what do we do with all this emotion?

We voice our discontent and then we take action. Join me now in a silent scream for many of the current news stories and the harsh conditions half of the world’s children endure. Okay, scream over, feeling lighter, we now take center… Continue

Added by Joellen Raderstorf on January 4, 2010 at 5:34pm — No Comments Soy Candles

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Here's Your Daily Online Bargains Deals And Discounts For 1/4/10

Find these and more here:

6pm: Red Wing Shoes $35 + 5% Cash Back

Free regular roast beef sandwich with any soft drink purchase

Britax Diplomat Convertible Car Seat in Huntington - $150 - Was $260

Discover Reading Toddler Hooked on Phonics… Continue

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15 Homemade beauty treaments in 15 days

Today is the day!! My beauty treatment neglected body shall be no more. On my blog I will be sharing 15 homemade, cost effective beauty treatments and sharing my opinion and pictures of my homemade concoctions!!!

If you have a great homemade beauty treatment you can submit it to me and I may add it to my beauty lineup.


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Alphabet Activities: Letter Z and Awesome Zucchini Muffins!

After skipping around the alphabet a bit, Munch and I decided to work on the letter Z today. She had a tougher time writing this letter than most of her other letters, and many of her z's ended up looking more like 2's. Oh well, at least she's got THAT number down! After doing her z collage (we glued on rick-rack for "zig-zags"), Munch cut out stripes of black paper and glued them onto a white zebra body-… Continue

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Ladies Mandura Trim is Almost Here. Control Belly Fat- WWW.MANDURATRIM.NET-Become an IBO for Mandura

Mandura Trim weight reduction solution. Mandura Trim All Natural. Mandura Trim promotes health and wellness.

Have you ever tried to diet and lose weight? Did you stick to the diet plan and still not loose the weight that you wanted to? Was the diet plan so restrictive that you could only stick to it for a short period of time?

No matter how hard some people try to loose weight, through various diet plans American's are still gaining weight at alarming rates. And through… Continue

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New to the blogging community

Well, hello fellow moms and bloggers! I think that this may be a very enlightening year for me. My son will turn 2, I'm finally heading off to college, and we're moving for a new start. I am very excited to see where 2010 takes me! Hopefully, I will even meet some new friends along the way!

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Does Blogging Matter to Your Business?

A Blog matters to a business because blogging can present you and your company in a positive light.

Your business blog should offer a more approachable, informal information-providing approach in which customers find enjoyment, letting them get to know your company, and learn about your products.

Use it as corporate tool for communicating with your customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise. Blog’s are an excellent method to share your expertise, build… Continue

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Online Bargains and Deals For 1/3/10

You can find these and more at:

Cubavera New Year Clearance $55 shirts for $20, free shipping on all orders. No minimum 49 styles to choose from

ECKO Earth Tone Denim Jeans Boys Girls Size 3T - $14.95 - Free Ship

Dolce Jeans Polo Purse 3-Piece Cute Outfit 18 Month…

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