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Here is the truth: We CANNOT have it all

No really I mean it, this is a myth and sorry if I have destroyed your hopes of running a Multinational while baking pretty cupcakes, sewing bunting flags, attending every school events, looking pretty, manicured, without an inch of cellulite, glamorous, in a perfect amiable mood every-single-minute of the bloody day and a . .… Continue

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Is this dog sticking her tongue out at ME?!

Nala has been recovering nicely from the operation on her leg and she has been enjoying the extra attention, treats and being allowed on the lounge rug in the day time……


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I love being alone

I need to be alone. Often. Regularly. I enjoy my own company. I love being able to abandon myself in my own thoughts, without any disturbance . . . → Read More: I love being… Continue

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Thursday Coup de Coeur – Need you now, by Lady Antebellum

Don’t tell me that when you listen to this you are not back in some sort of late eighties. Everything brings me back: the tune, video, lyrics, the HAIR… Almost a kind of Roxette revisited,…


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ATG Stores Review and Giveaway [Ends 10/14]

Have you shopped at ATG Stores yet? has 500 great stores like,,,,,, and There are so many stores to choose from and ATG Stores offers free shipping on many of their items.

In keeping with the Winnie the Pooh theme of the nursery, I found this Music Lights Baby Walker in the baby activity… Continue

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Crack That Whip

Crack that whip

Give the past a slip…


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Help, control freak!

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A Simple BikeRide

Both my 4 year old and almost 3 year old love to ride bikes and my 1 year old loves to ride in her push car. So we spend a lot of time outside on our acre, riding on our long driveway and cul de sac. Even on hot days - today it is a balmy 100 degree Texas day - the trees add enough filter to keep us from melting into the pavement.

So out we go, two on bikes, one in the car, Mommy pushing. Great fun.

My girls are doing so well on their bikes that I decided I will let them… Continue

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Why I Love School Uniforms

My kids don’t go to private school, but they were part of a pilot project that introduced school uniforms into the regular school system. I soon realized that uniforms are a hot debate topic for parents, teachers and administrators.

So what do I think? In short, it is one of those little things that has helped me maintain a bit of sanity while raising my half dozen kids. The benefits are many for this mama of six. These are the reasons it…


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9/11, NFL, Grandparents Day and how was your weekend?


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Balancing Harvesting & Parenting

Fall has always been my favorite season. As summer draws to a close I always begin to look forward to cool nights and decreasing humidity. I look…


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The Cute Kid

I saw the opportunity to grab the contest before it ended. Few weeks ago I submitted a photo of my son, Zion who is one year old, thinking I wouldn't be in running for a weekly winner but I was wrong. I just received an email from saying Congratulations my photo has been selected! I am so excited. I posted this all over the social networkings in hope I would win! It's just a chance to get most votes to take home the honors! So please, please vote for me daily until 9/19! click on… Continue

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Developing Early Childhood Communication Skills

I have taught sign language to my son since he was six months old and I have to say it is a great tool in communication. My son started signing back at 8 months of age and his first sign was "milk". He would successfully sign this back to me when he was hungry and it was great in curbing any kind of frustration with not know why he was crying, that and routine schedules I believe have helped greatly. I won't sit here and say that my son doesn't throw some pretty good tantrums, he's 18 months… Continue

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Perceptions of Me

I often watch other mothers with their children and automatically assume something about them.

I can't help it, I am only human.

If I see a mother frazzled and frustrated, I feel a kin to her and want to go over, hug her and tell her that I feel for her. If I see a mother with multiple kids, all pressed and clean, hair neatly fixed, manners in check and her herself with make - up, nice clothing and obviously showered, I think "Nanny".

I can't help it. I am only… Continue

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Tracy Anderson Method follow my progress

I received the book Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method to review and host as a giveaway. The book review and giveaway will be up shortly.

However I have decided to offer my readers more then my review of the book. I'm following the method for one week and blogging about my thoughts and progress.

I hope you will come join me and leave your thoughts!

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Down in the Dumps.

Lately I have felt "down" or stressed not sure which but either way I've

been extra annoyed the last two days. My temper has been rather short

and I keep staring at the kitchen annoyed that I have to cook. My

pancakes this morning turned out like some sort of flat, soggy,

semi-round substance with blueberries sticking out of them. I'm fairly

certain they would have stuck to the wall if I had thrown them (which

wouldn't have been a bad idea). Anyone have a great… Continue

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Finding the secret more and more

My post:

This is getting a lot easier and I wanted to share my Sunday experience (yesterday).

Like I said before in past posts, I am an over stressor and I freak out about little things. Well at least I :DID" and I am slowly BUT successfully changing that habit.

Yesterday was day #3 for a class I… Continue

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If you are from Utah and have been or are a Mormon you will appreciate this!

My post:

OK so those of you from Utah will understand but my fellow Ohioins looked at me quite funny during my class yesterday.

I stubbed my toe in the middle of the night Sunday night and my baby toe was so swollen that it hurt to wear shoes with a toe. I decided that open toe slip on shoes would be… Continue

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Sunday Post: Monsters & Aliens

It's Sunday afternoon and I have been in "Party Planning Mama" mode since I woke up! While I am planning a small… Continue

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