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Today is a very important day in history. No I'm not talking about the day our first black president takes office, I'm talking about the day Rudy and I vowed to drive each other insane for the rest of our lives.

It was 3 years ago today that Rudy and I ran off and eloped to Las Vegas. Let me tell ya - eloping to Vegas - BEST WEDDING DECISION EVER. There was NO stress! It was just me and Rudy - the two most important people in the wedding. We didn't have to keep anyone happy but us.… Continue

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PBS Kids Island online games

A and I have just discovered PBS Kids Island at It is a set of free games that teach reading skills. The system requires an email account and multiple kids can play under one email address. A parent / caregiver can check the account to learn a little about what their child is doing.

My feelings are mixed. A seems to like the games, but he was frustrated that more buildings are not on the island (after mastery of one area, new areas… Continue

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Vote for the 2008 Food Blog Awards!

Head on over to Well Fed to vote for the best Food Blogs of 2008! Lots of amazing blogs were nominated, but only 5 were chosen for each category. Voting will be open through Saturday, January 24th @ 8 p.m. EST.

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Nestum and oat cookies

We all know the benefits of eating cereal and oats, especially for the children.

One of the more popular cereal drinks is a brand named "Nestum", which is available at supermarkets.

I have posted my recipe for Nestum and oat cookies in my blog at Do try out the recipe and let me have your feedback.

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Win A Popcorn Gift Basket!

Enter to win a fun popcorn gift basket from Kernel Season's!

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Do you attempt to prevent obesity in your children?

I just read an article that says that there are more obese Americans than simply overweight.

The difference between the two being that obese is 20% more than the ideal weight.

This is according to the latest statistics from the federal government.

Numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics show that more than 34 percent of Americans are obese, compared to 32.7 percent who are overweight.Just under 6 percent are "extremely" obese.

"More than…

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Cherry Pit Pad Giveaway!

Win a Cherry Pit Pad for kids! Enter here.

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Anthony walks into my room this afternoon with BIG news!

"Mommy, eyes not a boys anymore. Eyes a young mans. Tay? Got it?!" and off he went!


Jason and I were working out this morning while watching CNN. The TV caught the kids attention because Obama's train was pulling into Wilmington and all the people were cheering. I look over to tell the kids that it was the president and I see Madison waving and cheering at the TV along with all the… Continue

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Valentine's Gift For The Man

It usually is the most difficult decision to make. What would Jerry "The Man" like as a gift? Its one thing that he usually does not ever put me down for any of gifts that I ve given him, I think its more because he does not want to hurt my feelings than anything else. I get him gifts for Christmas, then on his birthday and on Valentine's day. For some reason valentine's gift seems to hold the most… Continue

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What is your guilty pleasure? G-RATED PLS!

I HATE to admit it but I LOVE CLIPPING COUPONS! I know this sounds like the stereo typical 50's mom, but I find it exciting! I do this after morning srvc every Sunday. On the way home I stop and pickup the Macon Telegraph (local paper), wait til the boys are napping and then go nuts! Not only is it fun but last week I saved $19.00 and some change! FUN AND ECONOMICAL!

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The mindset:

I heard a friend say “I took one step forward and two steps back”.

When I heard that I knew she hasn’t been listening; to any of her self teachings.

I said to her… “Any steps back is purely a mind set, take the steps away, what do you have? No wheres? Or the place you are supposed to be?”

Another quote I heard from someone very special to me was in a nut shell… “My life is complete when I hear my children’s voice, or see their faces.”

This quote in a… Continue

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Well into January

I really get tired of saying that time goes by too fast, but it does, doesn't it?

It's well past the middle of January and I just can't see where it's gone.

I'm not an overly busy person, but the routines of the day come like clock-work and the days just fly by. I feel like time is running out, sometimes, and there is so much left to do.

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Teach, Not Tell

We all love witnessing our children’s milestones. Be it their first step or their first home- run, watching our kids try, accomplish and succeed is always a rewarding moment. Recently we have adopted a new mantra with our kids, “teach not tell”. With our four- year-old doing things daily to challenge both us and his curiosity, I see my husband and I often “telling” him how to proceed. We sometimes forget he is only four and allow our impatience or… Continue

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Want a Spotlite Written on your Blog with links?

I have a blog called Blog Reviews by Joy. I neglected it the end of 2008, but I start up at the first of the year. I do one post per site, and give at least two links. In return, I appreciate a link to one of my 5 blogs. If you choose one of the other four, then we both have one-way links.

*Be the Weight You Want - a Weight Loss/Weight Management blog

* Women, Teens, Men|Bodybuilding,… Continue

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Nanny Don'ts

The new nanny started last week and I don't think our association will make it to the end of next week.

So once again, I'm nanny hunting. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU PLAN ON DOING THE FOLLOWING:

-Asking for August vacation dates on your first day at work (in January).

-Asking for a salary advance on your second day at work.

-Showing up 20 minutes late on your third day at work (with the lame excuse that you got stuck in your buiding's… Continue

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Bedtime: Philosophical, Nostalgic or Combative

I find myself in one of four moods when putting my 4- and 6-year-old sons down to bed at night:

1) Philosophical. This comes at the most inconvenient moments. Usually when their father has insisted we all get to bed early to ensure him a good morning’s hunt on opening day. I can’t help myself. I get the bug to talk about life’s big questions. The children respond with high spirits.

They can examine anything under the sun and they will. “‘How is a windowsill made,… Continue

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How can you sleep?????

Do you love to sleep? I do! In college, I would be one of the sad souls hanging out at the student union watching soaps and SLEEPING! I would go to the library to study and fall asleep! Even now, I love a good nap. And, put me in a car on a long road trip (as long as I'm NOT driving), and I will be snoozing before long.

When I was reading Jonah recently, something jumped out at me like never before. This is WHY I LOVE GOD'S WORD!!!!!… Continue

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My New Website is here!

Hi all, I have just set up a new site through a special program - here it is (just take a look!): Diet Review Central
If you are trying to lose weight, you can check out the programs that are reviewed on my site and sign up for a few free trials!How cool is that!
Please let me know what you think of my site.

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