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Reading Blogs has opened up a whole new world for me. When Meg, our web designer, asked if we'd like to have a blog as a part of our website we said sure. Not really knowing what a blog really was.

I started asking our vendors to share their favorite blogs with me. I began reading the blogs and found out that each had it's own special niche. Whether it offered special coupons, free merchandise, insight into family events, and other fascinating information. There was a blog for… Continue

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She'll Be Flying Down the Side of a Mountain When She Comes.

Yesterday I wrote about how Red tried to take me to Utah instead of Vermont. Today I am telling you about how she tried to take my life.

It was a dark and rainy night. The moon was an almond sliver in the sky. My GPS system is taking me fro a joy rise all over every the mountain in the Green Mountain State. One mountain road in particular was dark, winding, and terrifying. I look on the GPS to see that I am traveling on this highway to hell for what? 18 miles! Is RED a… Continue

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Giveaway: Work in Progress: An Unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace

The Book Faery Reviews is giving away 3 copies of Work in Progress: An Unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace by Kristin Armstrong. Giveaway is from today til Noon on Friday the 13th. The post is located here:… Continue

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I knows

Okay, so back in November, My almost two year old Joshua said he wanted to use the potty, I got so excited and I ran out and bout the toilet lid one because the actually potty potty did not go well with my older son. So I was like yeah Josh is seeing Lucas go and he will be potty trained in no time. So there were a few request but nothing, he would just sit and flush.So for Christmas, I got him the Elmo Potty dvd, He watched and watched and nothing.… Continue

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Things are Kind of Crazy Around Here...

Things are kind of crazy around here. Don is sick with aches and a cough and a headache, so I am trying to get him better, emphasis on trying because he doesn’t want to take anything. Why do men have to be so difficult when they have a cold? Take two Advil and some cough medicine already instead of groaning so much! I think he’ll live…

And then I got a message today that the deadline for my latest proofreading project—the most tedious one I have worked on in a long time—got… Continue

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Stress Free Strategy #7

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

-J. A. Spender

It seems that Mr. Spender got this one right. Procrastination is stressful. The thought, energy and worry devoted to the task put off are oftentimes greater than completing the task… Continue

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Breastfeeding & Resolutions

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Okay, so every once in awhile I get a wild hair up my butt to write an article for Associated Content.

Here are two I wanted to share with you guys...

And of course I'd love to hear your feedback! (the good… Continue

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you've done it several times with the same person...over and over again. But, this time, I'm done. I'm really really done. It. Is. Over.

And this time, it's you...all you, it's so not me.

The Bachelor, I'm sorry. It's just not working out anymore. My emotions, fragile as they already are,… Continue

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Rebel With(out) a Cause?

I am so not perfect. Um...just in case any of you thought otherwise.

You see, I have this rebelliousness issue. Ask my mom. Ask my best friends. Especially ask my husband.

It's mostly that I tend to rebel against the status quo. I can't stand "typical," and I strive to be anything but. I just always have. And I think it would take years of deep (costly) therapy to find the underlying reasons why.

I also hate being told how to be, what to do, and how things… Continue

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Perfection isn't Normal

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I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I have been honest about not being perfect.

It's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

It was a tough role to pull off, that perfection thing, and as great as I am at being an… Continue

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Humility = Parenting

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There are days I love and adore my kids. And then there are days I envy those I know who are childless.

But, one thing I've learned from being a mother, is that I am indeed humbled. If ever I thought I was on top of my game, it only took having children to teach me otherwise.

Humility,… Continue

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Sister Saves Marriage

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I should tell Jimmy to send Malia a thank you note.

Because what was once the sister who locked me… Continue

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Living Miracle

When I was very young I was diagnosed with endometriosis after about a year of tests to determine why a person of 15 was in such pain. Upon diagnosis the doctor informed me and my mother that if my life plans included having children then I should be considering soon because my chance diminished with every passing year. At 16 I was given 5-7 yrs to have a successful pregnancy and put on birth control pills. They were suppose to regulate my hormones and keep the growth somewhat under control.… Continue

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Film Strip

There are some people who should just stay the hell away from all things photographic. I am the Grand Puba of that bunch. I make my very-Martha-Stewart-mother-in-law throw her French manicured hands in the air when she sees me reach for the camera. She knows it won’t end well.

All that will be evidenced on film will be random body parts. An ear. The scalp. An elbow. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but it’s clearly very wrong. It’s either an aiming problem or the fact that my… Continue

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a little less of me

I am now down 12.4 pounds...I don't really feel it, but my comfy jeans are more comfy again. I have 13 more to get to MY goal weight.

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Unfortunate Events Turn Cities Green

Headquartered in California, Global Green USA is the offshoot company of Green Cross International which was “created by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future by reconnecting humanity with the environment.” While the international segment’s agenda focuses on innovative methods to resolve the world’s environmental crises, the American sector spotlights the creation of green building and cities.

One of the… Continue

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Summer is comming

Just a reminder summer is near. That means children will be out of school, and family's taking vacations or just due around things that do not cost money. 1 suggestion is VBS that is vacation bible school at local churches. Most of them are free and they are lots of fun!!! Look for signs and call around some local churches. Also lots of yard sales to!! Look for things you think of never seeing in stores. Sometimes even things you need like a vcr they are very hard to find these days!!!! Well… Continue

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Spring Fling Giveaway!

Go check out my blog for an awesome giveaway and links to hundreds more


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Want help with promoting your blog? Let's trade links!

I now have a button for my mommy blog!

One of my fellow blogging moms made it for me, and she did such a great job!

If you have a mommy blog and want to trade links, grab my button, let me know you posted it on you blog, and I will do the same… Continue

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Stress Free Strategy #6

Practice preventive maintenance.

This will not only de-stress your life, but also save an unbelievable amount of time, money, headaches and heartache.

When it comes to material goods, all that you possess is in your stewardship. It's your responsibility to care for it so that it retains its value and purpose, otherwise why possess it?

So, first and foremost, purchase or keep nothing that you're not willing or able to properly maintain. If you… Continue

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