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Sleeping issues with a 10 year old

I'm brand new to the site so here is my first post. My son is 10 years old and ever since her was a baby he's had night terrors, now "bad dreams" and wakes us up to come to bed with him every night. At this point it's a habit. Has anyone got any nighttime experience?

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Friendliness in an Unfriendly World

August 14th, 2008

On a typical afternoon I often find myself pushing my son in his stroller as we buy our groceries, go to the bank, pick up our dry-cleaning and shop at the local stores on our busy street. Sitting in his front row seat, meandering through the crowd, my three year old happily says “hello”, “hi” and occasionally “nice dog” to the many people passing by. Sadly, I have to report that few will reply, or say hello back or acknowledge his attempt at being… Continue

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Who let the Dogs Out?

Please go look at this for me and let me know if you have any problems and please leave comments so I can see how that set up is working also. I'm new to this so still learning

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Welcome to Sex Diaries of a Mom

No really, I'm just here to talk about what the sex life of a Mom can really be like, and have a whole lot of fun at the same time.

Just so you know, this blog is a clean blog about sex, so if you're here to find any Mommy nuddies - see yah.

Seriously though, us Moms have one thing in common - other than the fact that once a baby pops out of your womb your sex life will never be the same again, we all have to juggle a million different… Continue

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Great article on Wish lists!

Came across this great article verifying the purpose of a wish list!! I loved it. I extracted a few tidbits from the article.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Solve Your Gift Giving Headaches With Wish Lists And Gift Organizers

Writen by Titus Hoskins

Let's face it, not everyone likes buying gifts. Many people dread the idea of going out and finding appropriate gifts for the people on their list. For many it is a daunting task, no matter what the occasion… Continue

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Last night I went to my weekly meeting (with my family schedule I really can never plan to make more than one meeting a week), and a very nice woman was celebrating 7 years in the program with no relapses. People from all over came because its such an awesome accomplishment. A few people with 20+ years of abstinance mentioned what an inspiration she was for them. She has had many health challenges to deal with and she still has this peace and tranquilty about her, it truly is… Continue

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For June/August profits of our Lavender Oatmeal Soap will be given to Cancer Research

For June/August profits of our Lavender Oatmeal Soap will be given to Cancer Research!!

Natural handmade soaps are our passion. We handcraft our natural soap from some of the most effective plants, scents and oils nature has created to make only the purest natural vegetable soaps, to be safe and gentle to your skin.…


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Book Giveaway

Growing in Grace Magazine is giving away a book in honor of Beatrix Potter's birthday which was in July. Come by and get entered to win and please help spread the word so more moms and children get a chance to win.

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I found Mom Bloggers Club

I found this site a few days ago through twitter and had been toying with the idea to join. It sure sounded interesting from the home page and having a group of like-minded bloggers definitely sounded interesting.

So I took the plunge tonight and signed up... now I'm trying to figure out how all this works :)


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Back to School Fitness Plan

I'd like you to think ahead to your plans once your children do go back to school. There are a few things worth considering. For one, with the kids back in school, what type of time does this give back to you? I know summer plans often take priority over our intentions of sticking to a fitness plan. So now is a great time to think about how you will use an extra hour or so a day to help you get back on track and into a routine that allows you to look and feel your best.

Another point… Continue

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Dining with Shorty

Dining with Shorty

I wrote an article for Honolulu Magazine about dining out at nice restaurants with kids because hell to the no am I going to spend a Saturday night at Chuck-E-Cheese unless there are shrooms on that pizza. I really love food and dining, but I am NOT a 'foodie.' I can't stand that word. It's like 'moist' or 'nipple.' Yuck.

Here is the (very tame) article:

When we had a baby, my husband and I had to sacrifice the usual things—sleeping in,… Continue

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Treasure Hunt Thursdays

Me and two of my good friends teamed up to start a new blog it's called Treasure Hunt Thursdays. It launches tomorrow and we are very excited about it. There are monthly prizes and it's a great way to get your blog noticed. Come and check it out it is sure to be a hit and loads of fun for all.Http://

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New Blog - At Home With Books

Today I started a new blog called "At Home With Books." I had been writing about books so much on my main blog that I decided to branch out. Head on over and check it out!

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Power Outage

I spent the majority of this afternoon glued to the computer working on my new blog, “At Home With Books,” and so I hadn’t spent any time doing the things I was supposed to do. The clean clothes were strewn across the futon, unfolded. The kids were watching an old Pokemon movie and begging me to make dinner.

“Just a few more minutes, just one more post then I’ll be done and I’ll make dinner.” I said as I typed frantically.

I finally pulled myself away from the computer in… Continue

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So new to this!

Mom Bloggers Club has a very myspacey feel to it. I'm very new to this and I've already had so many friend requests! Thank you to everyone who sent me a request and I can't wait to get to know everyone better.

Today has been such a "blah" day. I just haven't felt motivated. And yet I still got quite a bit done. I got the classroom and my office put together (they are both in the same room so I can work AND do school).

I'm homeschooling but it's going to be really… Continue

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The Pre-Meno years and Monthly Breast Exams

Ya'll are pretty young here for the most part so some of my post over on won't apply to you - YET! :) But get ready cuz none of us are getting any younger!

But overall, the whole topic of monthly self breast exams is a very important topic and I enjoyed reviewing the article and then adding my own little take on the topic - Vague enough for you? Take a look when you… Continue

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Top 5 Things That My Husband Says That I Hate

Check out my newest post on The Neurotic Mom.

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Contest/Give Away:

I am looking for 20 Moms to try Arbonne's ABC sample pack on their child 4 yrs or younger with eczema. I will send you a free sample (US Addresses only) in exchange for your honest written review. One paragraph or more please. I am not interested… Continue

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Online Mental Health Support Groups

If you or someone you love is living with a serious mental illness or disorder of the brain...depression, bipolar disorder, autism, schizophrenia...

Take advantage of every opportunity to find support and encouragement in your community, whether physical or virtual.

DBSA recently launched three on-line, real-time support groups for people living with mood disorders or mental illnesses. These virtual meetings, which function just… Continue

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