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Craft with your kids! Play along and check out PROJECT MONDAY!!!

As a SAHM to a very creative toddler I'm always looking for new crafts to do with him. He loves craft time and I feel its so important. So I'm starting a meme called Project Monday. On Monday's I'm going to start sharing the craft of the week. I'll include the ingredient list, directions, and lots of cute pictures so you can do this craft with your little one! Also, I set up the link option to play along. If you have craft projects to share please do! I'm always looking for new ideas. Grab the… Continue

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I'd Suggest Decaf Before Attempting This


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Healthy Kids Means Prevention

I just read a statistic in our local newspaper today that is scary. In Orlando 21% of individuals do not have healthcare. In the working age group 27% of people do not have healthcare. As our economy continues to struggle and healthcare reform continues to be battled out in Washington I do not anticipate this number to improve quickly.

I think this is a great reflection of how healthcare should be, prevention. We need to focus on keeping our families healthy and preventing childhood… Continue

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Free Shipping for Oktoberfest

Free Shipping for Oktoberfest
"To qualify for this free shipping offer, one or more Zazzle products must be purchased with a net sale price equal to or greater than 35.00 dollars. Free shipping offer does not apply to skateboards, or photo sculptures. Enter your one-time use, personal promotion code: BNJFHGRHZBOGSXMADDQC at checkout to receive the…

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I Must Be Doing Something Right

As a mom, you question everyday – heck sometimes every hour, if you’re doing the right thing as a parent. Whether it be how you discipline your children, the tv time you allow, healthy habits, etc, etc… There are many days that at the end of the day you wonder…did I do anything right today?

Last night Ella had an especially emotional, whiny night. She was exhausted from waking up at 6am, swimming for hours and not resting virtually the entire day. She was driving me and her brother… Continue

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New to blogging and who I am.

This whole blogging thing is totally new to me. I have a facebook and I did the myspace thing. So what exactly is the difference between those and blogging? Anyone?

So, this is who I am, how I feel, where I stand. I feel that this world is becoming to politically correct, lawsuit happy, jealous and attention needers. So for me, I am the kind of person that if I want to tell the world certain information about my self and hide the rest, guess what, it's my right, and I can. If you do not… Continue

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Another Muffin Tin Meal

This MTM (muffin tin meal) is filled with green beans, mac & cheese, watermelon chunks, and rolled deli turkey slices- with a peanut butter blossom for dessert! Check out more MTMs at Her Cup Overfloweth, home of… Continue

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First Fall Apple Pie (topped with streusel!)

I've had a pie crust sitting in my refrigerator, waiting to be used. It's been a long while since I've made an apple pie, but it is AudioDad's favorite dessert- I almost made him one for his birthday instead of the chocolate buttermilk sheet cake. I found a recipe online for a streusel topped… Continue

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MATCHED!!! for gestational surrogacy journey #1

Surrogacy has been a part of my life since 2006 when I first started researching and reading stories about surrogacy. With my first journey, everything went so quickly and I was stunned at how fast I matched, contracted and cycled with my IP's. We did everything in almost 4 months and then became pregnant with Kyle and 9 months later that was it. The journey was fine and everything is good, but it never felt like a personal journey, more on the business side of things.

After Kyle was… Continue

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There was a tv show on today that I was able to catch while the kids slept called "Gay Marriage and the people stopping it:" or something to that affect. It was a recap of the Prop 8 situation in California and the other battles in other states. I watched closely, reading signs that people had made. Watching those in support of Prop 8 with their young children standing out yelling that God hates fags.

I don't understand how people's hearts can be so full of hate. They claim they are… Continue

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Living only for this moment

Living only for this moment

Hearing this today in a song by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood (love will always win), made me stop and I had to blog.

If we want it we have to go through it

fight for love and the world tries to break us down

these are two lines of lyrics from the song. And how true these words are. If we want something we have to go through it. I take this as, if we want love, we have to give love. We have to go through what love… Continue

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Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight.

One year ago my life was so very different. I can't believe in just 12 months how much a person's life can be changed forever.

From the wisdom of my BFF, my heart opened and my soul grew. I now realize that life doesn't have to be painful. There doesn't have to be hurtful words and angry exchanges. There doesn't have to be drama every day. I can do and be whatever I want to be without… Continue

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I haven't heard this song in ages and it was on the radio tonight and wow did it really make me think!

here is the video by the way:

here are the lyrics:

Imagine there's no heaven

It's easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion… Continue

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Written by a Surrogate, (not me)

Written by a surrogate (NOT ME):

For those of you wondering if the money is good.

In the last year of cycling I have:

given myself over 100 shots in my stomach

had DH give me around 100 shots in my butt

had a reaction to the PIO resulting in huge, red, itchy yet painful welts on both sides of my butt

been through menopause 4 times

been on the birth control pill 4 times

gained 23 pounds

bought 4 sets of… Continue

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The movie Baby Mama

I have to write this post today to say something that is on my mind.

When you go to the movies, watch them at home or even online, please remember that things you see in movies most of the time—IS FAKE. Meaning, unless the words DOCUMENTARY or based on a true story——the rest is make believe, fiction, fake, just something to watch.

I rented Baby Mama. And let me point out somethings to all of you who think that the events that happened in that movie is what actually happens… Continue

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Winds of Change, posted originally back in July

he winds have changed. I can feel it, smell it. Summer is in full swing and yet things don't really feel like summer. The air hasn't been as humid as years past. And when it does get humid, it never seems to last. Temps haven't really been above the high 90's which to me, seems different. Last year we spent every waking minute we could at the pool. This year, not so much. We struggle to get there when it is warm enough only due to financial reasons or due to my work schedule. The kids love the… Continue

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Sometimes life passes us so quickly that we don't have time to stop and realize that the choices that we make really do affect who we are as a person. We rush to work, school, parties and family events. We rush to pay bills, buy fun toys and raise our children. We are constantly pushing ourselves to the next level. When our kids are babies we say I can't wait for them to walk and talk. When they are toddlers we say how we can't wait for them to be preschoolers so they can do certain things.… Continue

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The Children, posted back in May from my first blog

This past week a man raped and killed a three year old girl about 60 miles from our home. When I first heard about it I about threw up. The more I read about it, the more angry I get. This family took in a man, illegal from Mexico and because he had no home, they opened it up to him. They said they felt it was the Christian thing to do. The way the media tells it, he left the home after a couple of weeks. But just a few days ago, he slipped into her bedroom window and in front of her five year… Continue

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The Past

In the world today, people look around them and constantly find something that either upsets them, makes them nervous or even terrifies them. We as a race are constantly always looking over our shoulders, looking out for the next bad thing to happen to us. We rarely stop to just live our lives. We are so busy living that we forget to LIVE. I have even begun to realize that myself tends to do the very same thing. I get so caught up in the mess of life, bills to pay, the next event coming up,… Continue

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Codependent No MORE

Codependency is something that I recently learned about this year. Up until this January, I had absolutely no idea what codependent meant, let alone that it would probably change the rest of my life as I had known it. My entire life has been somewhat of a drama pot. Everything was always happening, people always fighting, most of the time they were petty little things that I couldn't understand why people got so worked up about, but growing up you don't question what adults do. I watched slowly… Continue

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