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Let Kids Play!

Recess Makes Students Better

My son Michael had a gifted and creative teacher for grades four and five who packed the school day with inventive activities and new approaches to learning.

The only downside?

She deemed recess less important than her curriculum, and the kids often got only one twenty-five minute lunch break between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Tack on the to-and-from bus rides, and those kids spent 8 or nine hours with the one… Continue

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New Here

Hi! My name is Erin and I am the designer/creator behind Georgikids! This is a line of wonderful, beautiful, and fun children's clothing. I am new here and hope to make a bunch of new friends. I am also new at this blogging stuff , but VERY excited about it! I have just recently started my own blog, following my journey of the creation, fun, productivity, and drama behind Georgikids. I hope that you will join me and look for the launch of my new Spring collection for little ones.… Continue

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See Kai Run Review and Giveaway

I am giving away a pair of See Kai Run shoes - winners choice! Enter Here. Contest ends on March 10th.

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What kind of busybody are you?

It seems that we are becoming a world of busybodies. Everyone that I talk to these days is busy. The first sentence that comes out of someone's mouth when you ask how they are doing is, “We're just so BUSY!”

So, what in the heck are we all doing out there? Something major? Is it true that we are overbooked and over scheduled? What I've found when talking to my mom friends is that every family falls into a different category of busybodies. Read on and you may find one that describes your… Continue

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totally talented tuesday

Snowboarding & Sledding in Tahoe!!!

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DOW Plunges, Jen... Cheers?

Call me crazy but I think it's exciting when the DOW drops really low. It's similar to the feeling of an impending storm. There is electricity in the air. People start to wonder. How bad will it be? What's going to happen? Will it change life as I know it?

I find all these questions to be exhilarating, even if the answers might be negative.

Some of it also has to do with my love of breaking records. For example, I despise winter, but if we have a super cold day that breaks the…


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Busy Bee

Apologies all round - I've been too busy trying to keep up with my life and haven't had time to blog. I've been missing the creative outlet and so have decided to make a little time every day! What have I been doing? I actually don't know just running ........READ MORE

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What is that smell?

Ok, you moms with boys can stop reading this post, it is not for you...The other day my son and I were playing a board game on the floor. We were sitting indian style {can I say that?}Cross legged style on the floor. I kept catching a faint whiff of an odor, but when do I not in my house of 4 boys? My son did, too!

"Mom, what is that smell? It smells like dog poop!", he said. I bent over and sniffed the carpet thinking I would track down the odor there. Nope, it wasn't the carpet.… Continue

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Give Kids Some Independence

As a teacher and parent, I believe kids develop better social, coping and problem solving skills when given time to explore, roam and learn from their environments and peers. New research from the UK proves my assumptions, finding that children with more free rein to roam have more positive "emotional, social and cognitive development."

Out of worry, fear or a need to control, parents are increasingly less likely to allow their children much… Continue

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New "What's for Dinner?" meals posted for this week

New "What's for Dinner?" meals posted for this week
I bake a ham once in a while and then do a few meals with the leftovers. I did not post the Potato Corn and Ham chowder I have done, but there are many recipes for this out there. I am not making that this week. I am doing the sausage one instead because I bought low fat sausage the week before on sale. Enjoy!

Check out my blog of thrifty ideas. Just click:

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Burp Armor Giveaway! Come and Enter!

I am giving away a Burp Armor burping cloth (see picture). These cute, absorbent, practical burp cloths come in all kinds of fun designs, but most of all they promise that you don’t get soaked anymore when you are burping your little one! It is made out of organic cotton and hemp, and I love the fact that a dad designed it!


How can you win? Leave me a comment and I will post the winner on Friday, March 6! Make sure I have your… Continue

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Don Who?

My husband is jealous of our new president. I can’t believe he’s threatened by the buffed-out, body-surfing Barack on my screen saver. He says he feels violated.

Listen, I have professed and demonstrated my love for Hubs for 13 years, with one disclaimer: when (not if) anyone on my Don-Who list shows up at my door to fetch me, I will no longer remember I am married and promptly and swiftly depart. Oh and I might be heard pondering, “Don… Continue

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Book Giveaway for "The Wallstrip Edge"

The Book Faery Reviews is giving away 3 copies of The Wallstrip Edge by Howard Lindzon at The giveaway ends Wednesday, 3/4 at noon ET.…


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Are They Ever Safe?

A few nights ago, we had a little incident that I can't stop thinking about. Quite frankly, I'm still feeling a bit sick about it.

I put the kids to bed. My three little ladies sleep "Little House on the Prairie" style all in one room. With two single beds, a toddler bed and the dressers taking up residency in the hallway, it works well. On this particular night, Little Lady #1 was at the ballet with Nan and Little Lady #2 fell asleep as soon as her head hit the… Continue

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There is hope for organizing a disorganized child

Just the other day at an intake with a new client, a desparate mom asked, “Is there any hope in getting Will organized?”. “Yes, of course Will can get organized. It may take him longer than some of his peers but it can happen,” I said. Apparantly Will’s mom didn’t like my answer since she commented to me,”Well that was a very passive answer!”. General maybe but passive, no.

Parents who seek my help are usually at the end of their rope in helping their child become organized. As I did… Continue

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All the time in the world - just like everyone else

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“Don’t say that you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Theresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.” -- H. Jackson Brown, JR.

Hello Fabulous Women!

How many times a day do you say – or think – “I don’t have the time,” or “There’s not enough time!” ?

When I ask women entrepreneurs what their… Continue

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Common Scents for Safe Cleaning: Part 1

The potential danger of household cleaners was brought to my attention as a young girl by hearing frequent retellings of my mother’s nearly life-threatening experience during an attempt to sanitize a toilet bowl. She was cleaning the bowl with ammonia and just for extra power, splashed in some bleach. The fumes just about caused her to flee the bathroom gasping for air. The tissues in her sinus cavities ,bronchial tubes and lungs were burned by the vapor, then some scar tissue… Continue

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Free Dr. Seuss Book

Everyone with kids can use another Dr. Seuss book and Toys R Us knows that. A Free Book is ever better though, right. Get the details here. How about making it a free Dr. Seuss book like Hop On Pop, Horton Hears A Who, Green Eggs and Ham... just to name a few. Sounds pretty good right.

Here's a stimulus for all parents out there. Buy 2 Dr. Seuss books from… Continue

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Calling on everyone!

I am working on a project called Tuesday's Hands. It is a canvas filled with cut out hands that have prayers, scripture, get well wishes, anything for kids with pediatric cancer. A group of us did this for my friends daughter who recently passed, only difference is we didn't put the hands on canvas, weFILLED her house walls, a wall at her Celebration of Tuesday's Life, and had hands left over. Now I am calling on all you ladies out there...please help us get Tuesday's Hands out to as many kids… Continue

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I'm Excited ... Again!

My company is approaching a mile stone and taking it the next level. I have been preparing for the Business Launch Social. It will be a great event and will support a local Cancer Survival Group - Sisters Supporting Sisters (an affiliate of Sisters Network, Inc.)

Marketing and PR plays an important role in developing and growing a brand name for your endeavors.… Continue

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