Tips to Prevent Getting an Infectious Disease While on Vacation

Dr. Brent W. Laartz thought he was in for the ride of his lifetime when he set out on a horseback riding excursion in Costa Rica.

Admittedly younger and more naïve than he is today, Laartz – an infectious disease specialist and author of the book How to Avoid Contagious Diseases…


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10 Signs that Mommy Needs a Daily Time Out

1. Your children look forward to going to school.

2. You husband wants to work overtime.

3. You started an argument with your toddler.

4. You called your best friend and started talking and she said, “Who is this?”

5. You cannot remember the last time you were by yourself.

6. You say the word No more than any other word in the dictionary.

7. Your Bible’s dust is thicker than the book itself.

8. You last memory verse… Continue

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New Mom Blogger for the Dallas Morning New--Need your help, please!

Hi Everyone-

Really excited that I am a Mom Blogger on the Dallas Morning News Moms Blog! I'm writing about the trials and tribulations of feeding your kids from the ground up and how to hopefully instill healthy behaviors and eating habits. I'd love for you to check it out and am also asking for your input---would welcome any ideas you have or stories you'd like to share--favorite food memories, how you create a positive atmosphere when it comes to food, how you've dealt (or not) with your… Continue

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going to make it

I decided to not to take zoloft. Dont want to go threw that again. Forgot it. I'm going to stay positive and keep my head above the water. I dont need meds. If I ever do I will know. I'm feeling pretty good, just overwhelmed sometimes. Cant I find other ways to deal with my feelings other than taking a pill everyday. I radther just see a couserlor and have someone to talk to. Thats my ideal type of therapy.

I have always not liked birth control. I mean its kind of obvious,…


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Wordless Wednesday-A Sweet Sibling Moment


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Brugo Mug Giveaway and More!

I just put up my review of the Brugo Mug last night. If you have been trying to win one of these and haven't quite snatched it come by and enter as Brugo will be giving away a mug to one of my readers.

Also if you are in the market for a new blog design check out my Free Blog Design giveaway!

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Our 'Parents Ask' Video: THE SEQUEL

The second Parents Ask episode, featuring a slice of our Groenevelt lunacy, went live yesterday. It’s called ‘Mom of All Ages.’ A title the producer and I didn’t see eye to eye on. I really thought they should have gone with ‘Mom Loses Her Shit,’ but it wasn’t my call to make.

I worked with Katie again; she’s the one who produced the other episode I ‘did’ for Parent’s Ask. Both times I’ve sent her a mishmash of video. Hours and hours of footage of my feet mixed in with shaky shots of… Continue

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Teach Your Child Greetings and Colors in Spanish! FREE Song And Spanish Worksheets!

My mom told me the kids were trying to teach her and my father Spanish this past weekend.

So, I’m feeling quite pleased with myself.

I was hoping the kids would enjoy learning Spanish, and am glad they are.

I hope yours are too!

Shall we get started?

Today, your child is going to learn to how to greet someone in…


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What I am Yet to Get.......

  • Why Lindsay Lohan did not darken up them locks before 3 months in Prison, Girlfriend is going to be sporting some good skunk stripe when she is released. But really, i think that is the best she has looked in a…

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feed your brain

I found this article in More magazine called “How to Feed Your Brain” which had some interesting tips that I thought I’d share. It seems like everyone is an expert on brain health and everyone has ideas on how to increase your memory. In my opinion, most of them don’t work. At least, for me. And that’s really all I care about, right? So without further delay (always wanted to say that) here how to feed…


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Happiness Is...

…Listening to my boys play nicely together. Without having to bribe them.

…A hot bubble bath, extra-large glass of Pinot Noir, and dark chocolate. And a locked door.

…Having parents and grandparents who can love-and babysit-my kids.…


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Wish I'd thought of this!!

Check this out (gotta love YouTube!!):

E was definitely small enough...maybe still is?! Hmm...I see an experiment on the horizon...LOL. I don't think it'll work...but GAWD, wouldn't that be hilarious!!

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Olivier Soaps - Product Review

I got to try out a few products from the local Olivier store this past week.

A little info on Olivier's process (straight off their website):

"We have combined the many elements of life, creativity and spontaneity with the art and science of skin care, the aromas and therapeutic properties of pure essential oils, the art of…

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Random Act of Kindness

I came face to face with old age today. Not mine, but an elderly woman who was wandering in the middle of the road…a road with a speed limit of 50/mph. I was driving along, a bit over the speed limit, when I noticed something blue in the road. My first thought was it was a construction worker, but there was no road construction. My second… Continue

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Blog Comments Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

Inviting comments on your blog can, at times, become a double-edged sword, as one blogger recently…

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Small Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors

We’re gaining some great momentum with our Christmas in July celebration here on Tip Junkie. One of my favorite things to make are unique Neighbor gifts for Christmas. I have a lot of fabulous people I adore, so it's got to be a small and cheap Christmas gift that I think my neighbors will enjoy.

Here are several creative gift ideas as well as some tried and true ones that are great fall backs in a pinch. Be sure to tell these creative Ladies that… Continue

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30 Days, 30 Ways to Save Series

Each day during the month of July I will be posting a new way to save money! Most are pretty simple practices to put into place. Do them all, or chose a few & you will be on your way to saving money this month! Read my posts so far HERE.

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Top 5 Reasons to Join a Blog Challenge

By Michele Scism

The Results Lady

Have you taken part in a blog challenge lately? Is your blog producing the results you…


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3 Tips to Maintaining a Successful Blog

By Michele Scism

The Results Lady

Creating a blog is relatively simple. However, maintaining a successful blog is a far more difficult process.…


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5 Tips for Reading with your Child (31DBBB-Day 2)


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