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Aidan changes his tactics

Now i really don’t know what is going with this funny little boy of mine…

i seriously think he is trying to decide which stage he would like to go through first he has the whole squeak like a Guinea pig thing going but at the same time he has the whole caveman thing going

for him too, i don’t think he is too sure whether he wants to squeak or

grunt… come on boy make a decision!

Anyway if it’s confusing me what is it doing to my poor bug? But anyway he is still getting…


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Say yes to the drugs

See now I’m an advocate for drugs, now I’m not talking the heroin and

cocaine variety, (as Whitney said, CRACK IS WHACK!) No, no, no I m

talking the Voltaren suppository kind...if someone offers it to you, my

advice? TAKE IT! You’ll regret it later, I know I did! I thought I was

brave, I thought I was strong, man was I wrong... when my spinal wore

off damn I thought I was sliced in half(OK OK so I had been, but no-one

told me the drugs would wear off so quickly)… Continue

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Hospital maddness

Now when you go into hospital like i did, it's with excitement and exhaustion. so i get wheeled down to theatre must have thought that if

they allowed me to walk i would've ended up rolling down like a bowling

ball i mean i certainly was big enough... and my anaesthetist gives me

my spinal and go instantly numb,now the dreaded catheter, i was hoping

for my doc to do it well since she's the only other person that knows my

nether regions personally.... but noooo! i… Continue

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Aidan chooses to play

So Aidan decides that it's time to eat so i whip out the boob as quick

as i can so to avoid any anger and screaming, only to find that he isn't

really hungry, he just wants to play, but just you put that boob away

and see what happens... meanwhile in this cold weather he'll suck once

or twice just to get the nipple wet, then much to my disgust pull

away... yes pull away can you say cold? BRRRR!! The little rotter thinks

this is funny as hell and giggles with… Continue

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How To Get New Blog Followers

There's a new blog hop known as Follow Me Back Tuesday. If you are looking to find new and interesting blogs to follow, and would like more blog followers yourself, be sure to join in! Follow Me Back Tuesday will take place every Tuesday. So, go ahead and grab the Follow Me Back Tuesday Button and be sure to link up tomorrow. And remember, to have fun!…

Follow Me Back Tuesday

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The rules and regulations that babies follow

So this morning Aidan and i had a long chat about the things that babies are required to accomplish before mommy and daddy cotton on...
Little did…

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No Mission Impossible

For with God nothing is ever impossible and no work from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment., Luke 1:37...if

you can remain resilient...forgo relying on your self professed

brilliance. Not leaning on your own understanding, but trusting in

God...believing with your whole heart, that nothing is too hard. When

we get out the way and let the Lord do His part. For there's is no

mission… Continue

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What to do With Children's Art, Part 1

No offense to Hallmark or anything…but I’m not into buying greeting cards. Something about spending $3 and up for a mass-marketed greeting just doesn’t fit, except in a pinch. (Though I must admit, I do love UNICEF stationary and small independent card sellers. I could easily get lost…


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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With crooked rows

And broken hoes

And alphabetized herbs refusing to show.


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Hobby Lobby: 40% Off Wilton Products

Starting TODAY 5/17 until 5/22 you can get 40% off Wilton Products at Hobby Lobby. WOW that is a great deal! Think about the Birthday partied and events you may have coming up.

Go Here to print your coupon!

Be sure to visit my blog for money saving deals and coupons!…


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May Mayhem...A Celebration of Motherhood, w/The Mombshelter!

Sweet!! As in a “Sweet Blog Award”, from Pamela over at My Life As A Libra…made even better by the fact that “sweet” is not typically a term applied to me. Maybe she’s gunning for a free drink or two, since we recently discovered we’re in the same city, & ya know, good manners dictate I at least buy her…


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14 Day Free Trial to Win Big and Get Great Deals

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my first love-books

Today we are looking at flea markets and books. I love books. Always have and probably will until I cant read or see or whatever anymore. One of the fun aspects of reading a book is scoring the sale. Yeah, sure, new books are great because they are new and don’t smell and no one else has ‘fingered’ the book. And I guess the Kindle and other e-readers are nice for those who like that sort of thing. I’m also a fan of audio books, especially in the car in traffic or on a long trip. But lately,…


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Do You Live a Travel-Inspired Life?

The warm spring air has gotten to me again. Every mid-spring I start to crave the freedom of travel. I can’t stop thinking of packing up and hiking for a few days straight. Eating fresh food outdoors. Muscles aches from walking all day. Catching sunrises and sunsets after full nights of slumber.…


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What I learned at my garage sale

As stated previously I hosted a garage sale on Friday. Here are a few things I learned:

1. When you say your sale starts at means your sale starts at 6:30am.

2. Price all the kids clothes at 25 cents and they will sell.

3. Live on the corner....ideal for garage sale traffic

4. Older women who like flowers, might stop and ask if they can dig some up....or perhaps nearly fall into your pond in order to get the right colored water… Continue

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Introduction to My Allergy Free Recipe Blogsite

Welcome to the “Official” Test Kitchen Blog for,

The blog address is

As you know from visiting our…


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Meeting the Toot an exceptionally essential child

Exceptional Essentials-Meeting the Toot

The title of this post is a new term I decided to use…


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Loosen Up My Buttons, B**ch!

Saturday nights….this is when I typically partake in what little semblance of a life that I may actually have. The Best Friend & I hittin’ the town, wreaking chaos & mayhem everywhere we go, leaving a trail of broken hearts, mug shots, & hazy memories behind us….this is also the night that we may get together with other families, a house full of rug rats trashing the place while the adults blissfully ignore them all in favour of a few bevvies or 12, & possibly some rousing…


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