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Happy Small Business Week

Did you know that May 16th-23rd is Small Business Week? That's right, this event celebrates its fifth birthday this week. For all those budding entrepreneurs out there who want to get started, get educated or just start networking themselves...take note for there are many small business resources on the web for you. Since this blog attracts many moms who are trying to run a side business from home, a new term was recently coined --- "momtrepreneurs." In fact, I personally know moms working from… Continue

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Tomorrow ... please keep my girl in your prayers.

Everything has been going along fine. Julia is feeling okay, but it has now been 2 1/2 months since she has completed her protocol for the relapse of her leukemia. Tomorrow is the day we go in for a follow up LP (Lumbar puncture) or as you may know it as, a spinal tap. I have no definite reasons to be concerned, but as other parents in my place can testify to, testing days are the worst days. I notice every bruise, every complaint, every bit of fatigue and what always stares back at me is… Continue

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I am not a Baby Mommy anymore!

First, let me say Happy Birthday to my first born!!! Thomas turned 11 today and I can barely stand it! I can still feel those labor pains if I think back to where I was at this time 11 years ago! I am also saddened, in a way, to see how much time has changed Mommyhood for me and life for him. He most certainly wasn’t interested in having a birthday party this year. The days of Chuck E Cheez, Bowling and Miracle Maze parties are behind us now. Sniff Sniff.

Another change was in his… Continue

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American Idol Showdown

Right out the gate, Simon needs to button one more button. Or seven. It's literally only halfway buttoned. He looks good slightly more dressed up, but no one needs to see that much chest hair. There is something sexy about Simon, but I could go without seeing his left nipple.

Paula is glowing and not in a good way. She looks like she may have gotten one too many mists on the spray tanner. The dress is a color not found in nature. The color reminds me of the green ghost from… Continue

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Bachelorette Baby

I love that they are still doing this show. I have not watched in years so I didn't even know that this new chick was on the last Bachelor. How f'd up was that last Bachelor? This girl Jillian dodged a bullet. I did tune in for the "After the Final Rose" or whatever the heck they call that crap. My friend, KH clued me in that it was going to be a juicy one, so I should watch. Choosing one girl and then changing his mind?? Hey buddy...why don't you break it to her on national TV? That's the best… Continue

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Stop the Complaining!

As a Life Coach for mothers I work with a lot of wonderful clients and my ideal clients are mothers who are "ready" to empower themselves and create positive changes in their lives. These women are ready to live their dreams, walk the talk, take responsibility for their actions and lives and achieve the goals they are setting for themselves.

One thing my ideal clients don't do is complain!

They don't complain about their marriage, they work on it and invest in it.

They don't… Continue

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Mom Bloggers Club

I posted a blog on my blogger about MBC... Check it out HERE!

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I Still Have ZERO followers! :(

Blogger is a much different blogging community from the one I am used to. [Xanga] It really takes alot of work to build up a blog with this platform. And I have put alot of work into networking with other moms and trying to get to know other people. But still, I have zero followers and that is kind of disappointing. So, if you guys get the opportunity, stop by my blog and say hi, and click on Follow. It only takes a few seconds and it would really make my day. If you Follow me, I will Follow… Continue

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A Recession Proof Company -FINALLY!

Direct sales (like Avon, Mary Kay {and Scentsy!}) offer recession-proof jobs according to this USA Today article. Keep in mind that while most Direct Sales forces continue to grow at about 15-30%, Scentsy continues to grow at an average of 350% and there is NO stopping the Scentsy Spirit! Scentsy will be a global company in the… Continue

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New to France

Recently I moved to France to kinda start a new life with my son and my husband who is from France. I am young but I know what I want for my family. Right now I can't exactly speak french but I am learning! My husband is going to start school in september and while he is working and going to school I won't have much to do but take care of my son! I am here to meet other Americans living in France to make friends with, we live near Bordeaux.

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QT time w/ JoJo Boxer

We played bootleg baseball last night on an old tennis court, but just like when I was a kid, I could imagine bases, outfield and home plate. We had a lot of fun….until I told him we were going to do two laps around the court. I got one lap out of him, but he gave up on me at the beginning of lap 2. We checked the mail, jumped off rocks on a hill (I let him take risks) and then he played with his leap frog while I clipped coupons. Only a half hour of t.v.!! YAY! We’re making improvements.… Continue

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Glam Gal Bow-tique!

Our Bow-tique is now up and running. Glam Gal Parties now offers custom tutus and boutique style bows. You can check them out on our website at or check out the pictures on

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Earth Promise: New Green Mileage Standards

New automobile emissions standards are on the right track. President Obama is serious when it comes to fighting our global warming dilemma, creating new eco-related jobs and reducing our ongoing dependence on foreign oil. By 2016, all auto makers are required to make new cars and trucks get 30 percent better mileage. It will be a gradual phasing in process with the 2011 new automobile models. Initially, it will cost the consumers a bit more per vehicle, but these “new… Continue

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Monthly newsletter!!

Glam Gal Parties invites you to add us on your myspace or become an email pal. We will be sending out monthly newsletters with a list of activities for moms & children in the greater Houston area for that month. We will also have great discounts from many of your favorite retail stores. We have partnered with stores like The Children's Place, Picture People, Pumpkin Patch, and many more! All you have to do is go to and add our page, send me your email address, or… Continue

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Piya Blog


Have a Nice day to everyone who will read this blog, My Name is Piya aakshat vaishnav. Aakshat is my hubby and he is so cute and handsome body. He is my hubby mom, dad, sis, bro, everything for me. his mom was not more when he was just 9 year old but my mom is not love me as love him because he have a are natural art to get love from anybody's mom. Whereever he go always all woman's love him to much. as a son. he is so luck that he get lots of love from lots of mom… Continue

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Taking some time!

So I'm not sure if I should start this blog at the end of my story and the beginning of "life" and living it to the fullest under the careful guidance of GOD or if I should start it at the very beginning of my bleak life that I was living for 6 years, or even still give you a glimpse of what my life is like now, so you can see what the good LORD brought me from. see you there

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An insider peak at our upcoming giveaway... this week our cool "Peace" symbol Tank top and soon to be our Grand Prize, we're giving away a complete Red Goddess Celebration Box!

Keep RaeCole's Blogoncert as your favorite bookmark for details!

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Review/Giveaway Blog Makeover!

Check out my review site makeover!

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R.I.P. Candy’s Two-Seat Convertible

Babies come with a number of mind-boggling accessories, including car seat systems that even Houdini could not escape. “Rear-facing”… “anchor attachments”… “SnugRider” (Ed. note: apparently, not a condom) … all new terms to me, which add up to one big life-changing reality check:

I need a new car.

A longtime convertible enthusiast — I love the feel of the wind in my hair and gnats in my teeth — I was convinced Baby Girl and I would be fine with simply buying another… Continue

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The Nefarious History of Motherhood

In the beginning....

The gods were women.

There are still vestiges of this in our modern culture. "Mother Earth." "Mother Nature."

Mankind was so awed by the magical ability of the Earth to bring forth life every spring that they made her a god. Most ancient origin myths, even in later, patriarchal societies, began with the Earth giving birth to the other gods.

The Great Goddess nurtured her people, fed them, and… Continue

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