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5 top tips for boosting your income

If you are looking for extra ways of making money, then the good news is there are some things you can do. There’s no sure-fire way to get rich quick, but there are ways that you could earn a little bit more cash.

Here are 5 top…

Different Styles And Types Of Furniture To Try For Your Home

Everybody has a dream to buy a house for their own and design it as per their choice which pleases them as well their loved ones. Whether it is an apartment, two storeyed villa or tenement people always are keen to design it and make it more attractive and…

Fun Repurposing Projects for Those Old Blinds

No room is complete without the right blinds! But, that doesn’t mean the same set of blinds will look right at home in your living room until the end…

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I Almost Forgot About This Blog!

Well, I'm back. Save the applause. Please, please. Hold it down.

Okay, so here's the scoop. Fall is very slowly beginning to descend into Texas. The temps are still in the 90's. The grass is still very green and my poorly-attended roses are still trying to push out new blooms (no matter how much I ignore them).

The little guy (my 4-year-old son with spina bifida) is back in school and adjusting but his teacher is sending almost ZERO feedback…

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How To Use Store Ads to Save Money Grocery Shopping

I shop at multiple grocery stores. Most weeks I try to keep it to two, but some weeks the sales are so good (or so bad!) that I go to all 3 in my area (this does not include drugstore game trips).

So how in the world do I decide WHERE to buy WHAT?

I will walk you through the anatomy of my grocery list here step by step.

1. It starts with store ads. My ads come on Wednesday. Which makes Wednesday a very exciting day for me (no that's not sarcasm...I love… Continue

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Fun For All

If you're eating I would highly recommend ceasing before you continue reading on…

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Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby Free Giveaway

Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby™ is award-winning software that lets your baby tap and touch the keys on your computer for adorable on-screen fun.…


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Don't judge a book by its cover ... judge a man by his book covers

Superdad loves visiting the library during his lunch breaks.

Last week Superdad came home with a nice stack of books. Superdad + 30 minutes in the library = no joke!

Here are a few of the books he came home with ...

Walt Disney World for Grown-Ups ~ are we planning a trip without the kids, or is this just wishful… Continue

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Homemade Granola Recipe

Superdad & I decided to "experiment" in the kitchen yesterday & make some homemade granola ... It turned out AWESOME (o:


8 cups rolled oats

1 1/2 cups wheat germ

1 1/2 cups oat bran

1 cup finely chopped almonds

1 cup finely chopped pecans

1 cup finely chopped walnuts

1/4 cup maple syrup…


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Edible Dirt & Worms


1 Large Package of Oreo Cookies

1/2 Stick Butter

1 (8 oz.) Package of Cream Cheese

1 Cup Powdered Sugar

3 1/2 Cup Milk

2 Packages of Instant French Vanilla Pudding

1 (12 oz.) Carton Cool Whip

Gummy Worms

Crush Oreo cookies. Set aside. Cream together butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar. In separate bowl, mix together milk… Continue

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Who I Am

I am not a writer. I have no published works past the poem that was printed in the school newspaper when I was 12. I have no published books, though I proudly keep a children's book called "Nina Meets a Friend", illustrated by me in the 4th grade, and promise to read it to my girls and pretend it's an 'actual' book. I have no manuscripts except one called "Life Time" that is not quite finished. It is a little dark and hard to write so I take my time. Apparently, a lifetime.

I can… Continue

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Spiritual Ears To Hear

Dearly beloved friends, don't always believe everything you hear just

because someone says it is a message from God: test it first to see if

it really is. For there are many false teachers around, and the way to

find out if their message is from the Holy Spirit is to ask:,
1 John 4:1-2

I know this might sound crass...but did he say those things, in Truth

or was he just lusting after a piece of @$$!… Continue

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Anxiety is good. Put down your Xanax.

I haven’t been to the dentist in four years. Now, I realize some of you just read that sentence and went slack-jawed and wide-eyed as if I told you I grind up puppies in a food mill. I’m quite aware that in some social circles, missing four years of dental appointments is akin to setting libraries on fire. But in my defense, I don’t particularly care for dental exams, which I feel is reason enough to let my teeth rot-out. That, and my mom is… Continue

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Ivory Heaven

My Whimsical Wedding post.

My newest wordlesswordful Wednesday obsession - all things wedding. I'm attending to the details as it comes down to the wire.

Countdown - eighteen more days until my 10-10-10 wedding (phew). Sweet biscuits! It's… Continue

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A Life of Servitude

Okay, so you're a love those kids and are totally dedicated to them and would do anything for them. And, shouldn't one of those things include taking excellent care of one of the most important people in their lives? Yes, I'm talking about YOU, my dear!

Motherhood is one of the most cherished, demanding, and…


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Is it Always Appropriate to Reach Out to Fellow Mom Bloggers?

I have been writing online for a long time, but only within the past six months did I become fully conscious of mom blogging as a distinct subset. I wasn’t aware that so many moms were finding

such creative ways to monetize their blogs, and even partner with top

brands, but when I opened my eyes and took a good look around, I

immediately began to wonder which avenues these women took to align

themselves for success. For me, the obvious way to gleam insight was… Continue

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Halloween Costumes - Cute? Or Poor Taste?

Halloween is coming. Time to find that outfit to fit your childs personality and/or alter ego. Let's take a look at this years offerings, shall we?

We have:

Car Freshner Baby…


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Our Potty Training Journey has begun... Follow along

So I though this might be a fun journey for other moms to follow along, if you are too either beginning or are going to be beginning your OWN journey soon. Sharing tips, ideas, and not so good ideas- that have been shared with me or ones i have tried.. we are now in DAY 2 of our journey as I begin to share....

THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ALONG WITH OUR JOURNEY, please comment on this blog with any ideas you may have or any random thoughts that come to your…


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I have an addiction, it’s not alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or even chocolate my weakness lies in an odd shaped yellow fruit called…bananas. I love bananas and can’t see to get enough of them. I buy twenty or fifteen

bananas almost everyday and we eat them all. Did you just raise your eyebrows

at that number? It’s disturbing I know and a problem for sure. I used to blame

my girls on how fast we ate them but then I realized I am actually eating most



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What's Your Big Why?

I recently read an article that asked "What's Your Big Why?" It didn't take me long to answer this question. The first thing I thought of is why I blog shoes. I've had so many people think that it's just about wanting something fun and pretty in my closet. For me, it's bigger than my personal closet. When I was a child, I grew up poor. We had what we needed and not much more other than plenty of love. I hear a lot of people say they grew up poor but didn't know it. Oh, we knew it,… Continue

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Real Women of Genius #2 Presents: Ms. Wal-Mart Greeter & Receipt Highlighter

**View on my site for a short video & a picture:

A little over a month ago, I introduced Ms. Salad Bar Stocker Lady via a Real Women of Genius song. My adoration for the Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" line of commercials was shared with you as well. When commercials like the one below that showcase people like…


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find your own happiness

I have been slowly working through my 100 ways to be happy list. The original list that I found is HERE

and I carry it around with me all the time. I take it with me so I can

ponder over what I want to focus on and then work out how I can plan

activities and adventures into our family life.

Recently, as I have been pouring over this list I have learnt that to be

happy I need to… Continue

Added by Naomi Ellis on September 22, 2010 at 7:13am — 2 Comments

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