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A Pushy Parent At Home, An Authoritarian Leader At Work

When you go for a football match session where your child is playing, do you feel a surge of emotions based on his performance? Do you witness some parents who clap over zealousy, shout advices, even abuse the referee or other players?

These parents who play in their minds alongside their children…


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Jase From Duck Dynasty Is Living With The Paw Patrol

Jase from Duck Dynasty is currently taking up residency with the pups from the Paw Patrol and I’m learning to be OK with it.

I’ve been known to be a little neurotic at times….OK, maybe a lot of the times.  I like things clean and organized and put away….keyword here is “like”. I am a firm believer of outer order creates inner peace.  I used to think that my house wasn’t clean until every nook and cranny was swept and dusted, all of the laundry was put away, and the toys in the Littles…


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You can have the best of me

You can have the best of me


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"N" is for Nurture...simple and sweet

N is for Nurture

I remember as a kid walking into a room where my mom was and telling her that I was bored. Her normal response was that she had a few things she could find for me to do. …


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Yes Mother's Day Is Important

Mother's Day is approaching Next Sunday and I decided to make this post early. Mother's Day is not about who is the best mother or who gets the best gift. This day is to honor and cherish the women that gave us unconditional love. Where would any of us be with out a person called Mother? Being a mother is the greatest gift you could ever imagine. Be happy and proud on this day.

Please be sure to check out my new blog post at Also subscribe and leave a…


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May Target Beauty Box (Alert & Spoilers)


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Mom Gets What She Wants... Pictures

It's a special time of year. Make her happy and surprise her with pictures. Family, singles, on location or in studio.  Call to book your session today. Capture all of those beautiful faces together for her.



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Uniquely Personalized Gifts

Uniquely Personalized Gifts

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Mother's Day Gift Guide for EVERY Mom

Whether the mom in your life is a chocolate lover, free-spirit, bibliophile, gardener, zen mama, or another sort of wonderful; there is an unique gift on this list for her!

See list here.

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I'm Back


I know its been a while but i'm back hope can talk to you soon 

Added by Vanesssa Daily on April 29, 2016 at 6:21pm — 1 Comment

I'm A Mogul, Are You?

On Mogul is an international network of millions of women, most entrepreneurs and executives. I think this would be a great platform for you. Here is the link to signup if you have not done so already

Bloggers are entrepreneurs. I have not done the research, but it stand to reason, that the majority are women. Not so long ago,…


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Strabismus, A Childhood Journey

Yes, I was an adorable child.  I was happy and energetic.  I was a little bit of an imp, and I prided myself in that.  I was pretty much a healthy child, but I was born with a condition called Strabismus ("struh-BIZ-mus"). describes Strabismus as a vision problem in which both…


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What We Really Want For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching.

As I think back over the last several years of Mother’s Days I couldn’t be happier that God blessed me with two amazing Littles…that in itself, on a daily basis, is gift enough for me.  However, in the event that my family or yours happens to reference this blog for Mother’s Day gift ideas…I thought I’d leave a few hints out here.

I don’t know about the rest of you Mamas but below are a few things that I would love for Mother’s Day.  They…


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FOUND! Skydiving video from Namibia

It found it! If you're curious to see what my face looks like at 10,000 feet in the air, here you go!

In November 2006, myself and a couple girlfriends travelled through southwestern African with Drifters Safaris. We spent a couple days in Swakopmund, Namibia where we met Henry, a sky dive instructor, so I…


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Returning to pen and paper

I still use pen and paper for a lot of things: Shopping lists, stories for my other blog, notes at work and planning events. Since I went to college when laptops weren't a thing, it still feels more natural for me to take notes with pen and paper than by typing them. Also, I feel that I tend to remember things better if I write them down.…


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