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What does Mastering Motherhood Look Like to You?

Don’t Mess with a Mommy Master!

Ever have a great parenting day where you feel on top of the world?  Your motto of the day is, “I got this”, your confidence is obvious to everyone around you and nothing is going to bring you down.  You are prepared,…


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What does Mastering Motherhood Look Like?

Don’t Mess with a Mommy Master!

Ever have a great parenting day where you feel on top of the world?  Your motto of the day is, “I got this”, your confidence is obvious to everyone around you and nothing is going to bring you down.  You are prepared,…


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Innovation & The Chopped Challenge

Definitions for one thousand, Alex.

"To introduce something new, make changes in anything established."

What is...INNOVATE!!!

If you're a Food Network fanatic like me, you know there is one show all innovators have to appreciate, regardless of your perceived prowess in the kitchen...CHOPPED hosted by Ted Allen.

Taking a basket of sometimes intimidating, many times…


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No Makeup Monday

“Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on…”  
Drake said it best, and most days this is me, being that I am a stay at home mom.  As a mother, I dont have as much time as I did before to get ready-do hair, makeup, etc because I have to keep in mind that I have another person to get ready.  Sometimes, this means that something will fall short and I refuse to leave the house without doing something to my hair, so now more than before…

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You aren't that good at this; and that's OK

You're at a party. Not a children's birthday party (for a change) but a party with only grownups. Some of the guests are talking about politics, others are talking about their new hobbies or careers and still others are discussing literature. You find yourself chatting with a person who has lived an extraordinary life. As they continue talking you learn how they have had success at sports, in the business world and in their family life.…


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আচরন, ভোলা যায়? (Attitude, can you forgive that?)

[English version has given below]

আমার এক বস ছিলেন, ছোট খাট কারনে প্রচন্ড রেগে যেতেন। কিন্তু এর থেকে বের হবার ম্যাজিক শব্দও ছিল "সরি", এটা বললেই হলো সব রাগ পানি।

I had a Boss, who uses to become very angry in very small issues. But there was a magic word to solve this problem, "Sorry". No matter what happens, if anyone says "Sorry" to him, he forgets all.

কালকে জীমে গিয়ে মনে হলো, এই…

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4 Wonderful Parenting Tips to Help Your Kid Blossom

Yes, we know that becoming a parent is one of the loveliest feelings in the world. A mother bears the pain for nine months. She then gives birth to her baby. During the nine months, the baby is slowing growing in the womb. Parents have many wishes regarding their children. They want to make their children educated and well-established. But sometimes, some of the parents do treat their child as a property. In such case, an invisible distance appears between the parents and their kids. Here…


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Febrile Seizures: What You Need To Know

Left Image © …

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Why Yoga for Kids?

I've been practicing yoga for three years now and I absolutely understand the deep benefits this practice provides.  The main benefits for me include flexibility, breathing, heightened mental and intuitive awareness, increased energy, and stress relief.  There is no wonder why this practice…


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The Fears and Heartaches of Having a Second Child

Looking at my daughter now, it’s hard to believe that I had the feelings I had before she was born. Before her, my husband and I agreed that we felt completely fulfilled with being a family of three. Our son had given us so much joy in our lives that we didn’t see the need to have another.…


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DIY Watch Organizer

I love organizing our stuff, well, who doesn't? Along with making sure that everything's in order is having a proper place for every stuff. That includes everything from our kitchen, bedroom, to our personal things. I have organizers for my make-up, jewelries, watches, and everything in…


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Tasty Fat Burning Foods On The Cheap!

Hi everyone!

In this blog post I wanted to give a shout-out to fat burning foods and how they can help you slim down fast without breaking the bank. I see so many people get caught up buying pills and programs that cost the earth and do little (if anything) to improve your health and lose weight. It's total rubbish and it drives me nuts! Yes, there are genuine products that can help you lose weight, like whey/vegan protein powder, but there's also no shortage of rubbish. The good news…


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Time To Bust Outta That Box!!!

You're a startup entrepreneur. By nature, that makes you an idea generator. It also probably means you're operating on a shoestring budget.

So you have to wear multiple hats - innovator, marketer, developer, designer - and figure out how to get your offerings to market in an expedient and cost-efficient way. Not an easy task...but you've got the tools in your arsenal. =)

For those of you without huge marketing and advertising budgets, it's frustrating to get your voice heard. I…


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Happy "Happy" Day!

Apparently today has been labelled International Day of Happiness. What does that mean? Not a clue, but it’s Friday, so I’m pretty happy about that.

It did get me thinking about reasons to be happy, as it’s all too easy to take them for granted. That said, in…


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Its officially Spring!!

Spring is finally here although where I live it hasn't been much of a spring day.  Its been cold and dull.  I am not actually too bothered if the weather is like this now, I would be rather it be nice during the Easter school holidays and then the kids can play outside!!

Spring is a love/hate time of year for me.  I am a sun worshipper so LOVE the nicer weather the season brings but with this comes the need to use a razor….. I HATE shaving. In winter you can get away with your…


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All About Amelia’s Notebook!

All About Amelia’s Notebook!

Home > All About Amelia’s Notebook!

All About Amelia’s…


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Easter Fashion for your Baby Girl!


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Third Annual Virtual Ice Cream Social for Alexandria

This year my friend, the mother of Alexandria, would have celebrated her daughter turning 5. 

July 21st 2010 my friend delivered her baby girl extremely early and the doctors told her there was nothing they could do to keep her alive she was born too soon.  A few short hours later she took her last breath.  Not a day goes by that they don't think about their sweet little girl and each year since my friend and her husband throw a birthday party.  Three years ago they started doing…


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