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To Fruition: Manifest the Desires of Your Heart - Weekly Affirmation

To Fruition: Manifest the Desires of Your Heart - Weekly Affirmation - Jan. 22 - Giving

As I read and reflected about this week's To Fruition: Manifest the Desires of Your Heart Affirmation, I initially felt a tiny bit smug...  I thought to myself, "Giving, eh? Yep, got that one under my belt. I give ALL the time." Then I got this overwhelming feeling... Maybe I didn't have this giving thing all the way down pat. I mean,…


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The Elf on the Shelf and Failed Parenting Tactics

Elf on the Shelf pulling ceiling fan chain

I was sitting working on my blog and registering for sweepstakes one day during my daughter's quiet time.  It's time I get to use to be productive or have a break from the insanity.  One particular day, just a few days before Christmas, I was thinking of all the presents I still have left to wrap, and then I began to think about our Elf…


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Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin by Stephen E. Crockett

A frank look at drug addiction. 

Well, I must start off this review by admitting…


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Are we overreacting?

I read about a study on that said that a whopping 75% of kids want help from their parents when they are stressed but only 22% actually reach out to their parents for help. That is a surprising bit of information, and it got me to wondering why that gap exists. I…


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The "Secret" Recipe?

This morning, while my daughter was eating her breakfast, she told me that in school she had to write a persuasive essay on a person was important to her and why, and she chose me. I smiled, looked into her eyes, gave her a kiss and asked her what she wrote in her essay. She said she made two main points: First, I love her and take good care of her and second, I understand her very well. 

Wow. Isn’t that really what it’s all about? Those two items are the main ingredients to a deep…


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Super Hero - You Can Do the Work Life Balance

you are a super hero

It is fantastic to realize that when it comes to work life balance you can succeed by being your own super hero. When my oldest daughter was a little girl she watched a movie from the Cheetah Girls with words to a song something similar to this:

I don't want to be like Cinderella

Sitting alone…


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How to Incorporate Pantone's Color of The Year "Marsala" Into Your Life

Pantone has named "Marsala" the Color of the Year for 2015. It's a shade of red that we haven't really seen much of so it's FRESH! Marsala is a warm, mood-shifting color for me. See how I have incorporated Marsala into my life: …


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Spider Veins – A Brief Insight

A sudden pain in your legs and the visibility of your swollen veins is nothing but a whistle to check your health condition instantly. In the beginning it might so happen that your body does not show this issue quite often; however, over the time it gradually increases. Well, we all know that it is the veins that help the body to transfer the blood from one part to the other. However, what if these blood vessels are affected and they start giving pains, redness…


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Baby Update - 33 Weeks!

This’ll be a quick update this week. My brain has been just fried every night, but I wanted to at least get this out!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks!

Baby Size: Lil’ Ziggy is now probably over 4 lbs and is about 18 inches long.

Belly: Chris seems to think that I’ve dropped a bit, but I’m not so sure. I feel like I’m fuller on the lower part of my belly, but I don’t feel like anything else has come down yet. Unfortunately you…


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Crockpot Smothered Pork: Just 4 Ingredients!

This is one of those recipes that I randomly put together and turned out amazing! One day I went in my freezer saw I only had pork stew meat, threw it in the crockpot, used pepper and paprika since it was probably the easiest spices I could find the cupboard, had one too many can of mushroom soups in my pantry so I decided to dump it on the meat, and 6 hours later…


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Amazing way I spent my B-day Giving Back

Click on the link below to see how I spent my b-day!kindness

What I absolutely adore most about this experience is how many people said they were going to pay it forward. And the fact that when I logged onto Facebook that night a friend had said that someone paid for her coffee and she…


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WAHM: Making It All Work With Limited Childcare

After my last post, I got a lot of emails from all of you who also work from home, wondering how I make it all work. Sure, I’ve got these tips and tricks for working from home with a little one…but what actually makes our days tick?  I get it: sometimes, working from home when your kids are home seems impossible. I’ve been there. In fact, I probably ask myself why I do what I do at least once a week. And then I remember why we have this part-time childcare set up: because I want to be able…


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Local Love: Toronto Cooks

My husband bought me the best Christmas gift - this very cool new cookbook called Toronto Cooks. I'm reviewing it, and sharing which recipes I've tried so far.

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The Day I Discovered My Husband's Side Chick

The day I discovered my husband’s side chick, I cried.  I’ve  known my husband for quite some time.  We met when I was 15 and 16, just right outside of our homes.  From the moment of that first hello, I couldn’t help but to feel butterflies.  After we parted ways, I went to Howard University and he went to  San Jose State University,I never really imagined that I would see him again.  Needless to say life is funny.  After 8 years  we finally reconnected and I felt like that little…


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Heartbeat Magazine Shares December Cover and Promotion

Each month I love to find the cover photo that will grace the Heartbeat Magazine. This last month's cover features my friends, the Meister family. Photographed by Jamie Hardesty of Photographic Images by Jim,…


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10 Tips for Beginning Bloggers

tips for beginning bloggers #ivysvariety

When I began blogging a couple years ago, I thought I'd just write a few things and give myself a little something to do that didn't completely revolve around my daughter.  I began sharing deals and such that I found, basically to keep it off my personal Facebook news feed because hubby said I was spamming everyone.  Apparently…


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Check out my latest blog post  :)))

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Mom EXPO & Ultimate Play Date - The Woodlands, TX

Do you love free stuff and want a place where you can lose yourself for a few hours? Or do you want to learn about some of the newest family friendly ideas and services? You should definitely check out the Mom EXPO & Ultimate Play Date!

For the past few years, I have been…

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