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Instant Cash loans:Financial help to fulfil your wishes

Everyone deserves something very enjoyable in their life. The work culture and family responsibilities have really made us learn to compromise and block our plans like vacation, outings, road trips and we miss the enjoyment which can be memorable for the life. Long grocery and power bills, education and insurance expenses and many more responsibilities has made us to learn how to compromise with the life. No more now.…


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Life After Child Loss: Paulina’s Story

To read more from the Life After Child Loss series, click here.

Hello everyone! I am very happy to be a guest here at The Mommyhood Project, thank you Cortney for having me.

My name is Paulina. I’ve been married to my husband Bruce for 5 years during which we’ve experienced VERY high highs, VERY low lows and everything in between. I am happy to say that what we’ve gone through has only…


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Parents: Stop calling your kids

I would like to issue an overdue apology to my five roommates in college: I'm sorry I wouldn't answer the phone. Back in the pre-cell phone days (you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth), a call would come into the dorm room phone, and I wouldn't move to answer it.…


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It's only the mom who can teach their children the value of money. Making them read books which is based on importance and concept of money can be an effective step taken for the children to learn th…

It's only the mom who can teach their children the value of money. Making them read books which is based on importance and concept of money can be an effective step taken for the children to learn the value of money. There are few books which teaches what the money is and how it is to be respected. 


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Baby loss, three months later.

This weekend marked three months since we lost our sweet baby girl. Three months that flew by in an instant, yet left me feeling about thirty years older. It’s like that old saying – the days pass slowly but the weeks go by so quickly.

Knowing that a week from Tuesday, she was supposed to be born. That’s when her c-section was scheduled for, you know. Tuesday August 19 at 9:30 AM. It’s the day that’s staring me in the face right now. Part of me feels like getting over that hump is…


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Going Commando and Embracing the BRAT

These are two things I experienced with my 15-month-old son this week.

I now consider myself lucky because in all of his 15 months, he’s only

had one mild diaper rash. Last weekend, I noticed a little pink on the

inner part of his tushy. I thought to myself,…


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DIY Necklace Stand – A Guest Post by Becky @bybmg

I'm so grateful to Cortney for having me here at the Mommyhood Project! Today I'm going to share a simple tutorial with you on how I made this one…


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Child Abuse Prevention

momvocate; child abuse prevention

I would guess that NO MATTER WHAT your stance on any issue out there - be it breastfeeding, working, guns, school vouchers, and so forth, all of us moms can agree that child abuse sucks. We can also agree that child endangerment, of any level, also sucks. We want our children to be safe from harm, wherever that harm may come from. And as we learn once we have children, there is danger lurking…


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D.I.Y. LOVE Sign for the living room wall

I stumbled upon a DIY blog and re-created her sign to fit our house decor.  I think it turned out pretty good for only costing around $25 and 20 minutes worth of work.  Let me know what you think.

Life at 523

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Things I've Learned This Week

** Sometimes when I look at my Facebook feed, it seems that half the people have up and joined a damn cult.…


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There is now a happiness equation

Whenever I used to ask my mother what she wanted for a birthday or Christmas, she would always answer the same thing: "Nothing." If pressed, she would tell me that all she wanted was for us to be happy.

It's the sort of non-answer that a lot of Moms give. Yes, parents want their children to be happy,…


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Working Out: Week One of the Killer Booty Quest

You guys. I have some exciting news to share. Well, at least it’s exciting to me. I have been to the gym five times in the last seven days. FIVE TIMES. That’s HUGE. Before this past week, I hadn’t been to the gym five times in the last year.

I know it’s only been a week, but doing hardcore workouts is making me feel like a new person. I have so much more energy, I feel better, I’m sleeping better. I’m even craving healthier foods, believe it or not. I hate to act like I’m…


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Honesty’s the Best Policy

My son, Levi, has formed a new habit: waking up at 4:45 a.m.

That’s early. In my mind, anything before 5 a.m. is still night time. And night time is for sleeping. Not playing. Levi, on the other hand, has decided that 4:45 is the perfect time to begin his day.

He is wrong.

I have no problem getting up in the middle of the night to comfort my babies if they’re sick or teething or they pooped. I mean, I’m not exactly stoked about it when it happens, but if they have a…


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Parenting Toddlers: Our Five Favorite Books Right Now

Growing up, reading was a huge part of my life. My parents were really into books and my ultimate dream house has always had a family library as part of the floor plan. Reading is still a big part of my life, but it’s rare that I actually get to pick out books for myself. Most of my reading time these days is spent with my toddler, who is actually a pretty big book addict himself.

So much so, in fact, that our favorite books tend to rotate every few months. And since we do read so…


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Blogging Better: Find the Right Hosting Plan for Your Site

When you’re ready to make the switch to a self hosted site, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many packages out there – and all with different names and “benefits – that it can be hard to determine what you really need, especially if you’re newer to the self-hosted site world. Based on my vast, many years of experience, let me tell you the

1. Know your visitors: If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your site, add it today. It’s a free…


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Hike it Baby Launches in Salt Lake City!

Full Blog Post

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Back to School Health Tips

It’s almost that time again—back to school.

As summer comes to a close, children begin to cut back on summer luxuries like junk food, TV and video games. Soon, it will be time to eat healthier, read more and adjust to an earlier bedtime schedule (yay!).

As students get used to their new school…


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Potty Training: You got this!


Happy Hump Day Mama’s! I am potty training my last child and I have a spaghetti junction of feelings towards this momentous occasion. I am happy that she is ready to be potty trained but I am not ready for cleaning up the “at will” pee and poop. I potty trained my youngest son around the age…


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How Lead Exposure Effects Fertility (and the surprising places it's found)

If you and your partner are one of the thousands of couples currently trying to conceive – and have yet to be successful – take a break and listen up!  This is important.  Although there are many, many…


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