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We all are suffering from back pain

On the days I do not run, I have back pain. On the days I do run, I sometimes have back pain, but it seems like it is not as bad. My sweet husband helps rub my sore muscles for me, just as I rub his back when he needs it. He generally has tension in his lower back; mine is at the top.…


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Rejoice With Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

Mommies have always been amazing, not only for what they do day in and day out but what they put their body through to give birth to a new…


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What to Check in Pull Along Wagon For Your Kid?

Congratulations! You’ve finally did the right thing in investing in a good pull-along wagon for your child.  If not, it might be the right  time for you to consider purchasing one for your kid since these quality wagons is really helpful more than you could imagine.

However, getting the right one, needs quite a bit of legwork on your part because nowadays the market is bombarded with inexpensive and low quality wagons.  To provide you better idea on what you should…


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Best and Beneficial Businesses for Women

The time has gone when the men leads over the businesses. In the modern era, women keep one step further than men. They are living according to the modern generation and love to live their liberty, so that they are finding the more sources for earning the money. Fashion designing, beauty parlor and lots of businesses are available for the women. They have numerous works…


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Meet Momi Berlin

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Meet Mark Spencer

Tell us a few things about yourself.

Not much to say I’m a pretty average guy. Always loved reading and perhaps got that from my dad who read more books than most libraries hold. I’ve always been drawn to stories of adventure on other worlds or in other times because I’ve never felt like I truly fit in this world or at this time. I actually have been writing fiction books for years, have yet to finish one, and the funny thing is that the…


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Music Spotlight: Scars to Your Beautiful

There's so much tearing down out there. Women, men, older people, children--non of us are immune to hurtful and angry words. I'm craving something positive! So, naturally I turn to music to give me some solace. Here's a song that tells you to be proud of who you are. You are beautiful--just the way you are. Focus on being a good person. That's beauty--that's the light that shines within.…


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Hollis Turns Three...


This girl.

This girl keeps me on my toes. She's funnier, smarter, and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined her being. She teaches me so much patience and mindfulness every day. I love that she loves dressing like a princess while walking around the house with her tools 'fixing things like mom'. Brian and I constantly look at each other and shake our heads amazed at the things that come out of her mouth. She loves to have a good time and wants everyone…


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Deborah Rising: A Novel Inspired by the Bible by Avraham Azrieli

It was the author’s family trip to the ruins of the ancient city of Shiloh in Israel, which vividly reawakened the stories he had been told, and brought back to life the Holy Tabernacle. Inspired by what he had seen, and motivated by his imagination, the author felt compelled to write this outstanding story about…


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Vacationing at home

My son wants to know when we are going on vacation again. It is a subject he is highly interested in as of late. It may be because we've had some really memorable ones as a family and he wants to recreate the adventure, but my guess is that he just wants a break from school.…


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Birth Book Recommendations

There are so many books out there on birth and babies that it can easily get overwhelming. I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend some books that really helped me through my pregnancy and the birth of my baby. You can find a link to the books at the end of each section. 

The Good Birth Companion by Nicole Croft…


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How to Prepare Your 9-year Old Girl for Puberty

As a parent, one of your most challenging responsibilities is to see your children transition to every stage in life, from infant to toddler to teens to adults. Part of your task is to help ease them in at every stage. What complicates your role as their guide and counselor are that your children do not exclusively listen to you nor turn to you when they have questions about life and growing up that they need answers to. This stage begins in puberty.…


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New 3D Game - Redbeard & Co.

Hi. My name is Kate Blanco, and after several years of blogging, I would like to build a community with mom bloggers, like-minded individuals. When I first started blogging I wrote about makeup tips, anti-aging products and such fourth. Since this is my first official blog post on I would like to take the time out to tell you about the most…


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Would you miss the color blue?

In one of the best pranks I know, you leave out a bowl of M&Ms. Unbeknownst to others, you place a smattering of Skittles directly underneath the M&Ms. Most people who eat M&Ms (at least in my friend circle) do so by the handful. So, all you have to do is wait for your victims to grab a handful of candy and shove them into their mouths, releasing a strange mix of chocolate and tangy fruit all in one go.…


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Chapter reveal: ‘Joe Peas’ by Samuel Newsome


Genre:  Fiction/Inspirational

Author: Samuel Newsome


Publisher: Lulu

Purchase …


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The Process of Online Divorce is making it Easy and Fast

The divorce can be filed online now. The technology is making it easy for the people. You do not have to go to various lawyers for the documentation and the case of divorce. You can save the money because you can file the divorce without the fees of the lawyers. Online divorce can be a new term for some people but it is very effective for the divorce.…


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The Clever Trick That Will  Clear Your Dark Circles For Good

Bright eyes are a requirement for an overall flattering and flawless complexion. Almost always, the eye area gets the most and the most immediate attention. It is therefore imperative for you to give skin around these parts the extra attention and TLC necessary for you to enjoy lustrous eyes.…


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Staying healthy for the kids: our best tips

When you have kids, it changes how you live, as you are now on the hook for raising a responsible adult.

This is a task that will consume much of your life over the next two decades, so it is important that you remain as healthy as possible.

This is not just to set an example, but to ensure that you are able to be there for them for as much of their life as possible.

In this article, we…


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Q-Wunder Games

Hello sweeties, my family and I had the amazing opportunity to play this truly fun board game from EQtainment called Q-Wunder.  My son who’s 3 years old have wanted to play everyday since receiving in the mail and to be honest we all love playing it too.

EQtainment is on a 

mission to improve emotional…


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The New Smart Toy Every Kid Will Want

With the holidays quickly approaching parents are already clamoring to find some of the best toys and tech products for their children. Now more than ever it’s all about exclusive gifts parents can give their children – the type that all of their children’s friends wish they’d received and their parents will…


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Ask any pregnant woman and she will tell you that now she’s expecting what once smelled delicious  - like roasting coffee beans for example, has suddenly become the one smell that induces an overwhelming feeling of nausea. For some women the pregnant nose goes into smell overdrive…

Black Friday – it’s Not Just About Fashion

Fashion, eh? It comes and goes, then comes back around again, at once fleeting and eternal. A style is in one month and then is never heard of again – until it is heard of again, of course.

The quest for fashionable clothes never ends; it’s just that what is in vogue is always changing.…


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