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Bring Lego Toys To Life With The New Lego Dimensions Video Game

Do your kid's love legos then this is the game for them. Pre-Orde now and get this for $99.00 and free shipping.  The Launch date…

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10 Top Places to Travel with Kids

When traveling with kids, you want to find a place everyone is going to be happy with, and thankfully, there are tons of destinations that appeal to children and adults alike.  What’s more, there are destinations with tons of fun things to enjoy.  Below we examine the leading travel destinations for families who want to travel with the kids in…


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You gotta stick with your lie

My son is not a good bluffer. Every time we play UNO, he lets out shouts of  "yes!" and "you guys are going down!" in reaction to the cards that he is dealt. And when I do catch him in a lie, he has at least a dozen little fidgety facial ticks and moves that gives him away.…


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এখন প্রতিদিন রোজা রাখবে বলেছে (Now he wants to make fast every day)

[English version has given below]

আমার ছেলে যখন প্রথম রোজা রেখেছে, আমি নানা ভাবে ওকে উত্সাহ দিয়েছি। যেমন সারাদিন ইন্টারনেট এ গেম খেলেছে, মোবাইল আর টিভিতেও নানা গেম খেলেছে। খেলনা দিয়ে খেলতে খেলতে আর ভাল না লাগায় আমার কাজের জিনিস ধরতে দিয়েছি ইচ্ছা মতো। ইফতারিতে বানিয়েছি নানা খাবার, যতটা পারি।... শাফিন মহাখুশি।

এখন প্রতিদিন রোজা রাখবে বলেছে। কিছুতেই খেতে চায়না। নানা…


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This Young Man, Turning Nine

 Wish my son a happy birthday here: This Young Man, Turning Nine !!

Be sure to like This Mom Blog on facebook at!

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Forcing Myself To Get Back To Healthy

Last night I did something really stupid. I tried on a pair of shorts in the Target dressing room.

Now, I know that I haven’t lost all of the baby weight. But I know that I’ve lost some of it. So I thought, what the hell. I’ll try on a pair of jean shorts in a size up from my normal size, because I was at Target with just the baby and all.

I forgot how awful the mirrors are in the Target dressing room are. I don’t know if it’s the lighting, or the angle, or a little of…


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OCD in Children: Are you Missing the Signs?

If you or someone in your family has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) – your child is more at risk of getting OCD. OCD is believed to be inherited. So, along with eye color and hair color – your child can get OCD and Anxiety.

I have seen OCD symptoms in very young children in my therapy practice.…


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Fun at the Park!

Some days, the hardest thing to do is to be in the house with rambunctious kids, yet finding something to do with them proves more difficult. Whether its the price, day, or time that causes the conflict; this can leave a parent hopeless and at the end of their sanity! How about a park? Finding fun at the park is easy to do!

Have Fun at the Park Have Fun at the Park



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You give a little, you get a lot

Every Sunday morning, I give my son his allowance. He does a little song and dance he made up and races to his room to put the money into his three jars. So far, he's completely understood the purpose of his spend and save jars, but we haven't done much with his give jar. He knows that he has that jar in order to give back to the world, but we were…


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Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

If you know someone who happens to be expecting, you will probably want to buy the expectant mother or couple one or more gifts.  If you get an invite to a baby shower, you will definitely want to show up with a gift in hand.  If you find you are not quite sure what you should buy for an expecting couple, here are a few of the top 10 baby shower gifts you can choose…


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Custom descriptive essays can even be purchased now

Not all of us are born geniuses and multi talented. With time and experience you tend to develop a variety of skills and go on to master it. Well, one of the most basic and most advanced at the same time, skill which all humans have tremendous use of, is the skill to write. When you sit down to write a piece of letter or essay, you need to consider a whole list of parameters like content, style, tone, length, language, manner etc. Moreover, if you are to do this for your academic or career…


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Top women surgeons who are specialised in Liposuction NYC

People who have excess fat in their body can able to reduce it through liposuction and it is a simple laser operation which is done through surgical process.  This surgery is done by many specialists in the world in those people only few are known to perform really excellent. In that Steve Wallach MD is rated as the best surgeon he is practising as a plastic surgeon in New York under certified American board of plastic surgery. The Steve was begin participating as real self from the year of…


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Most of the university students are using mobile device for studying, are you one of them?

Progress is inevitable. It is facts that today, most of us have phones with a greater capacity and capabilities than computers that sent the first man to the moon. Still, as in all things, it is not about what you have but how you use it that counts. Think of a typical teenage kid with a smartphone, it is true that that kid has an access to the internet, the most incredible data storage in the world, where he or she could find almost any information that they need, this is still probably not…


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Confessions of a stay at home mom

I have 4 year old twins and a 19 month old. Since I have gotten straightened out on my meds I am usually up with the from 8am until my hubby gets home at 2am.

I don't get much sleep which is ok and to be honest probably normal for any mother.

My issue is should I feel bad when I ask my hubby who works to do things? It's never really big things but mostly just take the kids somewhere if it's on his was to work or something.

We'll let me start at the beginning so… Continue

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Low Entry Giveaways To Enter

Enter These Giveaways …

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Moving With Ease This Summer

The summer months are finally here. While this can be a relaxing time filled with days spent outdoors and vacations in the works, it's also the time when people move the most. In fact, summer is the busiest moving time of the year notably because the weather is nice and the kids are finally out of…


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Indie Author Swag Extravaganza Giveaway!!!

Author Navigation is sponsoring an indie author swag extravaganza this week! In honor of the July 4th holiday and the launch of new entrepreneurial ventures (I ALWAYS CELEBRATE THIS!), Ryan Ringbloom and I have collected a fabulous assortment of swag, autographs and signed BOOKS from our fellow indie authors and we're hosting a giveaway to find one lucky winner for this awesome prize pack!!!…


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The Beauty Closet's Ayurvedic skincare guide + Bonus beauty product review: Complete Skincare Solutions B3 Serum


You may have seen the term Ayurveda around a bit as I have, and it seems to really have been thrust…


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ভানু বন্দোপাধ্যায় (Bhanu Bandopadhdhay)

[English version has given below]
ভানু বন্দোপাধ্যায় এর নামের এবং কাজের সাথে আমার পরিচয় খুব ছোট বেলায়। আমার আব্বার কাছে তার কমিকসের ক্যাসেট ছিল। মাঝেই মাঝেই ক্যাসেট প্লেয়ারে  বাজিয়ে শুনতেন আর হাসতেন। ভানুর কিছু ডায়ালগ আব্বার খুব প্রিয় ছিল। যা আব্বা এমনি এমনিই প্রায়ই বলতেন, যেমন, "খড়ি মাটি দিয়ে লিইখা দিল, তর বাপে আইছিল ", "সালার মাউরা ভুত, যা কই  বুঝে না " ইত্যাদি। 
কিছুদিন আগে …

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