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Lexmod Furniture

In the past 7 years, Lexmod Furniture has grown into one of the most influential furniture websites available today.  Founded in 2005, the brand was developed to offer mid century modern classic furniture for everyone, at prices that are easily affordable.

The company has been listed as one of’s fastest growing firms and recently made the top 500.  They also offer satisfaction guarantees…


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Conversation with my son

Every weekend my kids want to have company come over. I'm always reminding them that I don't have a built in card in my brain that automatically stores the contact information for everyone I meet, and neither do they, so they need to physically exchange numbers with their friends. Do they? No, but every weekend we seem to have…


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Operation Christmas Child Interview

I participated in Operation Christmas Child for the first time last year through my local church.  My family thoroughly enjoyed giving back through this organization.  All three of my boys loved picking out items for their shoe box; they each colored a picture and my oldest included information about himself in his box.  It was a great way for them to actively participate in giving back.…

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Interview with James Ryan Daley, author of Jesus Jackson

James Ryan Daley is a writer, editor, and digital designer. After earning an MFA in fiction at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2004, James has spent most of the years since then teaching writing to college students, creating websites about video games, and editing anthologies of fiction and political rhetoric. When he’s not obsessively poring over pixels and pronouns, James…

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Christmas on a budget: DIY gifts for all the family

Christmas doesn’t have to be a terrifying expense every year, there are plenty of gifts that you can create from the comfort of your own home and for a small cost. Plus a handmade gift is always well received because time, effort and a lot of thought will have usually gone into creating it.


You might have to make a trip to the craft store (and get immersed in the endless possibilities to choose from there) or you could head online and buy all your supplies from a site such as…


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new to mommy bloggers club

Hi everyone my name is Shaneya I am new member to mommy bloggers I have a blog called a real moms way of blogging on i just started blogging its been about two months now . my blog is about my life experiences and the hobby's & the thing I like to do

Before I started my blog I was selling my products I made on etsy. my passion was in fashion designing but I stopped because i wanted to have more time for my son.

I just wanted to tell everybody a little bit about… Continue

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Inside The Mind of a Dad-To-Be

Ever wonder what he is thinking or how he is feeling during the pregnancy?  Don/t feel bad if your answer was no.  Are we fearful to find out that he has some weaknesses and emotions?  Or maybe he is avoiding sharing his thoughts and feelings.

In this tell-all interview, my husband opens up and discusses his thoughts, feelings, worries and fears during the very last weeks of my pregnancy.  Check it out and please share any life changing experiences you have been through or are…


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Things I've Learned This Week


** This time of the year makes me so very grateful for my beloved hot glue gun.

** I may steal the dog crate from the dog -- it just looks so darn PRIVATE in there.…


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My Miscarriage Story

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, October 15th is observed with remembrance ceremonies and worldwide candle lighting at 7 PM in whichever time zone you live in.  It is a day of remembrance for pregnancy loss and infant death which includes, but is not limited to,…


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Why we just might need a mom in the White House

Hi everyone, 

Happy Friday! This week I am talking about the wonderfully unique qualities in moms that might be helpful in our Nations Capital. No crazy politics in this post, its strictly humor related.  Let me know what you think.

Life at 523

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From Couples Costumes to Family Costumes

Inspired by the Mom Bloggers Club Blog Prompt yesterday.

I know the picture quality is awful because I had the original HTC Droid for a couple of years and...gross.

Enjoy! :)

I'm stuck on what the heck the Ruuds are going to be this year.

I love dressing up.  Halloween is my jam!  It was stressful enough dressing two people and now I have three!

Every year since Joel and I have been together (except for 2010) I have picked out our…


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Zaycon Foods has a BLOGGER program you could get free fresh from the farm food!

I just found this out and had to share. Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? They deliver food straight from the farmer to you. They have a blogger program! Here's an explanation video!

Here's the link!

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Zaycon Foods has a BLOGGER program you could get free fresh from the farm food!

I just found this out and had to share. Have you heard of Zaycon Foods? They deliver food straight from the farmer to you. They have a blogger program! Here's an explanation video!

Here's the link!

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Biker OOTD

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How To Make The Lust Last

Kevin Hale, partner of Y Combinator and founder of Wufoo, recently gave a fab presentation at Stanford as part of the "How To Start a Startup" course. I LOVE these sessions. It's so great to gain perspective from those who've been successful putting their lessons into…


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Mommy is failing at school

Within the span of his short life, my son has been to two schools. He attended the first school from the extremely tender age of six weeks old and only left it after we moved, right before his fourth birthday. In that first school, he made his first friends, and there was a core group of them that moved from room to room. It became natural for me to know them and for them to know me. I've painted their faces, talked to them upon pickup,…


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