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The summer holidays are here.

It is now officially the start of the kids 6 week holidays! SIX long weeks, wow. What on earth can we do for six weeks? 

My middle child, Lewis has severe tonsilitis which he is suffering badly with so all he really wants to do is xuddle, sleep and cry. So thats me on full nurse duties already.

My eldest, Riley is 6 and all he wants to do is play games consoles, go crazy in the park or wind everyone up for not gerting what he wants.

My little princess, my smallest baby,…


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Are You and Your Partner On the Same Financial Page?

Let’s face it, relationships are tough.  They require constant attention, great communication, and massive compromise.  And while the old adage of ‘opposites attract’ may make for an exciting, passionate relationship…it can also be the downfall of your financial dreams.  When committing to a major goal, like early retirement, it is crucial that you and your partner are on the same money page.

Frugality can be hard in our society, but add an uncooperative spouse into the mix, and it…


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Are You A Blogger?

#Blogging can be a full time job!  Here is a #funny spiff on What Do Bloggers Actually Do?

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Happy Meal Happy Ending

Mc Donald’s.  It’s not about health.  It’s about surprise.  The most sought after Happy Meal Toy du month… surprise!   The Happy Meal Toy… it’s collectible.  It’s usually six or eight of something.  It’s chic.  It’s current.  It’s addicting.  It’s…


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dear self

Hey girl what up!!! Do you remember yesterday when you stepped out of your car and walked onto a broom brush and the pole came and popped you in the ear? see I feel you practiced very good self control when you had the urge to kill your 8 year old from her belly laughing so hard.

Although you restrained yourself from that you didn't do so hot last night with your night…


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The 5 Miseries of Commuting Pregnant

My days are long, and they aren't just spent in the office - about 4 hours of it is spent getting to where I have to go.  Which can be draining for the average human, let alone a pregnant woman.  There are so many things that make it a hassle - but being pregnant adds quite a few more issues to the list.

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My mother

My emotions have been running rapid like a person who is a chicken and has its head cut off. (I've heard they run like super crazy and that's me)

This whole experience has scared the ever-living crap out of me.  

We found out today that she does not have cancer which is a big enormous weight lifted.

My mother has not stepped foot in a hospital…


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Schooled Too Fast

Each morning, Stephen, my baby, asks me if he has to go to school.  "Third grade is boring. We don't even do anything. We don't have enough recess. School is for attendance."  Oh, baby... you don't know boring yet, I remind.  Get dressed.  Did you eat? Get your backpack.  Do…


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Cheap Board Games for Kids

Cheap Board Games for Kids

One day after school, I took the munchkins out for a treat. It was a sunny day and, as you may know, sunlight can do wonders for a person's mood! We stopped for a snack of cheese fries and ice cream- not the healthiest snack, but it's nice to splurge occasionally ;) After we'd filled our bellies and satisfied our cravings, we walked over to a Goodwill store nearby. The plan was to find me a good book…


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Why I NEED exercise

My latest blog post on why I really need to exercise for both my mental and physical well-being: Why I NEED exercise

Would love your thoughts and comments. Have you found exercise helps you?

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Danger of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits and harms of fruits and vegetables sometimes are very close concepts. For example, let’s consider the apricot. If it will be eaten before a meal, it will digest hard and can cause indigestion. And if you eat apricots in 15-20 minutes after the main meal, the digestion will be easy and without difficulties.

Freshly picked grapes contain a lot of sugar and causes fermentation in the bowels. Therefore, it is recommended to eat grapes, not earlier than in 2 days…


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Peruvian Lomo Saltado


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Cover Reveal & Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!

Okay... I've been waiting for this for soooooo long and I just had to do a giveaway to celebrate the great news!!!

Click Here To Enter The Rafflecopter Giveaway!!!

Drum roll, please...

I give you... the cover for "Nothing Ventured!" Book Two of The Venture Series will be available in early Fall! For more news and fun giveaways leading up to the launch, join my Facebook fan club, …


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sister dear

Ever have the feeling of "Holy moly everything is too much" the sad thing is my plate isn't even full, I just don't handle things all that well. I can have one thing to do andI feel as if it's the end of the world. #sissy.

Having two kids isn't even the issue its me and it's just so happens my stress retainer is teeny tiny. So anything small large medium,  I'm…


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The Importance of Kindness to Yourself

According to our school calendar, we are solidly over the half-way mark for summer and this week, I started to feel the effects of trying to work from home while my kids are all basically home (with the exception of a few camps). I was mindful not to place too many expectations and items on my work To…


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Can You Solve Him?

I am sort of an old dog.

but I am curious; 

can I learn a new trick?

The Rubik’s Cube

is rampant with fervor; while on vacation.

I want IN, too.

I want to solve its enigma.

It’s not obvious and I’m not proficient; however,

I am a precocious forty-something.

The Rubik's Cube, that…


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Breastfeeding Is Indentured Servitude

So, every now and then, a funny picture pops up on my Facebook wall and I just have to share it. But this picture , in particular, speaks a thousand words! I honestly thought I was the only one that was silently suffering every night.

At first, it’s super sweet…


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kindle bindle

Every time I open my kindle, this ad appears.  My kindle is trying to tell me something? Plus doesn't kindle know I already have a job that is 3.5 stars... !?  LOL.


Seriously...The cover is so enticingly sexy with its 20th century stock photo of two corporate males surrounded by question marks.  It's foretelling, no? 


I'll definitely have to…


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5 Summer Tips to Keep Your Legs Looking Great!




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Vacations ≠ Work-Life Balance

As some of you already know, I recently returned from a “vacation” with my children and mother in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PV).  What a blessing to be able to do this and please know that I didn’t take one second of it for granted.

This was actually my third visit to PV, so I was…


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